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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam comes to Annie’s rescue at Ryan’s condo. An argument begins among Ryan, Erica, Annie and Adam. Emma runs out of the apartment with her hands over her ears. When Emma sees Adam, she orders him to leave her alone and runs down the stairs. She falls to the bottom of the stairs unconscious. Adam goes to Emma’s side and yells for help. Kendall and Zach talk about their feelings for each other. Kendall suggests that they exchange their wedding vows. Annie, upon seeing Emma, begs Emma not to die. Emma is rushed to the hospital by the paramedics. Jesse arrives at the hospital to question Adam about what had happened to Emma. Aidan arrives at the hospital to tell Zach and Kendall about Emma being taken to the hospital. Jake, after examining Emma, tells Ryan that Emma is in need of brain surgery.

Jesse brings Aidan into the police station for questioning. Zach goes to the hospital to check on Emma’s condition. Annie urges Adam to go to the police station so that Aidan will not get away with what Aidan had done to Emma. Annie confides the truth about Stuart’s death to Scott. Upset, Scott comes home to the Chandler mansion and pours himself a large whiskey and gulps it all down in one swallow. Adam comes in and Scott tells him that Annie hadn’t killed Stuart. Zach talks to Kendall on the phone and tells her that he loves her. Erica listens to the conversation. Kendall listens to a call from the prison notifying Zach that her double in prison had been stabbed.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Brad save Vienna from a fire at Al’s while Henry is bedding Barbara to get the James inheritance. Ralph makes a cryptic reference about Henry to Audrey. Dusty is very unhappy to see Ralph in town and makes sure he says his peace about their past dealings and what is to come, which infuriates Teri, who races to her uncle’s defense. Rosanna and Craig fight their attraction while working with Parker on his ad campaign. However, when Johnny makes a comment about having another sleep over with Rosanna and Craig, they are tripping over one another to downplay and explain it away, but Parker is left wondering what is going on. Katie finally reaches Henry to tell him what happened to Vienna and Henry races from Barbara’s side to Vienna’s. Barbara is quite pleased with herself for falling into bed with a younger man. Henry is overwhelmed with guilt and worry, but he faces Katie’s questions and accusations when she tells him that she knows where he was. Henry tells her the whole story and Katie, who is in shock at first, recovers and then wonders what plan he has up his sleeve. Dusty, who is waiting for Bonnie so they can leave on a short vacation, has another run in with Teri, who again tells Dusty how much she dislikes him. Bonnie knows Teri, which surprises Dusty. Later, Bonnie tells Dusty she assumes her is going to tell her what is going on. Dusty asks her to be put on retainer and alludes to it being regarding a businessman from Chicago. Audrey assures Ralph that Henry will get him the money that he is owed; he doesn’t need to hurt anyone. Henry wants to unburden his guilt by letting Vienna in on what is going on, but Audrey reminds him what he has to lose. Barbara comes looking for Henry right after he comes home with Vienna; she plays coy and reminds him that he knows where to find him. Parker interrupts a passionate moment between Rosanna and Craig and is furious. He gives them both a piece of his mind about what they are doing to his mom and Craig tries to talk with him to remind him that going to his mom about this would only hurt her recovery. Parker agrees to not say anything if Craig stays away from Rosanna. Rosanna and Craig admit how much they can’t stop thinking about each other, but Craig explains that he agreed to stay away from her so Parker wouldn’t talk with Carly. They share an emotional goodbye. Henry goes to see Barbara and tells her the truth about why he had sex with her and how much danger he and Vienna are in; he pleads with her to give him the money, and it looks like Barbara is empathetic before she closes the door in his face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is upset. He sent Jackie’s husband on an errand and Owen has the nerve to take the rest of the day off. Jackie laments to Nick that Steffy is kin to her namesake, Stephanie, and is interfering with her marriage. She may seem like a kid, but she’s not that much younger than Owen for him to notice. Owen tells Steffy to lay back and rest; he was scared to death she had hit her head and was really hurt. Steffy gushes that he saved her life. Nick is non too happy when he hears from Owen about the “joyride” without asking his permission to take the boat out, and with Steffy and on company time. And he didn’t even bring back what Nick asked for. God only knows what Jackie will think when she hears this tale. Katie tells Bill that he shouldn’t blame her for what she is thinking after she saw Bill Senior’s video with him asking Bill to take the Forrester’s down as revenge. He tells her that he loves her and he would never use that word to gain control in a business deal. He kisses her; action speaks louder than words.

Owen explains to Jackie what happened on Nick’s boat. She’s grateful that Steffy is all right, but she knows what a powerful bond that is going to be between her and Owen. Owen says this reminds him of what a fool he was to hold Jackie’s past against her when life is so short. They both vow just to love each other and not let these outside influences bother them again. Bill and Katie make love. Bill says he knows trust is important. He surprises her with a lovely pair of diamond earrings. He tells her to hang on; she is in for quite a ride on the Dollar Bill Express.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope decides to send Ciara to private school, and asks Justin to get Bo to sign the papers, as she isn’t yet ready to talk to Bo or come home. She does say that she still loves Bo, and wants to work on their marriage, but she and Ciara still need time away. Bo learns of Lawrence’s death, but doubts that he will ever hear from Carly again. Victor tries to talk Bo into forcing Hope to come home, but Bo thinks she needs time, and that he can’t force her to do anything. Carly has had an old friend, Omar, pick her up in a boat, and is on her way to Salem. She has more flashbacks, and we learn that Lawrence was practically keeping her prisoner on his estate. We also learn that Carly and Lawrence have a son, and that Lawrence was planning to do something nefarious before Carly stabbed him. It seems she did so in an effort to keep him from carrying out his plan. Carly decides to call Bo, but is unable to do so without betraying the boat’s location, so she decides to wait to call until they reach land. Nicole tells Chloe that she won’t allow EJ to blame Sydney for the mistakes she made. She heads home, hoping that EJ has decided to take them back now that he has had a night to think about it, but she finds her bags packed and waiting to go. She tries to get EJ to hold Sydney and reconsider throwing her out of his life, but EJ refuses, and tells Nicole to take the child and get out. Lucas calls Chloe to tell her to stay away from Allie. Kate confronts Chloe about bothering Lucas, and Chloe reminds her of all she has lost thanks to her petty scheme for revenge. Kate vows to herself that Daniel and Chloe will never have their happy ending as long as Victor has a say in things.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin is embarrassed when Patrick comes home with Louise. She explains how Maxie talked her into wearing the “get up” to surprise Patrick. Louise trips and falls on her way out of the Drake house, then ends up staying for dinner. When Sonny wonders why Claudia is at the Metro Court, she makes up a story about getting a room for Johnny. Sonny wonders why Claudia wants to pay for a hotel room for her brother, given their recent hostility. Sam spins a story to Lucky to explain her presence in the warehouse. Lucky apologizes for the mistakes he made with Sam then he leads her out of the warehouse. Johnny again tells Olivia he loves her but she insists their relationship is over. Johnny is convinced Olivia is hiding something. Ronnie refuses to accept Dante/Dominic’s resignation. Dante/Dominic runs into Lulu and confides his childhood in her. Claudia tells Sonny she won’t know if she’s pregnant for a week or two. Sonny wants to help Michael keep his anger under control. Sonny says his own illness is similar to Michael’s condition as far as the “anger” is concerned. Michael says he’s confused as to “what’s real and what isn’t.” At that point, Michael has another memory of Claudia’s confession. Jason meets Sam back at her place and says he’s “grateful” they’re “getting back to what’s right.” Jason says he found the “evidence box” for Ian Devlin. Jason says he found a tape recorder but no tape – he and Sam wonder if the doctor hid the tape someplace safe. Claudia again demands sex from Dante/Dominic. Johnny catches Carly sneaking food from Jake’s. The two sit and discuss Johnny’s relationship with Olivia. Carly suddenly gets a strong contraction.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew is determined to get the surgery done with or without Greg and has made plans to fly to Seattle and have Dr. Nance do it. Destiny, Rachel, Bo and Nora are all concerned when they hear that the other surgeon is 2nd rate to Greg. And they urge him to reconsider since they have no choice except to let Matthew go through with it. Blair has awoken after falling through the window and appears ok except for not remembering the big secret she discovered of Tea having a child with Todd. Since nobody else knows it, Tea is hoping that it never comes out. Dorian tells everybody she knows that Blair's memory can be restored by the surgery that Dr. Evans performs. Ross sneaks into Todd's home and attempts to steal Tea's brief case and reveals that he believe she has his kid. Fish catches him and arrests him. Fish also knows that there are some dirty dealings going on at Dorian's campaign. Nick and Amelia are concerned that Fish may not support gay marriages and urge Kyle to persuade him to support their cause.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Jack calls Sharon to see how she is and ask her to meet him. Phyllis asks Nick had he talked to his Mom and wonders how Victor is. Phyllis asks Nick not to keep his emotions inside about Victor and Sharon losing the baby. Summer rushes in and yells, “Daddy.” Michael comes to visit Phyllis, Nick and Summer. Summer, Phyllis and Michael prepare to go to the festival. Kay and Murph visit Pearl and Joe at the festival for Pearl’s apple pie. At the Abbott cabin, Billy tells Mac that these are the last four walls that Colleen had ever seen. Chloe and Chance arrive at the Abbott cabin. Billy swears that Chloe had followed him. Chloe insist to Chance that he tell Billy that she and Chance hadn’t followed Billy and Mac. Jack and Sharon meet for a heart to heart. Jack asks Sharon to rent Brad’s cabin and Sharon accepts. Michael, Lauren, Nick, Phyllis and Summer enjoy the festival . Billy finds out that he and Chloe aren’t divorced. Sharon asks Noah to move in with her at Brad’s house.

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