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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Madison poisons a bottle of water in the bathroom. Natalia comes in so Madison quickly leaves the bathroom with the bottle of water. Brot bumps into her and knocks the bottle out of her hand. While dancing with Ryan, Annie tells him she is not confessing anything. Adam watches Annie with Ryan. Tad asks Adam why he isn’t dancing and suggests he answer some of the telephones. Liza encourages Zach to work with Ryan, but Zach refuses. J.R. and Marissa kiss. David and Amanda spend time with Trevor. Madison gives Frankie the poisoned water for Randi. Adam tells Scott that he is having visions about the night Stuart was killed. Taylor tries to occupy David while Jake and Amanda spend time together. David catches Jake and Amanda together in the bathroom, but they stage a fight for David’s benefit. David tries to get Amanda to talk to him, but she refuses.

Annie and Ryan reminisce about the past. When Annie lets it slip that she is doing this to protect Emma, Ryan wants to know what she means, but she refuses to say anything. Jesse shows the picture of Madison to a waitress and tells her that if she sees her to let him know. Brot tells Jesse that he saw Madison. Angie gets Randi out of the dance marathon and takes her into the bathroom. When Angie goes to get Randi some food, Madison sneaks in. Two other women come into the bathroom before Madison can do anything to Randi. When Taylor comes into the bathroom, Randi mistakes her for Madison. Jesse and Frankie find Taylor unconscious in the bathroom stall while Randi's gone. Jake and Liza realize that Ryan knows something about Annie’s secret.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

When Craig asks Teri if she is ready for her big day, she says no. Rosanna assures Teri that this is just a test run. Craig asks Rosanna to join them. Parker asks Liberty if she is okay. Liberty tells Parker that she had to throw up and the nurse saw her and dragged her to her office. Liberty told the nurse she had food poisoning. Liberty tells Parker that she had reached a decision. Jack questions Janet as to how Liberty is. Brad tells Katie that they have to do something soon concerning Liberty and this baby. Brad and Katie do not agree on Liberty having an abortion. At the Metro, Audrey asks Henry how many drinks had he gulped down. Henry tells Audrey that he doesn’t like the idea of money laundering in the Metro. Ralph arrives. Henry tells Ralph that he doesn’t like the idea of this deal, but Ralph reminds him that he has a deal with Audrey. Kids at school harass Liberty over her being pregnant. Janet comes over to visit Brad, but finds him gone. Janet talks Katie into talking to Liberty. Liberty denies to the kids at school that there is a baby. Craig and Rosanna arrive at Metro and find out about Ralph. Craig doesn’t like the idea of Ralph being a partner’s partner. Parker confronts Tony about being the father of Liberty’s baby and that Tony needs to step up. Katie tries to talk to Liberty, but Liberty sees through it and knows that Janet had put Katie up t this .Craig and Ralph argue over the Metro. Teri is reunited with “Uncle Ralphie.” Teri lets Craig know that Ralph is not really her uncle. Jack finds out about Parker beating up Tony. Jack orders Parker to back off of Liberty. Liberty calls Parker and tells him that she wants to go to Chicago today and get this over with. Parker agrees to help her. Ralph offers Teri help with Janet. Craig tells Rosanna about Ralph. Audrey tries to warm up to Craig. Parker and Liberty attempt to leave for Chicago, but Jack and Janet catches them just in time. Liberty and Janet reach a compromise concerning the baby. Katie and Brad feel the baby kick.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is torn. She tells Katie that Marcus seems so happy about being adopted, maybe now is not the time to tell him about Justin, his bio father. It’s best for both of them not to know. Justin sees Marcus’s photo on the internet and can’t help but wonder if this is his son. He goes back to the office and tracks down Marcus. They talk a little of their interest in basketball. Donna comes in and Justin says he came to say goodbye before returning to New York. Why didn’t she tell him Marcus was her son? She sloughs it off that it just didn’t come up. Eric tells Ridge that he’s made a decision to adopt Marcus. Ridge is incredulous that he would make Donna’s son a Forrester. Eric says Marcus watches over the company just as Thorne and Ridge do. They should be grateful. Bill invites Katie into his apartment where he surprises her with an intimate dinner.

Ridge questions his dad if he really knows Marcus this well. He is disturbed that Eric would accept him and any past he might have. Marcus comes in and assures Ridge that he already thinks of Eric as his father. He has done so much for him. Donna tries to dodge any of Justin’s questions concerning Marcus. She’s uneasy when he keeps turning the subject around to him. Bill doesn’t even wait until Katie finishes her meal. He kisses her and says he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. It’s worth the wait for her. They kiss and then slowly begin to undress each other and lie back on the bed. Afterwards she giggles that he definitely is not the man that everyone warned her about. She laments that she is not afraid of him hurting her. Ridge tells Marcus that he would like to see his mom and dad back together, but he has accepted his marriage to Donna. While he is not ecstatic, he says he is not against Eric adopting Marcus, but Marcus must know and respect what it means to be a member of this family. Justin keeps on with Donna about finding a grown young man on her doorstep claiming to be her son. Now it has changed her life. He needs to know the truth. If Marcus is their son; is he Marcus’s father?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate solicits Stefano’s help, telling him about Daniel and finally admitting to poisoning Chloe and setting Daniel up for it. Stefano makes her promise to do something for him in return, which is non-negotiable. She agrees. Daniel, meanwhile, works on freeing himself from his bonds. Later, Stefano and Kate discover that Daniel has escaped. Stefano promises Kate that he will take care of him. Chloe tries to convince Lucas that Kate was the one that poisoned her, not Daniel. Lucas refuses to believe it. Chloe tries to get Lucas to help her locate Daniel, as she fears for his safety. Nicole talks EJ into finally going to Paris for their extended honeymoon. Little does he know, Nicole has no plans on returning to Salem. Rafe talks to a friend about DNA testing in an attempt to prove that Sydney is Sami’s daughter. He goes over to Sami’s place to try to retrieve some samples from a hairbrush. Rafe also tries to call Sami, but she is praying, and Claire says that she will have to call him back. At Sami’s apartment, Meredith, who has been following Rafe, confronts him. He says he is busy, and that they can talk later. Meredith doesn’t take kindly to this, and just as Sami returns Rafe’s call, Meredith knocks Rafe unconscious with a fireplace poker.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Johnny wonders why Olivia is warning him not to trust Dante/Dominic. Olivia says Dante/Dominic is Sonny’s “golden boy” so Johnny needs to be cautious. Jax tells Michael he had nothing to do with his shooting. Michael suspects that Jax knows more than he’s willing to admit. Jax promises to disclose everything once the baby is born. The two cover when Carly arrives. Claudia panics when she hears Sam tell Jason about Michael’s memories while he was comatose. Claudia confides in Johnny, who tells her to leave town. Johnny advises Olivia to keep her distance from Claudia. Jason tells Sam he’s interested in what Michael remembers Claudia saying. Nikolas can’t stop thinking about Liz. Sonny wonders why Ronnie is visiting Dante/Dominic. Sonny asks Dante/Dominic to “prove” his loyalty by killing Johnny if and when it’s necessary. Dante/Dominic agrees to Sonny’s request. Sonny visits Anthony and promises that Johnny will “pay the price” if any of his employees or family members are attacked again. Dante/Dominic pays Johnny a visit. Olivia panics when she sees her son and Johnny shaking hands. Liz is less than friendly with Rebecca when she drops by Lucky’s house with a gift basket. Lucky confides about the marriage counseling session to Nikolas. Jason and Sam privately grill Jax about Michael’s memories. Jax admits nothing about the shooting. Jason worries that Michael’s memories may put him in “danger.” Jax and Jason agree to do whatever it takes to “protect” Carly. Nik turns down a dinner invitation from Lucky. Liz gets upset and spills her drink when Lucky says Nik is spending an uninterrupted evening with Rebecca.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The Last Show:  Lillian and the Coopers are at Company with Olivia and Natalia talking about the baby. Ashley and her mom have a nice moment together. Alex still can't believe Fletcher is there. Phillip walks in and see Fletcher and welcomes him. Fletcher tells Phillip he is sorry about his father. Reva gets a cryptic call from Josh telling her to meet him at Cross Creek. Ashley goes to see Daisy telling her she is going to California and that they can stay together there. Daisy hugs her. Remy goes to see Mel. He sees Cyrus there in her bed. Cyrus tells him he is there wishing Mel a Happy Birthday. Frank tells Olivia and Natalia that Daisy is headed to Cal., for College. Alex tells the family she is going back with Fletcher. Phillip tells Fletcher to take care of her. Fletcher promises too. Alex tells them she'll be back. Josh is outside Cross Creek next to HB's old truck, smiling when Reva arrives. She gives him a compliment about it. Josh tells her he is going back to Oklahoma to oversee a wing to a hospital in honor of H.B. Reva can't figure out how is plans changed so fast. Then he gives her a "whopper" of news and asks her to go back with him. Before Daisy and Ashley, Remy and Christina leave, They have Doris do a quickie wedding for them. Olivia and Natalia make plans. Josh apologizes for his sudden comment earlier saying he knew she wasn't ready neither is he. That is why he is leaving town. That probably a year from now she will be ready. As he drives off telling her he'll see her in a year. Billy comes to see Josh off only to find Reva alone. She tells him that Josh just drove off. Billy asks her what she'll do in a year. Reva says she doesn't know. Maureen tries to hitch her dad, Matt with her teacher. Phillip gets a gift of a journal from Beth. She tells him she wants him to write again. They are interrupted by a phone call from Rick telling him that he wants Phillip and Beth to meet him at the park. Frank and Blake run into each other mentioning a date they are meeting. Frank then realizes it is her. They both smile and Blake laughs. Frank asks her to go for a walk. Blake says she'd love to. They walk away hand in hand. They run into Olivia and Natalia, who sees they are happy.

Lizzie tells Bill she is happy with Sarah and Jonathan being in town. Bill questions who she wants to have babies with. She tells Bill it is him. At the park, Beth and Phillip run into Mindy. Phillip is so happy and they hug. On a bench at the other end of the park, Mel, Cyrus, Christina and Remy are talking. Mel jokes about how many times they have married. Remy tells her this is the last since they are having a baby. Reva sees Olivia and Natalia are together. She is happy for them. Reva tells Olivia that Josh left town with telling her to meet him in a year. Reva continues to tell Olivia she is not sure. One year later everyone is at the park and Lizzie is pregnant, Christina has had her baby, Blake and Frank have a little one of their own. Natalia is pregnant again. Rick and Mindy are planning their wedding. James is back and so is Daisy from school. Dinah and Mallet are also there hiding in an old church. Rafe is back on leave. Jonathan and Bill wonder about Reva. Josh comes back for his answer. Only to see her and her son. She tells him he was right and that she found herself. Josh asks if she found herself. She says yes. Josh also has found it. That they want each other. Back at the park all there are playing baseball or eating hotdogs. Dinah accepts Mallet's proposal. James takes off with Daisy and Ashley. And Danny, Michelle, Rick and Mindy, Philip and Beth salute each other. Josh gets an old fashion car and gets Reva and her son in it and go. No mention of Jeffrey. The End

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr and Hope sit at a table in the Angel Square diner when Langston comes in to join them. Langston is afraid that she is going to lose Markko to a girl at school. At La Boulaie, Tea and Blair have a conversation and Blair reveals that she has a secret about Tea. Fish shows his parents a book entitled, “How to Tell Your Parents that you are gay.” Kyle is in his motel room when his friend comes to visit. They begin to kiss, but Kyle pulls away. Natalie visits and interrupts Jessica and Brody kissing. Jared stumbles into Brody’s room, all beaten up and bleeding. Natalie immediately calls for a nurse. Todd visits Ross at the cabana and threatens to burn the place down unless Ross comes out. Blair reveals a secret to Tea that she knows a secret that would keep Tea from marrying Todd. Blair receives a call from Ross. Todd starts to pour gasoline over the door of the cabana. Blair comes up and throws a bucket of water all over Todd. Tea join Todd and Blair and finds out what Todd was about to do. The man inside the cabana opens the door. Brody tells Jared to tell him everything about the package that he and Natalie had received. Jared and Natalie open up and reveal everything to Brody and Jessica. George thinks that it is Cristian that is gay and starts to give Cristian advice. Fish opens up and reveals to George that it is him who is gay and not Cristian.

Blair, Todd, Tea and Chad have a confrontation outside of the cabana which results in Tea leaving in a huff. Todd goes after Tea while Blair thanks Chad for his help. Fish insists to his Mother that she tell George what had happened years ago. Barbara is slow to want to tell George anything about Fish’s past. Barbara finally opens up and tells George about Fish. Layla defends Fish to his parents. Markko’s mother shows up at the diner to talk to Markko about college. Markko realizes that he may never be able to go home. Todd and Tea argue over Blair. Tea realizes that Todd’s place is with Blair and the children. Tea tells Todd that she cannot marry him. Blair and Ross argue which results in them kissing. Someone watches Jessica, Brody, Natalie and Jared from outside the hospital room window. Kyle’s friend notices some pictures on the front of the newspaper. Kyle’s friend begins to cry.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the lake, Mary Jane (Patty) plays a game of eeny-meeny miny mo to decide who she will shoot. Victor tells Mary Jane (Patty) that Jack is not worth anything that Victor can get her a plane and get her out of town. Victor and Mary Jane (Patty) struggle over the gun and it fires. Victor begins to moan and groan. Paul and J.T. are on their way around the lake. Paul finds pieces of Colleen’s scarf. J.T. and Paul hears gunshots. Paul shuts the phone off from talking to Traci. Billy yells for Paul, but Paul doesn’t answer. Victoria tells Nick that J.T. called and there is no sign of Colleen. Victoria lets Nick know how shocked she is that Victor had been involved with Patty. Adam finds Ashley packing. Ashley tells Adam that she is moving out. Jack calls an ambulance for Victor and Colleen. Patty runs off into the woods and J.T. tells Paul to go after her. J.T. urges Victor to hang on. Ashley tells Adam that Victor had used Patty to get back at Jack. Adam lets Ashley know that Jack had confronted Victor about this situation. Adam calls Dr. Taylor to get over there fast before Ashley can leave. Traci insists to Billy she is going to find Colleen. Ashley writes Victor a good-bye letter. Chance tells Nick and Victoria about Victor. Paul calls out for Patty and finds her in the cabin. Patty tells Paul that she had been bitten by a northern widow spider. Paul wants to get Patty help, but Patty insists that Paul let her die. Colleen and Victor are taken to the hospital. Paul comforts Patty and tells her that they are going to get through this. Jack tells Traci that Patty had shot Victor three times. The doctor tells Traci and Jack that they had to put Colleen on a ventilator. Dr. Taylor arrive to see Ashley. Dr. Snyder orders a EEG on Victor. Billy blames himself for this whole mess. The doctor tells Victoria and Nick that one bullet had hit in the middle lobe of the right lung and the other bullets had shattered and a fragment had hit Victor’s heart. Paul calls Chance and tells him that he is bringing Patty in. Patty gives her kitten to Paul her kitty as Chance takes Patty away. Billy arrives at Ashley’s and tells her and Adam that Victor had been shot .Dr. Snyder tells Traci that Colleen may be brain dead.

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