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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse, Frankie and Randi stand in the hallway of Pine Valley Hospital and discuss Madison's attempted suicide. Madison urges Angie to help her commit suicide or she will make Angie’s and her family’s life miserable. Angie refuses and urges her to do the right thing and stop blackmailing them. Krystal tells Tad that she considered throwing herself at David to keep him away from Amanda. Tad cannot believe his ears. Jake, Liza and Stuart are seated at a table at the Yacht Club when Bailey walks in and asks for Liza. Liza whispers to Jake that Bailey is there to take her baby and urges him to get Stuart out of there, so Jake takes the baby and leaves. As Liza approaches Bailey, she sees Amanda with Trevor and asks if that's her baby. Liza tells Bailey that that is not her baby as she pulls Bailey away to talk to her. David walks up and confronts Liza and Bailey about Bailey constantly staring at his child. After talking to Krystal, Tad refuses to reconcile as long as David is in the picture. Jake walks in with Little Stuart in his arms and hands him to Krystal. Tad asks Jake what he is doing with Liza’s baby. Madison’s father arrives at Pine Valley Hospital and demands to see her. Jesse fills Madison’s father in on her condition. Angie tells Frankie that Madison asked her for more pills to finish what she had started.

Jesse refuses to let Madison’s father take her out of the hospital. Jesse informs Madison that she is under a suicide watch and needs psychiatric treatment. Liza takes Bailey back to her hotel room to talk to her about her baby. Bailey insists that she wants to see him. Liza tries to talk her out of it by assuring Bailey that her child will never want for anything . Tad arrives at Liza’s door and makes himself at home. Liza agrees to let Bailey see her child . When David suggests having Trevor christened, Amanda is all for the idea. Jake arrives and wants to take David up on his offer to spend time with Amanda and Trevor. David suggests for them to take a walk in the park with Trevor, but Jake thinks David should take a walk in the park. Frankie and Madison are on their way to the psychiatric hospital when Madison offers Frankie the key to her safe deposit box containing the material with which she was blackmailing him and Randi. Suddenly the car's brakes screech.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Rosanna wants Teri to come back and work for her, but she is too busy at Metro. Craig overhears and thinks he knows why she wants this; she can’t control herself around him and needs protection. Rosanna is aggravated that he thinks that and stomps off after more bickering. Brad and Janet continue to argue about what is right for Liberty, as Jack wants a break from it. Brad and Janet enlist Teri to take sides. Eb holds Faith hostage while Damian promises to give him any money he wants, as long as he lets her go, but Eb wants to talk with Lily, who unknown to him is upstairs sleeping. Craig goes to see Carly at rehab, but he learns he is not on the list of Carly’s approved visitors. He is upset to see Rosanna there and assumes she was there to tell Carly what happened; Rosanna leaves without telling Craig why she was visiting Carly. When a clueless Lily walks into the living room and the ‘war zone’ of Eb holding Faith hostage, she distracts Eb and Damian and he struggle for the gun. Lily yells for Faith to run get Jack. Lily and Damian try to stop Eb; Damian pushes Eb into the fireplace and being stabbed by the poker instantly kills him. Jack is wrestling with the grief for Holden that has been bubbling up; however, he springs into action when a distraught Faith runs in and tells him what happened. Jack arrives after Eb has died and finds his license on him and goes to run it. He learns he is a suspected bank robber; he also finds a connection between him and Maeve, the woman on the bank’s surveillance cameras trying to pass off the note supposedly from Holden. Jack goes to tell Lily these two were just scammers and he is sure Holden is really dead. Lily and Jack struggle emotionally when they have to accept this.

Meanwhile, Holden and Maeve bond, as they work together to get out of Skaggs’ basement. At a low point Maeve asks Holden to make love to her. He tells her that he can’t, but he will always be there for her when they get out of there. They continue to use the ladder to run at the locked cellar door when it finally starts to give. Teri tries to reason with Janet about how it won’t be right for Liberty for her to keep her daughter’s baby; she fears if she forces this on Liberty, she will not only lose her but maybe Jack as well. Rosanna comes to see a furious Craig to explain herself; Craig has assumed she spilled the beans to Carly to save herself. Rosanna admits that she was not going to tell Carly, but she was only there to remind herself why they can’t be together because he was right - she doesn’t trust herself with him. However, Carly wouldn’t see her. Craig appreciates her honesty, and he admits that he was there to let Carly know they still hate each other to convince himself of that so he wouldn’t feel so badly about betraying her. Craig and Rosanna try to convince themselves they can’t let what happened between them happen again, but soon they wind up in each other’s arms passionately kissing. Holden gets the door lock to break, but the door and surrounding walls collapse down on him soon after. Faith thanks Damian for saving her and her mother; Lily and Damian are shocked when she hugs him tightly. Later, Lily tells Damian how much she needs him. Damian takes this opportunity to ask Lily to marry him now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Steffy and her doctor that nothing is going to stop her. She had a mini stroke; she is not ready to be put out to pasture. She intends to go back to work. She is not ready for a gold watch and to be shown the door. She wants to keep this a secret. Taylor returns from out of town. Stephanie has a senior moment when she can not say the word tea. Taylor asks about the doctor’s car just leaving the driveway. Katie tells the group that she does not need protection from Bill. He believes in her and she will work her butt off for this company when she is CEO. Ridge tells Bill that he is a joke. Eric says he also has whitewashed all of this to Katie and she will soon know she is sleeping with the predator. Bill says he really is helping them; they should be thanking him. The banker visits and reveals they had an emergency meeting. They offered a compromise, not one the Forrester’s will like. They must repay $100 million in one year instead of the nine left on the loan. Brooke and Donna talk to Katie. They try to convince her that Bill does not love her, but is using her. She sees it as the beautiful swans trying to protect the ugly duckling. Maybe it is her time to shine. She has been handed a wonderful opportunity and she is going to take it.

Whip is missing some reports and Pam insists Stephanie is going through a few bad times, but she will see that he gets the reports. Stephanie tells Steffy to drop it. She is Taylor’s friend; she does not want to be her patient. Eric tells Bill that he may have been intimidated by the bankers, but not him. They intend to pay back the loan; whatever it takes. Brooke tells Katie that she will find a man to love….one that deserves her, but that is not Bill. Katie tells her she was always in their shadows growing up. Perhaps they are just a little jealous now. She would like them to back her up as CEO. It’s going to happen, so just make it easier on themselves. She needs their support and will not let them down. They say they are sorry, they can not do that, not now, not ever.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia admits to Brady that she has told several people about her baby, but she claimed it was a closed adoption, so no one knows Nicole got the baby. Chad later confronts her about Will, and accuses her of not being over him. He threatens to go look for their baby if she keeps pining away after Will. Will sees the two together, and Mia explains that she and Chad need each other because of the baby. She says she wishes things could have worked out differently. Philip delivers Chloe the annulment papers that Lucas has had drawn up, and apologizes to her for what his mother did. He also tells Chloe about his mother marrying Stefano, and vows to never forgive Kate. Chloe is still feeling guilty about Lucas, but Daniel asks her to accept that Lucas did the right thing by granting her an annulment. Sami comes looking for a job at Chez Rouge, and Maggie offers to give her a job in the office. Kate and Stefano have lunch together at the restaurant, and Philip runs into the two. Carly leaves Lawrence for dead and boards a flight back to Salem. Bo confides in Justin that Hope has taken Ciara and refuses to take his calls. He wants to talk to Justin about his legal rights as a father. Justin advises Bo to let Hope and himself cool off for a while, but Bo refuses. Nicole admits to EJ that she miscarried, and that Sydney isn’t their biological daughter. EJ demands to know who Sydney’s real parents are.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas grills Alfred about Elizabeth’s visit. Later, Nikolas confides his situation with Liz in Robin. Robin Advises Nik to stay clear of Liz. Claudia threatens to tell Sonny about Dante/Dominic even though Olivia denies the accusation. Claudia says she’ll keep Olivia’s secret if she breaks things off with Johnny. Olivia points out that a break up with Johnny will bring Sonny calling on her. Olivia warns Claudia that she’s (Claudia) in danger of losing Johnny. Dante/Dominic suggests that Sonny “use” the informant, rather than kill him. When Sonny wonders about Dante/Dominic’s hesitation, Sonny gives the assignment to Johnny. Dante/Dominic then agrees to take care of the job for Sonny. Lulu and Ethan head to Greece to find Luke but they end up being run off at gunpoint from the Cassadine castle. Lulu and Ethan run into a staff member in a bar who tells them Luke is “being held prisoner” in the house. She claims to have sent the text message. She then says there’s “another Cassadine” calling the shots. Jason tells Sam he’s sure Claudia is tied to Michael’s shooting and he plans on proving it. Sam agrees to help and suggests they look at Dr. Devlin’s “personal” property at the PCPD. Jax, Morgan, Michael, Molly, and Kristina pressure Carly to name the baby. Spencer draws a picture on the back of Liz’s note, and then presents the picture to Lucky. Nik sees what's happening but isn't sure what to do. Olivia tells Johnny she doesn’t love him. She claims to “love Sonny” instead. Sonny tells Claudia he doesn’t want “another child.” Instead of shooting him, Dante/Dominic asks the informant to testify against Sonny and then tells him he’s working undercover. Jason heads off to check up on Dante/Dominic to make certain the job gets done.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian knows she has to compete with Viki to get the gay vote. So she asks David to pretend he is her gay out of the closet campaign manager. But right then, a woman who looks just like Dorian's conscious, Mel appears at the door. She tells Dorian she's never heard of Mel. But she wants to help Dorian get elected and is a lesbian. At that point, Dorian wants to get rid of David and have this woman be her campaign manager. Blair informs Todd that Tea is still legally married to Ross Rayburn. He does not buy that. But she tells him he may check with the marriage and divorce records in Tahiti. Todd then gets on his phone to confirm that Ross and Tea never legally divorced. Yet, Ross informs Blair that she does not know the whole story. A dead body appears in the back yard of Llanfair. And Jared looks very suspicious to John, Bo, Jessica, Brody and Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Chloe and Chance are at Jimmy’s bar drinking when Chloe spots Mac and asks her why Billy hasn’t checked on Delia for the night. Mac lets her know that the Abbotts had had a rough 24 hours. A man tells Billy that he can have his deposit for him today. Noah arrives at Jack’s home to check on Abby. Jack lets him know that Abby is still asleep. When Jack inquires about Victor, Noah tells him that he is still in surgery. Billy walks in and asks Jack if he needs to call anyone else for Colleen’s funeral. Sharon calls Noah to ask him if he has plans for the next day. Phyllis offers Nick some coffee, but he refuses. Neil questions Nikki about Colleen and Victor. Ashley inquires about Victor. Chance advises Chloe to go and check on Billy herself when he walks into the bar. Chloe comforts him and suggests talking, but Billy says he will talk to her later, so she rejoins Chance at their table. Nick tells Victoria that Sharon lost the baby. Noah and Jack check on Sharon in her room at the Athletics' Club. Sharon tells Noah that she lost the baby. Jack lets Sharon know that Ashley named her baby Faith. Ashley shows Neil the baby. Billy finds out that a shipment of Jabot is stuck at deGaulle Airport. Sharon offers to talk to Traci. Jack advises Sharon to tell Noah the truth about the baby. Nick visits Ashley and the baby. Chance tells Chloe that he is taking her to the fall festival. Billy decides to resign from Jabot. Sharon tells Noah that the baby was Nick’s instead of Jack’s. Victor comes out of surgery alive.

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