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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall lays on the sofa and watches Ryan dancing with Annie on TV. Kendall feels that everyone had lost their mind. Tad tells everyone that Erica will be returning to the dance floor momentarily. Zach notices that Annie had told Ryan something about the night that Stuart was killed. Annie tells Ryan about Emma and the murder of Stuart. David and Amanda dance. Natalia questions Brot about where Randi, Frankie, Angie and Jesse had gone. Jesse and Frankie find Taylor in the bathroom stall, just waking up from being knocked unconscious. Taylor tells Jesse and Frankie that Randi had hit her. Madison confronts Randi, but Randi orders Madison to stay away from her. Jake holds Trevor against the babysitter’s better judgment. David pours his heart out to Amanda about his feelings about losing his other children. Annie lets Ryan know what had happened the night that Stuart was killed. Liza and Zach is voted the “sexiest couple.” Amanda catches Jake with Trevor. Madison watches the Hubbard family from afar. Jake voices his doubts about his marriage to Tad.

Liza kisses Zach much to the disgust of Kendall. Ryan confronts Zach about taking Emma to see Annie. Ryan hits Zach in the jaw. Amanda tells Jake that she loves him, but he tells her to go back to David . Jake watches David and Amanda dance together and “stews”. Zach sees Kendall at the dance marathon. Zach corners Kendall in a storage room and tells her that she is going to ruin everything. Aidan catches Kendall and Zach together. Frankie gets attacked by Madison. Frankie chases after Madison and finally catches her up on the roof. Madison threatens him that if he comes closer, she will jump.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke confides in Noah about how he is struggling with his mom and Damian. Noah suggests he provide support instead of judging because there are extenuating circumstances. Mason comes to see Noah and suggests they head out of town for a film festival. Noah is appreciative but resistant because he has to be there to support Luke, which Mason admits that he is envious. Jack and Meg discuss Meg’s concerns about Lily and Damian’s inappropriate ‘relationship.’ Jack goes to speak with Lily and finds an unseen Faith downcast, as she watches Lily and Damian kissing. Jack confronts Lily about her behavior as gently as he can, as Lily is upset that he is judging her. Jack suggests her children stay with him for the time being, but Lily is incensed thinking he wants to take away her kids. Damian defends Lily; but Jack is doing it for the kids. Jack thinks she us not handling them well and doesn’t need to be shoving Damian (another father figure) into their life so soon after Holden’s death. Faith wants to go, but Lily puts her foot down. Luke overhears and offers to move home for his siblings. A furious Damian confronts Meg, as she admits to him some jealousy but also explains that their actions make her feel as if they are forgetting about Holden. Damian apologizes but refuses to stop seeing Lily, which infuriates Meg, as she leans on Jack for support promising that what they are doing isn’t right. Jack’s and then Luke’s words seem to finally have an affect on Lily, as she vows to make it right. Luke tells Noah that he needs to move out for a short time to take care of his family, as Noah is saddened but supportive. He then decides to head to the film festival with Mason after all. Eb thinks he should kill both Maeve and Holden for their trouble, but Holden finally convinces him that if he calls Lily, he can get ransom for him. The police show up at Eb and Mauve’s, as Eb pretends to have no knowledge of who Skaggs is when they try to connect the two men. The police don’t believe him and promise they will be putting him in jail because Skaggs killed a police officer. A worried Maeve secretly pleads with Holden not to leave her behind when he gets Eb the ransom fearing for her life. Holden promises he will take her with him. Eb is spooked and wonders if he should just get rid of Holden and head out of town, but Holden talks him down again and they head off to call Lily. Lily explains to Damian that her feelings for him haven’t changed, but she can’t be with him right now because she has to out her kids first. Damian wishes he could change her mind, but he promises not to go anywhere until she decides the time is right. Holden goes to call Lily as an officer is calling her. Damian answers the phone while Lily is out of the room. The officer tells him that the DNA evidence is back and the man in the car was not Holden, as a stunned Damian hangs up soon after. Holden gets a busy signal when he tries to call home and is about to try again when Eb spots a police officer and tells him to hang up. Lily asks Damian who was on the phone, as Damian looks to be contemplating giving her an honest answer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin corners Donna and insists that he tell her that Marcus is his son. After some hesitation, she tells him that no, Marcus is not his son. Marcus comes in and has some important papers for Eric. Justin tells Donna that for so many years that is what he wanted ….. a son…….the only thing missing in his life. He still thinks she is in denial, perhaps admitting it will harm her marriage. She assures him that is solid. Marcus is simply not his son and he will have to accept that. Bridget tries to get some work done at Jackie M, but Nick won’t leave her alone, always smooching around on her. Owen and Jackie are “interrupted” and Pam and Whip remind them they have a party planned for Stephanie’s successes. Stephanie comes in and asks then if they have an aspirin. They warn her to slow down; she’s been going at it full steam for a week now. As the bubbly flows, Stephanie tells them they have made her happier than she has ever been in her life. Brooke tells Ridge that she just visited Bridget and they are throwing a party for Stephanie. Ridge wishes she was back at Forrester. He tells Brooke that Eric is adopting Marcus. He’s already drawn up the papers. Ridge thinks he has earned his way in this family.

The others see that Stephanie continues to suffer from her headache and urge her to just stop and go home. She gives them a pep talk that they are going to be the #1 fashion house in the world…..Stephanie has spoken. Donna makes up a big fib. She tells Justin that the reason she broke up with him years ago when he went away to college was because she was seeing someone else. Justin isn’t sure he believes her, but wants to know the name of that person; who is Marcus’s father? She begs him to stop pressing her about this. She wants to forget that period of her life; Justin needs to also. As he leaves, he tells her that he won’t cause her any more pain. Pam questions a few odd things that Stephanie does, but Stephanie assures her that she is fine. She sends Pam home and slowly guides herself to a chair and sits down. She flexes her fingers to be sure she has feelings, but her headache continues and her vision is blurred. She tries to convince herself that all is okay.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate reassures both Philip and Lucas that she is innocent of Chloe’s poisoning. Stefano plants a police officer in his employ at the hospital to watch out for Daniel, promising Kate that he will be eliminated if he shows up. Daniel does show up, but Lucas puts a fly in the ointment when he sucker punches Daniel and knocks him out. Kate and Stefano are forced to head down to the police station to bail Lucas out, but not before Stefano forces Kate to sign a contract as part of her repayment for his help. Kate later informs Lucas that she and Stefano are getting married. Chloe and Daniel reunite at the hospital. Roman tells Melanie that Nathan was released on a personal recognizance bond, but Melanie will be forced to pay ten grand for hers, due to her criminal record in France. Nathan vows to get the money for her bond himself, but Philip shows up to pay the bail before Nathan can do so. Melanie advises Philip to stay out of it, as she is sure neither Kate or Victor like her very much. Philip pays her bail anyway, and he and Nathan later get into an argument about Melanie, wherein Nathan admits that he is interested in her. Hope informs Bo that Ciara’s therapist thinks she needs to live somewhere else for a while. Hope adds that Bo won’t be going with them to Doug and Julie’s, and she and Ciara move out. Bo, livid, suspects Justin has something to do with all of this, but it turns out that Justin thinks Hope should stay home and work on her marriage.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason confides in Robin about Michael’s memories. Robin wonders if it wouldn’t be best to leave well enough alone if Michael remembers something that leads to the shooter. Sonny leaves Anthony with a final warning to stay clear of the people he cares about. Anthony threatens Olivia. Sonny says he isn’t playing games – that he can have Johnny eliminated immediately if Anthony doesn’t back down. Later, Sonny informs Jason of his threat against Anthony. Jason wonders if Sonny’s threat is less about Anthony and more about Olivia. Jason thinks Sonny’s threat is “based on emotion.” Jason also says Johnny has proven himself loyal. Claudia hears Sonny tell Jason that Johnny is as good as dead if Anthony makes another move. Olivia gets upset when she sees Dante/Dominic and Johnny having their little visit. Dante/Dominic privately tells Olivia her days are numbered when Johnny learns the truth about him. Olivia says she’ll go back home if Dante/Dominic goes with her but he refuses. Elizabeth tries to explain away her nervousness to Lucky. Both of them wonder if they can be intimate again without feeling awkward. Nikolas asks Rebecca if he “scares” her. Rebecca claims she isn’t “afraid” of Nik. Lulu pays Johnny a visit at the hospital. After her visit with Johnny, Lulu takes Dante/Dominic back to GH, where Epiphany promptly reads him the riot act for leaving the hospital without permission. Ronnie brings Dante/Dominic his badge then wonders if Dante/Dominic can go through with his assignment. Ronnie can tell that Dante/Dominic is “holding back” telling him something. Johnny tells Olivia what happened at the warehouse. Olivia warns Johnny that Sonny doesn’t want him around. Johnny says he and Olivia must “live in the moment.” Liz stops Lucky before they get too intimate. Nikolas offers Ethan a large sum of money to “keep Rebecca away” from him (Nik). When Lulu comes back to GH to see Dante/Dominic, she sees his badge.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Matthew observes what has happened to Shaun when Greg attempted to perform miracle surgery, he gets ready to tell his parents that he may be reconsidering letting Greg perform surgery on him. But before he can tell them that, he gets a call from Tea informing him that the verdict has come in from the courthouse. Todd tells Tea that he wants to marry her. But she's concerned that he is still not over Blair. Ross wants to be with Blair and wishes she was over Todd. But she clearly indicates to him that she is not. Gigi talks to Schuyler alone about the problems she's having with Rex and Stacy and the baby. She admits that she and Rex are being driven further and further apart. But right then, Bo encourages Rex to not give up on Gigi. So Rex goes and finds Gigi, right when she is talking to Schuyler and appears to want to propose to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Gloria is on a pay phone, reading a newspaper article about Colleen’s kidnapping and Victor being shot, to Jeff. Gloria begins to panic that she and Jeff will be arrested for kidnapping Mary Jane (Patty). Kevin questions Gloria about her using a pay phone. Gloria confesses up and tells Kevin everything about how the bank in the Cayman Islands had gone belly up and she and Jeff had lost everything. Amber tells the man to set up the conflict; the real Philip Chancellor verses the fake Philip Chancellor. Amber urges Daniel to call her. Jana tells Amber that she had just heard about Colleen. Deacon comes in and tells Amber that it is a good thing that he hadn’t cancelled the reservations in the Bahamas. Adam asks Billy if Victor could die. Ashley tells Billy and Adam that she has to get to the hospital. Ashley begs Adam to come with her that she needs him. Billy tells them that he has to get back to CeeCee. Paul asks Nick how did Victor’s surgery go. Victoria urges Paul to find Nikki. Traci tells Paul Colleen has brain activity. Amber shows Deacon her engagement ring. Daniel calls Amber that he cannot get into the safe deposit box because he doesn’t have authorization. Mac tries to comfort Billy. Ashley, at first, refuses to see Victor, but then changes her mind. Dr. Synder tells Traci that Colleen is indeed brain dead. Traci doesn’t believe the doctor. Jack tells Abby, Victoria, Ashley and J.T. that Colleen is indeed brain dead. The group finds out that Victor has come through the surgery and has stabilized. Jack doesn’t understand how that Colleen can die and Victor will live. Deacon pays Gloria a visit and offers her his help, but she refuses. Daniel, Amber, Jana, and Kevin try to come up with a plan to get into the safe deposit box without involving Gloria. Ashley visits Victor. Victor calls out for Nikki. The camera shows Nikki in a posh spa in Colorado posing as a Ms. Reed.

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