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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wildwind David informs Amanda baby Trevor will be christened tonight. Amanda insists on having Jake as the godfather, but David balks at the idea. He finally agrees, as long as Marissa can be godmother. At the Slater house, Jesse reprimands Zach and Kendall for kidnapping Annie. Aidan continues to question Annie . Ryan tells Scott that Annie said that Emma killed Stuart. Emma comes downstairs and insists that she didn’t kill Stuart. While talking to Erica, Adam imagines seeing and talking to Stuart, who reminds him that he knows what happened the night that he was killed. Adam tells Erica that he saw Stuart die. Annie finally confesses that she killed Stuart and used Adam but then admits she's only telling Aidan what he wants to hear. Emma tells her dad that she has to talk to her mom before she will divulge her secret.

David catches up with Jake at the hospital and arranges it so that he can have the night off to attend Trevor’s christening. At Wildwind, Amanda asks Marissa to be Trevor's godmother. Annie insists on seeing Emma, so Aidan drugs her and takes her to Ryan's place where she wakes up on the sofa. Emma comes downstairs and into Annie’s waiting arms. Adam comes to Ryan’s to get Annie. After she informs him that she was kidnapped and tortured, Adam insists on calling the police. Trevor is christened with David, Amanda, Marissa, and Jake present. Amongst all the confusion, Emma sneaks out of Ryan’s apartment. Adam goes after Emma, but she runs away from him and falls down a flight of stairs. She lies unconscious on the landing.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily comes home and finds that Holden is gone. Holden visits Maeve in the interrogation room of the police station. Katie and Vienna are together at the hospital for Katie’s doctor’s exam. Audrey visits Henry and warns him that he has to get the check back from Vienna or bad things will happen. Meg comes to visit Holden but only finds Lily there. Lily tells Meg that Holden is gone. Meg accuses Lily of not loving Holden at all. Lily slaps Meg. Maeve tries to talk Holden into letting her have the money. Holden has his doubts about Maeve and the money. Katie questions Vienna what is the name of the charity that Henry is giving his money to. Henry gives Barbara some flowers. Barbara takes one flower and puts it in Henry’s lapel. Henry and Barbara discuss the injunction that Barbara has against the Steinbeck fortune. Damian and Lisa meet at the Lakeview bar and discuss how that Holden is home and that had changed things between Damian and Lily. Damian insist to Lisa that things are worth fighting for. Lily starts to leave home and runs into Damian at the door. Maeve is freed from custody. Holden lets Maeve know that Lily and Damian are married. Henry meets with Ralph to try to get his time extended, but Ralph refuses. Henry lets Audrey know that Ralph had threatened Vienna. Barbara comes into the Lakeview bar with shopping bags. Lisa questions Barbara about the shopping bags. Barbara confesses that she has a man in her life. Barbara gets a call from Henry to meet him in her hotel room. Damian finds out that Lily had hit Meg. Damian finds out that Holden is gone.

Damian insists to Lily that Holden will be back. Holden walks in on Damian and Lily. Katie listens to Audrey’s conversation with Henry. Henry and Barbara kiss. Holden packs a suitcase to leave Lily’s home. Maeve walks in on Meg at the ranch. Maeve tells Meg that she is an old friend of Holden’s. Vienna calls Henry to tell him that she is working late when smoke begins to filter out from under the door. Katie listens to Barbara and Henry making love. Holden knocks Damian to the floor. Lily orders Damian to go. Katie finds Vienna lying unconscious on the floor.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is surprised when she lets herself into the beach house and finds Katie and Bill there. She’s there to return Rick’s garage door keys. She’s more surprised and ticked that Bill says he now owns the place….further evidence to Brooke that he is using Katie and trying to take over everything Forrester. Bill sees this is not going to stop so he leaves Katie alone with Brooke to duke it out. Katie tells Brooke that she is the one out of line here. She came barging in and assuming the worst. Brooke suggests they take this home and discuss it. Katie lowers the boom on her – she is home. Bill invited her to move in and she said yes. Brooke reminds her about her relationship with Nick. That seemed great in the beginning, but turned out to be a mistake. Katie points out that Brooke has made dozens of those mistakes so why can’t Katie have that same freedom to fail. She asks her not to insult her intelligence. Brooke is pretty much saying that Bill could not possibly be in love with someone like Katie. Brooke clarifies this – she doesn’t think Bill deserves someone like Katie. Since they are out in the middle of nowhere on The Shady Marlin, Owen tells Steffy he thinks they should go swimming. There must be suits onboard somewhere. After they swim and are sunning off, Steffy wants to go back in but only if Owen will go with her and she drags him to the side of the boat. She loses her balance and when she falls she hits her head. Owens manages to give her CPR and revives her. She whispers that he saved her life.

Katie tells Brooke that it is insulting for everyone to keep telling her that Bill is using her. She has asked him tough questions and she is satisfied with his answers. And that is why she wants to be the intermediary and run interference. She can do damage control and help protect what they all want to protect. And Bill has not done anything that he didn’t announce when he first came to town. Jarrett meets Bill at the TV station. He’s to meet Justin there and wants to talk about the old Forrester fashion talk show. Bill sends Jarrett to a jewelry store to pick up something special that is in the safe there and bring it back to him. He thinks the time is right. Brooke calls a Manhattan P. I. to find information on Bill, but then changes her mind as she knows Katie would be very upset with her. Katie is straightening up and putting Bill’s books away. She stumbles upon the video that Bill Senior made before he passed away. She gets out the laptop and watches it. Bill Sr. says he knows they were never close, but now he is going to make Bill unthinkably rich and all he is asking is that he avenge Stephanie Forrester. She was the one who got away and would not be his when he was alive. She was loyal to Eric who did not appreciate her. Now in his death perhaps she will understand. He asks Bill to grind Eric into the ground….take him down……him and Brooke and her sister…..cast them out and see that they lose by any means he can. This will be the last thing Bill Sr. asks of him. Bill returns and chastises Katie for watching the video. He says he trusted her. She says she trusted him too, and now it looks like everyone was right and he is on some mission. He’s following his father’s wishes to a T. She’s been an idiot and just another in line for “any means possible”. He grabs her and kisses her passionately. He warns her to not question his intentions toward her for a second. He says to hell with the DVD, his father, the company, the money. He doesn’t want it if it means spending one more day without her. He would never use her except to make his life richer. He wants her to be very clear about that and believe him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ tells Sami about Nicole faking her pregnancy and substituting Sydney for his child. She counsels EJ to try to get over it and realize that Sydney is his daughter, if he will only allow her to be. Meanwhile, Nicole accuses Brady of wanting this to happen to her, but he says that on the contrary, he didn’t want this to happen. He promises to support her if she needs it, but she is sure that EJ will miss her and Sydney and take them back soon. Later, Nicole decides that she mustn’t ever lose Sydney. Philip and Stephanie are both upset about Melanie and Nathan’s date. They also decide that they can’t be friends, and while they love one another, it will never work between them. Melanie and Nathan enjoy their date in the meantime. Maggie tries to call both of them, but they ignore her and end their date with a kiss.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam distracts Alexis so Kristina can hide her birth control pills. Alexis asks Sam if she thinks Kristina will become “boy crazy.” Alexis has a talk with Kristina about her blessings. Kristina gets hostile and wonders if Alexis is sorry she got pregnant with Sam and Kristina. Olivia tells Sonny she has no interest in him. Dante/Dominic tells Claudia he’s not interested in her. Claudia tells Dante/Dominic she knows his real identity. Claudia threatens to tell Sonny unless Dante/Dominic agrees to sleep with her. Claudia thinks Dante/Dominic is working for a “rival family.” The police interrupt before things go too far and claim Dante/Dominic is wanted for “questioning.” Dante/Dominic is taken to meet with Ronnie. Ronnie says Dante/Dominic is “off the case.” Dante/Dominic asks for “more time” but Ronnie insists. Maxie is disturbed when she learns Patrick went to Jake’s without Robin. Maxie advises Robin to put a “spark” into her marriage. Patrick and Louise settle in at Jake’s. Johnny drowns his sorrows at Jake’s. Jason and Sam head off to the PCPD warehouse to look at the contents found with Dr. Devlin the night he died. Olivia shows up at Jake’s. The new bartender sings a song that affects both Olivia and Johnny. Carly tells Sonny about Michael’s latest episode. She asks Sonny to talk with Alexis so Michael can see Kristina and Molly. Sonny tells Carly he won’t be having another child with Claudia. Maxie heads to the Drake house with advice on how to spice up Robin’s marriage. Maxie brings a sexy outfit along, among other things. Meanwhile, Patrick heads home with Louise. Robin is in full sexy costume when Patrick and Louise come in the door. Lucky catches Sam in the warehouse. Johnny sings Olivia a song at Jake’s but she runs out the door in the middle of it. Claudia comes into the Metro Court lobby and runs into Sonny and Carly.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Tea and Blair struggle after Blair finds out that Tea had a child with Todd, Blair falls out the window and is seriously injured right at Dorian's press conference. They rush her to the hospital. Matthew accepts that Greg Evans will not do the surgery to help him walk but he exercises his court mandated legal rights to find another doctor. Aware of this, Destiny, Rachel, Bo and Nora all know that they only way to protect Matthew is to urge Greg to do the surgery since he's the only neurosurgeon they know of who can successfully do it. Right at that time, when Blair is rushed in, Greg is able to convince Dorian, Todd, Starr and Cole that he can save Blair. And it appears he might be ready to do the surgery to save her. And we can only wonder what will happen next.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack commends Billy for the beautiful celebration that he had put together for Colleen. Ashley gets a call from the hospital that they are releasing Faith. Ashley asks Traci to be Faith’s godmother. Nick arrives at the cabin to help Sharon scatter Faith’s ashes. Paul goes to see Patty. Patty asks to go home, but Paul refuses. Paul tells Patty that Colleen’s memorial service was today. Patty asks who is Colleen. Paul finds out from the doctor that Patty had had a total psychotic break. Adam is on the phone in the Newman living room discussing business when Victoria walks in and demands to know what is going on. Victoria demands that Adam hang up the phone. Nikki visits Victor and asks how he is doing .Victor tells Nikki that he wants to see the baby. Ashley finds Nikki with the baby and demands that Nikki give her the baby. Ashley tells Victor that she is filing for divorce. Victoria immediately calls for Michael . Michael looks over the papers and tells Victoria to look at them and finds that the deal that Adam had made looks good. Paul tells Nikki that he had gone to see Patty. Jack goes to see Patty. Ashley arrives home with the baby. Ashley tells Adam that she is filing for divorce and she will make the ranch her permanent home. Ashley asks Adam to move in with her .

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