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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake sits alone on the sofa at Tad’s home. Jake watches a video of Amanda and David dancing. Krystal walks in and wonders why Jake is watching that video over and over. David carries Amanda into the living room of Wildwind and lays it down on the sofa. David takes care of Trevor while Amanda sleeps. David shows Trevor a pic of Babe, Little A and Marissa. Amanda wakes up and watches David with Trevor. Kendall bangs on the door and begs Aidan to let her out. Aidan is in the living room of Zach’s home when Zach arrives home. Zach questions Aidan as to how that Kendall is. Aidan offers his help to help Zach find Stuart’s killer. At Fusion, Tad congratulates Natalia and Brot for winning the marathon. Meanwhile, in Erica’s office, Erica and Ryan cannot seem to get enough of each other as they kiss. Tad interrupts them by telling them that the marathon is wrapping up. Krystal urges Jake to fight for Amanda. Zach finally makes it upstairs to visit Kendall. Aidan starts to leave, but meets Liza at the door with a box of files. Aidan finds out that Liza is resigning as Kendall’s attorney. Zach assures Kendall that Liza is out of his life when they hear Liza yell for Zach. In talking to Jesse, Brot considers becoming a cop. Jesse is all for the idea. Liza demands answers from Aidan and Zach when Zach finally makes an appearance downstairs.

Jesse tells Brot to apply to the police academy. Natalia interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. Jesse tells Natalia that Brot is applying to the police academy. Natalia is furious about the idea. Tad comes home and finds Jake in a terrible melancholy mood over Amanda. Amanda fixes David breakfast and apologizes to David for her previous attitude when she had listened to him talking to Trevor. David and Trevor leave the room. Amanda calls Jake, but talks to Tad instead. Ryan and Erica come to the conclusion that their age doesn’t matter in their relationship. Kendall reveals herself to Liza.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Barbara sits alone at a table in the hotel when Henry comes in. Barbara demands that Henry sign some papers which will give Paul 50% of James’ wealth. Audrey comes in and upon seeing the papers takes them away from Henry. Audrey assures Henry and Barbara that Henry has a meeting with his lawyer right now. Audrey pulls Henry away from Barbara. Audrey wants to murder Barbara, but Henry talks her out of it. Paul and Emily discuss the prospect of adopting Liberty’s baby, but Emily worries that something will go wrong. Liberty, Janet and Jack argue over Liberty wanting Paul and Emily to adopt her baby. Janet suggests calling Ralph for assistance. Rosanna and Craig have made love. Rosanna accuses Craig of seducing her. Johnny comes in and crawls into bed in the middle of Craig and Rosanna. Rosanna orders Craig to stay away from her as she storms out of the room. Audrey runs into Barbara at the hotel bar and offers to buy her a drink. Barbara has her doubts, but join Audrey anyway. Paul and Emily are lying on the floor when Henry comes in and interrupts them. Johnny lies in bed with Craig when Craig gets a visitor. Janet lets Liberty know that Ralph has lined up another couple. Barbara begins to drink with Audrey. Henry urges Paul to talk to Barbara about this money situation of James’. Paul doesn’t want any part of the money and promises to talk to Barbara, but Emily stops him from making a hasty decision. Craig visits Rosanna with a box of the specialty water to get Rosanna’s opinion. They argue when Parker comes in and interrupts them. Parker questions them as to what is going on.

Parker demands to know what is going on between Craig and Rosanna. Craig leaves, hastily, without giving Parker a real explanation. Parker tells Rosanna about Liberty and the arguments between Liberty, Jack and Janet. Ralph visits Paul and Emily to discuss Liberty’s baby, and how that Paul and Emily may not get the baby after all. Barbara tells Audrey about the one man in her life besides James. Audrey orders Henry to sleep with Barbara. Henry has his doubts. Liberty meets with another couple about adopting her baby, but Liberty doesn’t like them. Liberty goes to see Paul and Emily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge gets a phone call from the bank. The Forrester loan is due by noon and the messenger is still not there with the money. Ridge assures the banker that it will be. Ridge and Brooke speak with Katie who advises they should at least listen to Bill Spencer’s offer that could save the company. Ridge is adamant that he will never get his hands on the company. Justin shares with Bill that he is happy that he has found he had a son after all these years. Bill calls the banker to his office and notifies him that it is his understanding that the Forrester’s have not repaid their loan so they are in default. At noon, he will make that payment and take over Forrester. Eric is ready to sign the adoption papers when Marcus has to explain that he just found out Justin is his biological father. He’s a kind and decent man and wants to be part of Marcus’s life. Eric is happy for Marcus and laments that perhaps this changes things and he needs more time to process all of this.

Marcus gives a lovely little heartfelt speech about no man being more a father to him than Eric, so he will be happy to sign the papers. They make it official – Marcus Forrester. Ridge and Brooke laugh at Katie for her believing in Bill and can’t see that he is using her. Bill tells the banker that he has to act in the best interest of the bank. He’s already drawn up some papers for the banker to consider. Disdainfully, he signs the papers. Katie drops by and Bill shows her the papers. With one stroke of the pen, he states that Forrester Creations can be theirs. She begs him not to sign.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chad demands to know where he and Mia’s baby is, but she refuses to say, claiming that she doesn’t know. The two struggle over her computer, as Chad is convinced there is evidence on it. Will interrupts and he and Chad get into a fight. Will promises to help Mia by calling his Uncle Mickey and asking about Chad’s parental rights. Mia chases Chad down and tells him that if he will just forget about all this and their baby, that they can work things out. Daniel and Victor get into an argument about Chloe. Chloe interrupts and agrees with Victor that she isn’t worth all of this, but Daniel disagrees. Victor agrees to try to keep an open mind about their relationship when Daniel threatens to walks out the door and never speak to Victor again. EJ and Nicole’s argument about the secret she and Brady are keeping is interrupted by Sydney, who seems sick. Later, EJ vows to himself to make Nicole pay if she is lying to him. Sami and Arianna decide to work together to find Rafe. Meredith sends them both a text and email, purportedly from Rafe, saying that he has left town to work things out. Meredith vows to make Rafe pay, and lets him know that Stefano was the one that got her to come to town the first time, and if it hadn’t been for him, Rafe wouldn’t be in this mess. Rafe keeps passing out and dreaming about telling Sami the truth about Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia goes to see Anthony. When Claudia tells Anthony about her plans to have another baby with Sonny, he throws Olivia in her face. Maxie and Spinelli’s party continues on at Jakes. Thanks to Lulu, Ethan takes the stage for a song. Molly and Morgan later followed suite. Dante/Dominic tells Olivia he’s certain Kate won’t recognize him since it’s been so long since she’s seen him. A jealous and possessive Kiefer shows up at Jake’s to stake his claim on Kristina. Kate figures out who Dante/Dominic is but doesn’t get a chance to say anything about it. Kate flirts with Coleman and kisses him. A shocked Olivia takes Kate outside. Mac continues to enjoy himself then ends up singing a song with Patrick. After all their guests leave the party, Maxie and Spinelli share a dance. Jason takes Sam back to the penthouse. Ethan vents his worry over Luke to Nikolas. Ethan thinks Helena is somehow involved in Luke’s disappearance. Both Ethan and Lulu get the same odd text that seems to point to Luke being in danger. Sonny confides in Mike that he’s trying to have another baby with Claudia only to make up for Kristina’s mistake. Kristina over hears the conversation. Claudia hears a drunken Kate tell Olivia that Dante/Dominic is Sonny’s child.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair is not going to accept Todd and Tea getting married. But Ross convinces her that she needs to get over Todd just like he needed to get over Tea. Rex finds out from Stacy and Kim that Schuyler got hired to bartend with Gigi at Rodi's and is not ok with not hearing it directly from Gigi. But he tells her he realizes he cannot distrust her. And he hosts the Lionel Ritchie concert at Ultraviolet.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki approaches Traci for Colleen’s heart for Victor. Billy and Jack are against the idea. Victor is drugged and remarks that he is waiting. Victoria is by his side and urges him to rest. Jill tells Chance that it’s been a long time since a handsome, young man had arranged a birthday party for her. Chance tells Jill he has a birthday surprise for her. Kay walks in and wishes Jill a “Happy Birthday.” Sharon is in labor as the alarms wail at the hospital. Sharon questions Dr. Taylor as to what is going on. Dr. Taylor assures her that he will find out what is going on. A nurse tells everyone to return to their rooms. Ashley has another contraction. Adam tries to give Ashley something for pain, but Ashley is against the idea. Traci promises to consider Nikki’s request for Colleen’s heart for Victor. Kay asks Jill to come back to work at Chancellor Industries. Kay gets a call from Nikki, at the hospital, and Kay leaves the birthday party which doesn’t set too well with Jill. Niki lets Victor, Nikki and Victoria know that Sharon’s baby is his. Nikki tells Kay that she had asked Traci for Colleen’s heart for Victor. During delivery, Sharon imagines that Nick is with her. Nick assures Victoria and Nikki that he is not leaving Phyllis and Summer. Jack imagines talking to his father, John. Adam assures Ashley that her baby is perfect. Ashley demands to see her baby. Jack tells Traci to give Colleen’s heart to Victor. Sharon has the baby. Ashley tells Adam that this room doesn’t look like a baby has been born here. The nurse reports that the lockdown is over. Ashley tries to get up to search for her baby. Dr. Taylor tells Adam about Sharon’s condition. Adam takes Sharon’s baby and pretends that it is Ashley’s. Adam takes Ashley her baby.

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