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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David questions Amanda if she is working him. Amanda confesses that she had been. Amanda sees Adam fall and wonders what is wrong with him. Adam falls to the floor and imagines that he sees Stuart, talking to him and asking Adam had be been shot too. Tad sees the commotion and questions Adam and Annie as to what is going on. On the roof, Madison and Randi have a confrontation. Madison picks up a brick and proceeds to give it to Randi and tells Randi to take her best shot. Randi raises back to hit Madison, but Brot stops Randi from doing anything crazy. Randi orders Brot to go away. Brot urges Randi to just walk away from Madison. Erica asks Ryan why Adam would call out Stuart’s name when looking at Annie. Amanda spends time with Jake and Trevor. Randi confides to Angie that she had almost killed Madison. Jake accuses Amanda of falling for David. Amanda denies Jake’s accusation.

Natalia catches Brot in a private conversation with Jesse and Frankie. Jesse and Frankie confide to Brot what had happened in D.C. Frankie and Randi dance together and discuss Henry’s murder and Madison seeking revenge. Scott accuses Annie of being a “gold-digger.” Scott and Annie dance together while Adam watches from a television monitor. Annie tries to come on to Scott. Natalia challenges Brot to join the police academy. David agrees to let Amanda spend the night with Jake and Trevor because David trusts Amanda. Amanda gives Jake the news, but Jake doesn’t quite believe her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Audrey opens a letter, but quickly hides it when Henry walks in to Metro. Audrey shows Henry the letter which is the first installment. Barbara walks in and tells Audrey and Henry not to get too cozy in their arrangement. Audrey lets Barbara know that Henry is giving all the money to a charity. Barbara vows to check into this charity. Teri meets with Uncle Ralph. Ralph assures Teri that he will fix everything for Janet. Parker and Liberty discuss her pregnancy as they thumb brochures. Uncle Ralph and Teri surprise Janet with a visit. Rosanna is on the phone requesting a background check on Ralph when Craig comes to visit . Craig more or less defends Ralph. Rosanna feels that Ralph is not on the up and up. Janet lashes out at Teri for taking Liberty to Chicago without first consulting her. Audrey orders Henry to stop Barbara from looking into Ralph’s charity by any means necessary. Liberty meets Ralph at the ranch and discusses the prospect of her giving the baby up for adoption. Craig arrives at Metro and sees Audrey. They have a fun time together, drinking and eating peanuts. Henry goes to visit Barbara. Barbara threatens to have Henry’s charity checked on.

Janet tells Liberty to consider adoption. Ralph calls Bruno to get the adoption process. Janet tells Parker to go home. Parker arrives home and tells Rosanna that Ralph suggested adoption to Liberty. Rosanna walks in on Craig and Audrey having a fun time. Rosanna tells Craig that he will never change. Rosanna insists that Craig come home with her. Henry and Barbara reach an agreement over the money. Ralph suggests to Liberty that she meet with the adoptive family. Liberty calls Parker and asks him to meet her at Old Town. Henry arrives back at Metro and finds that he doesn’t have his satchel. Henry goes back to satchel, but finds that it is empty when Barbara gives it back to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie plays around with her laptop to look up symptoms of a mini stroke. She’s edgy and snaps at those who want to ask about her health. Pam sees the laptop and realizes Stephanie may be hiding the possibility of a stroke. Donna admits that Justin is Marcus’s father. She knew how much Justin wanted to play basketball and she couldn’t take that away from him. She is sorry that she did not tell him and doesn’t want him to hate her now. He sees it as their son coming back to both of them. He could never be mad at her. She does tell him that Marcus has expressed a desire not to know his real father. Owen joins Steffy on the Rooftop Lounge. He thanks her for helping him with his problems with Jackie’s past. Now he wants to help her as she looks troubled. She confides it is her grandmother. He thinks Stephanie is very lucky to have a sensitive granddaughter like Steffy who cares.

Justin is not exactly thrilled to hear that Eric wants to adopt his son. He’s just found him and now he is going to lose him again. Marcus walks in on the conversation between Justin and Donna and the guilty look on their faces confirms to him this is a special moment. He figures out this man must be his father. Pam tries to console Stephanie that this is not the end of the world if she has had a stroke. She needs to take better care of herself and she has Pam to lean on. Stephanie keeps explaining that she is okay, there is no stroke. But when Pam presses her to sign some needed papers, Stephanie gets frustrated and can’t get her fingers to cooperate.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano calls EJ to give him the news about marrying Kate. EJ is flabbergasted. Sami threatens to take Allie from Lucas unless he agrees to go to rehab and get help. Lucas does agree. Chloe comes to see Lucas, and he forgives her. Later, Daniel proposes to Chloe. Kate learns of Lucas’ near-overdose and goes to see him, but overhears him telling Philip that she is dead to him. He ends up leaving for rehab out of town without seeing Kate. Arianna admits to Brady that she knows about Nicole’s miscarriage. Brady warns her not to tell anyone about it, and then tries to call Nicole to warn her her secret is out. EJ picks up her phone and hears Brady saying so. Arianna accuses Sami of doing something to case Rafe to disappear.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie has a nightmare. She dreams about a future where Spinelli becomes Jason’s soldier and they have lots of children, Mac has a nervous breakdown, and Lulu takes over Crimson. Then Spinelli leaves Maxie for Lulu. Lulu and Robin wake Maxie up. Patrick helps Mac get ready for the wedding, which he says is “the worst day in Scorpio-Jones history.” Sam asks Molly what she thinks of Kiefer. Molly gives Sam advice on love. Kiefer isn’t happy when Kristina chooses to attend the wedding rather than spend time with him. Spinelli loses his vows on his computer then draws a blank when writing his thoughts so Jason tells him to “be honest.” Jason says “Maxie’s the lucky one” and she should be thankful to have Spinelli in her life. At the Scorpio house, Lulu and Robin discuss Maxie’s misgivings while the guests arrive at the church. Patrick does his best to keep Mac calm at the church. Dante/Dominic tells Morgan he’s staying with Sonny but promises they can still hang out. Lulu is surprised to see Dante/Dominic at the wedding. Maxie arrives at the church but stays in the limo until it’s time for the ceremony. Mac has a few private moments with Maxie outside. Mac walks Maxie down the aisle then shakes Spinelli’s hand. The ceremony begins. Spinelli begins his vows then says he can’t marry Maxie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Tea's wedding is underway. But Blair is determined to stop it with the help of Ross. And Dorian is determined to pay Ross off in order to stop Blair from preventing Todd from remarrying. Natalie is wondering what to do after John reveals to her that he suspects Jared for the mysterious stalker. Jared reveals to Brody that he does not trust John. John and Fish investigate and find no forensic evidence of anybody attacking Jared.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

With Abby and Steve standing by her, Traci tells Dr. Snyder to take Colleen off life support. Jana, Gloria, Amber, Kevin and Daniel battle over what to do with the Terroni. J.T. tells Victoria and Nick that Victor needs a heart transplant. Nikki encourages Victor to fight. Daniel threatens to call Deacon about the Terroni. Cane calls Daniel to let him know about Colleen being brain dead. Gloria calls Deacon to have a chat. Gloria demands 25 million, but Deacon refuses. Gloria changes her mind and decides to take the 5 million. Kevin, Daniel and Amber arrive at the hospital to check on Colleen. They see Billy, who tells them about Colleen. Everyone begins to say their good-byes to Colleen. Deacon arrives at the hospital and demands the Terroni or Ryder will recount his confession and Daniel will be sent back to jail. Deacon decides to give them a little more time to give him the Terroni. Dr. Snyder tells Traci that Colleen was an organ donor. Cane tells Lily that he will help her complete the scrapbook of Lily and Colleen. Lily tells Cane that Colleen had told her that someday she would have a baby.

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