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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Slater home, Zach fixes Kendall’s door with a latch on the inside so that Liza will not find Kendall’s hiding place. At Fusion, Kelly interviews Erica about the dance marathon. Kendall and Zach watch Erica from her hiding place. Adam and Annie arrive for the dance marathon and are immediately questioned by Kelly about Annie’s trial date. Amanda and Jake meet on the roof of Fusion. Amanda tells Jake that she is going to dance with David in the dance marathon. Jake goes ballistic. Amanda tells Jake that she wants David to fall in love with her. Tad is behind the bar, registering the couples for the marathon when David comes in with Trevor. David lets Tad know that he will be dancing with Amanda. Liza also arrives for the dance marathon. In talking to Angie, Jesse begins to wonder if Madison had killed Henry herself. In the bathroom, Randi suggests to Taylor that she ask Tad to dance. Madison listens to them from inside the bathroom stall. Taylor asks Tad to dance, but Tad refuses. Ryan confronts Adam and Annie and orders them to leave. Erica comes up, pulls Adam away for a conversation while Ryan and Annie slur each other. Erica and Adam have a heated conversation, with Adam hurling insults about Kendall. Erica orders Adam to leave, but Adam promises to match any donation up to a million dollars. Amanda promises Jake to get David out of the picture forever. Ryan urges Erica to send Adam and Annie home.

The dance marathon begins with everyone dancing. Jake spends some time alone with Trevor. Ryan and Erica take a breather downstairs. Kendall becomes furious when she sees Zach and Liza at the dance marathon together. Madison watches the festivities at the marathon. Opal in the bathroom with Emma, suddenly turns around and sees blood coming down the bathroom stall door.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Damian and Lily are in bed together after making love. Holden tries to raise Maeve’s spirits by telling her that she needs to get away from Ebb before he kills her. Damian tries to get Lily to relax, but she feels guilty about what she has done. Lily tells Damian that her children will hate her. At Meg’s, Luke tries to calm Faith down from being so angry with Lily. Meg asks Luke what is going on, but Luke tells Meg to talk to Damian. Maeve kisses Ebb and then gets him a beer. Maeve picks up a skillet and hits Ebb over the head. Maeve, quickly unchains Holden. Damian arrives at Meg’s. Meg confronts Damian about sleeping with Lily. Damian confesses to Meg that he had slept with Lily. Meg slaps his face.

Meg accuses Damian of using her to get close to Lily. Maeve puts a gun to Ebb’s head and starts to kill him, but Holden talks her out of it. Lily tries to explain to Luke and Faith about her and Damian, but Faith doesn’t want to hear any explanation. Faith tells Lily that she will not allow her to forget about Holden. Faith goes upstairs leaving Lily and Luke alone. Lily tries to explain to Luke about her and Damian and how guilty that she feels. Lily and Luke hug. Damian visits Lily, but Luke intercepts him at the door , and orders Damian to go away. Damian watches, from outside the window, Luke and Faith together. Holden and Maeve hear gunshots and go in the opposite direction. Holden and Maeve fall in a deep hole. Ebb comes along and finds them. Ebb doesn’t know whether or not to let a bear kill them or Ebb kill them himself as he pulls out a pistol.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus is ecstatic that Donna now wants to tell him about his father. She’s surprised too when he tells him that Eric wants to adopt him. He convinces her that he has everything he wants right here, so there is no need to go stirring up anything with his biological father who does not know he exists. Justin tells Bill that Forrester had a downfall after Christmas. Bill needs to get Katie out of there and take her away from Forrester. Katie asks Eric if he’s talked this adoption over with Marcus. They don’t know what the biological father would say either. Eric says it is the right thing to do. He doesn’t want Marcus to feel like he is a hanger-on or for Donna to feel they are just tolerating Marcus. Katie drops in on Bill and pulls Justin into the conversation. He confesses that he knew Donna as always above board, free of drama and games. He always knew where he stood with her. Katie fishes around for “the story” on Justin. Bill sings his praises, but knows little of his private life. He wants to change the subject and promises her a very memorable, perhaps unforgettable evening.

Donna thanks Eric for including Marcus in the family. This is something she has always wanted. Marcus is also sure that his adopted parents will want this for him too. Justin stops by to talk to Donna. He says he hopes he didn’t act too cool last night, but her showing up had surprised him. They talk old times and he says he always wondered what happened to her. She left the country without saying a word to him. He was hurt. He got over it and he’s not blaming her, but is there something that he should have known.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel foolishly taunts Kate with the recording he made of her admitting to poisoning Chloe. She ends up knocking him out and tying him to the bed of the hotel room the two are in. Lucas accuses Melanie of poisoning Chloe. Melanie admits to it, saying that she was trying to save Chloe, but Nathan won’t let her take the blame, and tells Lexie everything. Furious, she calls Roman, who places Melanie and Nathan under arrest. Just before he hauls them off, a nurse tell Lexie that Chloe’s vitals are strengthening. Everyone gathers around as Chloe begins to wake up. Rafe listens in as Brady tells Nicole about Mia getting ready to tell Will the truth about Sydney. Nicole heads off to confront Mia, but before she goes, Rafe overhears Nicole telling Brady that EJ can never find out about her miscarriage. Rafe meets with Sarah again, but isn’t able to get any new information out of her, other than that something underhanded was going on at the clinic. Mia tells Will that the adoption of her baby was closed, and claims that she doesn’t know where she is. Will seems to understand her predicament, but suspects that she is being dishonest about something else and storms off. Later, Will confides in EJ about his breakup with Mia. He asks EJ if he could forgive Nicole if she lied to him. EJ wonders what it is that Mia lied to Will about. Nicole confronts Mia, furious with her. Mia tries to assure her that Will has no idea who her baby is, but Nicole is still frightened that the truth will come out.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam wakes up in Jason’s bed. Spinelli and Maxie use the penthouse to “plan” the wedding with Robin, Patrick, Molly, and Kristina. Jason and Sam are unaware they have company and they come downstairs half naked. Jason gets dressed then asks everyone to leave. Molly has a one on one conversation with Jason. Molly makes Jason promise to treat Sam with respect. Sam listens in as Jason talks to Molly. Sam kindly asks Molly to stay out of her personal life. Liz and Nikolas separately think about each other. Rebecca brings breakfast to Wyndemere. Lucky bursts in and announces that he and Liz are getting married. Jax notices Michael’s angry “attitude” toward him. Michael is hostile toward Jax but he doesn’t say anything about the memories of Jax apologizing to him. Michael goes to visit the fortuneteller again to see if she can help him sort out the flashbacks. The fortuneteller tells Michael to be patient, then suddenly touches Michael’s forehead and gives him a strange message about “villains.” She says, “some are standing by the bed and some are in the mirror.” Michael tells Sam what he remembers Jax saying about Jerry. Michael wonders if “Jax was in on the shooting.” Ethan asks Edward to discourage Rebecca from seeing Nikolas. Edward says Rebecca has great potential and he agrees to help Ethan. Morgan asks Carly if Dante/Dominic can stay at the house while he’s recovering. Jax and Carly discuss the situation until Michael interrupts. Michael looks up and sees Jax’s reflection in the mirror. Tracy comes to the hospital and bickers with Rebecca over Edward. Spinelli asks Jason for words of encouragement about the wedding. Spinelli senses that Jason isn’t completely sold on the idea of him marrying Maxie. Liz runs into Nikolas and he congratulates her on the upcoming marriage to Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip calls for Rick to come with the M.E. van to check on a possible dead Alan. While the families see of the couples. Beth is with Alex and Frank and tells them that she and Phillip have something to tell them. Bill thanks Jonathan for doing what he did concerning Sarah. Bill promises to help protect Sarah. Jonathan thanks him. Rick arrives to check on Alan to make sure he is dead rather than in a coma. Rick verifies that Alan is dead. The M.E. van gets there and takes Alan away. Rick comforts Phillip. Rick tells him he'll go back to the hospital to do the paperwork, but will join him back to the house to help tell the family. At Olivia and Natalie's they are packing a goodie package for Rafe and looking at pictures. Frank helps Rafe pack. He and Frank talk about Natalia. Frank tells him, "You're a good boy." Rafe tells him that he doesn't often hear that at Reva's, Jonathan is uneasy. Reva tells him Sarah is fine. They don't know Alan is dead. Lizzie and Bill are enjoying time with Sarah. Daisy is with James. She tells him she has to go back to Company for her shift. Beth and Alex are at the Spaulding Mansion talking wondering when Alan will return. Phillip tells them about finding Alan. Alexandra takes it the hardest. Beth sits and cries as Phillip comforts Alexandra. Alex takes hold of herself and asks Phillip if the rest of the family knows. Phillip tells her that he hasn't had time but he will. He offers to help Beth tell her and Alan's daughter. Phillip leaves Alex alone and holds a picture of Alan. Beth hugs her youngest daughter. Rick goes to see Lizzie and Bill. Bill takes Sarah so that Phillip and Lizzie can talk. At Company, everyone is enjoying Buzz and Lillian's happiness until the phone rings and Lillian answers it and gives it to Olivia. She announces to everyone that Alan is dead. Then at Reva's, Jonathan gets the phone call, it is Bill to tell Jonathan that Alan has died. Jonathan relays the message to Reva. He continues to tell her he has to go get Sarah so that they can go to the mansion. Alexandra talks to the household staff and tells them of Alan's death and that everything will be run as normal as possible.

The atmosphere goes somber at Company. Ashley tells everyone that she just talked to Alan this morning. Rafe relays how happy Alan was to hear he was going into the Army. Rafe now wants to postpone his enlistment. Buzz tells him to go as planned. Jonathan arrives at Bill and Lizzie's and tells Sarah to go and pick flowers for Grandma Reva and Mommy. When Lizzie comes out, she asks Bill if she can talk to Jonathan alone. Bill tells her he'll go and watch Sarah. At Company, Frank talks to Blake about Alan. Phillip asks Beth if she is all right. Beth tells him sometimes she wished Alan was dead or in another "part of the world." When James arrives home, Phillip hugs him. Emma and Olivia arrive at Company. Emma announces Alan's death. Rafe takes Emma into his arms, tells her he loves her, and he has to go. He gives her one of his charms and tells her that whenever she feels lonely for him to hold it. Buzz remind both Rafe and Emma that Alan loved them and to be strong. When Rafe and Frank leave, Buzz hugs Natalia while Olivia hugs Emma. At Lizzie and Bill's, Reva arrives. Josh and Billy follow. Reva is surprised to see them. Josh tells her they thought it would be nice to be there for Bill and Lizzie. They all sit in the living room. Lizzie ask if the procedure had anything to do with the death. Bill offers his help with the services. Phillip says he'll take care of it. Alex interrupts and saysl that the last time she talked with Alan, he wanted to just be cremated and have no service. He also wanted her to take his ashes to the ocean, because he didn't want to bother the family. They all look surprised at Alexandra's comment. Ashley, Frank, Daisy, Olivia, Natalia, and Blake see Rafe off at the bus stop. Olivia comforts Natalia that Rafe will be ok. At Bill and Lizzie's, Reva is jump roping with Josh and Bill. Lizzie arrives outside and they rally around her. At Company, Lillian arrives and gets a hug from Buzz. At Cedars, Alexandra is in an exam room looking at Alan, covered by a sheet, and cries. Phillip goes to the park for his goodbye to Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John and Marty wake up together. Dorian admits to Langston, Starr, and Cole that she inadvertently blew Cole’s cover. Bo holds a press conference and presents Cole, John, Brody, and Oliver with Medals of Honor for their work on the task force that broke up a drug ring and exposed a corrupt mayor. Dorian convinces the mayor to resign and makes the announcement at the end of Bo’s press conference. She later reveals that she will be running for mayor against Viki.

Fish tells Layla and Cristian that he is concerned about his parents’ arrival tomorrow. They give him the book that Cristian bought for him, “How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay.” Fish thanks them for the book but tells them that no matter how he says it, they will not accept it. Kyle tells Roxy that he has been readmitted to medical school and his record expunged. They watch Bo’s press conference on television together. When Fish comes to the Buenos Dias to meet some guys from work to celebrate, he runs into Kyle who tells him he is very proud of him. When Kyle leaves to take a call from his new boyfriend, Fish decides he doesn’t feel like celebrating, so he goes home and checks out the book Cris gave him. A middle-aged couple comes into the Buenos Dias and asks Cristian for directions. He notices that the address they are looking for is his apartment so he asks them is they are the Fishes. They are; they have arrived a day early to surprise Oliver. After unsuccessfully trying to get Bo and John to participate in David’s reality TV show, Ford gives up and leaves Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In the woods, Patty sits up against a tree. Patty talks to Kitty Kitty about Colleen leaving them by themselves. In a restaurant, J.T. and Jack discuss how they have been searching for hours for Colleen and they need to take a break. At the Newman house, jack confronts Victor about Patty having Colleen. Jack lets J.T. know that they had found Colleen’s car. Kevin and Jana are busy at the coffeehouse. Kevin wants a kiss, but Jana by passes him to go about her work. Jana finally stops long enough to give Kevin a kiss. A special news bulletin comes over the radio informing everyone that Mary Jane Benson had kidnapped Colleen. Abby comes into Ashley’s bedroom to check on her, but is reluctant to tell Ashley the news. Ashley senses something is wrong and wants to know what is wrong. Abby tells her about Colleen being kidnapped. Cane and Lily looks at old pics of Colleen.. Billy and Steve arrive at Traci’s. Traci shows Steve a book of nursery rhymes that once was Colleen’s favorite. Colleen, underwater at the lake, imagines that she sees Kevin and he reminds her about how she had treated him when they were young. Lily also appears to Colleen to give her encouragement. Ashley calls Billy about Colleen and assures him that Colleen will be fine. Lily decides to make a scrapbook for Colleen.

J.t. also appears to Colleen as she is underwater, fighting for her life. Patty gets up and starts to leave, when she collapses. Victor and Jack continue to argue over Colleen and Ashley. Billy appears to Colleen. Abby and Ashley discuss Patty and how she was when she was married to Jack. Patty awakens and prays for God to help her. Jack, in looking at a picture of Colleen, realizes where Colleen is. Jack hurries out of Victors. Colleen also sees Victor and Ashley. Colleen also has a visit from Jack’s father as well as her mother and Steve. Traci tells Colleen that they will always love her. Colleen places her hand in a man’s hand.

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