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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Krystal and Opal sit at a table, looking at the newspaper headlines about Erica. Erica walks in to join them. Erica introduces Shirley to Opal and Krystal. Shirley pulls Erica away for a conversation. At Wildwind, Amanda holds and talks to Trevor when David walks in. He agrees to let Trevor’s name remain Trevor. At Zach’s home, Zach questions Kendall if she is still angry over last night. Kendall questions Zach if she has a future with him. There is a knock on the door and Kendall quickly hides. At the Chandler mansion, Annie offers Scott iced tea. Scott and Annie discuss the kiss that they had shared the night before. Scott mentions moving out when Ryan and the security guards burst into the room from the patio. Ryan demands to know from Annie what she had done with Emma. At the hospital, Jake calls Krystal and asks for her help. Shirley tells Erica to apologize for the comments that she had made on the previous show. Erica refuses. Amanda notices a difference in David. Liza suggests using Emma to get to Annie, but Zach refuses. Ryan tells Scott and Annie that Emma is missing. Emma arrives at Zach’s. Zach calls Ryan to let him know that Emma is with him. David walks in on Opal in an exam room in a very compromising position. Opal complains of chest pains, but David sees through her little plan and accuses her of helping Jake and Amanda get Trevor out of the country. David demands to know from Krystal, who had put her up to this. Jake visits Amanda and Trevor at Wildwind. Jake surprises Amanda with wedding rings and they renew their wedding vows.

Ryan and Emma are home alone when Erica comes to visit them. Erica tells Ryan what happened and that she had quit her job. Annie thanks Scott for defending her against Ryan. Annie begs Scott to stay at the Chandler mansion. Scott agrees. Liza comes up with a plan to have Annie and Emma meet in the park. Erica gets a call from Bobbie offering her a new talk show, but she turns her down. Erica and Ryan go out to eat and brainstorm on how to raise money for the children in Africa. David finds out that Amanda had seen Jake and he had given her a wedding ring. David gives Amanda an ultimatum it is either Jake or Trevor. Annie begs Zach to bring Emma to the mansion so she can talk to her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Adam decides to make things right and turn himself in to the police after Alison reminds him that he will never be a changed man until he takes responsibility for his crimes. Adam tells Tom he wants to protect Casey and Margo so he is going to tell the police nobody knew that he was Adam. Adam asks Tom to help him with this one last lie but Tom admits he doesn't know what to do. Casey worries that Adam may have torn apart Tom and Margo's marriage and he is also angry that even when he has done so many horrible things Adam still manages to look like a hero.

Paul decides to have a reception after James funeral and celebrate that James is finally dead and he spares no expense buying champagne and caviar. Barbara demands that Margo ask for an autopsy of James' body to determine if he was murdered. Paul has James body embalmed for a quick burial and that makes Barbara angry because an autopsy can't be performed. Barbara vows not to give up James money without a fight and she and Audrey have a physical fight just steps away from James' coffin. Henry wants to keep some of James money but give his mother enough to keep her happy but Vienna insists that Henry give all the money to Audrey because she thinks the money is cursed and will ruin their lives. At the reception after the funeral James will is read and Henry is the sole heir to the fortune. Paul feels free and at peace and he wishes Henry happiness with James money. Barbara tells Paul that she deserves some of the money after everything James put her through and she vows to fight for it. Paul tells Barbara that he doesn't want the money he just wants to be happy with Emily. Emily tells Paul that she feels she can finally trust him since he refused the Stenbeck fortune so she accepts Paul's marriage proposal.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen tells Steffy that he’s the luckiest man on the planet to be married to a wonderful woman like Jackie. He knows she can pull off the sex kitten bit, but it’s just for the camera. He knows everything he needs to know about Jackie; they adore each other. Steffy confesses she wants to be adored by someone who will be totally honest and devoted to her. Jackie pours out her fears to Whip that Owen won’t understand this latest bit on the internet. They show Nick. He says it is not the end of the world although it could be the end of Jackie’s marriage if she tells Owen. Both men try to talk her out of telling him. Nick warns that this will change the way Owen sees her and for the woman that he has grown to love.

Steffy and Thomas commiserate that the old man has more of a love life than they do.

Whip tells Nick that Owen has allowed him to stay on now that he knows he is not a threat to his marriage, but Jackie will have bigger problems. Owen catches Jackie at home looking over their wedding photos. She tells him there is one more hurdle they have to get over. Owen is completely stunned and displeased to the point of being silent when Jackie shows him the video and tries to explain about her past.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe drags Nicole over to the convent, but learns that Sister Teresa has been called away out of town. Disappointed, Rafe later confides in Arianna that he won’t give up until he finds out what Nicole did to Grace. Meanwhile, Sami runs into EJ and questions him about Rafe and Nicole’s dislike of one another. She also tells him about sitting Sydney while Nicole napped at her house. EJ confronts Nicole about it, but she claims that she just doesn’t like Rafe because he broke into their house. Stefano confesses to Nicole that he was the one that had Teresa called out of town. Brady and Sami bond over their recent breakups with Arianna and Rafe. Philip apologizes to Melanie for suspecting her of posting the video. He tells her that she is a really good friend to him, and that he trusts her more so than he does anyone else. Justin and Bo argue about Bo refusing to hand over the ransom money. Later, Victor advises Bo to let Hope have her way and risk his job in order to save his marriage. Ciara fingers Dean as one of her kidnappers. Hope catches on and tries to get Dean out of the house, but he also catches on and holds Hope and Ciara at gunpoint. Justin shows up. Hope gets rid of him at Dean’s request, but drops a hint to Justin by telling him that she has something cooking on the stove. Justin, knowing that Hope doesn’t cook, slips in through the back and tackles Dean. The two wrestle on the carpet for control of Dean’s gun, which ends up going off.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

The chaos continues in the aftermath of the carnival catastrophe. Jason looks in on Liz and Jake at GH. Lucky tells Jason that Jake just has “a mild concussion.” Rebecca talks to an unconscious Edward before his surgery. Rebecca then thanks Ethan for getting Edward out of the car. Patrick says Dante/Dominic may need a kidney transplant. Olivia insists on “finding” Dante/Dominic’s mother but Sonny says he’s taking care of the situation. Claudia searches the wreckage for Kristina and walks past her. Michael is frantic and he has a flashback while Claudia is talking to him. Lulu tells Jason and Sam about Edward. Milo sits vigil at Max’s bedside. Claudia finds Sonny and Alexis at GH and tells them she can’t find Kristina. Michael finds Kristina who seems to be fine. Jason feels guilty for keeping Jake’s paternity a secret from Edward. Olivia is upset to see her son in such bad shape. Patrick hears Olivia call Dante/Dominic her son. Claudia wonders why Michael is acting so strange around her. Jason and Sonny exchange stories. Mac questions Rebecca about Edward and wonders if he was drunk. Robin finds the digitalis in Andrea’s purse. Robin looks at Edward’s chart. Lulu visits Dante/Dominic while Olivia visits the chapel. Edward gets through surgery and Rebecca updates Jason. Kristina tells Michael “somebody” found her before he did but walked away. Kristina says she saw the woman’s shoes. Nikolas goes to check on Liz and the two kiss as Jason looks on. Edward wonders “what happened.” Mac comes in and fills Edward in on the accident. Robin comes in and she says, “someone was trying to kill” Edward. Kristina recognizes Claudia’s shoes as she heads out of the hospital. Sonny finds Olivia in the chapel and wonders why she’s “been crying.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

The Spaulding family awaits news of Phillip and Alan. Rick says the surgery went well but they are not out of the woods. They have to see how Phillip takes the organ. Outside Cedars, James and Daisy wait. At Reva's is home with the family. She calls Lizzie, unaware that she is at Cedars until Lizzie tells her of the transplant. Reva is stunned. At Company, Doris tells Olivia of Ashley's reaction to her being a lesbian. Outside in the park, Ashley and Rafe talking about their moms. Rafe mentions that his mom started a relationship with Olivia. Ashley is somewhat shocked, then comes to the realization that it figures. Outside Company, Billy is all excited and wants Buzz to help him with wedding vows. Buzz is hesitant, but agrees to help him. At Cedars, Rick visits Alan and Phillip, who are in the same room. Both are awake. Rick tells him the family knows about the surgery and that they are in recovery. Jonathan visits Tammy's grave to tell her he is moving back for Sarah, because they need family. He asks her to keep an eye on them. At Reva's, Grandpa and Grandma Lewis are spending time with Sarah and Henry and Reva's son, Colin. They are having a ball pretending. Josh is laughing. At the gazebo where Ashley and Rafe are talking, Daisy comes by. When Ashley tells Daisy about Doris' announcement, she is stunned but advises Ashley to talk to her mother. Olivia and Natalia talk to Emma about moving back in together and that she and Natalia are going to "be together." Emma seems to get it. Olivia gets word about the transplant, but stays with Natalia. Doris is in her office when Ashley comes by and they have a heart to heart. Ashley says she's very upset, but is ok with it. Ashley ends with saying she loves her mom.

At Food Mart, Jonathan is there when Olivia walks in. She is pleasingly surprised and asks when he got back in town. He says he's been here a while and will stop by sometime. At Cedars, Rick comes back out to the waiting room to tell the family that Alan and Phillip are awake and that are themselves. Everyone breathes some relief. Alex is the first to visit Alan and is glad to see her brother is ok. Lizzie is the first to see Phillip. They hug and kiss. Phillip asks how she is doing with this. Lizzie says Grandma is keeping them up to date with all the information. Jonathan comes by Cedars and runs into a nurse outside. He asks about Alan. The nurse asks if he is family. When Jonathan says no, she tells him, she can't give out that information. Then James comes out and inquires as to how Jonathan knows his grandfather. Jonathan says he's a friend. When James asks if he should tell his grandfather, Jonathan says no. Jonathan goes back to Reva's to tell her he tried to see Alan. At Natalia and Olivia's, Frank, Rafe, Doris, Daisy, Ashley, Blake are there helping with the move back. After Rafe suggests a friendly game of baseball, Rafe and Frank pick their team. Then Josh shows up saying he was there to help out. They offer him a spot to play ball with them. At Cedars, James visits Alan who tells him he has to get well to play with them. At the park, Billy is sitting with Lillian who tells him about Phillip and Alan. then Frank comes by. Billy tells them that he needs help with his wedding vows. Lillian suggests to speak from the heart. Lillian seems a little weepy but says she is happy. At Cedars, Beth visits with Phillip. They talk until both are laughing. Phillip jokes about who Beth is, which leads Beth to start laughing again. At Lizzie's, Reva stops by to visit. Then out of the back seat come Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie can't believe it. She goes to Sarah and bends down to hug her. Lizzie asks Sarah if she knows who she is. Bill asks why Jonathan didn't come by earlier. Jonathan says he wanted to wait until after the surgery. Bill asks about Jonathan's plans concerning Sarah and Lizzie. Jonathan wants to sit down and come up with a plan. Bill seems satisfied with that answer. At Natalia and Olivia's, James arrives and joins in the baseball game.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Shaun is in the hospital and in critical condition, everybody waits outside. His parents come by and admit that he talks about Rachel all the time and Destiny tells them all about Matthew and the surgery Greg can do in order to make him walk. Sergei and his men still keep Starr and baby Hope in an abandoned warehouse. But Bo, John, Fish and Brody hustle to save them. Fish is able to trace Starr's cell phone. Brody brings Asher in and demands that he spills whatever he knows. And they get closer. But Sergei makes his demands and tells them he's not afraid to kill Starr and her baby. Ross comes home with Blair and each has a deal and a demand for the other. Stacy and Kim scrounge to find ways to get her pregnant so that she can hang on to Rex. But Rex and Gigi tell Stacy that they need to come with her to her doctor's appointment. Kim is determined to help Gigi with her plan even though she is not pregnant. But Gigi also has a plan. She goes into the empty apartment and discovers a home pregnancy test that Stacy put in the trash.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

CBS airs tennis on Friday, September 11.

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