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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Krystal argue over David and his involvement with Amanda. Opal interrupts their argument. Amanda arrives home to find Trevor dressed up. David tells Amanda that they are going out to show Trevor off. Amanda asks him, “just like a family.” Jake visits Liza at her hotel room. Liza tells Jake about her call from Bailey Welles. Randi visits Frankie at the hospital when Angie interrupts them. Madison is brought in by EMTs due to a drug overdose. Angie is the attending physician on Madison’s case. After examining Madison, Angie tells Frankie to call Jesse. Amanda receives a visit from Krystal, who begins to trash David once again. David comes downstairs and listens as Amanda defends her choice to live with him. David intervenes in their conversation and shuts the door in Krystal's face. Tad confesses to Opal that he loves Krystal. Against Jake's advice, Liza calls Bailey and tells her that maybe she had made the right decision in giving her baby up for adoption. Angie tells Jesse about Madison trying to commit suicide and shows him the pill bottle with Randi’s name. They figure out that Madison must have removed them from Randi's purse at Fusion. Amanda, David, and Trevor are seated at a table at the Yacht Club when Liza, Jake, and Little Stuart come in and greet each other. Amanda reprimands David for his remark insinuating that Liza and Jake have something going on.

Opal points out how Krystal hurt her son when she left him for David. Krystal offers to move out, but Opal stops her and urges her to take control of the situation. Krystal suggests to Tad that they have a second chance. Tad is seriously considering the proposition until Krystal tells him that she planned on throwing herself at David to keep him away from Amanda. Bailey arrives to visit Liza when she meets up with Colby and tells her she wants to find her baby. Bailey reads a note from Liza that she's having lunch downstairs and goes to find her. Amanda is upset when she sees Liza and Jake holding hands. When Bailey arrives at the Yacht Club, Liza fears she's come to take her baby back.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Damian are at the police station in Jack’s office when Jack walks in. Jack lets Lily and Damian both know that the signatures on both documents proved to be Holden’s. At World Wide, Lucinda tells Meg about the charges that could be brought against Damian for falsifying information. In Mason’s office, Mason and Noah look over some photos of other men, but Mason lets Noah know that they are not as cute as Noah. Noah becomes very uncomfortable with Mason’s remarks. In the cellar, Eb holds a gun on Maeve and Holden. Maeve confronts Eb about the whereabouts of Grady. Eb lets her know that Grady had gotten in the way. Holden tries to get Eb to turn himself in, but he refuses. Lily finds out that Holden is alive. Meg vows to make Damian pay for using her to get to Lily.. Mason tells Noah that he is attracted to him. Noah leaves Mason’s office. Noah lets Luke know that Mason came on to him. Luke wants to confront Mason, but Noah stops him. Jack continues putting doubts in Lily’s mind about Damian’s truthfulness when it comes to Holden.

Lily and Damian come home to Lily’s and find Lucinda sitting on the sofa. Damian realizes that Lucinda knows who stole the papers from his hotel room. Jack visits Meg to tell her what happened when he questioned Damian. Jack drops the charges against Damian. Meg still vows revenge on Damian. Lily and Damian lie down in bed together. Lily imagines that Holden is lying next to her . Faith comes into the house and is confronted by Eb. Damian, in hearing a noise downstairs, goes to investigate. Eb, with his hand over Faith’s mouth, brings her out of the shadows to confront Damian.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is livid that they could lose Forrester’s for being late with their payment over thirty nine minutes. They will fight Bill Spencer on this tooth and nail. Jackie tells Steffy that her marriage to Owen is strong and Steffy should not be trying to stir things up. She advises her to spend her time looking for a nice, unattached man. Katie laments to Bill that she feels like she betrayed her sisters. She wants to believe and trust in Bill and in her heart she knows he is not using her. Ridge rants to Eric that no stupid technicality is going to cost them the company. He speaks with their lawyer about stopping this snake. They will fight him with everything they have got. Ridge tells the banker that he must convince his superiors that the Forrester’s will continue or they will tie it up in court for years. It will be quite unpleasant. They have no intentions of going down now or ever.

Jackie makes it clear that she has nothing to worry about with Owen. She leaves him in the office with Steffy….who continues to give him doubts if this marriage is everything he wants. Bill visits the Forrester office and they all tell him that his gloating is premature. They are shocked that Katie has been brainwashed and is siding with Bill. Eric tells him to save his breath. They are not interested in his new deal which he calls an albatross around their neck. The second shock is when Bill tells them there won’t be a lot of executive changes with the exception that Katie will be the new CEO. Owen tells Steffy that she has a way of just cutting right to the quick… just say it. Steffy states that Jackie just sucks him right into her life and expects him to accept things he never even knew about. She’s not sure how that is going to work. She tells him that he’s a terrific guy and he deserves the best. She is not sure Jackie can give that to him. She leans in closer and looks at him longingly, but leaves. She meets Jackie on the way out. Jackie confesses that she knows Steffy is not a home-wrecker, but she wants this to be the last time she visits him. Ridge tells Katie that she is not qualified to be CEO. Bill thinks otherwise. He has the utmost confidence in Katie. Brooke begs her not to take the position. Katie says she is not an advocate for this take-over, but she believes in the company. This has been building up for months, even years. It’s going to happen and if Bill wants her, then she will accept the position. Both sisters insist that she just say no. She promises them as their CEO that no major changes will be made.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami confronts Mia about her breakup with Will, and becomes suspicious when she learns Mia is already dating Chad. Chad informs Will that he and Mia are back together, but Will tells Chad that he is a moron if he thinks Mia has feelings for him. Sami decides to look for a job and has an interview at a dog spa that doesn’t go so well. Brady advises her to open up a daycare service out of her home. She and Brady get to talking about Rafe, and Brady offers to look for him, but Sami declines the offer, saying that she needs to move on with her life. Roman informs Arianna that Meredith’s story checks out, but she is still suspicious, and calls Meredith to let her know she is coming over. Meredith is in the process of bricking Rafe up behind a wall, and panics. Before Arianna can get there, Meredith drags Rafe to the pier and pushes him into the water. Nicole drags Brady over to the mansion to tell EJ that he was high on cocaine when he called Nicole in Paris, but EJ promptly throws him out. He then confronts Nicole with some pregnancy padding he bought. Thinking it’s hers, she betrays herself. She tries to cover by saying she bought the padding to help herself pick out maternity clothes, but EJ plays the recording of her admitting to having a miscarriage. Nicole tries to claim that she had one years ago, but EJ doesn’t buy it, and demands to know who the child is upstairs that she has been claiming is theirs. Carly and Lawrence appear back onscreen today. The two get into an argument, and Carly ends up stabbing Lawrence.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason and Sonny discuss the “leak” in the organization with Dante/Dominic. Sonny asks Dante/Dominic to find the person and “bring” them to him. Later, Ronnie suggests that Dante/Dominic “frame” someone to pacify Sonny. Ronnie has a person in mind. Michael questions Claudia about his memory of her apology. Claudia denies telling Michael the shooting was her “fault.” Sonny arrives just as Claudia asks if Jason told Michael she was responsible for the shooting. Michael tells Claudia and Sonny his visit wasn’t warranted by Jason. Later, Claudia tells Sonny she has “random flashes” caused by the accident. Michael asks Jason why he dislikes Claudia so much. Michael tells Jason about his memory of Claudia’s apology. Jason won’t specify as to why he dislikes Claudia. Nikolas wants to discuss their situation with Liz and she agrees to meet him at the park. Liz runs into Lucky at the park when Nikolas runs late. Lucky says it’s time to “move forward” but Liz doesn’t think she’s worthy of his trust and forgiveness. Kiefer gets violent with Kristina in the hotel room. After Kiefer apologizes, Kristina asks Sam for advice on safe sex. Sam reluctantly agrees to take Kristina to see a doctor. Sam wonders if Kiefer is pressuring Kristina. Kiefer claims to feel “terrible” about his violent outbursts with Kristina. Sam tells Jason about her conversation with Kristina. Sam says she thinks Kiefer is pressuring Kristina. Sam and Jason agree to be “honest” with each other. Rebecca surprises Nikolas by arranging a romantic evening at Wyndemere. Nik says he has other plans. Nik heads to the park but Liz goes to Wyndemere and leaves Nik a note. Dante/Dominic gives Sonny the “name” that Ronnie suggested. Sonny says Dante/Dominic is to “eliminate” the man. Claudia tells Olivia she knows the truth about Dante/Dominic and she’s prepared to use the information to her advantage.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ross wants Blair to forget about Todd and accept that he's married to Tea and so does Dorian. But Blair does not listen and goes to drop the bombshell upon Todd that he cannot be Tea's husband because somebody else is. John is talking to both Brody and Jessica about the stalker who was in the same prison and Jared and whom Jared might know. Natalie does not want to believe that her husband could be involved in what John alleges. But there is too much suspicious evidence against him. Right when Cristian encourages Fish to admit to his feelings about Kyle, Fish does so and Kyle declares that they are through. He is now seeing a guy who is out of the closet, proud to admit he's gay and an activist for gay rights. Fish's choice to pretend to be straight all these years is not suited for Kyle. Cristian and Layla are both having difficulty admitting they like each other. Dorian wants David to help her defeat Viki in the mayoral election. David is making efforts. But Viki is onto both of them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon’s baby died. Nick also tells Phyllis that the baby was his. Adam and Ashley both marvel at how beautiful that Faith is. Adam tells Ashley that Victor needs to see Faith, but Ashley objects. Jack tells Victor that Traci had made her decision and Colleen’s heart was his. Ashley decides to go see Traci. Cane leaves Lily and Mac to talk. Mac tells Lily about Colleen being an organ donor for Victor. Jack tells Traci that he talked to Victor. Jack tells Abby that they need to say their good-byes to Colleen. Rafe stops by and tells Sharon that when she is released from the hospital that she is free to go home. Phyllis begs Nick not to shut her out .Ashley visits Nikki and Victor and has wit her Faith. Nick tells Nikki that he had seen Billy and that Traci donated Colleen’s heart to Victor . Kay advises Billy to say his good-byes to Colleen. Lily says a prayer to God in thankfulness for Colleen. Sharon grieves over Faith. Jack tells Sharon that Ashley named her daughter Faith. Chance tells Chloe that she is grieving over a man, who is not even her husband anymore. Chloe disagrees with him. Ashley asks Nick if he wants to see Faith.

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