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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad continues with the dance marathon. Tad tells the audience about the couples that are left on the dance floor. Scott and Annie dance really close unaware that Adam is watching them. Amanda asks David how much of her argument with Jake had he heard. David lets her know that he had heard enough. Adam confronts Scott and Annie. Adam lets Annie know that he had been watching them. Adam tells Annie that she had been putting the blame on Emma for killing Stuart. Amanda and David talk while dancing and Amanda feels that David had set her up for a fall. Tad interrupts David and Amanda. Tad lets David know that someone wants David to dance with Erica. Erica dances with David against her better judgment. Tad pulls Amanda away and asks her what does she think that she is doing. Natalia pulls Jesse away from Angie and questions him if he is going to hire Brot for the police force. Amanda insists that Tad leave this alone.

Tad disqualifies David and Amanda. The police arrive to take Annie home from the dance marathon. Erica and Ryan reconcile their differences and make love. Angie, (upon seeing Brot and Natalia dancing and wants Brot and Natalia to win) urges Jesse for them to drop out of the marathon. Tad disqualifies Angie and Jesse. David consoles Amanda after her talk with Krystal. Brot and Natalia win the dance marathon.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad still wrestles with how to handle Liberty’s pregnancy. Janet interrupts them to tell them after the fact that her uncle set up Liberty with a couple that wants to adopt her baby. At first, Brad isn’t happy, but Katie is able to calm him down. Liberty wants Parker to go with her to the appointment. Jack isn’t sure, but they are both able to convince him. Later, Janet and Brad separately both have misgivings about Liberty handling this without them and vow to show up at the meeting. Meanwhile, Paul and Emily are nervous about their meeting with a pregnant mother-to-be; Paul secretly admits to lying on the application, but Emily is more concerned about how this is going to play out with them as potential parents. Paul allays her fears. Craig and Rosanna are in another heated argument after Craig kisses Rosanna, but the argument is interrupted when Craig gets a call that Johnny has been hurt and is at the hospital. When Rosanna sees his reaction, she offers to drive him. Rosanna is able to calm Craig down, as he lashes out at the babysitter and doctors after admitting to worrying Johnny will die like Bryant. Rosanna is touched by this side of Craig and agrees to stay with him after Craig asks. Rosanna and Craig actually are able to enjoy each other’s company, as they try to make Johnny feel better, as he gets stitched up. Craig appears vulnerable to Rosanna, as he needs her and Rosanna is moved by this side of him and can’t help but be affected. They take Johnny home together. Liberty is overwhelmed when Janet, Jack, Brad and Katie show up at her meeting and everyone is even more shocked when Paul and Emily show up at the adoption meeting. Jack and Brad won’t have it and loudly voice their opinions. Liberty can’t take all of this and rushes out. Later, Liberty asks Parker about Paul and Emily’s past. She decides to talk to them. After she does, Liberty is affected and appreciates Paul and Emily’s candor; she goes to tell her mom that she made a decision. Janet is worried she is going to have an abortion because of how they all acted, but she is even more stunned when Liberty announces she wants Paul and Emily to adopt her baby. Meanwhile, Paul and Emily celebrate the possibility of their growing family. Rosanna sings Johnny to sleep, as Craig watches how maternal she is with him. Craig walks in, as Rosanna is changing out of her shirt, which leads to some awkwardness. Later though, after complimenting each other on how they were today, they wind up in an embrace that leads to a kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie concedes that perhaps she did have a little stroke, but she is fine, still a force to be reckoned with. Nick calls for a meeting and Stephanie tells Pam that she will be there despite her protests. She needs to prove she can still do what she does. Nothing will change that. Nick calls her a one woman dynamo. However, during the meeting Stephanie can not concentrate on the figures and offers that she will do what she always has done on instinct and it’s that or show her the door. Marcus wants his question answered. Is this man, Justin, his father? Donna admits that it is. She has not seen him since high school. She did not tell Marcus since he said he did not want to know who his father was. And she had not told Justin either. Justin speaks up and says he doesn’t hold this against Donna since she put him and the baby first. Marcus is silent, and Donna wants to know how he really feels now. Marcus says Justin seems like an okay guy, but he’s a stranger. Justin is delighted to stick around if Marcus is asking so he can get to know him.

Bill tells Katie that Forrester sales are still slipping so the company is still ripe for the picking. She thought he had backed off from this venture; that things have changed. He vows that he wants to save Forrester, not just add it to his collection of toys. This is where she comes in. Bill says he will put his entire empire behind Forrester’s. Contrary to popular opinion, he is not out to get them. He would keep them all on; they would be working with Katie….actually for her. She appreciates what he wants to do for her, but she thinks everyone else would laugh. He quips that she kisses like a CEO. Stephanie rants on and on. She rambles about her making Forrester what it is and then she came in and did the same thing for Jackie M. And what does she get for it – not her face on Eye on Fashion, but a little party with stale champagne. Afterwards, she wonders why she said all those stupid things.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel and Chloe get engaged. Chloe asks Father Matt if it would be possible to get her marriage to Lucas annulled. Meanwhile, Daniel breaks the news to Victor, who disapproves. Later, Chloe overhears him telling Daniel that he’d rather die than see him married to that whore. EJ confronts Nicole with the news that Brady called to talk about a secret of theirs that’s out. Nicole claims that Brady is back on drugs, and thusly untrustworthy, but EJ doesn’t buy it, and arranges for them to head back to Salem to see Brady in person. On the way back home, Nicole agrees to tell EJ the truth. Brady, meanwhile, attempts to do damage control, and tells Mia that EJ may find out the truth about Sydney. Chad listens in on their conversation and confronts Mia about the baby, guessing that the baby was his child. Will tells Sami about Mia’s pregnancy. Meredith vows to make sure Rafe suffers the same way her sister did. He promises not to tell anyone if she just lets him go, but Meredith knocks him out again and vows to kill him. Arianna confronts Sami about Rafe’s whereabouts. The two argue, but later agree to let the other know if they hear from Rafe, as Arianna fears something is terribly wrong.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli calls off the wedding to “prove” his love to Maxie. Maxie says some kind words to Spinelli about the effect he’s had on her life. Maxie says she wants to marry Spinelli in the future. The two agree to have a friendly gathering at Jake’s with their guests. Ethan shows Molly and Morgan some card tricks and Lulu spends time with Dante/Dominic. Sam wonders if Jason had something to do with Spinelli’s change of heart. Mac is beside himself with happiness that the wedding is off. He gets drunk and dances with Alexis at Jake’s. Kristina flirts with Ethan. Johnny and Olivia exchange “I love you’s.” Kate returns and shows up at Jake’s for the unwedding party. Jason gets shy when it’s time to make a speech at the party so Morgan takes over. Olivia is worried about Dante/Dominic’s undercover status since Kate is back and at the party. The almost bride and groom go through all the usual reception rituals. Sam catches the bouquet. Mac and Maxie share a dance. The guests sing a song as Maxie and Spinelli have their dance as a happily unmarried duo.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Blair tells Ross that she demands he helps her break up Todd and Tea's wedding, he tells her he has a "better idea and he takes her out on a boat telling her she needs to get over Todd Manning. Right before the reverend is going to pronounce them man and wife, Tea can see that Todd may still have Blair on the brain and she departs. And right after Todd urges her not to go, she is ready to reveal to him that she has a deep dark secret. Blair observes them, assumes it's too late while in the boat and sends off a signal to prevent Todd and Tea from getting married. Stacy and Kim are determined to get Rex to believe that Stacy is pregnant with his child. But he and Gigi are determined to get their relationship back on track and get married. But once again, Gigi runs into Schuyler. She encourages him to re-apply to med school and gets his a job bartending with her at Rodi's. Rex overhears and is clearly not ok with that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Michael visits Victoria and Nick. Nikki thanks Michael for coming. Nikki tells Michael that friends are always welcome. Victoria tells Victor, “look who’s here.” Nikki tells Michael that she hopes a heart becomes available in time. Traci sniffles when Dr. Snyder suggests that Traci donate Colleen’s organs. Abby questions them if they have to do this now. Sharon tells her little girl to settle down that it is not time. A woman asks Adam to take her with him when he leaves the psych hospital. Dr. Taylor arrives at the psych hospital. Dr. Taylor tells Adam that he is tired of these emergencies. Dr. Taylor finds out that Ashley is here in the psych hospital. Jack tries to relieve Ashley’s anxiety by telling her she has a nice set-up. Ashley tells him that she hates it. Ashley questions Jack about Victor. The nurse tells Ashley that her blood pressure is a little elevated and she will check the baby in a few moments. Nikki visits Victor. Dr. Taylor intervenes before the nurse can examine the baby. Billy calls Jack. Billy lets Jack know that they are taking Colleen off life support. Ashley begs for help that her baby is coming. A nurse asks Dr. Taylor for help with Sharon. Jack assures Traci that if she will sign the papers that a part of Colleen will live on forever.

Ashley blames herself for Victor being in this condition. Dr. Taylor examines Sharon. Sharon’s water breaks. Nikki finds out from Abby that Traci is considering donating Colleen’s organs. Adam visits Ashley and insists on staying with her. Ashley imagines having a contraction. Adam gets Dr. Taylor to help Ashley. Adam comes up with a plan to solve their problems concerning Ashley’s so-called pregnancy. Adam opens an emergency door and helps the woman patient to escape. Nikki asks Billy for Colleen’s heart for Victor.

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