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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby wakes up on J.R.’s sofa while he sits in a chair. Colby wants his help to move to Paris but J.R. strongly objects. Liza is at the casino, talking to the manager when Marissa walks in. Liza tells Marissa about Colby moving out of her hotel room, because she found out about Stuart being adopted and that his biological mother is in town. At the Chandler Mansion, Adam and Scott talk about where Annie might have gone. Scott gives Adam a note from her. Annie visits Emma at Ryan’s unannounced. Although Ryan objects, Emma runs downstairs and into Annie’s arms. Kendall dreams that she is making love to Zach. Upon awakening, she hears Erica talking to Ian. Kendall calls Zach while Erica is there. Erica talks to Kendall on the phone and wants to see her, but Kendall refuses again. Ryan asks Annie if she is going to tell Emma that she is marrying Adam and is going to live in that “scary” house. Adam and Scott arrive at the casino to make wedding plans, but Annie is nowhere to be found. Aidan shows Zach the CD of Annie kissing Scott and J.R. Kendall is excited by what she sees and wants to take the video to Adam. Erica walks in on Annie and Ryan and kisses him.

Scott begins to believe that Annie has skipped town. Adam defends Annie as usual. Ryan tells Erica that Annie intends on placing the blame on Emma for killing Stuart if he goes after her. When Kendall declares she's going to go crazy locked up in a room by herself, Zach comes up with a plan to trap Annie. Annie finally makes it to the casino and meets up with Adam and Scott. When Aidan joins them, Annie informs him he is not invited to her wedding. When she goes to the restroom, Annie disappears. J.R. and Marissa talk Colby into forgiving her mother. Colby goes to the Yacht Club where Liza tells her that she told Bailey the truth about her baby. Liza is served with a summons. Annie is in a small room tied up with a hood over her head and starts to yell for Ryan but no one answers. Zach, Kendall, and Aidan stand by watching her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily wakes up in bed and rolls over. Lily looks at a ring on her finger when Lucinda comes into the bedroom and sits down on the bed by her .Lucinda confronts Lily about the news that she had just heard that Lily was marrying Damian. Meg comes into the farmhouse kitchen where she finds Emma sitting at the table. Emma suggests to Meg that she forget about Damian and move on. Meg lets her know that she had had a talk with Damian and things may not be over between them after all. Damian and Luke have breakfast together in which Damian tells Luke that he and Lily are getting married today. Damian asks Luke to be his best man. Noah barges into Mason’s office and finds a strange woman, sitting behind Mason’s desk. Lily confesses to Lucinda that she is marrying Damian. Lucinda and Lily argue over Damian. Holden comes to in a hospital room somewhere in Kentucky. Holden asks for a telephone to call Lily. Luke meets up with Noah at Al’s diner. Luke tells Noah that Damian and Lily are getting married today and Luke is the best man. Noah tells Luke that he has a new professor, who put down his screenplay. Lily visits Emma to tell her that she and Damian are getting married and invites Emma to the wedding .Emma refuses. Meg runs into Damian in Old Town. Meg invites Damian for a cup of coffee, but Damian refuses her offer by telling her that he has a lot to do since he and Lily are getting married tonight. Meg cannot believe her ears. Holden urges the nurse to help him escape the hospital.

The nurse finally agrees to help Holden escape .Lily visits Holden’s grave and says good-bye. Meg, sarcastically, congratulates Damian on his marriage to Lily. Lily and her family prepare for Lily’s wedding. Angrily, Meg comes home and tells Emma about her conversation with Damian. The wedding is preparing to begin when Meg appears up outside. Damian goes to talk to her to let her know that he loves Lily and is marrying Lily. Noah revisits Mason’s office and finds Mason behind his own desk. Mason agrees to help Noah on his screenplay location. The thunderstorm begins with Mason and Noah in Mason’s car, stalled on the road. Noah accuses Mason of deliberately doing this . Mason lets Noah know that he does not love Noah. Lily and Damian exchange wedding vows. The door swings wide open and Holden walks in. Lily drops her wedding bouquet to the floor in astonishment.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie hopes she is not getting in over her head. Bill tells her that she is the perfect intermediary between him and the Forrester’s. She shares that she thinks she can do just about anything while she is in his arms. Eric tells Ridge, Donna and Brooke that he is selling the Big Bear cabin along with the beach house, all in hopes of acquiring enough money to make the first re-payment to the bank. Katie walks in and explains again that Bill is saving them from bankruptcy; nothing has to change behind the scenes. She always wants what is best for Forrester Creations. Ridge warns her that Bill will get rid of all of them within a year. He laments that he doesn’t even think she should be working there now since she is sleeping with the enemy. Jackie is chilly toward Whip at work. She admits that Owen went out for coffee early that morning and she hasn’t seen him since. She confesses that she wishes Steffy Forrester wasn’t whispering in his ear. Jackie said she overheard Steffy talking to Owen. She has a crush on him and now she is trying to undermine her marriage. Whip admits that Owen is out of Jackie’s league, so maybe it is better that he is with Steffy. Owen catches Steffy at Insomnia. He believes Steffy is trying to avoid him, but suggests that he show her some moves on the surfboard. Steffy tells him that Jackie would not approve. She wants Steffy to keep her distance and not interfere in the marriage. She apologizes if she crossed that line. He understands that Steffy was just being a friend and trying to help.

Katie is shocked that Ridge wants to fire her after a hostile takeover. At least with her in charge they will have a friendly family face. If they don’t trust Bill, at least trust her. Instead, they want her to go back to Bill and explain how this is tearing them all apart. Bill is looking through his safe and pulls out a picture of his dad. Katie returns and Bill sees that she is down. She explains that Ridge wants to fire her and they all still think Bill is using her as his puppet. Brooke suggests they sell off some boutiques, but Donna says they can sell all of it and still not gain control of the company, so they will be throwing good money after bad and still not accomplish anything. Brooke says they need to combine their resources; she will be damned before she sees Bill acquiring this company and her sister as well. Katie sees the photo of Bill Sr. Bill tells her that his dad made a video before he croaked. He gets her to confess that she trusts him no matter what her family says to the contrary.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to tell EJ that Sydney is his biological daughter, but Chloe interrupts to let them both know about Stefano’s heart attack. EJ rushes off to the hospital, leaving Nicole behind to tell Chloe about her miscarriage, and how she found a baby to replace the one she lost. Chloe advises that she give EJ some time, but Nicole insists on being there for him and rushes off to the hospital. Daniel learns that Stefano’s heart attack was diabetes-related, and blames Kate for it. He then informs her that she is not allowed to visit Stefano. Chloe dumps Sydney off on Sami, who tries to get in touch with EJ and Nicole to let them know she is watching her. Nicole tries to tell EJ the truth about Sydney again, but he tells her to move out of his house with Sydney and that he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Carly’s plane has problems, and in her panic, she hallucinates that Lawrence is next to her on the plane, vowing to make sure she joins him in death. The man that discovered Lawrence’s body at the hotel orders people to search for the wife, as he is sure she did this. Carly tries to call Justin, but the call is cut off, and he and Bo try to figure out who wants to reach them so badly. Melanie and Nathan decide to have their first date at the Cheatin’ Heart. Victor learns that Philip has a surprise for Melanie planned, and isn’t accepting of the relationship.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael gets visibly angry at Carly then he calms down and apologizes for scaring the kids. Morgan suggests that Michael share his memories so everyone can try and help him. Michael gets upset and attacks Kiefer when he comes to pick up Kristina and Molly. After Jax breaks up the fight, Carly insists on hearing all about Michael’s memories. When Molly tells Alexis what happened with Michael, she (Alexis) gets upset for the girls safety and says Michael is off limits. Jason tells Sam he plans on proving Claudia guilty. Spinelli is able to get the PCPD “evidence log” that includes a list of Dr. Devlin’s belongings, which Jason plans on taking a closer look at. Jax tells Olivia to let Dante/Dominic “do his job.” Johnny threatens Claudia for interfering in his relationship with Olivia. Claudia denies having anything to do with Olivia’s decision to break up with Johnny. Claudia says Olivia was “using” Johnny to get under Sonny’s skin. Johnny threatens to “destroy” Claudia like she did him. After Johnny leaves, Claudia tells Dante/Dominic that she’s “afraid” of him. Claudia flirts with Dante/Dominic. Johnny tells Olivia he knows Claudia talked her into breaking things off with him. Johnny says he “will gladly give Claudia up” to keep Olivia in his life. Olivia tells Johnny she doesn’t love him. Ronnie says Dante/Dominic needs to “wear a wire” so he can get “the goods” on Sonny. Claudia calls Olivia and demands she “book a suite at the Metro Court.”

Ethan and Lulu head to the Cassadine compound with the nurse to rescue Luke. Helena tells Luke she’s dying and she warns that Valentine will soon be “taking revenge” on everyone. Once Lulu and Ethan arrive, Luke decides to take Helena with them to safety. Luke and Ethan are able to over power the guards. Nikolas arrives at the Cassadine compound. Nik goes upstairs to see Helena and she fills him in on Valentine. Helena says she’s being drugged then warns Nik that Valentine is after the entire family.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Natalie goes to Todd's house looking for Tea to hire her as Jared's defense attorney. Todd tells her that Tea doesn’t live there anymore. He tells her she should follow his lead and dump Jared. Natalie tells her uncle that if he let his marriage fall apart after one day and one lie, then he doesn’t love Tea. She reminds him that he lies to everyone on a regular basis and tells him that Tea must have had a good reason to lie. She tells him everyone should have the opportunity to defend themselves and she is not giving up on Jared. John McBain interrogates Jared. Viki tells John she cannot imagine that Jared is guilty and she hopes John finds out the truth soon. Charlie wonders about Jared's involvement with Landers but assures his son that he is there for him. He tells him that if he is in a sticky situation they can get through it together. Jared admits that he needs his father's help. Natalie tells Jared that she was unable to reach Tea but another lawyer is on the way. He admits that he has been lying to her. Jared's arrest is published in the Sun. Dorian uses the headline to discredit Viki's candidacy. Amelia plots against Dorian. David overhears her conversation. She covers with an excuse. Dorian rallies the Latino vote in Llanview. She has Amelia set up a press conference with the Gay Alliance. She tells David she will steal the liberal vote from Viki. David tells her he is not so sure that a press conference is what Amelia is arranging. Amelia calls Nick Chavez, tells him about the press conference at La Boulaie, and reveals that Dorian has no idea what they are planning.

Tea confronts Blair about sabotaging her divorce papers. Blair wonders what Tea doesn’t want Todd to know about her marriage to Ross. Tea wonders why Blair cares. Blair plays the children card, and Tea reminds her that her daughter and grandchild were almost killed while Blair was traipsing around the world looking for Ross. Blair tells Tea that she is too selfish to love a child. Tea tells her she is wrong; she knows how to love a child because she has one.

Markko shows Langston the footage of their intimate encounter that he accidentally caught on tape. She demands that he erase the tape. Starr leaves Hope with Cole while she goes to school. Nick Chavez is the substitute teacher for Miss Breslin's history class at Llanview High. Markko's parents arrive while hope is crying inconsolably. Mrs. Rivera quiets her, telling Markko that she was just hungry. Mr. Rivera explains how to figure out what a baby needs by process of elimination. Markko thanks his parents for the vacuum the brought and apologizes for the mess. His father tells him he must respect his new home. Cole covers for him and says he is the messy one. Mr. Rivera tells Cole that he has a lot on his plate taking care of a wife and child while attending school fulltime. Just as Mr. Rivera discovers that Cole and Starr are not married, Starr and Langston enter with a key; he wants to know why his girlfriend has a key to his apartment. Markko reminds his father that this is Cole's apartment. Cole and Starr explain that they decided to wait until she graduates to get married. Mr. Rivera asks Markko about school and Cole encourages him to show his film to his parents. He accidentally plays the tape of him making out with Langston.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Noah visits Nick and lets him know that he knows that Sharon had had the baby and that it had been Nick’s. Noah feels guilty that he had lost another baby sister. Jack tells Ashley that Nick is the father of Sharon’s baby not Jack. Sharon sees Adam at the hospital and tells him that she had nor heard from a funeral home about her baby’s ashes. The funeral director, Traci, Steve and Billy make the funeral arrangements for Colleen. Billy asks the funeral director if they can have a moment . Nikki asks Dr. Swift how long will Victor have to stay in the hospital. Victor lets Nikki know that he has something to tell her. Billy has doubts about making Colleen’s funeral arrangements. Ashley tells Jack that she wants to come back to work. Adam questions Ashley about funeral homes in the area. While at the funeral home, Adam spills some water on some papers on the desk so he can rummage through some of the records. Adam finds a “Baby doe’ that will fit perfectly with his plan. Billy sees Adam and speaks to him. Nikki visits Ashley. Ashley remembers the things that Nikki had said to Victor. Billy lets Jack know that he is resigning from Jabot. Jack lets Billy know that he will end up on a bar stool in some bar. Mac tells Jack that she supports Billy whatever he wants to do. Sharon visits Victor and lets him know about losing the baby. Nikki and Ashley clear up what had happened on the road the night of the storm. Adam has a package delivered to Sharon’s room. Nikki notices that Faith looks like Nicholas when Nicholas was born. Sharon is on the phone, checking on her baby’s ashes when she receives a package .

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