Friday 9/11/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/11/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Taylor sit together at the bar in ConFusion. Taylor explains to Tad how she wants to open up a bar just like the Comeback, but Tad’s mind is elsewhere. Jake walks up to Tad and Taylor at the bar. Jake complains how that David will not allow him anywhere near Amanda or Trevor. Liza sits with Ian on her lap in the Slater living room. Kendall listens as Liza tells Ian that she wishes that she had a daddy for her little boy like Zach. David gives Amanda an ultimatum either give up Jake or Trevor that she cannot have both .Amanda hears the baby cry. Amanda pulls off her wedding ring and goes upstairs to see about Trevor. Marissa goes away with J.R. for the weekend. Kendall becomes upset that Zach will not kiss or make love to her. Amanda lets David know that this is not her home and she will never love David. Tad tries to talk some sense into Jake concerning David. Jake and Amanda make love on the couch in the living room of Wildwind. J.R. and Marissa kiss, but suddenly J.R. pulls away from her .Marissa is more than a little confused by J.R.’s actions. Amanda is putting her shoes on when David walks in and asks her how long did she think she could get away with it. Amanda is worried that he had seen Jake there . David wipes the tears from Amanda’s eyes. Amanda is relieved. David vows to find a way to work this out between them. Amanda rubs her ring finger and remarks that they will find a way to work things out . Zach calls Liza and agrees to set up a meeting between Emma and Annie. Kendall continues to write on her book. J.R. opens up to Marissa and tells her that he has cancer. Jake showers and remembers making love to Amanda.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

CBS aired tennis.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

CBS aired tennis.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Justin is shot in the scuffle with Dean. He manages to call Bo, who hears the ruckus and rushes home. Dean prepares to tie Hope and Ciara up and kidnap them, but Bo rushes in and knocks Dean out. Later, as they wait on the ambulance, Dean tells Bo that this is all his fault for not paying the ransom. Dean is then led away to jail. Brady catches Philip nearly kissing Melanie and flies into a rage. Philip leaves, and Melanie insists that she and Philip are just friends, and that she is ok with that. Victor asks Philip to move back in, but says that he doesn’t have to work at Titan. The two have a heartfelt chat, and Victor tells Philip that he loves him and wants him nearby. Philip agrees to move back in. Arianna and Brady run into one another at Melanie’s. Arianna admits to Melanie that she broke up with Brady because she thinks she isn’t good enough for him. Afterwards, Melanie tells Brady that she can tell Arianna loves him. Arianna again tries to set up a meeting with the boss through Troy, but he refuses. We later learn that Arianna is really working for Roman. Mia writes in her journal about the bond she and Chad share. Will accidentally sees it and becomes angry. Ma tries to reassure him that she only cares for him, but Will accuses her of keeping another secret. Mia refuses to divulge it, and Will breaks up with her. Chad confides in Maggie that he thinks Mia is lying about going to rehab, and that she has some other secret he had to find out about. Maggie advises him to get over Mia and move on, but Chad says that he can’t. Later, Mia tells Chad about her and Will’s breakup. He wants to get back together, but she becomes incensed, saying that they will never be together-- not after he ruined everything.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin says Andrea gave Edward digitalis, which caused his heart attack. Edward says Andrea insisted he have a drink with her. Robin tells everyone how Andrea allegedly killed Brianna. Edward confirms that Andrea was in the hotel at the time of the murder. Edward still feels guilty about the accident. Olivia starts to confide in Sonny then stops herself from telling him Dante/Dominic is his son. Patrick insists to Dante/Dominic that he gets in touch with a family member. Patrick tells Olivia he knows the truth about Sonny being Dante/Dominic’s father. Patrick says Olivia should tell her son the truth about his father. Olivia promises to tell the truth if Dante/Dominic ends up needing a kidney transplant. Sonny visits Dante/Dominic and thanks him for saving Morgan. Sonny talks with Dante/Dominic about fatherhood. Liz says she and Nikolas can’t continue their behavior and hurt Lucky. Jason reports to Sam about seeing Nik and Liz kissing. Jason says he’s worried about Jake if Lucky and Liz break up. Sam doesn’t think there’s anything to be concerned about. Sam says she’s “really enjoyed” her time with Jason. Kiefer gives Kristina a “private” phone just for the two of them. When Kristina questions Kiefer about the phone, he gets violent. Kristina agrees to keep the phone and she apologizes for questioning Kiefer. Patrick complements Robin on a job well done. At Rebecca’s request, Liz agrees to visit Edward and reassure him about Jake’s health. Olivia observes Sonny telling stories at Dante/Dominic’s bedside. Olivia is visibly nervous as Sonny continues to tell stories about her from the past. Michael has a flashback while he listens to Jax apologize to him. Then Michael calls upon Sam for help. Lucky proposes to Liz. Ethan warns Rebecca not to trust Nik. Patrick says Dante/Dominic’s test results are in.

GL Recap Written by Beth

CBS aired tennis.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo, John, Fish and Brody all hustle to save Starr and Hope from Sergei and his men. But their plan may not be successful quite yet. Stacy and Kim know that they must stall Rex from finding out that she is not pregnant. But lo and behold, Stacy's doctor informs her that she is a few days pregnant. At that point, they know that that will convince Rex that she is carrying his child as long as he does not get to know more vital and detailed information about "this" pregnancy. Greg discovers that Shaun needs emergency surgery or he will die. And Greg is the only qualified neurosurgeon who can perform it on his brother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daniel interrupts the wedding and tells Deacon that unless that he calls off this wedding that he will never see these again. Deacon apologizes to the people and tells them that this will only take a moment. Amber stammers and wonders what is going on. Cane tells Lily that he has a package from her Dad. Cane notices that something is wrong and asks Lily about it. Lily tells him that her eyebrows are falling out .J.T. traces Colleen and Patty to a dairy farm. Traci tells J.T. that she needs to know what is happening. Patty holds her kitty-kitty and talks to it. Colleen questions Patty as to where they are going, but Patty refuses to tell her. Lily gets a doll from her dad. Jana tells Kevin that Daniel is trying to save Amber. Daniel tells Deacon that the Terroni painting is in the safe deposit box, but unless Deacon calls off this wedding, he will never see the Terroni painting. Daniel gives Deacon a choice either Amber of the key. Amber tells Chloe that Daniel is messing everything up. J.T. tells Traci that Patty has Colleen. A man notices some broken branches down by the dock. Jana advises Kevin to keep his distance from Ryder. Deacon gives Daniel 72 hours to deliver the Terroni to him or he will have Amber for the rest of his life. Chance decides to look into Nikki’s disappearance. J.T. arrives and tells Chance that Patty has abducted Colleen. Chance l eaves and Chloe goes with him. Kevin visits Ryder and wants to know how that Ryder had found him. Ryder explains as best as he can. Daniel lets Amber know about the deal that he had made with Deacon about the Terroni. Deacon tells Ryder the wedding is off. Victoria tells J.T. about her night with Deacon Sharpe. J.T. walks out on Victoria. Billy and Mac visit Cane and Lily and tells Cane that Patty had abducted Colleen.

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