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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Natalia walks into Fusion and finds men moving everything out. Erica informs Natalia about the dance marathon for the children in Africa. At the hospital, Madison pushes Frankie away and picks up an award and hits him on the hand. Frankie falls to the floor. Liza knocks on the outside of Kendall’s hideout, but Kendall keeps Spike quiet. At the Chandler mansion, Annie tells Emma to forget about the “accident.” Zach listens to Annie and Emma talking but doesn't know what is going on. Zach takes Emma and starts to leave. Adam is in the den reliving what happened the night of Stuart’s death. When Emma sees him, she screams. Erica holds a press conference about the dance marathon. Kendall comes up with a plan to explain where Spike had been hiding. Colby finds Spike and tells Colby that he was playing hide and seek. Before Emma and Zach leave the Chandler mansion, Emma warns Zach that something bad is going to happen again. Madison draws back with the plaque to hit Frankie, but remembers killing Henry. Marissa surprises J.R. with some homemade vegetable soup. They kiss, but Marissa suddenly pulls away. J.R. is confused by Marissa’s actions. Scott walks in on Adam, Annie, Zach and Emma. Scott asks them what is going on. David’s call interrupts J.R. and Marissa. She says she has to go to her father, gets her things together and leaves.

Zach arrives home with Emma. Liza begins to ask Emma what happened the night that Stuart was murdered. Emma tells her that if Liza questions her about that night, she will tell her daddy Zach took her to see her mom. Ryan arrives home and talks to Emma and Spike. Liza questions Zach as to what Spike said about Kendall living in the walls. Zach makes up an excuse as usual to tell Liza. Liza hears Kendall make a noise upstairs and she and Zach go to investigate. When Liza asks Zach about the hollow door, he claims it's just storage space. Annie lies in bed beside Adam and dreams of kissing Scott then wakes up and sees Adam staring at her. J.R. sees Scott comforting Marissa at ConFusion and leaves. Erica, Brot and Val leave the Fusion offices. Madison steps out from the back room. Frankie and Randi make love in their living room. Spike lets it slip that they played with Ian today, but Emma covers for him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul wants to plan a big lavish wedding so half of Oakdale will come and they will know that he and Emily are happy. Emily goes to tell Susan the news and Susan isn't happy that Emily is marrying Paul. Meg plans a big romantic vacation to Aruba but Damian refuses to go at first because he doesn't want to leave Luke and Lily right now but he later changes his mind to make Meg happy. Meg decides to allow Paul to have a two week visit with Eliza while she goes on vacation with Damian. Paul tells Meg he is marrying Emily and they both wish each other happiness with their new significant others.

Henry doesn't want to give his inheritance money to his mother but Vienna tells him that even though she loves him with all her heart she will leave him if he takes James money. Audrey suggests to Henry that he can launder the money and give it to a charity that her friend Ralph has but Henry refuses to launder the money through Metro to give it to Audrey's mobster friend Ralph. Audrey's friend Ralph arrives in Oakdale and Audrey tells him that Henry has no problem with the business deal. Henry and Vienna kiss and make up when Henry tells Vienna he is going to give the money to charity.

Lily takes some sleeping pills prescribed by Susan then she dreams of Holden and sleepwalks into the Snyder pond because she thinks she is swimming with Holden. Damian rescues her and later Holds her as she sleeps because she is scared to sleep walk again. Lily snuggles up to Damian with her eyes closed and kisses him Damian kisses her back and then they begin to have sex.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna settles down in the office with her laptop and looks up Justin Barber – Bill Spencer’s right hand man. But she is busted by Marcus before she can continue. He makes a remark about Eric being his father figure. Later Eric looks for Marcus and finds him at the rooftop lounge. Eric says it gets so hectic around here that he often forgets to tell him how much Marcus is appreciated. He goes one step further. He shows Marcus legal papers where he wants to adopt him. Donna confides in a shocked Katie that Justin is Marcus’s father. She found out she was pregnant the very same day that he found out he had a basketball scholarship, so she could not tell him or hold him back. She made the only decision she thought she could. She gave up the little boy for adoption. Now she doesn’t know what is best for Justin or for Marcus. Owen returns home to a frantic Jackie. He admits that what happened was a long time ago and she had no family, plus she had a small child to feed. He understands that, but accepting it is something else much harder.

Jackie understands and won’t allow Owen to say he is sorry. She says it’s the sweet, considerate man that he is. Marcus is overwhelmed. Eric wonders if he presumed too much before actually speaking with Marcus about this. Marcus tells him that he does not know who his biological father is. Eric is the real father figure here and the only father he needs. In the course of other matters, Eric shares with Katie that he is going to adopt Marcus. Marcus senses something is upsetting Donna and asks about it. She tells him that she thinks it is time for him to meet his father. Owen tells Jackie that he could never stop loving her. He thought of her as class and sophistication and he can’t think of her like that anymore. She’s sorry that she took something precious from him. She promises their marriage will never be public assumption again. It will always be respect. She cherishes him. He admits there are still plenty of things they need to work on. She hopes he can look into his heart one more time and forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna tries to get Brady to tell her what he did for Nicole, but he refuses, and even defends her to Arianna. She goes straight to Rafe and tells him that she thinks Brady might know what Nicole did, but insists that he wouldn’t defend her if he thought she did something wrong. EJ cancels his honeymoon and confronts Nicole about the restraining order she took out against Rafe. Nicole admits that Rafe thinks that she harmed Grace, and has been harassing her. Mia decides to tell Will about being pregnant and giving up her baby. Brady overhears and warns her not to do so, as it will negatively affect both her and Sydney. Mia promises that she will only tell Will that she had baby, not that Nicole adopted her, but Brady is still worried. He calls Nicole to warn her as Mia meets up with Will and tells him about her and Chad’s baby. Will wants to know where the baby is now. Nicole meets with Brady after receiving the message from him. Rafe follows her and spies in on their conversation. Sami decides to stay at the convent for a few days and confides in Sister Claire about Rafe. She later dreams about him. Daniel calls Kate to a hotel room and pretends that he thinks it’s his fault she went after Chloe. He kisses her and she responds. He then pushes her away, laughing in her face for thinking that he could want her after what she did. Kate admits that she took Chloe from Daniel, and that Chloe and Daniel both deserved it. Much to her horror, Daniel admits that he has taped the entire conversation. Nathan and Melanie give Chloe the drug Daniel asked them to give her. Lucas nearly catches them and has some choice word for Melanie over what she has done to both Philip and Nick. Chloe flat lines. Lexie learns that someone gave her more of the drug that originally poisoned her. Lucas says he thinks he knows who did this. Melanie and Nathan worry that they will be caught.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia continues to threaten Anthony for his attack on Johnny. Claudia says her father is a dead man. Anthony claims Claudia wants Johnny dead so she can take control. Anthony insists that Johnny wasn’t the target of the ambush. Jason grills Johnny about Claudia. Nikolas and Liz make love. Liz feels guilty after it’s over. Nik tells Liz to blame him, not herself. Meanwhile Lucky tells Lulu about the proposal to Liz. Sonny tells Olivia about Johnny so she rushes to go see him. Sonny follows her and watches their interaction. Claudia gets mad when she finds Olivia with Johnny. Claudia upsets Johnny. Olivia and Claudia get into a physical fight, which sets Johnny’s monitor off. The doctor warns Olivia and Claudia to keep themselves under control. Olivia threatens to expose Sonny if he insists on questioning Johnny about the ambush. Olivia apologizes to Johnny for losing control with Claudia. Jason and Sonny wonder if Dante/Dominic was Anthony’s intended target. Sonny says it’s “time to neutralize” Anthony. Lulu visits Dante/Dominic in the hospital and he tells her about Johnny. Lulu checks in with Spinelli and learns Johnny is doing ok. Lulu wonders about Dante/Dominic’s anti mob comments. Jason heads home and finds Sam waiting for him. Jason asks Sam to spend the evening with him. Liz accepts Lucky’s proposal.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After the weddings are over, Alan and Alex show up at the reception. Both Billy and Buzz try to one up each other on kissing their wives. Jonathan and Lizzie have a good talk, and she asks him how long he is staying. Both grooms make a speech about their wives. Mel draws up papers for Jonathan concerning Sarah's welfare. When Mel asks if this is what he really wants to do this. Jonathan says, "I want to do what's best for my girl." Alex and Lillian both compliment Alan on what he did for Phillip. Matt and Vanessa have a moment when their daughter asks them permission to do something. Phillip catches Daisy and James together. Daisy compliments Phillip on how he looks since the transplant. James asks Phillip why he picked his "Granddad" over him. James tells Phillip he wanted to help him. After Phillip explains that he has his whole life and that the transplant could have ruined that, James walks off. Everyone enjoys dancing. Alan arrives and surprises everyone. Jonathan says that he and Sarah are staying and that Mel has started the paperwork so that he and Lizzie can share custody. The Reardon girls get Matt to dance. Nola is worried about Matt, so he assures her he'll live. Blake and Frank talk about who they were going to bring to the wedding. Both say their date had other plans, unaware they have been talking to each other online until Blake says something. Josh tells Billy that he is happy to see him so happy again. Billy wants to do something to call his own. The Katherine Chancellor and Michael look-alikes arrive. Vanessa kisses the Kay Chancellor look-alike. Beth tells Philip that she appreciates him wanting to help her feel happy. Alan finds out that Rafe is leaving for boot camp today. Alan tells him he is happy to see him doing this without running when he was drafted. Alan and Reva make up. She is glad to see Alan happy. They make a toast to their grandbabies. Billy makes a speech about the town and its heroes. Billy salutes Alan making them believe in miracles.

Natalia and Olivia go for a walk and run into Josh, who thanks Olivia for being his friend. When she asks why he is so serious, Josh says he is leaving town for a while. Looking over at Natalia, Josh asks her to take care of his friend, and she smiles at him. Josh is pleased that Shayne is happy and bugs him about the HS coaching job then tells him he is going to South America to check on Lewis Oil business. Shayne tells him he should go. Josh thinks he is needed here. At the reception, Jonathan and Lizzie are alone with Sarah, then go to talk to the family. Jonathan tells Alan he is staying in town, and he'd better not make him regret it. Alan apologizes to Jonathan for all that he put him through, then talks to Phillip about his second chance which he should not overanalyze. When Shayne tells Marina he is happy, she thinks it is Henry. They decide to leave together, with Shayne driving. Beth is at the edge of the water picking up shells when Phillip walks up to her. After talking a bit, she wants to go back to the reception, but Phillip stops her and tells her he loves her and wants to do walks with her, business with her. He promises to make her happy the rest of her life, so she agrees. Buzz congratulates Alan for saving Phillip's life. Alan thinks it was due to his support and reminds him of their history together, their "friendship." Buzz thinks they are both lucky and offers to walk back to the reception with Alan, but Alan wants to stay there and think. Buzz walks away then turns around and tells Alan he did it. Back at the reception, Reva and Josh are surprised with Jonathan's new. Josh tells Reva he's going back to Venezuela. Although speechless, Reva smiles. Josh takes that as an ok. Josh gets on the deck of the ship and gives a speech for the two couples, then Frank speaks. Phillip goes to the park to tell Alan he was right. He seized the moment and asked Beth to marry him. When it's time for them to rejoin the party, Alan doesn't get up, and Phillip realizes he is dead.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is devastated by all that has happened. Brody has successfully saved Starr and baby Hope. He's gotten injured but will be ok. Jessica's family all praise Brody for his heroic deeds. And Bo is ready to offer him a job on the Llanview police department. Yet, Jessica admits that maybe she is not ok with having the fear of losing another man she loves. Greg announces to his family that there's no guarantee that Shaun will come out of his coma and he blames himself. Matthew talks to Destiny and Rachel talks to Greg. Blair consoles Todd who feels responsible for what happened to Greg. Marty stays with John. Starr and Cole are happy to be safe for their child. Matthew comforts Destiny when she cries.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Traci is on the phone with Steve and finds out that he will be in Genoa City in the morning. Traci relates the message to Billy and Jack about Steve and that maybe Colleen will be back with them in the morning. Chloe comes in with Delia and asks for Traci’s help. Lily slips around the apartment while Cain sleeps. Lily starts out the apartment door when she gets a hot flash. Cain wakes up. In the woods, Patty orders Colleen to just shoot her or go. Colleen lets Patty know that she probably has a fever. Colleen tries to help Patty, but Patty grabs the gun and holds it on Colleen. Adam visits Ashley in her bedroom and tells her that she cannot tell Victor anything about that night that Ashley thinks that she hit Nikki. Adam remembers getting a letter from Nikki and she is in Boulder, Colorado. Victor walks into Ashley’s bedroom and wants to know what is going on. Ashley tells him that she has something to tell him. Victoria and Nick arrive at the Newman mansion and find no one in the living room. They discuss Victor’s possible involvement in bringing Patty back to town. Lily becomes very emotional when she looks at pics of Colleen. Colleen wants to get Patty help, but Patty refuses to let her leave. Jack lets Traci know that they had found Colleen’s car near Twin Lakes. Billy lets Chloe know that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams. Ashley tells Victor that she thinks that she had hit Nikki the night of the storm.

Cane and Lily look at pics of Colleen. Victor tells Adam to get in touch with Dr. Taylor and let him know immediately when Adam hears from him. Colleen urges Patty to let her get help and Patty finally agrees. Nick and Victoria confronts Victor about his involvement with Mary Jane (Patty). Victor will not give them a straight answer. Jack vows revenge on Victor for bringing Patty back to town. Ashley lets Adam know that Victor doesn’t believe her about her hitting Nikki the night of the storm. Jack visits Victor. Ashley lies alone, on her bed, in her room. Colleen makes it to the docks and finds a boat.

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