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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Madison asks Frankie what will happen to her at Oak Haven, he reassures her that she will get the help she needs. As Madison gives Frankie the key to her safe deposit box, a car comes at them and they crash. Jake visits Wildwind and tells David that he is going to take him up on his offer. David suggests that Jake take Amanda and Trevor to the park. Jake suggests that David take a walk in the park. David tells them that he has to get back to the hospital. David kisses Trevor good-bye. Tad reprimands Liza for lying to Bailey about her son. Madison’s father arrives with his lawyer and demands to see her, but Jesse declares that she's gone. Frankie comes to but finds that Madison unconscious. Frankie checks Madison’s bruises and urges her to open her eyes. Tad demands to know what Liza is going to do about Bailey. Jake asks if Amanda misses him ever. Jake owns up that it is killing him to see her with David. Madison’s father declares that he knows what is best for his daughter and insists that he will talk to Jesse’s superior. Randi finds out that Frankie drove Madison to Oak Haven and is afraid he will hurt her. Madison is brought into the hospital by paramedics. Frankie walks in and explains to Randi and Jesse that he swerved to avoid a head-on collision and hit a tree. Madison’s father is informed that his daughter is hurt and insists that she be transferred to NYC. David examines Madison and finds out that she is in need of heart surgery and will die if moved. Frankie sits by Madison’s bedside when she wakes up. When she asks him if he got the key to the safe deposit box, he says yes. While Jesse listens from the doorway, Madison confesses that she killed Henry. Jesse and Angie realize that Madison's key is missing from the crash site and fear that someone got to it first. Liza promises Tad that she will tell the truth to both Bailey and Colby. When Liza tells her the truth about the baby, Colby becomes angry and doesn’t’ want to have anything else to do with her. Liza calls Bailey to tell her that it is time that she saw her baby. Jake and Amanda make love in her bedroom. Liza and Bailey meet at the church. Liza confesses that she was the one who adopted her baby, but Bailey doesn't understand why she lied. David comes home and upon realizing that Jake is still upstairs with Amanda, sits down and starts to play the piano. Jake comes downstairs, compliments David on his playing and thanks him for his time with Amanda. Jake kisses a happy Amanda good-bye as David sadly watches.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty isn't thrilled that Janet wants to adopt her baby and makes it clear that she wants to give the baby to Emily and Paul because she wants to go to college and do the things that she (Janet) was never able to do because she decided to raise her. Liberty tells her mother that if she wants a baby so badly she should have one of her own but she isn't getting her baby. Emily sees that all the pressure is getting to Liberty so she confronts Janet and they both tell each other that they will fight for this child.

Damian pressures Lily to marry him or he will walk out of her life forever because he can't be with her unless they get married. Lily tells Damian she needs him and she will marry him but only if her children approve. Damian goes to the farm to tell Meg about the proposal and is hopeful that he and Meg can be friends because they have a strong connection. Meg tells Damian that Holden's children will not approve of him marrying Lily . Damian tells Meg that he will wait as long as it takes to marry Lily. Meg goes to unload her troubles on Paul and he advises her not to become like his former self because revenge will only hurt her and nobody else. Meg tells Paul that fighting for Damian's love and seeking revenge is better then being lonely besides the kids will never accept Lily marrying Damian so soon after their father's death. Maeve saves Holden after the root cellar collapse on top of him and gets him to the hospital. Maeve then returns to the root cellar and searches the rubble for the money. Maeve returns to the hospital and hides from the cops who are after her. Maeve says a tearful good-bye to Holden and tells him she will be okay because she got the money out of the root cellar. Maeve tells Holden she would stay if she had a chance with him but since she doesn't she is going to use the money to get a fresh start. Maeve doesn't tell Holden where she is going and kisses him on the cheek. Holden dreams of a happy reunion with his family while back in Oakdale the kids approve of Lily and Damian getting married because he has done so much to protect the family. Damian and Lily happily kiss outside the house and then decide that they will get married tomorrow because life is too short to wait any longer to be happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie feels that she has betrayed her family’s trust. She feels badly despite Bill telling her that she did nothing wrong. Stephanie has a small accident with the tea service which causes Steffy to break her promise. She tells Taylor that her grandma is not fine. She tells her about the stroke. Stephanie rants to Taylor that she has been through this before. She knows her body better than anyone else. She doesn’t want them to make a big deal over this. It’s all under control, but she knows what other people will think of her as weaker. Taylor reminds her of the warning signs and symptoms such as high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, trouble walking, weakness on one side of the body….things other should know about and look for. Stephanie says she had rather be hit by a train than be pitied. People hear the word stroke and think you are a goner. Taylor tells her that it was Stephanie who got her through every crisis in her life. She is not going to be alone or helpless; they will get through this together. She asks what can she do? Stephanie tells her not to be her doctor, just her friend. Ridge, Eric, Donna and Brooke agree they will have to be careful what they say around Katie. They will sell the beach house and several assets to pull this rabbit out of the hat and to keep Forrester’s afloat.

Bill tells Katie that she is already changing her views. She is thinking like her sisters. He will use her and then toss her aside. He refers to her as his beautiful Katie and that he believes they can set the world on fire. He wants her to see him as a man who means what he says and as a man who likes life a lot better with her in it. He doesn’t want to disappoint her or her disappoint him. She admits she has no experience and that her sisters don’t believe she can do this and that Bill is using her has his puppet. But she does want to do this. She thinks she can make him and her sisters proud. She would want to be loyal to him, but to her sisters as well. He’d better say now if that won’t work for him. She’s not afraid of Dollar Bill. He says he can not control her or intimidate her. He’s proud to have her in his life. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to him, the bright spot in his future. This is gonna be one hell of a ride –“Madame C.E.O”.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate is confronted by Philip at the restaurant, and is later further humiliated when Daniel and Chloe show up for lunch, and Daniel presents Chloe with a key to his apartment. Kate decides to leave, but Stefano has a heart attack and collapses. Daniel manages to save his life, and Stefano is carted off to the hospital. Maggie and Daniel both suspect that Kate did something to him. EJ and Nicole continue to argue about Sydney. Nicole insists that Sydney is his daughter no matter what, but EJ disagrees and kisses Sydney goodbye forever. He accuses Nicole of compromising her health by lying about her paternity, which leads Nicole to admit that EJ is her real father. Sami and Will have a heart-to-heart about Mia, Rafe, and Sami’s difficulty getting over Grace’s death. Carly tries to call Bo, and has flashbacks of her and Lawrence’s relationship, as well as the fact that she stabbed him, presumably over the fact that he is hiding something from her that he didn’t want her to find. Her call to Bo is cut off before she can identify herself. A bellhop finds Lawrence’s body. Justin confides in Bo that he and Adrienne are having marital problems.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Olivia continues with her plan to break things off with Johnny. Olivia claims she got involved with Johnny out of sympathy. Johnny doesn’t believe Olivia’s claim that she still loves Sonny but he agrees to leave her alone. Olivia tells Jax that Claudia knows the truth. Jax says Claudia’s “secret” will come out once Carly has the baby. Olivia doesn’t want to wait – she’s ready to get revenge on Claudia immediately. Sonny makes it clear to Claudia that he doesn’t want another child. Claudia says she could already be pregnant but her test comes back negative. She doesn’t tell Sonny about the negative test results. Dante/Dominic offers a life saving deal to Sonny’s employee. In order to avoid being shot, Sonny’s informant agrees to testify. Nikolas manages to get the drawing away from Spencer before Lucky sees the note on the back of it. Nik tells Lucky he’s destined to be a Cassadine. Michael discusses baby names with his siblings, Molly, and Carly. Michael gets another memory flash. When Michael hears Carly discussing his behavior with the rest of the kids, he gets upset. Jason comes upon a beaten Dante/Dominic and realizes the informant “got away.” Sonny is upset when he learns what happened. Jason stops Sonny from firing Dante/Dominic. Sonny asks Jason to have “some compassion” for Claudia. Claudia flirts with Dante/Dominic, making him suspicious. Johnny burst in just as Claudia kisses Dante/Dominic. Johnny demands to know what Claudia said to Olivia and then he threatens to “crush” Claudia’s “skull” if she doesn’t speak up.

In Greece, Lulu explains the Spencer/Cassadine feud to the nurse she and Ethan met in the bar. Meanwhile, Luke is shackled to a chair at Helena’s bedside. Helena claims her husband has another son, Valentin. Helena says Valentin “must be stopped before he annihilates everyone” they love.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Todd confronts Tea with the information Blair gave him that she is still legally married to Ross, she realizes that she never told him she was previously married to Ross but he can confirm that they are now legally divorced. Yet, he tells her that he confirmed that they are still legally married. So he never wants to see her again. Ross sees the Blair still has uncertainty that Todd and Tea are through. He won't cooperative with her terms nor her with his. All the evidence points against Jared in the murder of Wayne Landers and the cops take him away. Stacy and Kim plot a plan to break up Rex and Gigi by having Kim and Schuyler to to a movie theater right where Gigi can see them when she's with Rex. They make Gigi see Kim coming on to Schuyler and she becomes infuriated and completely distracted. Meanwhile, Stacy and Fish talk about their respective situations and appear to be friendly.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At home, Phyllis asks Nick how his father is. Summer runs into the room and straight to Nick. In her room at the Athletics' Club, Sharon reminisces about house hunting with Nick and finding the perfect house. Esther gives Chloe helpful advice when it comes to Chance and Chloe stringing him along. Chance arrives to pick Chloe up for the fall festival. Deacon orders Chardonnay for Gloria. Deacon tells Gloria to hold off until he hears what had happened in Detroit. Gloria tells him that he already knows what had happened in Detroit. Gloria promises to have the Terroni in Deacon’s hands by tonight . Kevin, Daniel and Amber agonize over what to do with the Terroni. Kevin insists that the Terroni is going back to the Sheffer Museum. Phyllis tells Nick that she is going to see Sharon. Chloe goes totally ballistic at the fall festival when she sees a goat. Gloria tells Kevin that the Terroni painting is hers. Kevin refuses to give her the painting. Michael and Lauren to pick up Phyllis and Summer. Nick lets Lauren know that Sharon had lost the baby and that the baby was Nick’s. Phyllis visits Sharon and offers her sympathies, but Sharon doesn’t quite believe that Phyllis is really that sorry for her. Deacon visits Amber and has a present for her. Amber tries to resist him, but Deacon insists that Amber try on the wedding gift. Daniel arrives and tells Deacon that he wants to discuss about the Terroni. Daniel notices the necklace around Amber’s neck and demands that Amber give it back. Amber hesitates, which makes Daniel think that Amber wants this kind of life with Deacon. Daniel tells Deacon that he can have Amber, but he will keep the Terroni. Amber tries to stop Daniel, but he leaves without her . At the fall festival, Chloe gets soaked bobbing for apples. Chloe and Chance arrive home with a kiss at the door. Chance pulls away from her and tells Chloe that he wants to take it slow. She says she understands. Phyllis offers her help to Sharon if she ever needs it.

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