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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, the dance marathon is in full swing. Kendall watches them from her hidden room. Kelly interviews Tad about the marathon. Pics are shown of Erica and the starving children. Jake sees Natalia come in and goes over to talk to her. Amanda is more than a little friendly with David. Jake asks Tad to do him a favor. J.R. dances with Marissa while Scott watches. Brot and Taylor dance together and are glad that they can still be friends. Ryan and Erica and Adam and Annie earn a break from dancing. Madison calls in a big donation for Frankie and Randi which earns them a break from dancing. David and Amanda see Jake and Taylor dancing together.

Marissa and J.R. confess they are falling in love with each other and kiss, much to David’s disgust. Amanda talks David out of doing anything to J.R. Liza intercepts a call from Kendall to Zach. Zach talks to Kendall and she asks him what does he think that he is doing . Erica and Ryan watch Annie. Adam begins to have visions of the night that Stuart was killed. Madison watches the dance marathon from afar.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Damian and Lily sleeping together continues to cause problems with Lily and the Snyder side of the family. Lucinda isn't too happy either and asks Lily to take the kids and go with her on an extended vacation but Lily refuses telling her mom she can't run away from her problems. Lucinda then goes to Meg and tells her she has lost her edge and she must fight for Damian. Meg decided to take Lucinda's advice and warns Lily she intends to fight for Damian. Lily had told Damian she didn't want to see him anymore but after her discussion with Meg she changes her mind and tells Damian that she still wants to see him. Emily calls off the wedding after Paul allows Meg to tell him her troubles with Damian. Emily doesn't want to come in second to anyone anymore. Paul persuades Emily that he and Meg will always be connected because of Eliza but he isn't in love with Meg anymore. Paul and Emily later have a very touching wedding ceremony before a justice of the peace.

Margo persuades Tom to defend Adam in his trial because she doesn't want him to plead guilty to the charges against him. Casey is angry that Adam always gets what he wants no matter who gets hurt. Adam tells Casey and Alison about when Gwen and Maddie buried him in the ground and left him to die but insists that neither of them tell anyone about the incident because he doesn't want to cause Gwen and Maddie anymore pain. Alison thinks that what Maddie and Gwen did to Adam was horrible and thinks that Casey should talk to Maddie or Gwen and hear their side of the story. Casey thinks that Adam deserved whatever Maddie and Gwen did to him and he is annoyed because Alison is taking Adam's side just like everyone else.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin asks Donna how she could leave him like that years ago; just disappear without a word. She offers that she is sorry, but that was a lifetime ago. He wants to catch up on her past activities and life. He assures her that he loves the business world so doesn’t miss basketball. And he was one of those guys that perhaps wasn’t supposed to have children. Stephanie looks for Ridge, but finds Eric instead. He tells her that he has some news for her – he is adopting Marcus. She’s shocked. She likes Marcus, but he is a grown man now and already has an adopted family and Marcus is already mentioned in Eric’s will so this seems a little unnecessary. Katie finds Marcus playing basketball on the rooftop. He challenges her to a few shots. He tells her the most incredible thing just happened; he found his father. She’s astonished to find out when he admits it is Eric. Marcus goes by the office to see Donna and she introduces him to Justin Barber, an old friend. Donna looks uneasy. She is jumpy later when Katie walks in. She explains that she just saw Justin and she did not tell him about Marcus. Now she is having doubts if she did the right thing. Four little words and she could change both Marcus and Justin’s world…plus Eric now that he wants to adopt Marcus. Katie advises her to just drop this. If Marcus wanted to know about his father then he would ask.

Stephanie plays the devil’s advocate and offers her concern for the children’s sake if Eric goes through with this adoption. When Eric leaves, Stephanie stands there feeling strange. She acts like she is dizzy, her arm is numb but she finally moves it and starts to walk out. Justin looks up the Forrester’s on his laptop….particularly Donna. When he sees that Marcus is Donna’s son, the realization hits him that Marcus could be his son. Donna tells Katie that she must do what is best for Marcus and not tell Justin the truth.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe wakes up. Roman arrests Nathan and Melanie, anyway. The two end up bonding at the police station, and Nathan informs Maggie when she shows up that he and Melanie did a great thing. Lucas confronts Chloe about her lies in regards to Daniel. She later tries to convince Roman that Daniel couldn’t have poisoned her, as she and Daniel are in love. She thinks someone else must have done it. Chloe then admits to Lucas that she is in love with Daniel and asks where he is. Kate prepares to poison Daniel, but Lucas interrupts, calling her and telling her about Chloe waking up. Kate leaves Daniel tied up and gagged in the hotel and heads over to the DiMera mansion to ask for help. Nicole lays into Mia and panics when EJ calls to tell her that he is talking to Will, and asks her to meet the two. She does so, but later learns that Will didn’t tell EJ anything. Nicole tells EJ that she wants them to move out of the country permanently. Mia confides in Maggie and tells her about having a baby and giving it up for adoption. Will later apologizes to Mia and the two make up. Sami dreams about Rafe and places a call to him. The two talk about Grace, and Sami tells Rafe about Grace having trouble breathing at birth, and how Baker took her away from her. Rafe presses her for more info, but Sami hangs up on him. She later confides in Sister Claire that she feels she should trust Rafe more, considering all that he has done for her. Rafe confides in Arianna about Nicole’s miscarriage. He later learns about Baker buying and selling babies after threatening Sarah. Rafe finally puts it all together and figures out that Nicole miscarried her baby, and switched Sydney and Grace at birth.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz tells Nikolas she couldn’t turn down Lucky’s proposal. Liz and Lucky have their first therapy session with Dr. Winters. Liz seems uncomfortable when the discussion turns to “trust.” Maxie has “wedding jitters” so Robin steps in with some advice. Maxie is determined to marry Spinelli, no matter what her reservations are. Robin says Maxie should wait until “the time is right.” Maxie says she isn’t ready for children and Spinelli is. Spinelli isn’t certain that Jason supports his marriage to Maxie. Jason wonders if Spinelli would rather Johnny took over the role of best man. Spinelli says his choice is Jason. Michael tells Sam how “Jax confessed” while he was comatose. Michael wonders if Jax was the one who tried to kill Sonny. Sam mentions the warehouse shooting and Jax and Carly are concerned. Jax is upset to learn that Sonny is under attack again and nobody alerted him. Carly wonders why “Jax is the focus” of Michael’s “anger.” Claudia and Olivia argue over Johnny. Sonny wants to talk “business” with Johnny so Olivia leaves. Johnny is less than friendly with Claudia. Sonny accuses Johnny of helping plan the ambush. Jason asks Johnny if he thinks Anthony will attack again. Johnny says they should “prepare for the worst.”

Morgan goes to the hospital to see Dante/Dominic. Morgan tells Dante/Dominic to come and stay with his family until he’s recovered. Olivia goes to visit Dante/Dominic and tries to discourage him from getting close to Morgan. Olivia worries that Dante/Dominic was the intended “target” of the ambush. Sam assures Michael she’ll try and help him uncover some information. Carly confronts Sonny about the warehouse shooting. Carly says she thinks it’s a good idea for Dante/Dominic to move in so he can look after Morgan. Michael confronts Jax about his dislike for Sonny. Michael then brings up what he remembers while in the coma. Michael demands to know if Jax planned to kill Sonny. Olivia warns Johnny not to “trust” Dante/Dominic. Ronnie warns Dante/Dominic not to get “emotionally involved” with Morgan. Sam tells Jason that Michael hired her to find out who shot him. Claudia hears Sam tell Jason that Michael is having memory flashes.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill delivers Alan in a box to Phillip. Bill asks if Phillip wants to be alone. Phillip doesn't answer him. Mr. Fenton from Berkley College calls Daisy to tell her that there is an opening and she was picked. She is hesitant. She tells him she'll call him back. Buzz though is the one that makes the call. At Reva's she tries to convince Jonathan to move in with her. Jonathan tells her, "I am too old to be living with my mother." She tells him, "I know." Josh tells Billy to move on with his life so that he can get married. Daisy tells Buzz about the call from the college and that she is hesitant about going. He tells her to go. Cyrus makes chocolate chip cookies for Company. Josh drops by Reva. She thinks Josh got Shayne's message. Josh is clueless as to what she is talking about but is going with what Reva is telling him about moving on with her life. Danny and Michelle arrive and surprises Rick, who is happy and shocked. Michelle tell them they were going cross-country. Remy gets a phone call that he is not married. There is no record of it. He tells Olivia. Jeffrey calls Jonathan to tell him he thinks he has tracked down Edmund. Josh meets up with Billy and tells him he was right that Reva is not ready for Josh to propose. Josh tells Billy with the kids around he just couldn't ask her. Jeffrey starts spying on the warehouse he thinks Edmund is using. Lillian goes searching for Buzz and finds him on the beach. Lizzie and Bill join them. Lizzie tells them that Alan loved this spot to think. Then Alex and Phillip join them as do Beth and James. Remy goes to Christina to tell her they are not legally married because they forgot the license. She is not happy. Mel talks to Cyrus about his situation. He hands her a container of his chocolate chip cookies. They go into a passionate kiss. Reva is on the phone, then calls Jonathan over and tells him she found a perfect place for him and Sarah. Jonathan is hesitant.

Back on the beach Phillip and Buzz talk about Springfield without Alan Spaulding. Buzz mentions how Alan brought the best and worse in all of them, but he'll miss him. Each gets a chance to grab some of the ashes to spread on the beach. Lillian goes first, Buzz, then James, Lizzie and Beth, Alexandra, Phillip. Phillip and James talk about how they will miss Alan. Then they start throwing a Frisbee back and forth. Rick is at Company with Frank. Frank is on the computer with his "computer date" making a date to meet. Mel and Cyrus are in bed together laughing and playing under the covers. Josh spends time with the family. Marina wants to take a picture of Josh with little Henry. Josh asks her to send him a copy. Marina promises she will. He then hugs Shayne and leaves. Jonathan and Reva go to where Cassie lived with Richard. Reva tell him that Cassie couldn't bear to cell it so she gave it to Reva to do with as she saw fit. Reva gives him the keys. Jeffrey finds one of Edmund's henchmen and fights him till the guy is unconscious. Then he spots Edmund on Electricity grid. They yell back and forth about getting Edmund. Edmund wants to know what Jeffrey will do after he kills him. Jeffrey says, "I'll go home." Rick comes home from food shopping. He tells everyone he's got the burgers. Ed shows up at Holly's. He invites her to go with him. She asks how long she has to pack. He tells her 15 minutes. At the beach, Phillip and Beth spend some time alone together. Phillip tells her he is both sad and happy. At the Spaulding Mansion the rest of them have come home. Bill hands Alex a cup of tea and asks her how she is. Fletcher arrives and Alex goes into his arms and has a good cry. Josh goes to see Billy, who is outside looking at building plans. Josh tells him he's said his goodbyes. Jonathan goes to Cassie's and asks Tammy if it is ok that he owns it. Reva walks by and asks him who he was talking to. He tells her none of her business then tells her he's moving in to Cassie's old place.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Tea announce to Blair and the kids that they are engaged to be married. But Starr and Jack know that Blair is lying when she says she's ok with it. Tea tells Blair she knows she is scheming something. Blair attempts to hide Ross outside. But he is not hiding very well. Dorian announces that she will run against Viki in the mayoral race. Viki is completely confident that she won't have any problem defeating Dorian because Dorian's soiled record speaks for itself. Fish's parents make a surprise visit for which neither he nor Layla nor Cristian anticipate. And he is ready to tell them the truth. Natalie, Jared and Clint discover that somebody is after Jared because he's responsible for the death of Nash Brennan. And when Jared is alone in the office, an unseen person comes up behind him and grabs him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily and Cane wake up together on the sofa and kiss. Lily urges Cane to go get some rest. Lily lies back down on the sofa. Lily prays for Colleen to be watched over. Ashley comes downstairs to check on Abby. They discuss Colleen. Abby cannot understand why Victor is so against Colleen. Billy and Traci are pacing the floor in Traci’s living room. Steve comes in. Traci gets a call from Ashley and leaves the room. Billy and Steve discuss why there hasn’t been any word about Colleen. Billy lets Steve know about Victor’s involvement in this Patty situation. Traci tells Billy that Ashley is bringing Abby over and she doesn’t want Billy to say anything at all about Victor’s involvement to Ashley. Jack searches the woods for Colleen and yells for her. Jack looks out on the lake and sees a boat overturned. Jack searches for a boat to check for Colleen on the lake. Patty hears someone yelling for Colleen and realizes that it is jack. Jack rescues Colleen, brings her onshore and lies her down on the ground. Patty walks out of hiding and holds a gun on Jack. Patty refuses to let Jack call for help for Colleen. Lily gets a visit from Colleen, who tells her what had happened on the lake.

Jack calls Paul about Colleen, but Patty threatens to shoot Colleen if he doesn’t hang up the cell phone. Lily pours her heart out to Colleen about her chemotherapy. Billy tells Ashley about Victor’s involvement with Patty and Victor’s bringing Patty to Genoa City to get back at Jack. Victor arrives in the woods where Paul, Colleen and Patty are. Patty turns the gun on Victor. Lily urges Colleen to stay awhile with her, but when Lily gets the tea ready, Lily finds Colleen gone. Lily awakens and realizes that it was only a dream. J.T. and Paul search for Colleen and finds pieces of her scarf. J.T. and Paul hear gunshots near the lake. Ashley comes home, looks at a pic of her and Victor and then drops it onto the floor. Ashley stomps her feet on the picture, thus breaking the glass. Ashley sits down on the piano stool and begins to cry.

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