Tuesday 9/22/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/22/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

The dance marathon continues. Frankie follows Madison up onto the roof. As Frankie comes nearer, Madison threatens that she will jump. Jesse interrupts them and confronts Madison if she had killed Henry. Zach reprimands Kendall for coming to the marathon and possibly exposing herself. Aidan walks in on them. Zach tries to talk Kendall into going home, but Kendall insists that she is not going home without him. Zach rejoin Liza on the dance floor while Aidan accompanies Kendall home. Adam rejoin Annie on the dance floor. Annie tells Adam that she loves him, and that he is her best friend. Zach makes a large donation in order for him and Liza to take a break. Natalia wants a nap, but she and Brot cannot take a break. Natalia puts her feet on Brot’s and he holds her up while she naps on his shoulder.

Pete begins to hyperventilate and collapses. Madison sends Frankie a text message to meet her in Erica’s office. Madison plays him a tape recording of when she bugged Randi’s and Frankie’s apartment in which Randi threatened to confess to killing Henry. Frankie sees Madison has him over a barrel and wants to know what she wants. Madison tells him to dance with her. Annie and Adam earn a break. Annie is in the bathroom when Erica comes in. Annie begins to make slurs aimed at Kendall and Erica slaps Annie. Zach calls Aidan to check on Kendall. Aidan promises to keep his hands off Kendall. Kendall confronts Aidan if he had said that in order to throw it up in Zach’s face that she and Aidan slept together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul and Emily are deeply emotional after they go visit their baby Jenny's grave and recall that she would be 3 years old today. Paul wonders if Emily wants to have children and she explains to him about her operation and how Larry stole her eggs and she later found out about Hunter. Paul and Emily decide they would both be fine with adopting a baby but don't discuss it any further and make love.

Holden persuades Eb to call Lily and ask for the ransom from Lily but Eb is scared because officer Grady is suspicious of him. Eb calls Lily's house and talks to Luke who tells Lily the news. Lily is positive Holden is alive and calls Jack to help her with the ransom. Jack and Luke tell Lily that she shouldn't get her hopes up and then Jack and Luke head to Kentucky to check things out. Damian arrives in Kentucky before them and persuades officer Grady not to tell Lily that the DNA results on the dead body didn't match Holden's DNA. Eb leaves to pick up the ransom and officer Grady finds Holden and Maeve and unties them but Eb arrives and hits officer Grady on the head knocking him out. Eb then leaves to get the ransom of $10 thousand dollars and confuses Damian for Jack since Lily only told him that a man would be dropping off the ransom money. Holden tells Maeve he will help her have a new life but gently tells her that she has no chance for a relationship with him because he will love Lily until the day he dies. Luke and Jack arrive to drop off the ransom and Eb tells Damian, Jack and Luke that he doesn't have patience for tricks.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie sits at her desk, head spinning, cell phone ringing and can’t quite make sense of it all. She finally answers the phone and it’s Ridge. The things he says and asks makes no sense to her. At the office Donna finds a big scrapbook for Eric. They flip through and look at all the gorgeous dresses. They giggle and comment that the clothes held up better than the people wearing them. Eric tells Donna that Stephanie actually did have friends back then. He doesn’t think that she actually saw them much as all she really had time for was the company and the family. That’s all he really gave her time for or that she wanted. Brooke quips to Ridge that she wishes Taylor had a call-in physichiarty show as she’d like to disguise her voice and call in and ask what does it mean when her husband makes loves to her, then rolls over and calls his mother! Ridge grunts and makes a stabbing stake to the heart and reminds her what a cheap shot that was. He points out that his mother has had to move four times since she has split with his dad and now she is over with Taylor. Stephanie comes home rather flustered, rubbing her forehead. She tells Taylor not to bother to call Thomas. She will get the Auto Club to look at her car tomorrow. She just now realizes that you spend your entire life waiting for the kids to grow up and be happy and Eric to retire and nobody tells you that all you have to do it wait…..and then it’s just done. She laments she needs to quit bitching at Eric for all the good it ever did and he never took her sage advice. Taylor tells her that she is making it sound like her life is over and it isn’t. Stephanie laughs yeah, sure she has thousands of mornings, evenings, sunsets, breakfasts, luncheons, teas….she’s kidding but she’s also realistic. She tells Taylor that is it all right. She’s not going to start another family or fall in love again. Taylor tells her that she does not know that. Stephanie offers that she does……the older you get then your opportunities shrink. She’s accepted that and is okay with it. She’s just a little surprised when she looks back on her life and reflects on what more she might have made of herself. She made more of Eric and those around her. Being needed is a powerful drug. Eric tells Donna that he has a few regrets. He can be selfish and lazy. He admits there were some difficult, unfulfilling things that he neglected because he knew Stephanie would do it. She had a remarkable way of doing the impossible and look like she was just killing time. Eric asks if Donna minds if he talks about Stephanie like that. She says no, she wants to like her. She is grateful for all those years that Stephanie spent loving him and being what he needed before they met.

Brooke commends Ridge for being a good son. Ridge says Brooke can be compassionate when she sees the cost it has been to Stephanie. His mother does those things well – managing people, events, relationships. He is sure that she is worth every penny Jackie is paying her, but what she really does well no one will want. Taylor won’t stand and listen to Stephanie diminish her accomplishments. Stephanie says she knows Eric still appreciates what she did and still loves her, but she did not make him happy. He’s happy now with Donna. Stephanie was always more than enough….too wanting, too demanding, too giving. She was always too much for every room and every relationship she walked into. She tells Taylor that she is a sweetheart to stand there and listen to her. She is going to miss her plane so she’d better get to the airport. Her last comment is that she didn’t plan on growing old like this. Perhaps the answer is just not to grow any older. Brooke and Ridge have a little question and answer period of whether she would love him when he is old or in the grave. She assures him she would be right beside him holding out her hand. Donna reassures Eric that he doesn’t have to hide anything or take down any pictures of Stephanie. She wants to honor him for everything he did before they met. He mentions Marcus’s biological father. He feels like maybe he should be reaching out for him too. He doesn’t want her to forget him either. Love remembered is often the best thing about love. Taylor hugs Stephanie and wonders if she should be worried about her. Stephanie says no, they just had a party at work and she had a little too much champagne and is blue now. Taylor tells Steffy that her information and itinerary is there and she is to watch out for her grandmother. Steffy scoots her out the door. Stephanie nixes going out for dinner. She tells Steffy the salmon steaks sound find. Then she grabs Steffy’s arm and even though Steffy tries to hold her up, Stephanie crumbles to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie worries that Philip is angry with her for siding against his mother, but he claims he isn’t. Brady, who earlier confided in Victor that he fears Philip will be angry with him for what he inadvertently did to Kate, shows up and admits that he was the one that got Melanie involved in all this. Philip is furious. Brady later makes some remarks about Philip being interested in Melanie so soon after his breakup with Stephanie. Melanie confides him about Nathan and Philip fighting over her at the police station, and admits that she now has one guy too many after her. EJ confesses to Nicole that he would not have married her had she not been pregnant. Lucas reacts with anger to the news of Stefano and Kate’s engagement, telling Kate that Stefano will be the only person she has left once everyone else hears the news. Stefano also tells Lexie about his impending marriage to Kate. She freaks out and nearly tells EJ, but Stefano stops her, saying that he doesn’t want EJ to cut his honeymoon short. Lexie eventually comes around and agrees to attend the wedding. The D.A. clears Daniel of all the charges against him, and Roman focuses in on Kate as the prime suspect in Chloe’s poisoning. He has her room searched, and the room Daniel was held captive in, but the police find nothing. That makes Roman even more suspicious that someone is helping Kate cover this up. She calls Stefano in a panic, but he reassures her, and informs her that they will be getting married tonight. Father Matt gives Chloe and Daniel his blessing to be together. They tell Victor about Kate nearly killing Daniel and he flies off the handle. He confronts Kate about it as she prepares for the wedding. Lucas tells Philip about Kate planning to marry Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu questions Dante/Dominic about the badge. Dante/Dominic is evasive but Lulu persists and believes the badge is stolen. Michael gets mad at Sam for telling Jason about his memories. Michael remembers something Claudia said. Sam reminds Michael to “stay objective” about his memories. Jason promises Michael that he won’t go “gunning for” people based on any comatose memories. Jason tries to help Michael get past his frustrations about his condition. Later, Jason confides in Sam. Jason says he doesn’t want Michael behaving recklessly the way he did and does. Claudia agrees with Sonny’s threat against Johnny in order to keep Anthony under control. Claudia then asks Sonny if he might consider having another baby with her. At first Sonny hesitates, then he heads upstairs with Claudia. Maxie and Spinelli look at possible wedding locations. After several failed attempts, Spinelli takes Maxie to what he thinks is the “perfect” place for their wedding. Maxie is happy with Spinelli’s find. Ethan is skeptical of Nikolas’ monetary offer to take Rebecca away. Nik says he simply wants to rid himself of Rebecca without “punishing” her. Ethan turns down Nik’s offer then goes to GH and tells all to Lulu. Lulu refuses to get involved. Olivia and Liz drown their sorrows at Jake’s. Liz confides her man dilemma in Olivia. Liz tells Olivia how her feelings for Lucky have “changed” over the years. Then Liz talks about what happened between her and Nik. Later, Nik runs into Liz at Jake’s and the two dance. Lulu flirts with Dante/Dominic. Sam joins Jason for a ride on his motorcycle.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The judge rules in favor of Matthew getting the surgery. But Nora is distraught and pleads with her son not to go through with it now that he knows how Dr. Greg has failed with his own brother. Greg talks to Rachel about the demon that haunts him and tells him that he intentionally did this to Shaun. Stacy and Kim talk about what she should do regarding the pregnancy. And she admits that maybe she should give up on Rex since it's not his baby and he will never love her and the real father is a gay guy. Fish runs into Kyle and informs him that he finally came out to Layla and to his parents. And he and Kyle and Cristian and Layla all know how bigoted his parents are. After Jared has been assaulted yet doesn't have any information to give to John about the incident or the assailant, John admits he has suspicions about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Michael and Lauren eat breakfast together. Lauren lets Michael know about Fenmore going to the duck pond in order to feed the ducks because he was afraid that the ducks would starve. Jeff comes up and wants to know where Gloria is. Outside of the coffeehouse, Gloria is on the phone when Deacon walks in. Deacon lets Gloria know that he is going to make her a very wealthy woman. Inside the coffeehouse, Jana looks over the necessary papers that they need for the Erie Bank. At the Chancellor mansion, Kay, Murphy, Nina, Philip, Jill, Chance and Chloe are having a celebration. Kay tells everyone how much they mean to her. Seeing Chloe and Chance together, Nina asks Philip to interrupt them. Chloe notices Nina’s looks in her direction. Murphy compares himself and Kay to “Ma and Pa Kettle.” Amber practices Gloria’s signature, but isn’t satisfied with the results. Daniel signs Gloria’s name and it is perfecto. Amber suggests that Daniel pose as Gloria, but Daniel refuses. Daniel on the computer manages to get four tickets to Detroit. Kevin and Daniel mend fences. Gloria insists to Deacon that this is just a scam with the Terroni painting. Kay and Jill argue, as usual, about love and family which doesn’t apply to Jill. Michael and Lauren interrupts Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel as they start to leave for the airport. Nina insists to Philip that Chloe is after Chance. Jill gives Murphy and Kay an unsigned check.

Kevin, Jana, Daniel and Amber arrive in Detroit. Amber meets with difficulty in signing papers to open the safe deposit box. Kevin and Jana intervene which lets Daniel sign the necessary papers. Daniel and Amber gain entrance to the room where the safe deposit boxes are. Gloria arrives at the bank and tells the receptionist that she is Gloria Fisher. Jill finds out that Gloria quit her job as the janitor at the beauty salon. Kay arrives for a manicure and tells Jill to sign the check.

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