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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, David and Jake have a confrontation over Amanda. Krystal visits Amanda at Wildwind to discuss Jake. Krystal urges Amanda to go after Jake. Excitedly, Annie and Adam come home from the courthouse. Zach visits Kendall in her secret room. Kendall accuses Liza of selling her out. Liza catches up with D.A. Willis at the prison and talks him into letting her visit Kendall (the woman who is posing as Kendall) first. Willis agrees. Marissa shaves J.R.’s head. Amanda refuses to leave until Krystal tells her what her plan is for David . In talking to David, Jake refuses to take another shift. Liza visits Kendall’s double in prison. Kendall’s double tells Liza that she is done that she wants out. Liza makes a deal with the woman for an additional $100,000. Krystal warns Amanda about David. Kendall goes berserk and has to be taken back to her cell. Zach confesses to Kendall that he still loves her.

Liza visits Kendall and Zach and lets them know what went on in the prison. Zach tells Liza that the judge let Annie go. Annie tries to oust Scott out of the Chandler mansion, but he refuses to go. J.R. and Marissa visit Adam, Annie and Scott. J.R. warns Adam about Annie, but then becomes sick and has to run out of room. Scott questions Marissa as to what is wrong with J.R. Marissa makes up the excuse that J.R. is trying to get off drinking. Amanda finds Jake at the hospital and tries to have a reasonable conversation with him, but Jake becomes angry once again. David walks in and wants to know what Jake had done to Amanda. Jake gets a beep and leaves the room. David tries to comfort Amanda. Krystal finds Jake in the corridor and tries to get him to go after Amanda, but Jake refuses. Scott grabs Annie and kisses her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey tries to make up with Alison and get her to forgive him for making a deal with Adam for Adam to leave town in exchange for Maddie's testimony. Alison thinks Casey is being selfish because he is not willing to forgive Adam for his mistakes. Casey and Alison officially break up and Alison cries on Hunter's shoulder and he tells her she deserves better then Casey. Hunter also meets Maddie and they have a interesting discussion about the features of her cell phone. Maddie gets closer to Casey by being supportive and being the only person that is on his side. Casey is also hurt that his mom and dad still can't seem to understand that Adam needed to pay for his crimes. Tom advises Margo that Casey is hurting and he needs her now so she shouldn't be so hard on him.

Maddie persuades Vienna not to give Audrey the next installment of the inheritance when she tell Vienna that Audrey is a con artist and she and Ralph must be running a scam. Henry tries to seduce Barbara but his plan backfires after Vienna interrupts he and Barbara after they share a kiss. Barbara calls and tells Henry that she won't be seduced into giving Paul's half of James money to charity. Audrey tells Henry that he must persuade Vienna to give the check to Ralph or their bodies could be found at the bottom of the river.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric praises Ridge for the tenacity to stick around when Thorne and Felicia didn’t. He thinks the transition has started and Eric welcomes Ridge taking over. Donna tells Katie that Forrester is not available and certainly not to Bill Spencer. Katie explains that she thought they’d appreciate hearing it from her.... the loan has been foreclosed and Bill Spencer has paid the loan and will be taking over. Brooke says it is obvious that Bill is using her if he is talking love. The banker confronts Bill with other options as he doesn’t want to wear the black hat. Steffy is lurking around at Jackie M’s and sees how happy Owen and Jackie are. She puts a few seeds of doubt in his mind about Jackie. Jackie overhears it, and tells Steffy that it is charming of her to come over and interfere in her marriage.

Jackie reminds Steffy that she grew up in a Beverly Hills mansion where Daddy paid all the bills. Steffy has no right to come in here and judge her. Steffy says it was a pretty big secret to keep from her husband. She assures Jackie that she knows Owen loves Jackie very much, and she is not a home-wrecker here to steal her husband. She’s just not sure that Jackie is the best match for Owen. Katie returns to Bill and tells him that her sisters hate his guts. She doesn’t know how this is going to work. They even think he is using her. He says they will come to respect her; he will see to that. Both Donna and Brooke prepare to tell their husbands that Bill Spencer now owns Forrester Creations.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Maggie warns Nathan not to date Melanie, as she obviously still has feelings for Philip. She then warns Melanie that it isn’t fair to her or to Nathan to date him while she still has feelings for another man. Despite her advice, Nathan asks Melanie out on a date, and she accepts. Stephanie comes to check on Philip after hearing of what his mother did. They get into a fight after she learns Philip is back working at Titan. He and Victor discuss Stephanie and how hard it is to find a woman who accepts you for who you are. Philip says he does know a woman like that, and heads over to Maggie’s to see Melanie. Maggie answers the door, and warns Philip not to hurt Melanie. Nicole meets with Brady and begs him to pretend he’s back on drugs to help make EJ stop being so suspicious of her. He refuses, but she reminds him that if the truth comes out, Sydney’s life will be destroyed. Brady then agrees to lie for her. Later, Melanie accuses Brady of still being in love with Nicole. EJ warns Kate that if she hurts his father, he will make whatever his father made disappear for her reappear. EJ also has Marco follow Nicole and record her conversation with Brady. EJ later overhears part of the conversation, wherein Nicole admits that she had a miscarriage. He begins to put things together, and remembers some of Nicole’s odd behavior during her pregnancy. Later, she comes home and asks EJ what is wrong, as he is visibly upset. He tells her angrily that she will find out soon enough.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Claudia drops hints to Olivia and Dominic alluding to their relationship being more than they are letting on.  Dominic calls a contact and says they have a problem. Olivia goes to talk to Kate and tells her that she is afraid Claudia knows everything. Kate encourages Olivia to tell Sonny the truth that Dominic is his son.  Jason talks to Johnny about a leak in the organization. Sonny comes in and accuses Johnny of being the leak. Johnny assures him that it was not him. After Johnny leaves, Dominic comes in and asks what Sonny wanted to see him about.

Alexis and Sonny talk about his role in his children’s lives and how his business affects them.  He tells her that Kristina feels that he has been ignoring her and that he cares more for his sons than he does for her. He tells her he wants to prove that he loves Kristina by taking a more active role in her life.  Kristina, acting out on her feelings about her father, invites Kiefer into her bedroom when everyone is gone.  They are going to make love when she stops him and tells her she is nervous that someone will catch them. They arrange to meet someplace else later.  While Kiefer is still there, Kristina’s fear is realized when Sam comes into her room and wonders what Kiefer is doing there. When Kiefer leaves, Sam encourages her sister to be responsible if she is going to have sex.   Kristina meets Kiefer later and he rushes into initiating sex. She tells him she is not ready. He grabs her and tells her she is not backing out again.

Carly tries to encourage Michael to tell her about his memories but he won’t tell her. Jason comes over to Carly’s house and she tells him that Michael is remembering things but won’t tell her. Jason assures her that Michael will tell her when the time is right. He tells her he thinks Michael doesn’t want to upset her since she is doing so well with her high-risk pregnancy.  Alexis goes to visit Carly to talk about having a united policy about their kids’ relationship with Sonny. Carly tells Alexis that Sonny is the kids’ father and they should have a relationship with him. Michael goes to Sonny’s house and tells Claudia that he remembers her saying that his shooting was her fault.

Mrs. Cassadine arranges for Luke Spencer to escape from his cell.  When he gets out, he finds her very ill on her bed.  She warns him that both the Cassadine and Spencer families are in danger. Someone hits Luke over the head.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John is investigating the mystery of the man who is stalking B.E. and who assaulted Jared. Bree sees the picture he has and informs them that that is her daddy and the same man who gave her the stuffed elephant. Stacy and Kim are working on Gigi to get her to break up with Rex. Kim asks Schuyler out and Gigi is totally opposed to that revealing that she might be jealous. Right when Matthew and Destiny are satisfied that Greg can make Matthew walk again, Greg announces that he cannot perform surgery on Matthew or on anybody else because he may have killed his brother. But Rachel urges him not to give up and to consider getting some professional help. Cristian urges Fish to admit his feelings for Kyle.  Fish encourages Cristian to admit to his feelings for Layla.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon tells Nick what happened during the delivery and that the baby hadn’t stood a chance. Ashley visits Traci and Billy to see Colleen. Nikki is with Victor when Abby comes to see him. Nikki suggests talking to Traci, but Victor stops her. Nick wants to see the baby, but Sharon tells Nick that she had the baby cremated. Abby tells Nikki, Victoria, and J.T. that Ashley had the baby. Adam lets Victor know Ashley had the baby.. Nikki is overjoyed to see Phyllis back home. Phyllis finds out how dire Victor’s condition is, but cannot get it out of her mind what Victor caused to happen to Summer. In talking to Victor, Adam tells him that he cannot lose him, too and vows to be a good son to Victor. Victoria demands that Phyllis stay away from Victor. Sharon tells Nick that the doctor wants her to stay here a little while longer. Nick lets Sharon know about Colleen. Phyllis finds out that Nick is with Sharon. Traci tells Jack that she reached a decision, but she needs Jack’s help. Traci tells Jack that she cannot face Victor. Ashley changes her baby’s name from Hope to Faith. Jack tells Nikki that Traci reached a decision.

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