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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wildwind, David reads the newspaper article to Amanda about Kendall being kidnapped. Amanda gets a text from Jake to meet him in the stables. Amanda makes up an excuse to look for the baby stroller so she can go and meet Jake. Ryan watches Annie, sleeping beside Emma in the hospital bed. Zach meets with D.A. Willis, Liza and Jesse. Jesse gets a call and has to leave. Aidan and Kendall are hiding out in Wildwind’s stables. Aidan has a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Kendall tries to doctor Aidan as best as she can, but he's in great pain. Erica tells Ryan that she helped Aidan break Kendall out of the hospital. Jake and Amanda meet in the stables and begin to kiss. Jake picks Amanda up to carry her upstairs to the hayloft when they turn around and Kendall is pointing a gun at them. Zach refuses to talk to Willis and tell him anything .Jesse tells Zach that the U.S. Marshall had been brought in. Kendall asks Jake to help Aidan. Jake sends Amanda for bandages. Amanda steals the bandages from David’s medical bag. As Amanda leaves the house and heads toward the stables, David comes around the corner of the house. Liza comes home and finds Bailey with Stuart in her arms. Stuart is crying and Bailey cannot get him to stop.

Ryan refuses to help Zach take care of his children. Jake comes to the hospital and gives Zach a note from Kendall. Liza gives Bailey pointers on how to care for her baby. Kendall lets Amanda know that Annie is trying to frame Emma for Stuart’s murder. Zach reads the letter from Kendall. When Jesse tells Zach that the car that Aidan and Kendall were driving is behind Wildwind, Zach urges him to let them go. David comes into the stables and catches Kendall. Amanda hits David over the head with a shovel knocking him out, and urges Kendall and Aidan to run.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the ranch, Liberty comes downstairs and finds Janet gone, but Jack is in the kitchen. Liberty asks Jack where Janet is. Jack shows Liberty a note from Janet which tells that went for a walk. Vienna, after leaving a message for Henry comes into the hotel room and finds Barbara in their bed. Henry owns up to Ralph that he had indeed been cheating in the card game. At the hospital, Audrey questions a nurse about Vienna and is told that Vienna left the hospital. Katie comes out of the bedroom to find Brad on the computer, trying to find a college for Liberty. Angrily, Liberty leaves the house and bumps into Parker. Liberty tells Parker what si going on with Janet not telling her about the check from Paul or about the contract. Parker tells Liberty that he had put a deposit down on an apartment for her .Liberty is thrilled, but still apprehensive about it. Ralph decides to give Henry another day to come up with the money that Henry owes him. Barbara lets Vienna know that she and Henry are having an affair. Vienna doesn’t’ believe her which results in a cat fight between the two women. Henry walks in on the two women fighting .

Henry breaks up Vienna and Barbara. Henry tells Barbara that he had only used her so that she would drop the lawsuit so he could get the money. Henry tells Vienna the truth which results in Vienna leaving Henry for good .Brad and Katie find out that they are having a son. Audrey steals another bottle of medicine from the hospital and then checks with a nurse as to the dosage . A doctor at the hospital tells Barbara that she is cancer free. Vienna finds out from Katie that she had known about Henry’s affair with Barbara. Vienna, angry, leaves the diner. Henry tells Katie that he also is leaving town. Liberty and Parker go to see the apartment . Audrey visits Barbara with the bottle of liquid.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Donna and Brooke that she is loyal to them; she would never let Bill come between her family. They are not listening to her. Bill is not out to hurt them, but to help keep Forrester afloat. She loves this man; she begs them to give him a chance. Jackie explains to all at the office that Stephanie had a minor stroke and does not want to appear weak so she quit instead. Nick has a plan. They all show up at Taylor’s with team spirit. Dressed as the coach, referee, team clown mascot, cheerleaders, Nick, Whip, Owen, Pam, Jackie and Bridget all do their best to rah, rah, rah Team Stephanie….they miss their leader. Ridge tells the banker they will get their money on time. Bill drops in to check on his investment. Ridge tells him again that the company will never be his. If Bill wants a fight, he’s got it, but leave Katie out of it. Ridge accuses him of wanting to win at any cost, no matter if it hurts an innocent woman. Bill says if he doesn’t want his help with all those millions then he will leave.

Katie tells her sisters that it actually hurts her that they won’t believe her. Brooke tells her that Bill knows that their biggest vulnerability is Katie, not just the business. They beg her not to fall for this man. Bill walks in. Brooke tells him they heard the tape with his father. They know it’s all about revenge. She asks Katie to tell Bill that it is over. The group vows to Stephanie that they want her back and they all will help her with her rehabilitation. She was there for them when they needed her; they only want to be there for her now. She matters to them; they want her back to her old stubborn self. Nick says she is family. He leads the misfits into a Stephanie cheer. She admits they took her in and made hr feel needed. Jackie taught her a lot about forgiveness. The more she argues that she can’t, they have a rebuttal. Finally Stephanie gives in and the motley crew makes her lead them in cheer.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe’s annulment from Lucas is made final, and she and Daniel make love. Arianna meets with Brady to apologize for what happened with Nicole. She and Brady end up kissing. Nicole wants EJ to reconsider throwing her and Sydney out, but EJ claims that Chad has parental rights too, and that he won’t be a party to putting another man through what he went through. He promptly throws Nicole and Sydney out of the house. Sami finds out and confronts EJ. He tells her about meeting Chad, Sydney’s real father, and Sami puts two and two together and figures out that Mia must be Sydney’s mother. She is shocked, but urges EJ to do what is best for his daughter and help Nicole keep her. Mia argues with Chad about wanting to keep Sydney, and he learns that she only agreed to date him so he would stop looking for Sydney. Angry, he tells Mia that he hates her, and that he plans on getting his daughter back, no matter what. Will attempts to comfort a devastated Mia. Nicole worries that everything is all over for her, but she gets an idea, and calls Chad to arrange a meeting with him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason and Sam get arrested for solicitation. Jax tells Carly he doesn’t trust Sonny to keep the peace. Sonny tells Dante/Dominic he’s not sure he’s capable of “stepping up” to get rid of Anthony’s former employee, Joey, now that he’s on parole. Claudia steps in with some info on Joey, which makes Sonny suspicious of her. Helena does her best to get under Elizabeth’s skin about Nikolas and Lucky. When Luke interrupts the conversation, Helena makes him think Liz is hiding something. Liz leaves the room in spite of Helena’s cryptic threat to expose her affair with Nik. Liz warns Rebecca about the danger of Helena. Nik arrives just as Luke messes with Helena’s IV. Lucky warns Nik not to allow Helena back in his life. Sam and Jason get hauled into the PCPD. Maxie and Spinelli get the wrong idea when they learn about the arrest. Johnny tells Olivia he knows Claudia “forced” her to break things off with him. Johnny says Claudia will likely “back off” after he told her he was giving up on Olivia. Claudia sees Johnny kiss Olivia so she confronts her. Claudia tells Olivia she’s having an affair with Dante/Dominic until she gets pregnant. Diane and Alexis meet for a drink. Diane wonders if Max is “completely recovered” from the carnival accident. Alexis says Max has become “somber” and she wonders what Diane did to cause it. Diane says Max “dumped” her. Alexis turns down Diane’s offer to join her law firm. Lulu runs into Dante/Dominic and wonders if he’s made a decision about sleeping with Claudia. He says he has no intention of fathering a kid for Claudia to use as a “pawn.” Sam and Jason head back to the motel when they get released from jail. Jason finds a paper with some info on it. Liz calls Nik for a meeting and tells him that Helena knows about them. Helena summons Lucky to her room and talks about betrayal. Dante/Dominic meets Claudia at a hotel and tells her he won’t be sleeping with her. Olivia goes to see Sonny. Michael stands outside as Olivia tells Sonny she’s about to tell him the “truth.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew finds out that his parents tricked him into believing that they were accompanying him to Seattle in order to get the surgery. They are not going to let an inexperienced doctor operate on him and are taking him to London to a boarding school instead. He does not accept that. When Destiny returns to be with Shaun, he suddenly awakens and appears ok. She immediately calls Greg. But Greg is "busy" with Rachel. Sensing an awkward situation where they were ready to sleep together, they go to see Shaun who is unaware. Todd is supportive to Blair while she's recovering from her accident in the hospital. Elijah Clark is determined to get the information about Tea's mysterious child for Ross, assuming that Ross is the father. But she won't trust them with her secret nor with the child's true paternity. Jared has a secret. Natalie admits to John that he admitted to her that he helped Landers stalk Jessica and break into B.E. Jared goes to have a private meeting. Natalie goes looking for him and it looks like somebody has been killed yet again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Chloe are on a deadline to get out the next issue of “Restless Style.” Jack comes in and wants an insert put in the current issue to honor Colleen as an organ donor. Billy arrives to bring Delia. Michael visits Victoria to find out what is going on. Victoria fills him in that a man is there from the S.E.C. investigating a story that was reported concerning Victor’s health. Victoria questions Michael if she is in trouble. Michael lets Victoria know that someone is trying to make trouble for her. Sharon tells Adam that Nick had turned Victor into the feds. Ashley meets Nick at the hospital and lets him hold Faith. Nick finds out that Ashley named the baby Faith. Ashley takes Faith to see Victor. Ashley tells Victor that she wants the ranch as a part of her divorce settlement. Traci lets Jack now that it is time for her to leave town. Michael meets with Arnold from the S.E.C. Sharon calls Nick to discuss Noah. Victor tells Nikki that Ashley wants the ranch. Nikki goes to the ranch to confront Ashley about wanting the ranch. Adam tells Victoria that he had heard the talk in the elevator concerning her. Adam offers Victoria his help in finding out who is doing this. Billy asks Phyllis to sell him “Restless Style.” Victor agrees to give Ashley the ranch as part of her settlement.

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