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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Zach and Erica discuss Emma. Jesse interrupts them. Erica listens to Zach and Jesse’s conversation concerning Emma and her condition. At the Chandler mansion, Adam questions Scott about Stuart’s murder and why Scott now believes that Annie didn't kill Stuart. Adam thinks that Annie is covering for someone. Scott is surprised to learn that Adam knows who killed Stuart. At the hospital, in Emma’s room, Ryan urges Emma to open her eyes. Liza is with Kendall at the Slater house when Zach calls them from the hospital to tell them that the other Kendall is being brought into the hospital. Zach tells Liza to get Kendall down to the hospital. Ryan sits beside Emma’s bed when Annie comes in and sits down on the bed. Annie lets Emma know that she is here with her. A nurse walks in and tells Erica that Kendall is being brought into the hospital with a stab wound. Jesse comes to the conclusion that he will have to tell Angie what is going on in order to enlist her help. Angie is right there beside Kendall when she is brought into the hospital. David wants to examine the patient, but Angie insists that she will handle this. At the hospital, Annie asks Scott how much Adam knows. Adam has yet another visit from Stuart. Annie sneaks into Emma’s room once again and encourages Emma to rest for a little while, but she will be here when Emma wakes up. Adam comes to the hospital to let Annie know that he is sorry for ever doubting her innocence. With a little ingenuity, Kendall takes the place of the fake Kendall in the hospital room. Angie holds David and Erica at bay while Zach and Jesse help Kendall make the switch. David barges into Kendall’s room and sees her, sitting up in bed. David is more than a little surprised to see how well Kendall is doing after a stab wound. Erica is puzzled when she takes Ian in to see Kendall and she doesn’t want to hold him. Liza locks the fake Kendall in the Slater's secret room. The woman tells Liza that she is not going back to prison.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig and Rosanna try hard to keep the promise they made to Parker not to be involved with each other in a personal way. Craig and Rosanna try to brainstorm for a meeting they have with a distributor of the new vitamin water but they can't seem to keep their minds off each other. Parker later catches them kissing at home and he calls them liars. and throws Craig out of the house. Craig tries to bribe Parker by telling him he will release more of his trust fund money to him but Parker knows its a bribe . Craig tells Parker to think about what he could do if he had more of his trust fund money and give him his answer later.

Liberty is upset when she misses her SAT exam because Emily turned off her alarm because she didn't know she had to take her SAT today. Liberty fears that she won't be able to get her college applications in on time if she has to take her SAT's in the spring. Liberty feels out of place with her friends and Emily makes things worse by buying her some maternity clothes. Liberty has had enough of the pressure Emily is putting on her about the baby and decides to go to a party with her friends and have a few drinks. Parker arrives to take her hoe before she can drink too much and he also tells her she shouldn't have been drinking in the first place.

Holden, Emma and Meg have a happy reunion and Meg advises Holden not to be so hard on Lily and give her a second chance. Holden leaves after Meg informs him that a sweet blonde woman was looking for him. Holden finds Maeve who has had a makeover with some of the money that Skaggs stole. Holden persuades Maeve to give the money to the police and he will replace the money that she spent so that she won't get in trouble. Damian arrives to happily tell Lily that he not Holden is her legal husband since Holden was declared legally dead. Lily is shocked and talks to Damian's lawyer to confirm it. Holden and Maeve see Damian and Lily before Lily goes to talk to the lawyer but Lily doesn't see them. Maeve tells Holden they need to o to a bar and have a drink. Lily later sees Holden and Maeve coming out of a bar and Lily has a very jealous tone in her voice when she asks Holden "who is this woman?"

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie admits to Pam that she has had a stroke and she can’t handle certain things anymore….simple things like writing or selecting the right word on documents and reports. Pam tells her she simply must tell the others so they will understand why she is having these problems. Stephanie is adamant….she is proud not stubborn and when she goes out it won’t be like this. She doesn’t want to be put out to pasture playing pinochle in some old folk’s home. Whip and Nick come in to talk to her, and she admits she has something to share with them too. Thomas picks up that Steffy has feelings for Owen although Steffy says she respects his marriage, at least the institution of marriage. She isn’t sure that one is for the long run. Jackie comes home and finds Mr. Domestic making her dinner. Owen admits being with Steffy and her being in trouble on the boat brought it all home to him how much Jackie meant to him. Jackie confesses she thinks Steffy has a little bit of a crush on him and she may reach out to him more now. A lady drops by to discuss surrogacy with Owen and Jackie. This surprises and almost shocks Jackie since it wasn’t even on her radar about having a baby.

Stephanie apologizes for her behavior at the last meeting. She also says she has accomplished all she wanted for Jackie M and she thinks it is time for her to go. Nick tells her this was not a temporary job and she is not quitting. She is part of Jackie M, part of all of them and they won’t let her quit. She argues that this was a chapter in her life that she will always cherish and miss, but she must go now. Owen explains that it makes no difference – surrogacy or adoption but he sees Jackie as a mother. She can’t be surprised that he wants a child. She tells him that she is sorry, but at this time in her life that she is not ready to raise another child.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady confides in Melanie about Nicole’s secret. She tries to convince him that he isn’t to blame. Later, she confronts Arianna, blaming her for overhearing the secret and destroying Brady’s life. EJ is having trouble being away from Sydney and decides to take a walk to clear his mind. He runs into Brady and vows to make sure anyone that had a hand in ruining his life will pay. Nicole tells Mia about EJ learning the truth about Sydney, and tries to convince her to keep quiet about being Sydney’s birth mother. Mia is angry that she broke up with Will for no reason, and tells Nicole that she has to think of Chad, and what he will say when he learns who adopted their baby. Chad walks in and overhears her saying so. Will decides that Mia can’t really want to be with Chad, and that there must be some other reason she decided to break up with him. Arianna and Sami learn that Meredith disappeared the day after Rafe sent them the messages letting them know he was going away. Sami and Arianna both fear that something is terribly wrong. Bo willingly signs the papers for Ciara to go to private school and he calls Hope to let her know. She informs him that she is coming home because that is what is best for their daughter. The captain on Omar’s boat spots Rafe’s body in the water, and they take him on board at Carly’s request. She works to save his life.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Molly surprises Jason and Sam at her place. Sam gives Molly a lecture on “intruding” on her privacy. Molly wonders why Jason and Sam act like they aren’t a couple. At home, Molly tells Alexis she “walked in on Sam and Jason having sex.” Michael tells Sonny he doesn’t want any part of his memories. Michael then loses his temper with Sonny and storms off. Johnny tries to help Carly through her contraction. Coleman comes outside to see what all the noise is about then calls for help. Johnny and Coleman go to GH with Carly. Dr. Lee says the medicine to stop Carly’s labor isn’t working. Claudia tells Dante/Dominic he “reminds her of Sonny.” Claudia says she plans on booking a hotel room for her and Dante/Dominic. Luke and Ethan return to the Haunted Star and to a less than friendly Tracy and her two look-alikes for them. Jason thinks Dr. Devlin stashed an evidence tape in a bank deposit box. Olivia tells Jax she wants Dante/Dominic to leave town but Jax tells Olivia to let Dante/Dominic “finish his job.” Sonny tells Claudia about Michael’s outburst. Michael comes back to the house to apologize to Sonny but runs into Claudia instead. Claudia advises Michael to “focus on” his future. Jason tells Sam he “missed” her and he’s “grateful” to be with her again. Alexis talks with Sam about Molly’s visit – she says Molly shouldn’t have a key to Sam’s place. Alexis says her sisters look at Sam as a role model and sometimes Sam makes poor choices. Kristina meets up with Kiefer and tells him she has to wait a month for her birth control to be effective. Kiefer has other plans and says he booked a hotel room. Jason tells Claudia to stay away from Michael. Jason then tells Claudia that Ian “recorded all his business transactions” and her days are numbered. Dante/Dominic packs up and gets ready to leave the Corinthos house. Sonny mentions to Dante/Dominic that Claudia wants another child and he doesn’t. He also says Claudia could possibly be pregnant. Jax arrives at the hospital and wonders why Johnny and Coleman are there. Dr. Lee says the baby will likely be born “tonight.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair wants to get her memory back because she knows that Tea told her something crucial to Todd. Todd seems to know the same and demands that Tea fesses up. She does not confess to him that she had his child. But she asks him if he was ready to throw her away and not work things out. He admits to her that right before Blair fell through the window, he was looking for Tea and ready to get back with Tea. She tells him that could never happen since he only loves Blair. Natalie asks Marty to see if she can get through to John. Marty can see that John may still have feelings for Natalie as well as for Blair. But he declares that Marty is the woman he loves. Ross is ready to get arrested but needs to make certain Blair is ok. Fish is ready to use his law enforcement authority not to be intimidated by Ross or by his lawyer, Elijah. Gigi makes it clear to everybody that she is not ok with Kim seeing Schuyler because she has feelings for Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the cabin, Billy brags about Mac’s potato salad. Chloe brags about Chance and the way that he treats her in order to make Billy jealous. Chance orders Chloe to stop using him to get even with Billy. Mac stands up and starts to pick up his things to leave. Chloe suggests playing a game of Scrabble to see who stays at the cabin. Michael visits Victor to inform him what Adam did concerning Newman Enterprises. Adam tells the driver to pull the car around to the front so he can go to the hospital. Victoria and Nick confront Adam about the deal that he made for Newman Enterprises. Amber is wearing the necklace that Deacon gave her when he arrives. Daniel tells Kevin that there is no way Deacon is getting both Amber and the Terroni. Gloria asks Jeff what he is doing here. Jeff returns the sentiment and asks Gloria what she has in the tube. Jeff asks Gloria if she is waiting for Deacon. Kevin finds out that Gloria stole the Terroni. Amber calls Kevin to come to the club since Deacon is meeting with Gloria to get the Terroni. Victor confronts Adam about the deal that he made for Newman Enterprises. Victor gives Adam a job back at Newman starting at the bottom and report to Nick and Victoria. Deacon, Victoria and Gloria meet with Mr. Sullivan, who tells them all that the Terroni is the original. Deacon gives the Terroni back to Gloria. Daniel tells Amber to be packed and waiting for him when he comes back. Daniel confronts Deacon about the Terroni. Deacon goes home and asks Amber if she gave Daniel a “heads up’ about the meeting for the Terroni. Amber denies her involvement. Chance stands up for Chloe when Billy hurls insulting remarks at her. Victor goes into V-fib and dies.

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