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The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/14/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie walks into Frankie’s office and wants to know how his P.T. session went. Angie wants to have a celebration when Frankie is reinstated at the hospital. At ConFusion, Jesse join Randi at her table and tries to cheer her up after she and Angie saw Frankie and Madison together. Randi tells Jesse that she is filing for divorce. At the Chandler mansion, Adam looks out the patio door and worries about the storm that is approaching . Annie comes into the room and tells Adam about a dream that she had had, but Adam pays her no attention. At the Slater house, Liza and Zach are with Spike and Emma. Kendall stands by close by, (just out of sight of Liza, but so Spike can see her) listening to Liza and Zach’s conversation. Spike calls out Kendall’s name. Liza turns around to see. Zach follows Kendall back into her hiding place. Kendall wants to spend time with Spike, but Zach refuses. Zach calls Annie to let her know that he will be bringing Emma to see her, and he will come in through the patio. Annie looks at Adam, standing in the doorway and wonders how she will get rid of him so she can visit with her daughter. Spike runs to see Kendall and Liza follows. Liza finds Spike outside of Kendall’s door and asks him what that door is. Spike lets her know that it is Kendall. Zach arrives at the Chandler mansion with Emma. Annie wants to talk to Emma alone, but Zach and Emma both refuses. Adam comes out and wants to know what is going on. Emma urges Annie to get Kendall out of prison, but Annie refuses.

Randi sees Frankie at the hospital and says she wants a divorce. Randi and Frankie both reveal that they still love one another and want to make their marriage work. Liza tells Colby that Spike believes he sees Kendall in the house. When Spike goes to Kendall, she takes him into her special room. Annie tells Emma to forget about the “accident” that happened in the house. Zach walks out and overhears her. Adam remembers something else about the night that Stuart was murdered. Liza continues to sneak around outside of Kendall’s hidden room. Madison pays Frankie a visit at the hospital and wants to go into business with him, but he refuses. Madison considers picking up something and hitting Frankie with it.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the ranch, Janet has a conversation with a priest about Liberty’s predicament. Liberty comes downstairs and sees the priest. Liberty demands to know what is going on. Jack visits Parker and finds out that Parker is going to hang out with Liberty today. Jack lets Parker know that he knows about Liberty’s pregnancy. Parker refuses to stay away from Liberty. Liberty asks Janet to just stay out of this situation. Brad interrupts Janet’s and Liberty’s conversation. Damian walks in on Lily going through all of Holden’s financial records. Lily confesses that she doesn’t know what she is going to do. Damian offers to go to the bank with Lily to settle Holden’s affairs. Maeve offers Eb some more oatmeal, but Eb insists that he wants steak and eggs if Holden would only tell him where his money is. Maeve tells Eb that she is going to Paducah to visit her cousin Loretta. Eb questions Maeve about her visit to her cousin Loretta. Maeve dresses up for her visit to her cousin Loretta. Eb starts to call Loretta, but Holden stops him. Eb demands to know what is going on between Holden and Maeve. Liberty tells Brad that she cannot have this baby. Parker visits Liberty. Liberty tells Parker about the priest visiting. Parker asks Liberty to marry him, but after a lengthy discussion, Liberty refuses Parker’s marriage proposal. Lily and Damian are at the bank when Maeve walks in. Maeve shows the teller the authorization, but the teller asks her for her I.D. Maeve becomes scared when the teller tells her that Holden’s wife is there. Maeve runs out . The teller alerts Lily as to what just happened with the woman. Lily asks to see the security tapes of a pic of the woman. Maeve arrives just in time to stop Eb from drowning Holden. Maeve explains to Holden what happened at the bank with Lily and Damian.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen is speechless that Jackie told him that she actually accepted money from these guys she dated. She begs him to understand and forgive her. He wonders why she is telling him now; everybody else knew but him. Maybe that is why it was so easy for her to pop into Whip’s arms. He needs time to think this over. Nick sees her and realizes it didn’t go well with Owen. She cries that she was just not ready for his reaction. Nick advises her to give Owen time; he loves her and will come around. Bill reacquaints himself with Justin Barber who works in the Spencer Publications New York office. Bill confesses he has been seeing a lot of Katie Logan and despite his reputation, she still likes him too. Justin knows Bill has been trying to get Forrester for years, and he thinks they are now ripe for the picking. Katie invites Donna to come along and bring Eric to meet with her and Bill at Insomnia. Donna says she is not sure Eric will want anything to do with Bill, but she will ask. Steffy tells Thomas that Owen and Jackie have something very special; she envies that. He loves her unconditionally; she thinks that is rare. Owen comes in and explains to Steffy that she doesn’t want to know what happened, but it totally changed the way he looks at his life.

Owen does tell Steffy and she asks what he is going to do. He admits this is not easy. He wants to get past it. He confides in Katie that there were times that Jackie made him feel like a piece of meat; a boy toy. Then Whip came along. He feels like a complete idiot. Steffy strokes his ego by saying she admires him. He’s a kind, considerate man and he tried to understand Jackie. He’s a man any woman would be happy to have. Kate is introduced to Justin. Donna joins them and her eyes lock on Justin when they are introduced. Total fear sets in when he reminds the group that they were in the same grade in high school.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Roman threatens to tell Brady about Arianna’s past in order to get her to continue working undercover for him. Brady has a run-in with EJ in the park and Brady lets it slip that Nicole risked everything to be with EJ. Later, Nicole thanks Brady again for what he has done for her. Arianna overhears and confronts Brady, asking him what it is he did for Nicole. Nicole tries to get Sami to get Rafe help, as she thinks he might have mental issues. Sami is angry at first, but later confides in Sister Claire at the convent. The nun also admits that she thinks something might be wrong with Rafe. Sami asks the nun to help her help Rafe. Rafe learns from Sarah, the nurse at the clinic, that Nicole could not have had anything to do with Grace’s death. Rafe is still insistent on learning why she was at the clinic the night Sami gave birth. Nicole serves Rafe with a restraining order. EJ informs Stefano that he will not be going on a honeymoon to Paris with Nicole. Stefano offers Kate his help, suspecting that she did something to Chloe, but Kate refuses his assistance. The D.A. offers Daniel a plea bargain, but he refuses. Nathan, with Melanie’s help, and at Daniel’s request, gives Chloe a higher dosage of the drug that originally poisoned her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante/Dominic’s condition improves and he doesn’t need a kidney transplant. Johnny is taken to the Mercy Hospital with “multiple gunshot wounds and a collapsed lung” and Spinelli stays by his side. Bernie tells Claudia about Anthony’s “attack” on Johnny and the warehouse. Johnny asks Spinelli to make certain Olivia is “protected” from Claudia if he doesn’t make it. He also tells Spinelli not to call Claudia. Johnny asks Spinelli to tell Olivia he loves her. Ethan tries to keep Rebecca away from Nikolas. Rebecca tells Nikolas she’s staying at GH to support Edward. Ethan wonders what Nik hopes to “gain” by hurting Rebecca. Liz is hesitant to accept Lucky’s proposal, given their history. Olivia tells Patrick she has no intention of telling the truth about Dante/Dominic’s paternity. Sam makes excuses to Jason so she can go see Michael. Michael tells Sam about his “memory flashes.” He’s especially bothered by the memory of what he heard Jax say. Jason checks on Dante/Dominic and thanks him for saving Morgan. Bernie tells Jason about the warehouse shooting. Claudia goes to the hospital to check on Johnny but she finds Spinelli and takes her anger out on him. Spinelli sees Jason and tells him how Johnny “took the bullets that were meant for” him. Jason forbids Spinelli from going out on “another assignment for the organization.” Jason is upset that Anthony organized the “attack” and he wonders if Claudia was involved. Meanwhile Anthony goes into a rage when he finds out what happened. Johnny gets through surgery and the results are good. Johnny tells Jason to “protect” Olivia “from Claudia.” Claudia goes to see Anthony. She reads him the riot acts for putting Johnny in harms way and promises he will pay for what he did. Liz goes to Wyndemere and finds Nik drinking and brooding. Liz admits to Nik that she loves Lucky “but not the way he wants.” Liz says she no longer feels “the passion and love” for Lucky that she once did. Liz tells Nik she has feelings for him. Nik says he returns her feelings and the two kiss. Dante/Dominic admits to Olivia that he’s starting to “like” Sonny, Carly, and the kids. Ethan asks Lucky to stop Nik’s planned “revenge” on Rebecca. Lucky doesn’t think Nik “would intentionally hurt Rebecca” because of her tie to Emily.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After Reva gets a call from Vanessa asking her to make sure Billy gets to the wedding, she informs Jonathan and he laughs. Reva then seriously talks to Jonathan about really making Springfield a home for Sarah. After Reva leaves the room, Jonathan makes a call asking for help. James asks Daisy on a date and she accepts. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Blake and Frank check out their online dates but still don't realize they are messaging each other. As Phillip is looking at Beth getting ready for the wedding, Emma suddenly comes up and jumps up on Phillip. Olivia and Natalia enter the room. At Cedars, Alan is still in the hospital. Ed tells him he'll let him go home if he takes it easy. He is still generating bone marrow. Ed tells him, "No cigars, business, alcohol." Some of the girls are helping Vanessa get ready for her wedding while the Lewis men are fishing. That is until Reva appears to remind them not to be late. Reva also reminds them they have to eat before the wedding. She has their breakfast in a bag. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, James appears and tells his parents he has a date and that he'll see them later. Phillip tell him ok while adjusting James' jacket collar. At the Cooper's, they are getting ready for the wedding when James appears to take Daisy. Frank is a little skeptical, but asks," You do know when to bring her home?" James nods yes. Nola and Bridget Reardon appear at Company as she closes the door to her room. At the wedding spot, most of the Lewis women come out of a white limo while the Lewis men pick a nice black pickup truck.

Jonathan goes to Cedars and sneaks around until he sees Emma, Alex, Olivia and Natalia. Emma is explaining Rafe connection to Emma. Alan seems ok about Emma saying Rafe is her "brother." After Emma leaves Alan's room, he tells Olivia and Natalia that Emma seems to be happy and that's all that matters to him. After Natalia and Olivia leave, Alan tells Alex that they all seem happy and that he is not going to bother them and also he is not running away anymore. At the wedding site, Mindy is talking to her dad about his happiness. Doris arrives with her significant other and introduces Amanda to Ashley. After Amanda leaves them alone, Ashlee hugs her mother. Bill and Mindy spend a few moments alone. Reva hands Shayne and Josh a drink and jokes about them smelling like fish. Talking to Nola about her dress, Vanessa jokes about not wearing the same dress this time. Buzz sees Lillian from afar and comes up beside her saying "You are so beautiful." When he gets on his knees to propose, Lillian quietly nods yes. Everyone is on the deck of the ship watching. Billy say they should get married today. Buzz suggests a city hall marriage after Billy and Vanessa's. Both Billy and Vanessa say no. Vanessa wants them to get married right there and then. Buzz and Lillian nod in agreement, then she leaves to do something, promising to be right back. She kisses him and leaves his side. Lillian goes to Maureen's grave to talk to her and ask for her forgiveness. She has found someone that she thinks Maureen would love. That of all people Maureen would have understood. Jonathan finally visits Alan who smiles as Jonathan walks in. Alan claims he is done with controlling people. They talk about Sarah visiting Lizzie. Jonathan still don't trust Alan. Reva congratulates Natalia on the baby and tells Josh she is happy to see Natalia and Olivia being friends.. Josh tells Reva, "They are more than friends, they are a couple." Reva seems ok about it. Beth spends a few seconds with a now even more dressed up Lillian. Beth tells Lillian, "I have never seen you happier." Lillian asks Phillip to give her away. Vanessa asks Bill to give her away. Lillian walks down first then Vanessa. Bill compliments Vanessa on how she looks. Father Ray performs the ceremony. Billy tells Vanessa, "You've made me the happiest man today." Then Father Ray starts the wedding by asking Lillian to speak first. She says how happy Buzz has made her. He answers, "I have loved and lost more times than I can count." Father Ray then says it is Vanessa's turn. She tells of poems she has read about happiness and home and this time they are going to get it right. Billy then speaks about how sorry he is about the "hell he put her through." This time he will be a "good boy." They all laugh. Father Ray asks them to repeat after him. Billy fumbles with the ring and makes all laugh. Then Father Ray pronounces both couples husband and wife.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Brody saves Starr the the baby, he gets shot and rushed to the hospital. Greg struggles to save Shaun in the E.R. Gigi knows there is something very fishy with Stacy having a home pregnancy in the trash if she is really pregnant. Kim covers for her when Rex demands some answers about her pregnancy. But since it appears she is a few days pregnant, she knows she need not worry how she can "pull it off" to Rex that she is pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Amber and Daniel wake up together and kiss. Daniel goes to find them something to eat, but only finds peanut butter. Daniel tells Amber that he has to go to Detroit about the Terroni. Gloria lets Jeff know that they had turned off the cell phone, next was the cable and then the electricity. Jeff tells Gloria that they will figure something out . Victor walks in and tells them that they already have. Gloria questions Victor how he had gotten in here. Gloria demands to know where their money is. Victor demands to know where Mary Jane is. Ashley tells Adam that she is going for a walk. Adam offers to go with her, but Ashley refuses. Ashley tells Adam that she swears that she had seen Nikki out in the rain that night .Nick visits Sharon along with some delicacies and foot cream. Nick asks Sharon had she seen any news lately. Sharon tells Nick that Jack had told her about Patty. Patty gives kitty-kitty some water. Colleen questions Patty as to why she had changed her face. Patty tells her that she did it for Jack. J.T. tells Paul that Patty has a kitten with her. Victoria visits Jack, J.T. and Paul. Victoria remembers her conversation with J.T. in which she had told him about Deacon Sharpe. Victoria offers her help to Paul. Sharon questions Nick as to who would help Patty. Nick tells her that Phyllis thinks that it was Victor. Jill comes to visit Jeff and Gloria and wants her 100 grand. Jeff lets Jill know that they don’t have the money that Patty had escaped. Colleen and Patty have a girl chat about Jack and J.T.. Patty wants Colleen to talk to Jack for her. Abby questions Jack as to why the police are here. J.T. tells Abby that Colleen was kidnapped. Ashley finds a cell phone on the road. Patty gets bitten by a spider. Ashley realizes that she had hit Nikki. Abby tells Victor that Patty had kidnapped Colleen and asks for Victor’s help. Patty begins to feel side effects of getting bitten by the spider. Colleen tells Patty that you can die from spider bites. Daniel asks Amber to marry him and she accepts. Gloria asks Jill for a job and Jill gives her a job as a maid. The police find Colleen’s car. Patty begins to cry and tell her kitty-kitty that she is sick. Patty begs Colleen not to leave her . Daniel and Amber say good-bye to each other for the time being and he orders Amber to stay away from Deacon.

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