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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Scott is standing alone in the hospital corridor when Ryan join him. Ryan accuses Scott of defending Annie and wants to know why Scott had changed his mind about Annie’s killing Stuart. Scott tells Ryan that it had never been Annie, who had killed Stuart. In the chapel, Annie urges Adam not to ever say a word about Emma shooting Stuart. Angie orders David to back off of Kendall. At the Slater home, the woman posing as Kendall in prison, tells Liza that she is not going back to prison. Erica questions Jesse about Kendall’s attitude toward Ian. Liza calls Zach and tells him that Kendall’s look alike wants out . Erica visits Kendall to talk to her. Kendall assures Erica that everything is fine between her and Zach. Kendall questions Erica about what is going on between her and Ryan. Angie demands answers from Jesse concerning Kendall. Ryan insists to Scott that Emma is not a killer. David and Jesse have a confrontation concerning Kendall.

Zach and Kendall have a conversation about their future and the future of their children. Zach assures Kendall that Erica and Ryan will care for the children in Zach and Kendall’s absence. Ryan and Adam argue over Annie and her influence in Adam’s life. Annie comes out of Emma’s room and tells them to quiet down. Ryan threatens to get a restraining order against Annie to keep her away from Emma. Kendall tells Erica to go to the police station and pay Aidan’s bail and tell him to come to the hospital to see Kendall. Liza comes upstairs and hears Kendall’s double calling for help. Liza is reluctant to go inside the room until the woman will not answer Liza. Zach tells Jesse that they are going on to Plan B in which Zach confesses. Zach talks to Ryan and asks him a favor . Aidan is released from jail. Liza and the look-alike of Kendall’s get into a fight which results in the look-alike knocking Liza unconscious. When Aidan goes to the hospital to see Kendall, she asks for his help.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Paul comes home and cannot find Emily nor Liberty. Paul yells for Emily, who comes from the back of the house. Emily tells Paul what had been going on with Liberty. Liberty and Parker sit on a park bench while Liberty feels miserable over the way that she is living her life. Rosanna and Craig meet with a distributor, who likes their new water line. Jack walks in and tells Craig and Rosanna that he had been to see Carly. Damian sits at the bar at the Lakeview Hotel when Meg comes in and join him at the bar. Meg, immediately makes the assumption that Damian’s marriage to Lily is over. Damian tells Meg that he doesn’t want her and his marriage to Lily will never be over. Lily confronts Holden as to who the woman is with him. Holden introduces the woman as Maeve. When Lily finds out who Maeve is, Lily threatens to call the police. Holden lets Lily know that Maeve had saved his life. Brad and Janet are frantic over how Emily had treated Liberty and that Emily and Paul are only concerned over Liberty now until they get Liberty’s baby. Jack tells Craig and Rosanna about his visit with Carly. Lily comes into the Lakeview bar as if looking for someone. Meg sees Lily and only has smart remarks to send Lily’s way. Damian arrives at Lily’s to find Holden there.

Parker visits Paul and Emily to confront them over how they had treated Liberty. Janet and Brad find out that Liberty had missed her SAT’s. Jack finds Liberty, sitting on a park bench and immediately calls Janet and Brad. Craig and Rosanna arrive back home to Carly’s when Parker arrives . Parker tells Craig that he is taking Craig up on his offer about his trust fund. Brad and Janet arrive at the park to find Liberty. Liberty goes home with Brad and Janet. Damian lets Holden know that Damian’s marriage to Lily is real since Holden was declared legally dead. Lily still cannot get the ring off her finger. Maeve and Holden meet up at the hotel. Parker visits Liberty at the ranch and tells her that she may not be in this situation too much longer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Whip can’t change Stephanie’s mind. She insists it is time to move on. She tells Nick that he was a lifeline when she needed it to the most and she will never forget that. Thomas tells Taylor that he listened to Steffy, but he can’t tell her what to do. Taylor reminds him that Owen is a married man, but perhaps she thinks his marriage is going to fall apart. Owen is more than disappointed that Jackie does not want to take on the responsibilities of a baby. He can’t accept her decision. He’s willing to help and it won’t be as difficult as she thinks it will be. Owen ends up finding Steffy at the Rooftop Lounge. She senses his mood and he admits he just had a deep talk with his wife. Stephanie tells Taylor that she is not going back to Jackie M. Nick drops in on Jackie and tells her they have troubles with Stephanie.

Steffy sides with Owen and can’t believe that Jackie doesn’t want the commitment of a child. She tells him that he is a very special man and Jackie should feel lucky that she has him. Nick tells Jackie that something is going on with this old broad, but he can’t figure out what it is. Jackie says Stephanie has become her friend, so she will not stand by and just let her walk out of their lives. They have to do something. Both Pam and Taylor tell Stephanie that she is not an invalid and she doesn’t have to quit her job. Taylor asks if she is moving on, what is she moving on to? Stephanie does not want pity. Taylor tells her that she will recover faster if she allows others to know and care. She is running from this stroke, not facing it head on. It is not her nature to ask for help, but she is doing the opposite. Stephanie admits that she is old and tired and wants to bow out on her own terms. Taylor tells her that Stephanie has been there for her on so many occasions; now she wants to be there for her…..please do not push her away. The women hug.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia and Nicole try to convince Chad that what they were talking about is none of his business, but he puts two and two together, and figures out that Nicole adopted his and Mia’s baby. Mia admits it’s true, and tries to convince Chad that Sydney is better off with Nicole and EJ, but Chad rushes off, refusing to give up his daughter. Brady defends Nicole to EJ, saying she only did what she did because she loved him and knew he would leave her if he learned of he miscarriage. Brady then rails on EJ for throwing Sydney out on the street, claiming that she deserves a better father than EJ. Later, Chad shows up at the DiMera mansion and informs EJ that he is Sydney’s father. Brady also attempts to convince Sami that Nicole was justified in what she did. Sami says she can understand, but EJ isn’t the type to forgive and forget. Sami wonders why Brady got involved in helping Nicole lie to EJ. Daniel and Chloe baby sit Sydney and nearly get into an argument over whether or not Daniel wants kids someday. He wants to focus on their relationship and getting Chloe healthy for right now. Nicole then shows up in a panic, demanding to see her daughter. Carly manages to save Rafe’s life, but asks Omar to have him drop her and Rafe at the nearest port, so she can get him to a hospital and then disappear. She has visions of Lawrence, who threatens that his men will catch her and punish her. Later, one of the crewmen on the boat pulls a gun on Carly.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis has concerns about Sam’s influence on the girls. Alexis says the girls idolize Sam and her lifestyle. Sam says Alexis needs to do less “micromanaging” of the girls lives. Alexis says she doesn’t want Sam to be the girls role model. Kristina heads to a hotel and has sex with Kiefer. Later, Michael finds Kristina on the pier crying. Kristina says she fears Alexis will eventually disapprove of her life choices. Jason tells Claudia he thinks she was involved in Michael’s shooting. Claudia claims to be innocent. Jason promises to make Claudia pay once he can prove her guilt. Carly and Jax prepare for the possible birth of their baby. Dr. Lee says Carly’s labor has “stopped” for now but “stress” can bring it back on. Olivia is happy to hear that Dante/Dominic is off the case. Olivia wonders if Dante/Dominic intends on “taking Sonny down” on his own. When Dante/Dominic says he doesn’t, Olivia advises him to leave town. Sam tells Jason that Alexis “hates” her. Jason tells Sam she’s “good for” Molly and Kristina. After witnessing Carly’s peril, Johnny tells Claudia he loves her. Johnny wants Claudia to understand how “important” Olivia is to him. Alexis tells Kristina to come to her rather than Sam if she needs advice. Dante/Dominic confides Claudia’s demands in Lulu. Dante/Dominic tells Lulu he thinks Claudia’s goal is to get pregnant without Sonny knowing. Lulu advises Dante/Dominic to think carefully before he acts.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Madame Delphina visits Jessica and tells her and Brody that she keeps having visions of Nashís death followed by images of Jared. She delivers a message from Nash to Brody telling him to look both ways and especially behind him. She says the person who killed Wayne Landers will kill again. Jared is released from police custody because they donít have enough evidence to charge him with murder. When they go home, he admits to Natalie that he lied about Wayne Landers. He tells her he did know him from prison and they were working together.

Kim and Stacy encourage Schuyler to go after Gigi. Schuyler figures out that their plan is for him to get with Gigi to free up Rex for Stacy. He tells Stacy that even if Gigi has feelings for him, Rex will never want Stacy and he wants no part of their plan. Rex and Gigi hash it out behind Rodiís. Gigi admits that she is jealous of Kim but not because she wants Schuyler. She needs Schuyler because he is her sounding board. Rex never wants to talk about Stacy having his baby and Gigi needs to talk to someone. Gigi and Rex reaffirm their love for each other and determine to work everything out together.

Blair is still in the hospital unable to remember what Tea said to her before she fell out the window. David spills the beans to Blair about Dorianís engagement to Amelia. Amelia and Dorian play the happy couple for Vikiís benefit but Viki knows it is a scheme. Tea goes to Toddís house to get her briefcase but it is not there. Jack tells her about the burglar that tried to steal it and tells her that the police took it. Fish subdues Ross Rayburn in Blairís hospital room with a Taser and takes him back into custody. Ross and Elijah plot to get Teaís briefcase before the police take it to the evidence room. Before they have the chance, Tea comes to claim it and she tells the police Rossís real name and that he is wanted for kidnapping. Elijah challenges Tea to talk about kidnapping after what she did. Ross tells Elijah he doesnít want anybody else looking into it because Tea will relocate his kid again. When Tea leaves with her briefcase, Elijah follows her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily decide to go to the cemetery to visit Colleen. Roxanne visits Devon to leave a card for Lily. Nick gives Adam a Junior Vice President position. Victoria tells Nick that the press knows that Victor is dead. Gloria makes her threats to Deacon if he betrays her. Gloria finds out that Deacon had switched the Terroni for one of a clown. Officers walk in on Jeff and Gloria. Daniel orders Amber to walk away from Deacon if she wants a life with Daniel. Deacon interrupts and tells Amber to come with him to the business meeting .A man comes into the coffeehouse to talk to Daniel about the Terroni. Daniel shows Jana, Victoria and Michael the real Terroni. Deacon shows the fake Terroni to the buyer. Roxanne reminds Devon of sleeping with Tyra. Mr. Hoffmeyer finds out that Daniel has the real Terroni. Deacon orders Amber to go back to Daniel before she is caught in the crossfire. Lily talks to Colleen in her grave. Daniel receives a check for $25,000 for returning the Terroni to the Sheffer Museum. Deacon tells Amber that someone is holding the sword of Damocles over his head. Victoria and Nikki find out that Victor had suffered from renal insufficiency. Victor reminds Victoria that she is due at a board meeting for Newman Enterprises. Amber tells Daniel that she is never leaving his side again. Phyllis meets Deacon in a bar and orders him to stay away from her family. Adam calls the Securities and Exchange Commission about an infraction concerning Savaneur.

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