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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, Colby comes to visit Liza. Liza tells Colby about telling Bailey that Liza had adopted Bailey’s son. Liza gets served with papers that Bailey is seeking custody of her son. Erica urges Ryan to find a way to expose Annie for killing Stuart. Annie cannot be found at the casino. Annie awakens in a darkened room. Annie demands to be let go as Zach, Kendall and Aidan watch her .Aidan tells Zach to leave Annie to him. Marissa stops by Liza’s to check on Liza and Stuart. Colby tells Marissa that Bailey wants custody of her son. Adam and Scott watch the surveillance tape of Annie leaving the casino through a back door and not coming back. Aidan takes the hood off Annie’s head and reveals himself to Annie. Adam blames Scott that Annie is gone. Scott calls Ryan and gives him a heads up that Annie is missing and she may come after Emma. Aidan demands the truth from Annie. Annie refuses to tell Aidan the truth. Colby visits Bailey to try to get her to reconsider suing for custody of Stuart.

Aidan still demands the truth from Annie .Annie begins to open up to Aidan, but still will not tell him the whole truth. Jesse arrives at the Chandler mansion to find out what had happened to Annie. Jesse confronts Zach and Kendall about Annie’s whereabouts and finds out that Zach has Annie in a special place with Aidan interrogating her. Erica arrives at Adam’s and begins to question him as to what he thinks he is doing. Adam lets Erica know that Annie is gone. Scott visits Ryan and Ryan lets him know that Annie is blaming Emma for Stuart’s death. Emma comes downstairs and tells Ryan that she did not kill Stuart. Liza visits Bailey and asks her to move in with her and Colby so she can be near her son. Annie gives in and tells Aidan that she will tell him the truth. Stuart appears to Adam and tells him that Adam does remember what had happened the night of Stuart’s murder.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah gets upset with Mason after Mason tells him that he and Luke don't trust each other that is why he didn't tell Luke that they were both stuck in the rainstorm together. Noah tells Mason that from now on he should only advise him about the movie not about his personal life.

Holden comes home just as the judge announces that Damian and Lily are husband and wife and then he is so tired he passes out. Holden awakens and thinks that Damian and Meg are getting married but when Lily tells him she and Damian are getting married all Holden can say is "how could you?" Holden confronts Lily on her uncharacteristic behavior of rushing into marriage and wonders if Lily was in love with Damian before he went to Kentucky. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't love Damian in the same way she loves him. Holden is ready to forgive Lily because he knows that Damian took advantage of her vulnerable state but then Lily tells him it didn't happen that way. Holden tells Lily to leave him alone to take a shower and Lily goes to the Lakeview to tell Damian that he should let her go because she belongs with Holden now. Holden takes out his anger by throwing things around the bedroom. Holden promises Faith that he and Lily are going to work things out. Meg and Jack are happy that Holden is alive and Jack decides to investigate why the Kentucky police did such terrible police work that nobody knew Holden was alive. Lucinda tells Meg to give Damian a shoulder to cry on and Meg is ready and willing to do the job. Holden gets a call from Maeve's friend Renee telling him that Maeve needs him because she is in trouble so he rushes to help her. Lily is upset when she comes back home and finds that Holden has left.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric expresses to Rick that he is sorry he has to move as they sold the beach house. They will get another back one day just like it. Brooke vows that even though Bill Spencer may be taking over, she will not let him ruin her baby sister. Bill tells Jarrett to adjust his attitude; this is business. He tells Katie that he has one more surprise for her. She is speechless when she finds out that he bought the beach house. She hopes this is not just one more way for him to stick it to the Forrester’s. He assures her that he didn’t do it for that reason. He wants to know how much more of her life is she going to go groveling for all of the family's approval. He tells her no other woman has gotten under his skin like she does. That is why he bought the place. He wants this place to be their refuge. He wants her to move in with him. She says she feels so disconnected from everyone else now, so yes she would love to move in with him. Owen invites Steffy to go along to the marina as he has to pick up something for Jackie on Nick’s boat. Once onboard, Steffy tells him that she is kidnapping him and taking him for a ride. She opines that if Jackie makes him happy fine. She just wants him to be happy. But if Jackie doesn’t, then Steffy is there for him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole sits by Stefano’s bedside and tries to decide whether she should tell EJ that Sydney is his and Sami’s daughter, or continue to pretend that she is adopted. Nicole finally decides to try to get her family back, and to keep lying. EJ confides in Lexie about what Nicole did, and she advises him not to punish Sydney by throwing her out, too. EJ says that he has to. Sami later comes to the hospital with Sydney and confronts Nicole and EJ, asking what is going on. Stephanie finds out that Melanie and Nathan are dating, and is disappointed. Later, she confides in Maggie about it. Philip tries to talk to Melanie after finding Kate accusing her of using Philip for his money. She rushes off for her date with Nathan, and Philip follows her. He learns that the two are on a date and jokes with Nathan about his choice of locale, claiming that he doesn’t know Melanie at all. Melanie catches sight of Brady, and when she learns he’s looking for Nicole, she tells him she’s at the hospital. Brady panics, assuming that EJ has done something to her. Kate informs Victor that she is acting as Stefano’s proxy while he is incapacitated, and that Victor will have to deal with her if he wants to do business with DiMera Enterprises.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam takes Kristina to a clinic to get her started on birth control. The sisters discuss Alexis and the mistakes she made as a mother. Kristina worries when she sees Dr. Lee at the clinic. The doctor promises that Kristina’s visit will be confidential. Sam worries that Kristina is too young to have sex with Kiefer. Johnny tells Sonny about his break up with Olivia. Dante/Dominic gets suited up with a wire. Ronnie worries that Dante/Dominic has gotten too close to Sonny’s family. Olivia complies with Claudia’s hotel reservation. Claudia tells Sonny she could possibly be pregnant. Sonny says he’ll welcome the child with open arms if Claudia is already pregnant. Olivia confides her break up with Johnny in Carly. Patrick runs into ADA, Louise, who happens to be a friend of his former girlfriend. Patrick makes plans to spend the evening at Jake’s but Robin has to work so Louise ends up going with him. Sonny sends Dante/Dominic to the Metro Court to deliver papers to Olivia. When Dante/Dominic runs into Olivia, he discreetly lets her know he’s wearing a wire. Claudia summons Dante/Dominic to her room at the Metro Court. While Claudia makes her move on Dante/Dominic, Sonny arrives at the hotel and asks Olivia about her breakup with Johnny. Dante/Dominic stops Claudia from unbuttoning his shirt. Alexis runs into Michael so she grills him about Kiefer. Carly gets upset when she hears Alexis talking with Michael. She tells Alexis to refrain from “lecturing” Michael and come to her instead if she has a problem with him. Alexis tells Carly she doesn’t want Michael spending time with the girls for the time being.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is determined to win votes from gays and lesbians. So she entrusts Amelia and Nick to help her campaign. But Fish overhears Amelia and Nick and warns Kyle that they cannot be trusted. Blair finds out that Tea has a child. And she then tells her that she bets it's Todd's child. John and the cops are ready to send Jared to jail although Natalie, Viki and Charlie don't want to believe the charges.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Everyone begins to gather for Colleen’s memorial service. Kay offers Nick her sympathy for Sharon losing the baby. Doris has a talk with Sharon about the baby and how Nick has taken the news. Doris tells Sharon that she will be there to help Nick through this, but Sharon tells Doris that Nick has Phyllis. Neil asks Lily if she is ready to go, but then notices that Lily isn’t looking too good. Cane notices that she is burning up with fever and calls the doctor. Dr. Swift visits Victor to check on his nausea. Sharon decides to go to the cabin to spread the baby’s ashes. Victor has a myoclonic seizure. Nikki calls for a doctor. Nick and Noah go to the cabin with Sharon. Everyone at the memorial says their good-byes to Colleen in their own way.

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