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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The dance marathon continues. Tad urges the audience for pledges. While dancing with David, Amanda watches Jake. Madison meets with Frankie in Erica’s office and plays him the tape of Randi wanting to confess to Henry’s murder. Frankie asks Madison what does she want. Madison tells Frankie to dance with her. Ryan bumps into Adam as Adam asks where Annie is. Erica and Annie have a fight in the bathroom. Adam, Zach and Ryan hear a scream and come to Annie’s rescue. Annie tells Adam that Erica had tried to drown Annie. Zach orders Liza to leave him alone. Carrie catches Jake trying to take Trevor out of his playpen. Frankie agrees to dance with Madison. Randi sees Frankie dancing with Madison. Madison gives Jesse the tape. Jesse and Angie confront Madison. Natalia wakes up and sees Frankie dancing with Madison. The officer interrupts Annie’s and Erica’s argument.

Madison tells Frankie to divorce Randi. Ryan kisses Erica. Upon seeing Ryan kiss Erica, Annie runs out of the room. Ryan goes after Annie. Annie pours out her heart to Ryan and asks Ryan to protect her . Adam orders Erica to stay away from Annie before he has a dizzy spell. Frankie tells Randi that Madison wants Frankie to divorce Randi. Randi tells Frankie to give Madison what she wants. Jesse offers to confess about the death of Henry and how he had covered it up. Tad puts Madison to going from the marathon. Natalia confronts Madison in the bathroom. Liza and Zach kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lucinda and Lily argue over Damian and Lily’s involvement with Damian. Eb and Damian are together at the site of the car crash. Eb demands his money which Damian knows nothing about . Jack and Luke arrive. Damian and Eb struggle over the gun and it accidentally fires, hitting Damian. Eb runs off after the shooting. Jack gives the officer a description of Eb. Jack asks about Grady. Holden tells Maeve about his and Lily’s past. Lily looks at a pic of Holden and feels that Holden is reaching out to her. Lucinda urges Lily to accept Holden’s death. Maeve tells Holden about Eb when they first met. Lucinda urges Lily to go slow when it come to Damian. In Kentucky, Luke tells Damian that he had saved his life. Daniel passes out .Holden vows to Maeve to get them out of here.

Holden slides down off the bed and turns Maeve over in the chair. Maeve passes out upon impact. Damian gets treated in the hospital. Jack visits Lily to tell her about Damian and Eb and what had happened in Kentucky. Lily wants to go see Damian. Meg visits Lucinda and tells her that Damian had never had the signatures analyzed .Lucinda takes the info and takes it to Jack. Lily visits Damian in the hospital. Lucinda shows Jack the letters . Jack goes to the hospital and catches Lily starting to kiss Damian. Jack questions Damian about the letters. Holden and Maeve get free only to get caught by Eb who orders Maeve to retie Holden. Then he orders Holden and Maeve out of the house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy calls 911 and tries to help Stephanie off of the floor and eases her onto the couch. Stephanie says she does not need an ambulance, but she also doesn’t remember collapsing either. They question her if she has a history of strokes or heart disease. She’s admitted to the hospital for observation and a few tests despite her objections to Steffy that she is fine and doesn’t want anyone else called. Nick tells Bridget that she is the unsung hero behind all of the Jackie M success. He wants her to feel appreciated; he’s ready to do that. She drags out the guitar and says she had rather she be immortalized in a song. Pam visits the house to only find Thomas. She’s worried about Stephanie stretching herself too thin.

Stephanie continues to argue with the doctor that she did not have a stroke. She’d know that; she can still speak and move, so nothing is wrong with her. She just got tired and was not eating properly. Nick serenades Bridget in song. She loves it and rewards him with a kiss. Thomas laments that his grandma is not the only one feeling a little blue right now. He expected his dad to stay and live with them too and not move back with Brooke. When Stephanie’s cell phone rings, both Thomas and Pam are worried as she never leaves home without it. Stephanie refuses to stay in the hospital overnight, but finally gives in but makes Steffy promise not to tell Thomas or Ridge or anybody else.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano prepares for his wedding at Chez Rouge as Lexie and her family arrive. Abe and Maggie joke about Kate and Stefano getting married. Lucas tells Philip about Kate planning to marry Stefano, adding that he thinks Kate is doing this because Stefano is going to keep her out of jail. Victor gets ready to kick Kate out of his house, but she tells him about her impending marriage to Stefano. Victor finds the entire thing hilarious, and later goes to mock Stefano, telling him that Kate isn’t above killing people that get in her way. Meanwhile, Philip goes to confront Kate, and tries to assure her that he will get her help and assist with her legal case if she will just agree not to marry Stefano. Stefano calls her and lets her know that he has evidence against her, and that the only way she will be safe from prosecution is if she gets to the restaurant to marry him. Kate tells Philip that she has to marry Stefano, and he tells her that she is no longer his mother. Lucas gets drunk at the bar and has hallucinations of Chloe, Daniel, and Maggie making fun of him for being a momma’s boy, and for not being able to keep a woman. Chloe moves in with Daniel, but tells him that she is still married to Lucas, and that nothing can happen between them until the marriage is over. Daniel agrees that that is the right thing to do. Chad, Mia, Will, and Tad are all assigned a project to watch over an egg and be its ‘parents.’ Will and Mia play the mother and father, while Tad and Chad are the monitors. Tad ends up breaking the egg, and Chad suggests the he play the baby’s father. Mia refuses. Before Chad can press the issue, Lucas shows up, completely trashed. He passes out on the kitchen floor in front of Will and all of his friends.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam and Jason return home after spending the entire night out. Spinelli is in a panic over the wedding. The tailor arrives at the penthouse for the final fitting for Jason and Spinelli. Spinelli wants Jason to wear a pink tie. Jason agrees, thanks to Sam’s input. Sam praises Jason for being such a “good friend” to Spinelli. Sam agrees to be Jason’s wedding date. Robin works on wedding plans and tries her best to talk Mac down. Later, Patrick wonders if he should have a talk with Mac. Lulu tells Maxie that Kate will be out of the country and unable to attend the wedding. Maxie tells Lulu she isn’t “ready” to get married. Matt arrives at Crimson and notices Maxie’s nervousness so he offers to take her to the Bahamas. Maxie tells Matt she loves Spinelli and plans to marry him. Claudia visits Johnny and tells him she’s planning to have another child with Sonny. Olivia tells Sonny not to keep putting Johnny “at risk.” The two of them argue. Claudia makes sure Olivia hears her tell Sonny she’s healthy enough to get pregnant again. Olivia thinks the whole situation is absurd. Carly confides her worries about Michael in Jax. Michael doesn’t seem to fit in at his new prep school. Kiefer gets upset with Kristina for not answering his texts on her “special” phone. Michael gets a memory flash and heads to Jason’s. Michael says his memory was of Sam yet Sam says she never visited Michael in the hospital. Michael worries that all of his memories are wrong. Dante/Dominic tells Ronnie he misplaced his badge. Lulu visits Dante/Dominic and claims the badge found its way into her purse so she leaves it in his hospital room. Jax tells Carly they should ask Dante/Dominic to stay at the house until he recovers so he (Jax) goes to GH and presents the invite. Sonny walks in during Jax’s visit and Dante/Dominic’s badge is sitting out in the open. Spinelli talks with Patrick about Mac and his lack of approval on the wedding. Patrick says Mac wants Maxie with someone “stable.” A jittery Maxie goes to see Robin to confide her fears of marriage in her. Claudia goes to the Metro Court and drops the pregnancy bomb to the bartender, making certain Carly hears her.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Barbara Fish goes to talk to Oliver.  At Angel Square Motel, Marty, John McBain and Kyle Lewis all talk to George Fish about Oliver. Mrs. Fish convinces George to visit Oliver before they go home.  George tells Oliver that he loves him and he will always be his son, but he cannot accept his lifestyle.

At Buenos Dias, Mr. Rivera reveals to Markko that Mrs. Rivera wants a separation and he blames Markko.  He tells Markko that he is sinful.  Markko tells his father that if he has to choose between him and Langston, he chooses Langston. After Markko leaves, Mr. Rivera sits at a booth in the Buenos Dias near the table where Bo, Matthew, and David are talking.  Bo admits that he is so concerned about losing Matthew because He already lost his other son, Drew. Matthew tells his father that he understands his concern, but he will have the surgery.  After Matthew has left, David tells Bo that if he keeps pushing Matthew he will lose him anyway.  Bo acknowledges David as his son and they have breakfast together.  Mr. Rivera, having overheard the Buchanans’ conversation, goes to Markko’s Apartment and concedes that this is Markko’s life.  He invites Markko and Langston to come to dinner anytime they like.

Dorian discovers that Ross Rayburn is hiding in her cabana and Jack knows about it.  She warns Blair that her plan to expose Tea’s secret could blow up in her face. Todd asks Jack to be his best man.  At Llanfair, Viki and Tea talk about Tea’s impending nuptials with Todd.  She reveals that she had a relationship while she was away from Llanview that she has not told Todd about.  Viki advised her that she must tell him.  Tea asks Viki to be her matron of honor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kay asks Jill how can she be so broke. Jill tells Kay that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Jill orders Kay to pick a color. Gloria arrives at the bank and introduces herself. The receptionist tells Gloria that the real Gloria is in the vault. Gloria insists that she is the real Gloria Fisher and the other woman is an imposter. The receptionist tells Mr. Felix that she needs to talk to him. Mr. Felix tells Kevin and Amber to come with him. J.T inquires about Billy and jack. Ashley tells Traci that she should never have listened to Victor. Ashley and Traci talk to a brain dead Colleen. Traci sees Colleen’s hand move. Victoria visits Victor. Paul finds Nikki at a posh hotel. Daniel and Jana manage to get Gloria’s attention. Amber claims that Gloria is her grandmother. Gloria denies it. Mr. Felix threatens to call the police .Ashley tells Adam that Victor had regained consciousness. Adam apologizes to Ashley for Victor calling out for Nikki. Victor asks Nick about Colleen. Paul tells Nikki about victor being shot by Patty. Paul tells Nikki that Victor had been behind Patty changing her name to Mary Jane Benson. Gloria tells Daniel that whatever is in that safe deposit box belongs to her .Nikki tells Paul about the letters. Jill tells Kay about all her money being gone. Nikki refuses to go home with Paul. Ashley tells Victor that she is moving out with Abby and the new baby. Once back in Genoa City, Daniel reveals that he had stolen the Terroni out of the safe deposit box. Kay leaves Jill a sizable tip. Victor goes into congestive heart failure. Ashley feels responsible for Victor’s heart failure. Nikki, upon hearing about Victor’s heart failure, agrees to go home with Paul

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