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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach argues with Liza about her sending the report to DA Willis that she was going to ruin everything when Kendall appears. Liza is quite surprised to see Kendall, not in jail at all. Jesse arrives at the Chandler mansion to escort Annie competency hearing. Adam insists that Annie will not go to trial without her lawyer, Barry. Marissa lies in bed beside J.R. and rubs his head. Marissa pulls her hand away and it is filled with hair. Liza confronts Kendall that if was Kendall, who had hit her over the head. J.R. wakes up and finds hair on his pillow. Scott calls Ryan to let him know that today is Annie’s trial. Annie walks into the parlor and asks who is Scott talking to. Aidan sneaks into the Chandler mansion via the tunnels. In searching the Chandler mansion, Aidan finds a CD inside a book. Scott comes into the parlor to look for a file and almost catches Aidan. Aidan quickly hides behind the sofa. The CD lies on the floor just inches away from Scott’s feet. Aidan plays the CD and it is of Annie and Scott kissing and J.R. and Annie kissing. Adam and Annie arrive at the courthouse. Liza lets Zach and Kendall know that it is just a matter of time before DA Willis goes to the prison to see Kendall. Zach calls Jesse at the courthouse. Jesse sees Ryan headed for the courtroom. Jesse tells Zach that DA Willis is headed for the prison as they speak. Zach arrives at the courthouse to witness Annie’s competency hearing .

Liza insists to Kendall that she no longer wants Zach. Ryan testifies in court on Annie’s behalf. Liza walks out on Kendall. The judge rules for Annie to get the ankle bracelet off and to outpatient therapy for six months. Annie is overjoyed. DA Willis arrives at the prison to see Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Janet comes downstairs at the ranch, frantic that she cannot find Liberty and doesn’t know where Liberty is. Liberty join Paul and Emily in the living room of Fairwinds. Janet goes totally ballistic when she cannot find Liberty. Jack urges Janet to call Liberty. Liberty answers the cell phone when Janet calls her. Emily offers to let Liberty move in with her and Pau until after the baby is born. Liberty gets a call from Janet urging her to come home. Emily offers to drive her home. Casey and Maddie wake up together. They discuss Adam’s trial which is scheduled for today. Margo and Tom wait for Adam outside the courtroom. Alison offers Adam some words of encouragement. Casey doesn’t want Maddie testifying for Adam in court. Liberty arrives home and Janet is overjoyed. Emily walks in and tells Janet that Liberty had eaten breakfast at Fairwinds. Janet becomes angry at the thought that Liberty was with Paul and Emily. Emily lets Janet know that Liberty is moving in with them. Janet goes totally ballistic. In talking to Jack, Janet changes her mind and agrees to let Liberty move in with Paul and Emily.

Adam and Casey have a confrontation over the things that Adam had done to him in the past. Adam tells Casey that if Maddie will testify for him, Adam will leave town for good. Casey meets up with Maddie and tells her to testify for Adam in court. Alison confronts Casey over his telling Maddie not to testify for Adam. Alison apologizes when she finds out that Casey had told Maddie to testify for Adam. Adam assures Margo and Tom that everything will be fine. Liberty walks in on Paul and Emily talking and playing with Eliza. Janet comes up with a plan to raise Liberty’s child as her own if jack will go along with it. Jack has his doubts at first, but then changes his mind when he sees how much it means to Janet. Maddie testifies for Adam in court. The charges against Adam are dropped. Margo plans a victory celebration for Adam. Casey arrives home and finds Adam leaving a good-bye note for Margo. When Adam doesn’t show up, Margo cancels the celebration. Margo and Tom go home to find the note from Adam. Alison finds out that Casey had coerced Adam into leaving town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie asks Bill not to sign the papers taking over Forrester’s. He doesn’t want to tarnish the name, but build it back up to its former self. It is going down, so the question is if Katie wants to be the hero and help him. She tells him that is cold, and what if she said if he does this that they can’t see each other any more. He says if that is the deal breaker, then she needs to tell him now, but be prepared to accept the consequences. He pleads his case. With her passion and his power they can make Forrester a force again. Marcus is officially welcomed into the family after being adopted. Jarrett tells Justin that taking over Forrester is a bad idea. Justin tells him that if he wants to keep his job, perhaps he needs an attitude adjustment as Bill doesn’t back down for anyone.

Ridge receives a receipt that shows the bank got their payment forty minutes late. Katie tells Bill that if he buys the company, everything will change. She doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. He tells her that she is smarter than Brooke and sexier than Donna. She has it all. And he thinks she likes him, the guy that he is. If she can not accept that, then perhaps this is all a mistake. She says she can and nods for him to sign the papers. They kiss….”Forrester Creations is ours.” Katie returns to the office and tells her two sisters that the payment was late and Bill bailed them out so Forrester can continue; nothing has to change. They are shocked when they hear that Bill Spencer is the new owner of Forrester Creations.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna runs into Meredith and the two have a drink together. Meredith informs Arianna that she still blames Rafe for her sister’s death. Worried, Arianna goes to Roman to get information on Meredith. He tells her that Sami asked him to do the same thing a couple of months ago. Rafe, meanwhile, secrets a nail from the floor behind his back and works on getting himself free of the handcuffs. Meredith returns and knocks him out cold. She then prepares to brick Rafe up in a wall. Mia tells Chad that she will consider getting back together with him if he will agree to stop looking for their baby. Chad says he will do so, but she has to end things with Will first. Mia learns that Will told Sami about her baby, and she uses that as an excuse to dump him. She then tells Chad that she did as he asked. Meanwhile, Will asks Sami’s advice in earning Mia’s trust again. Nicole learns that Kate and Stefano are married. She tells Stefano about the phone call from Brady, and he promises to help her. EJ warns Kate that there will be no forgiveness if she hurts his father. Kate, in turn, tries to warn him about Nicole, but EJ doesn’t want to hear it. Later, Nicole makes plans to meet Brady.

GH Recap Written by Lauren

Ethan and Lulu discuss their texts from Luke. They aren’t sure what’s wrong but Ethan is sure Helena is involved. At the same time Nikolas receives a phone call from Helena, but the phone is taken away from her by a woman. Lulu and Ethan board a plane to Greece to find Luke, who is being held in a cell trying to break one of the window bars. Michael and Carly argue over Dominic bringing him to school, but Carly agrees that Dominic will only be with Michael when he goes out at night. Michael comes home from school in midday and has a memory flash of Carly by his bedside. He explains to her that it might not be true, but she assures him it is. He then sees Claudia telling him that she gave the order that cause him to get shot.

Kristina barges into Sonny’s house and tells him he can’t have a baby just because he feels guilty that Kristina caused the accident. She expresses her feelings about him not being there for her and tells him that she knows he doesn’t love her and wouldn’t want another child to feel the same way. Sonny assures her that things will change and he wants to make the time up to her and be a real father and not to worry about the possible baby or about the accident. Afterwards Kristina calls Kiefer and he meets her at his house. She tells him she knows he wants her and she wants him too, and kisses him. Alexis goes to see Sonny to talk about Kristina. She is apprehensive about giving Sonny greater access to Kristina but can’t get past him wanting to have a baby with Claudia. She tells him to stop procreating since he can barely handle the kids he already has.

Kate and Olivia discuss Dante being Sonny’s son. Kate tells Olivia this will all blow up in her face and everything will be worse than when it started. Kate and Olivia have an encounter with Claudia and Kate thinks Claudia seems very confident, and thinks Claudia may know about Dante and Sonny. Dante comes to the Metro Court to make sure Kate is going to keep quiet. Kate promises she will keep their secret. Dante sees Claudia at the Metro Court and she tells him she needs to talk to him and he is going to want to hear what she has to say. He tells her to say what she needs.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Ross tries to convince Blair to get over Todd and leave him and Tea alone.  He takes her back to shore and they go to the cabana at the country club where Tea and Todd are honeymooning so Blair can ruin it.  Blair changes her mind at the last minute and decides to leave.  Ross drops the check that Dorian gave him.  When Tea comes to the door to get the breakfast that room service brought, she sees the check on the ground.

David gives Bo a copy of the footage from his reality TV show that reveals Matthew and Destiny talking about Matthew seeing his parents kissing the night before his mother married his uncle.  Bo later shows it to Nora.  They are both glad that Matthew didnít use that information to undermine their credibility in court.  Clint and Nora try to convince Matthew to change his mind about having the surgery in light of their loss of confidence in Dr Evans after his mistake that caused his brother to become comatose.  Matthew protests that he knows the risks and this isnít even the same kind of surgery that Shaun had.  Matthew goes to the hospital to find Dr Evans and ask how soon he can have the surgery.  Dr Evans informs him that he will not perform the surgery.

Someone keeps calling Jared and he doesnít answer the phone.  John and Brody both find that odd and suspect that Jared is involved with the stalker. While John is questioning everyone about what they were doing when the stalker struck, he finds it unusual that Jared was with his father on every occasion.  Natalie thinks it is ridiculous that John is accusing Jared.  Finally, Jared goes upstairs alone and calls the person back.  That person is a blond man who is out on the terrace at Llanfair watching Jessica and Jared.  David gives John another copy of his reality TV show footage.  John watches the clip of Jessica coming out on the terrace thinking she has seen Nash.  When he zooms in on the bush by the door, he sees a man hiding there.  It is the same man that Jared is talking to on the telephone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon wakes up, screaming, in the hospital and demands to know from the nurse where her baby is. Adam celebrates that he and Dr. Taylor had dodged a bullet. Adam tells Dr. Taylor to tell Sharon that her baby had died. Adam visits Ashley and her baby. Nikki checks on Victor to see how he’s feeling. Abby also comes in to visit. Traci apologizes to Dr. Snyder that she just cannot concentrate on what Dr. Snyder is trying to tell her about the transplant. Billy interrupts them and tells them that they just cannot do this. Steve insists that Colleen is being tested. Jack tells Abby that Colleen wanted to be an organ donor. Dr. Snyder tells Jack that Ashley and her baby were brought in. The nurse insists that Ashley be examined. Jack tells Abby that Colleen’s heart could go to Victor. Dr. Mangino comes in to examine Ashley, but Ashley refuses by telling him that she wants to see Victor. Dr. Taylor tells Sharon that her baby is dead. Adam orders Dr. Taylor to examine Ashley himself of the letter that Skye had written would go straight to the police .Dr. Taylor intervenes and examines Ashley himself. Billy insists to everyone that the transplant will never happen. Jack assures Ashley that Nikki is alive right before he meets Ashley’s daughter. Victoria demands to know from Adam as to where he had been. Nick finds out that Sharon had been taken to St. Mary’s. Dr. Snyder tells Jack and Traci that Colleen and Victor are a perfect 5-point match. Adam plans a one way trip to Boston. Dr. Taylor reminds Adam about Sharon. Adam promises to take care of that. Nick visits Sharon. Sharon tells him that the baby is dead.

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