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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Adam offers Annie a drink to help make her sleep. Annie begins to cry and Adam comforts her by hugging her. Erica, standing outside of Kendall’s room, stops Jesse from going inside. Aidan questions Kendall as to why she had had Erica to post his bail. Kendall asks Aidan for his help. Liza and the imposter Kendall fight. The imposter, Kendall gets the upper hand and knocks Liza unconscious. The imposter, Kendall escapes. Zach asks Ryan to take care of his sons because he can trust Ryan and because Zach cannot care for his sons from prison. Annie tries to get Adam to pull some strings so that she can get to spend time with Emma. Scott walks in and tells Adam and Annie that Judge Robinson is busy drawing up a court order for Annie. Angie interrupts Jesse and Erica’s conversation to tell Jesse that he is missing Natalia getting her shield. Frankie congratulates Natalia for getting her shield and gives Natalia a present from him and Randi. Aidan tells Kendall that if they do this then there is no going back. Liza calls Zach at the hospital and tells him that Kendall’s double had knocked her out and had escaped. Zach calls D.A. Willis for a meeting . Erica sits by Emma’s bedside and urges her to wake up for Ryan’s sake.

The court order arrives at the Chandler mansion for Annie to be able to see Emma. Ryan sits beside of Emma’s bed and urges her to wake up. Annie watches him for a few seconds before showing him the court order that will permit her to spend time with Emma. Kendall and Zach spend the last few moments together before she is due to be sent back to prison. Natalia finds out from Brot that he will be a police officer in a matter of months. Aidan knocks out the officer is to escort Kendall back to the police van. Natalia is given her orders that she will help escort Kendall back to prison. Aidan holds Kendall hostage while holding a gun on Jesse and two other police officers. Zach meets with D.A. Willis. Zach receives the news about Kendall. Natalia sneaks up behind Aidan as he is holding a gun on Jesse. Natalia fires a shot which hits Aidan. While the police officers help Aidan, Kendall escapes through a side door.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty and Bonnie plan a tropical vacation but Jessica arrives and makes Bonnie wonder if her relationship with Dusty has a future. Jessica advises Bonnie to ask Dusty if he plans a future with her and he admits he just wants to have a good time with no strings attached and Bonnie leaves Metro. Terri thinks that Dusty is heartless and wonders why he is always so mean to everyone and he admits to her that he doesn't want to risk losing someone he cares about like he lost Jennifer. Ralph keeps leaving whenever he and Dusty are in the same place and Dusty tells Janet and Terri that Ralph is a snake but they refuse to believe that sweet Uncle Ralph could be a snake.

Ralph asks Paul to back out of adopting Liberty's baby but Paul isn't scared of Ralph and he tells him that the baby is theirs and there is nothing he can do about it. Ralph tells Paul that Janet wants to adopt the baby and since she is the grandmother she has a right to raise the baby since she is family. Paul has a contract drawn up for Liberty to sign and leaves a check with Janet for Liberty's expenses but Janet tears up the check and tells Paul Liberty isn't signing any contract.

Henry has his hands full with both Vienna and Barbara so he asks Audrey to help him distract Vienna by taking her for tests at the hospital. Henry asks Paul to help him persuade Barbara to let him have al the money because if he doesn't get the money he will bee in big trouble. Paul doesn't want to even deal with talking to Barbara but since they are brothers he gives Henry a check for $10,000. Henry decides to play poker and double his money but when he loses and tries to cheat he almost gets beaten up by the guys he is trying to cheat out of money. Ralph stops the men and Henry discovers that the guys work for Ralph. Ralph tells Henry to stop acting stupidly. Audrey tells Barbara that she will be at the hospital all day with Vienna and Barbara takes the opportunity to let herself into Henry's room and wait for him. Vienna leaves a message for Henry wondering what he is up to and why he had Audrey distract her all day. Vienna opens the door to her and Henry's room and finds Barbara sitting on the bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge start their work day by figuring out just what they can sell to come up with the millions they need for bank debt. Brooke has to give the bad news to Donna that Bill Spencer has already taken over the beach house. Katie is there and making the house homey. Brooke and Donna agree they need to go over there and save their sister as Bill will toss her aside as soon as he gets what he wants which is Forrester Creations. Stephanie informs Taylor that she is not just taking a vacation, but moving on. It’s time for her to find a place of her own. Jackie is upset to find that Stephanie has already packed up and moved out of the office. She shows up at Taylor’s front door before Stephanie leaves. Jackie offers Stephanie a new title, more credit, whatever it takes to keep her.

Jackie tells Stephanie to go on vacation, get all the necessary things she wants to do out of her system, but come back to Jackie M. Jackie is devastated when Taylor is forced to tell her that Stephanie had a small stroke and she doesn’t want to feel disabled. Stephanie overhears Taylor saying that she doesn’t want to feel vulnerable. Brooke and Donna walk in on Katie watching Bill Senior’s video again. Katie defends Bill by saying this is his father, not him. She loves her sisters, but she also is going to be with Bill and asks that she not have to choose between them or Bill.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel informs Victor that he and Chloe living together. Victor promises to try to accept Chloe because of his love for Daniel. Once alone with Chloe, Victor tells Chloe exactly what he thinks of her, and says he hopes that she proves him wrong, and can make Daniel happy. Later, he vows to Brady to make sure Chloe doesn’t destroy Daniel the way she nearly destroyed Brady, Philip, and Lucas. Hope returns home, but informs Bo that she won’t be living there, as she believes she and Bo still have past issues they need to resolve. Sami tells Brady that she wishes she could help Nicole the way Nicole helped her. Chad shows up at the mansion to inform EJ that he is Sydney’s father, and that he wants to see her. EJ calls Nicole to ask her to come home with the baby. Nicole, excited, thinks that EJ wants to work things out, and is stunned when she finds Chad at the mansion. Chad wants to take the baby with him, but EJ refuses to allow it. Chad vows that this isn’t over. Nicole begs for EJ’s help so that Chad doesn’t take her baby. Sami overhears the last, and is alarmed that someone is trying to take Nicole’s baby. Mia tells Will the truth about Sydney and Nicole, and also tells him that she only broke up with him so that Chad would stop looking for their daughter. Brian, the attendant on Omar’s boat, informs Carly that he is being paid to help Lawrence’s men kill her. Rafe manages to save the day by grabbing Brian’s arm, and Carly is able to disarm him. Omar arranges for the boat to head toward the nearest hospital. Rafe slips in and out of consciousness, and moans that someone has to tell ‘her’ about the baby.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz returns to town and runs into Nikolas when he brings Helena to GH. Nik tells Lucky and Liz that Valentin poisoned Helena and imprisoned Luke. Lucky isn’t happy to see Helena and he accuses her of “inventing” a “threat” to the family. Rebecca is shocked to see Helena. Liz tells Nik she needed time away from him to sort things out. She says her plan is to marry Lucky and make a life with him. Nik says he plans to stay with Rebecca as a “distraction” so he won’t think about Liz. Nik warns Rebecca not to “underestimate” Helena. Ronnie tells Dante/Dominic he’s “back on the Corinthos case.” Jax finishes up a phone call to a senator regarding Dante/Dominic. Ronnie tells Dante/Dominic that someone “powerful” called in a favor with a senator to get him back on the case. Olivia is upset when she hears the news.

Ethan tells Luke the results of their DNA test. Luke warns Alexis that Helena is back in town. Alexis knows about Valentin so she tells Luke what she can. Rebecca comes to the casino to warn Ethan and Luke about Helena. Ethan tells Rebecca that Nik is “using” her. Ethan tells Luke the truth about his relationship with Rebecca. Luke warns Ethan about going up against Nik on Rebecca’s behalf. Sonny visits Carly at the hospital. Jax and Sonny agree to try and keep the peace. Jason asks Spinelli to search for Dr. Devlin’s hidden evidence. Sam and Jason search the motel Dr. Devlin stayed in. The two are arrested for solicitation while searching the room. Sonny tells Claudia things have to stay quiet with the business until Carly has her baby. Anthony arranges early parole for a “friend,” asking him to “wipe out Sonny” when he gets out of prison. Anthony says the only one he wants safe is Johnny. When Dante/Dominic learns about the man’s parole, he reports to Sonny. Alexis visits Helena at GH. Alexis thinks Helena’s “threat” of Valentin isn’t “real.” After a few moments, Alexis realizes that Helena is genuinely “scared.” Olivia confronts Jax about calling in a “favor” to get Dante/Dominic back on the job. Carly walks in on the conversation so Jax says he has “a confession to make.” Helena tells Liz she knows about Liz and Nik.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and his parents are on the private jet headed to Seattle to have Greg's assistant perform the surgery. Bo and Nora are outwardly supportive of their son by are secretly terribly worried. Rachel then calls to inform them that she and Greg will accompany them as Greg has agreed to stand in with the other doctor. Hearing that, Nora panics and won't let them come with her and Bo and Matthew. At that point, Bo announces that they have to cancel their flight to Seattle. All the evidence in the murder investigation and the stalking at B.E. points to Jared. Brody and John are convinced that he is involved. And he's made it clear to Natalie that he has been lying about many things.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon moves into Brad’s house and is a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff until Jack arrives and gives her encouragement. Dr. Swift gives Nikki some very good news about Victor. Ashley and a moving man start to redecorate the ranch. Victoria arrives at home and asks J.T. what his big news is. Victoria’s cell phone rings and she leaves for the office. Adam dictates notes to Dana until Nick comes in and interrupts him. Nick and Adam argue as usual and Nick orders Adam to leave. Victoria thanks Adam for getting the Savaneur analysis to her so fast. Nick tells Victoria that they should issue a second statement to the press about Victor’s health. Ashley walks in and finds Adam with Noah’s schoolwork. Ashley lets Adam know that Sharon and Noah had moved into Brad’s old house. Jack comes in and sees Adam holding Faith and orders Adam away from Faith. Ashley tells Jack that she had asked Victor for a divorce. J.T. tells Victoria that he is considering a job in New York City and asks Victoria and Reed to join him. Victoria points out all the reasons why she cannot go to New York City with him. Adam brings Noah’s homework to Sharon’s home. Adam and Sharon have a heart to heart talk. Adam finds out that Nickolas had turned Victor into the Feds. Nikki goes to see Ashley to tell her about Victor’s condition and to ask Ashley to take the baby to the hospital to visit Victor. Nick visits Victor to voice his opposition about Adam working for Newman. Arnold Cranston, from the Securities and Exchange Commission visit Victoria in her office. Victoria blows J.T. off once again while she takes care of Newman business. J.T. makes a call to New York and tells them to set up the interview.

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