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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jake attempts to steal Trevor, but Amanda stops him; David catches him but does not have Jake arrested. David will begin to allow Jake some time with Amanda and Trevor at his home; Amanda is suspicious of Jake’s motives. Liza tells Zach that if she were allowed to love him she would never betray him. Zach kisses her but pulls away. He tells her that they could never have a future together. Liza quits as Zach lawyer and friend. Liza tells Tad that she never really had Zach, but she cried over him in Fusion’s bathroom. Annie realizes that Ryan is using her. Ryan brags to Erica that he was close to getting the truth from Annie before she bolted. Zach is worried that Ryan has scared Annie off. Erica points out lipstick on Zach’s mouth; he ignores her.

Madison wants Frankie to divorce Randi or she will give the cops the tape. Natalia makes a psycho threat to Madison; Madison cuts herself and pretends that Natalia cut her. Madison tells Jesse that Natalia cut her; she makes Jesse so mad that he grabs her and squeezes her shoulders. Frankie saves her. Madison decides not to press charges against Natalia. Ryan wants to be honest about his feelings, so he tells Erica that he thought about her everyday while she was in Africa. Zach apologize for hurting Liza’a feelings. Madison runs into Randi on Fusion’s rooftop and dares Randi to hit her. Adam’s heart begins to race then he falls to the ground. He sees Stuart who asks Adam if he has been shot as well.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Luke prepare to leave the house when Noah visits Luke to bring him some bills left at the apartment. Luk tells Noah they are going to the hospital to visit Damian. Lily tells Luke to stay there and catch up with Noah. Luke tells Noah what had happened in Kentucky which annoys Noah that Luke hadn’t told him. Tom sits at the kitchen table when Casey comes into the kitchen. Tom senses that Casey is annoyed at him for taking Adam’s case. Casey tells Tom that Adam deserves to be punished. Margo visits Adam and tells him that Tom is working on his case. Adam has his doubts that Tom can get him off. Margo reminds Adam what he had done to Gwen. Margo questions Adam as to why he had gone after Gwen. Alison meets with Maddie, who tells Alison there is something that Alison needs to know. Maddie tells Alison that she is not here for Adam, but for herself. Lily visits Damian and tells him that he is being released today. Lily helps Damian get dressed. Lily tells Damian to try to control his feelings. Noah is more than a little upset when he finds out that Luke had gone to Kentucky without telling him. Alison lets Maddie know that she knows what had happened in the woods between, Gwen, Maddie and Adam. Maddie tells Alison what she needs to talk to Adam. Once at the hotel, Damian notices that someone had been there and had taken some important papers. Maddie and Alison arrive at the police station to ask Margo to see Adam. Maddie visits Adam and they reminisce about what had happened in the woods. Margo calls Tom and tells him that there had been a break in Adam’s case. Casey finds Maddie with Adam and orders Adam to stay away from Maddie. Maddie offers Adam her help. Damian asks Lily to marry him. Noah tells Mason about the argument that he and Luke had had. Adam changes his plea to not guilty. Luke and Noah work out their differences. Damian calls to check on Grady. Casey reprimands Alison for calling Maddie. Casey asks Maddie not to testify for Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy brings Stephanie home and tries to get her to stay home and not go to the office. That doesn’t work, and Stephanie makes her promise to secrecy. At the office, all realize that Stephanie is on edge and not herself. Eric is enthusiastic and wants to be sure that all legal papers are in order and that Marcus is anxious to be adopted. Marcus gives him a gift of a trophy he received back in high school. He always wanted to give that to his father. Justin meets Bill at lunch and reveals that Donna has a son. He can’t help but wonder if he is the father. Bill has Jarrett seek some information through the net and find Marcus’s birth date to see if it adds up. He hands the information to Justin and it confirms – Donna had Marcus just a few months after they busted up. There was no time for another suitor to be involved.

Justin drops by Forrester and confronts Donna about Marcus. Again she denies it, but finally admits it is true. He is Marcus’s father. Stephanie wants everyone to leave her alone and get out of her office. She is overwhelmed and still suffering from headaches and blurred vision. Bridget tells Nick that her grandmother is too defensive; something is wrong. When Stephanie tries to put her signature on a document and can’t, she questions why this is happening to her now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate and Stefano are married by a judge at Chez Rouge. At Melanie’s behest, Philip ends up showing up to watch the ceremony, but leaves directly afterwards. Sami almost finds Rafe and Meredith in her townhouse, but ends up leaving to ask Arianna where Rafe might be. This gives Meredith time to get Rafe out of Sami’s place, and she moves him to some kind of storage room and ties him up. Sami talks to Brady at the pub, and he reassures her that Rafe loves her, and that he might just need time. Sami continues to try to call him. Meredith vows that no one will ever find Rafe. Brady and Arianna argue about their break-up as well as Nicole, and Arianna nearly admits that she knows about Nicole’s miscarriage. Arianna continues to try to get a meeting with Victor. Lucas, drunk and belligerent, wakes up on Maggie’s kitchen floor and embarrasses Will in front of his friends. Will is eventually forced to call 911, and Lucas is admitted to the hospital. Chad again accuses Mia of lying about going to rehab.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly confronts Claudia about having another baby, wondering if she’s already pregnant. Claudia thinks Carly is “obsessed” with Sonny’s life. Carly and Claudia argue. Jax manages to take Dante/Dominic’s badge out of his hospital room before Sonny spies it. Sonny insists that Dante/Dominic come and stay at the Corinthos house. When Claudia tells Sonny about her fight with Carly, he gets upset with her. Sonny also tells Claudia they’re having a houseguest. Olivia isn’t happy when she learns her son is temporarily staying with Sonny. Jax later brings the badge back to Dante/Dominic and offers to help him put Sonny away. Jax says his only “concern” is Morgan. He then advises Dante/Dominic to “work fast” so nobody else learns the truth about him. Maxie deals with pre wedding jitters. Robin says Maxie should tell Spinelli how she feels. Spinelli worries about getting Mac’s approval. Mac carries on about how Spinelli is “a thug” but Patrick and Robin try to calm him down. After much confusion, the wedding rehearsal gets under way. Mac is still openly unhappy. Maxie tells Jason she’s having second thoughts about marrying Spinelli. Jason wants Maxie to tell Spinelli the truth. Maxie begs Jason to keep her in check so she doesn’t “break Spinelli’s heart” by bolting before the ceremony ends. Spinelli over hears Jason and Maxie talking. A battered Johnny arrives at the Metro Court just as Olivia is selling the place as a safe location for a dental convention. Olivia tends to Johnny at her place when he refuses to go back to the hospital. Michael worries that all his memories are wrong and thinks he’s “crazy.” Michael confides his memory frustrations in Carly. Jax arrives and Michael has a memory of Claudia’s confession.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Dorian finds out Blair's scheme to get Ross to prevent Todd and Tea from getting married, she knows she needs to reverse that plan. So she bribes Ross and encourages him to sweep Blair off her feet. He is torn between which direction to take. John admits to Natalie and to Jared that he has suspicions about the person who attacked Jared. He was able to find out that it had to have been somebody with access to the building and who knew where the cameras were and how to shut them off and be unseen. And he implies that Jared could have set this up. Todd and Tea's wedding is ready to start and she is very worried what could happen if Todd finds out her secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Sharon calls Nick and tells him to call her about Victor. Sharon also tells Nick to give Victor her love. In Victor’s room, Ashley mumbles to herself what had she done. A nurse takes Victor’s blood pressure. Dr. Swift tells Adam that they are taking Victor back into the operating room. Ashley blames herself for Victor’s condition. Nick asks Ashley what had she done. Ashley tells Nick that she had told Victor that she was leaving him. Nick calls Paul and tells him to call him or have Nikki call him. Lily tells Cane that she had found a pic of herself, Colleen and Sierra. Lily tells Cane that Colleen needs her .Billy brings Colleen’s things to the hospital. Traci rubs some lotion on Colleen’s arms. Jack and Dr. Novich tells Traci about the C.R.S.R. and it shows no blood flow to the brain. Jack tells Traci to remove Colleen from life support. Adam tries to get Ashley to go home but Ashley refuses. Jack tells Steve and Traci that Colleen is gone. Abby urges Colleen to wake up, but Traci tells Abby that Colleen is gone. Lily arrives at the hospital to see Colleen, but finds out that it is too late. Nikki speaks to Ashley at the hospital. Ashley goes totally ballistic and orders Nikki away from her . Ashley tells Jack that she had hit and killed Nikki. Jack tries to tell Ashley that Nikki is alive, but Ashley doesn’t believe him. Nikki join J.T. and Victoria. Sharon questions Nick about Phyllis and does she know about Victor. Ashley agrees to go to the psych hospital. Jack and Ashley meet with Dr. Yang. Sharon has more contractions just as Nick starts to leave. Traci decides to take Colleen off life support. Nikki visits Victor.

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