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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion Tad encourages J.R. to try to eat some, but J.R. is sick from the chemotherapy. Angie comes in and she also encourages J.R. to try to eat. Randi walks in to join Angie for a meal. At the casino, Frankie and Madison sit at a table. Jesse comes in and interrupts them. Jesse reminds Frankie that they are supposed to meet Angie and Randi. Madison tells Jesse that Frankie may have other plans. At the hospital, David and Amanda take Trevor into a room for David to examine him. Jake wants to know what is going on, but David refuses to tell Jake anything. At the Chandler mansion, Annie and Zach discuss the unconditional love that Annie has for Emma, but that she hasn’t always put Emma first. Jesse reprimands Frankie for hanging out with Madison. Tad gets a call from Jake telling him about David and Amanda having Trevor at the hospital. Scott join J.R. at his table at the Confusion bar. Scott tells J.R. that Adam had asked him to be his best man. Annie looks at the drawing that Emma sent her. Frankie suggests to Madison that they play another round of blackjack. Randi lets Angie know that Frankie doesn’t want to be anywhere near Randi. Jesse arrives to meet Angie and Randi. Angie asks Jesse had he seen Frankie, but Jesse lies to Angie. Jesse changes his mind and tells Angie and Randi that he had seen Frankie and he was with Madison. Angie vows to put Madison in her place as of right now.

Angie and Madison see Frankie and Madison going upstairs together. J.R. cautions Scott to forget about Annie. Annie has a heart to heart talk with Zach about Emma. Marissa joins J.R. at his table. J.R. asks Marissa to go away with him and she considers it until she gets a call from Jake telling her to meet him at the hospital. Amanda gives in and lets David hold Trevor. Amanda realizes how much David loves his son. Jake stands outside Wildwind looking through a window at his wife having a drink with his enemy. Scott lies in bed and cannot get Annie out of his thoughts. Kendall draws Zach into a kiss, but he pulls away from her. Scott comes downstairs and finds Annie sitting on the sofa sadly looking at Emma's drawings. Annie sobs as she leans on his shoulder. Madison encourages Frankie to go home to Randi, but he's too drunk to walk, so she helps to bed. When Angie comes to the door, Madison lets her think she and Frankie are in bed together, so Angie slaps her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Damian is outside Lily’s house with a tree. Lily comes outside and asks Damian what he is doing here. Damian suggests to Lily that they plant a tree in remembrance of Holden. Lily is against the idea until Luke finds out about the planting of the tree and now Lily is all for the idea. Luke suggests inviting Noah to join them and Lily suggests to Damian that he invite Meg. Paul tells Emily that he is going to the hospital to I.D. his father’s body. Emily offers to go with him to the hospital. Luke takes a walk with Noah and tells him about the planting of the tree and Noah is all for the idea. Mason comes up, riding his bicycle. Mason gets thrown over the guardrail and into the bushes resulting in Mason hurting his shoulder. Maeve and Holden form a bond to help each other. Ebb comes in and finds Maeve in the house with Holden. Ebb hits Maeve and she falls to the floor. Meg gets a visit from Damian, who invites her to the planting of the tree for Holden. Meg questions Damian as to why he is doing this. Meg lets Damian know that she has to take Eliza to the doctor, but she will be there afterwards. At the hospital, Meg meets up with Paul and Emily. Meg decides to leave Eliza with Paul .

Luke, Noah, Lily, Faith and Damian and Natalie all join to plant the tree for Holden and to say a few words except for Faith, who refuses. Meg arrives and sees that everyone is gone, but sees the tree that they planted for Holden. Holden and Maeve have a heart to heart talk about Ebb and his different moods. Holden and Maeve form a bond. Noah arrives at the hospital to check on Mason. Luke also arrives much to Mason’s dismay. Paul takes Eliza home with him and Emily. Paul calls Meg to let her know where he is with Eliza. Meg arrives at Lily’s to see Damian holding Lily’s little boy. Meg suggests that they have dinner together, but Damian refuses. Maeve kisses Holden good-bye as she goes to do what he asks. Meg talks to Paul and he asks her to let him keep Eliza a little while longer. Meg agrees. Meg watches Damian and Lily together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia and Thorne drop in on Ridge and Brooke, then are joined by Steffy and Thomas. Rick enters and states that not everyone feels the same about this as they do. Ridge wants them to be there for new beginnings. Brooke pours wine. Ridge tells them they are there to celebrate their life, but more importantly the company. Ridge wants them to put all their differences and bitterness aside. They want Felicia and Thorne back. This is their second home and it’s time to treat it as such. They are all Forrester’s and it’s time they start acting like it. He was blaming everyone for Phoebe’s death and he doesn’t want to be that man anymore. They became people they didn’t recognize. Ridge tells Rick that he loves his mother enough to give her that and he thinks Rick can too. They shake and hug much to Steffy and Thomas’s dismay. Jackie is pleased that Owen will accept Whip to continue at Jackie M’s. He says trust and communication are the keys to their happiness; no more secrets between them. Whip searches the internet and finds the news about Jackie’s scandalous sexual past.

Rick gives a toast. He says he has been a fool and he has provoked other people. He can’t go back although he regrets it. But he can reach out and accept Ridge’s proposal and he wants his mom to be happy. They all salute to the toast. Ridge says some people have to be kicked in the pants to get it. He almost lost it all. He asks Thomas if he is okay with this. Thomas and Rick knuckle bump and they laugh. Brooke says they need no more distractions; they need to focus just like her marriage to Ridge. Whip tells Jackie to enjoy herself while she can. He shows her the picture from the net and says he doesn’t think Owen will forgive or forget when he sees it. Owen sees Steffy at Insomnia and she professes she has accepted her dad’s choice with Brooke. He wants to thank her for talking to him earlier and now he has things in prospective. He remembers now what drove him to Jackie in the first place. He has forgiven her and he will accept Whip at the company. Jackie wants to know how or where Whip found the picture. She’s devastated as she explains that she was young, raising a child on her own. She accepted help from these dates financially but it is not the way it sounds. If Whip found it, then so will Owen. Whip tells her that he will take care of this. Jackie says no, she has to tell Owen. She just hopes he will understand and forgive her once again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope tells Dean about a man in Salem being seen around town with Brenda. She agrees to let him investigate the person and discover who he is, much to Dean’s relief. She also assures him that he will receive the reward money. She reiterates this point in front of Bo, despite his disapproval. Later, Ciara sees Dean snapping his lighter open and closed and has a flashback of one of her kidnappers doing the same. Stephanie gives Philip back his engagement ring. She admits to Bo that she doesn’t think she will ever love anyone the way she loved Philip. Nathan tells Melanie that he is disappointed she wasn’t honest with him and admits he doesn’t think he knows her at all. Philip, who learns from Bo that Melanie had nothing to do with the video being posted, heads over to Maggie’s to see Melanie. Victor tells Arianna that he knows that she is a drug dealer. He agrees not to interfere with her business, but she must stop seeing Brady. Arianna later tells Brady that her ex is coming back to town, and that she is no longer interested in dating him. Brady flies off the handle and throws her out of the mansion. Rafe learns from Sister Teresa that Nicole showed up at the convent posing as ‘Mary,’ that she recommended the clinic Sami gave birth at to Teresa, and that she later showed up to see Grace. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to convince Sami that Rafe is trouble, and that she should get a restraining order. Sami confides in Roman about it, who thinks that Nicole might be right. Rafe confronts Nicole about what Teresa told him. She denies everything, but Rafe threatens to call Sami and EJ unless Nicole agrees to go see Sister Teresa with him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

The carnival is in full swing when Edward has a heart attack at the wheel and his car comes crashing through the crowd. Dante/Dominic pushes Morgan to safety but gets hurt in the process. Olivia is upset to see her son injured and Sonny is curious as to why. Jax tries to help Olivia, knowing why she's so upset. Johnny gets shot in the warehouse protecting Spinelli from the gunmen. Johnny hears one of the men mention Anthony's name. Andrea is killed at the carnival. Robin and Patrick tend to Edward after Ethan gets him out of the car. Nikolas sees how genuinely concerned Rebecca is about Edward. Jake is found under a tent and taken to the hospital. Jason comforts Liz when she tells him Jake has a possible head injury. Kristina is missing and presumed trapped under a ride. Edward needs surgery. Dante/Dominic's injuries are serious. Morgan goes and thanks him for the save. Patrick says he needs to find Dante/Dominic's family right away due to his condition.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Nat visits Olivia with a book of baby names. Olivia still wants to limit how munch she does with Natalia concerning the baby. At Company, Blake and Frank is looking at a photo of a ultra sound of his and Nat's baby and are talking about kids and what Frank says it does to him to have so many kids around him. Blake tells him that he has a big heart. Sarah surprises Josh with a visit. Jonathan then appears in the doorway. He tells Josh he and Sarah are coming home for good. The Spaulding Family are called to Cedars with news from Lillian and Rick that Phillip is being prepped for surgery. They are confused. Lizzie asks who the donor is. Rick says it is Alan. They are all stunned. There are questions from the family members. James says he wants to talk to his Dad and goes in to see Phillip. Phillip on seeing James says he is glad to see him. James still wants to know why he wasn't the donor and not Alan. Elizabeth visits Alan. He reassures her he will be ok and will see her as soon as he wakes up. Josh visits with Jonathan and Sarah. Jonathan explains what their life has been. But he knows that Sarah needs her mom. That is he willing to settle down in Springfield so that Sarah can have her mom. Josh tells Jonathan he'll help make sure it is safe for them to come back for good. Reva and Blake talk about the pictures of Jeffrey and how she has been lately. Blake is really supportive. Reva thanks her by putting her hand on Blake's. Bill visits Phillip. Phillip ask Bill to be there for Lizzie and the family if anything should go wrong. Bill reassures him he will. Before Bill leaves he looks back at Phillip and tells him something like, "You better wake up." Phillip comes back with, "Planning on it." At the store, Olivia runs into Alexandra, who is picking up some magazines. Olivia inquires about them. Alex tells her that Alan and Phillip are going ahead with the surgery. Olivia tells her to let the family know she will be thinking of them. Reva is home alone with Colin. On a street somewhere, Jeffrey is watching Edmund's every move. Once Edmund goes into a under garage, Jeffrey starts shooting at him but misses. Edmund laughs. Jeffrey who is hiding lets him know that was meant as a warning that the next time won't be. Josh goes to see Reva with a surprise of not only Jonathan, but Sarah. Reva is so happy to have her granddaughter in her arms. Josh smiles as he looks at Reva looking so happy. Reva asks Sarah who did her hair. She tells her that it was her daddy. Reva says that Daddy has a career as a hairdresser. Jonathan tells Reva, "If they are going to stay in one place it might as well be here." At Company, Josh runs into Olivia. They are talking about family. Josh is gushing about his being a grandfather. At Cedars, Rick updates them on the surgery telling them it is going to be awhile. Bill tells Rick he'll notify everyone. Rick tells him that is a good idea. Alex visits Alan before he goes in for his part of the surgery. They joke. But Alan does get serious by telling Alex that she has been a wonderful sister. She tells him, he has been a wonderful father. He then tells her about his will. That he wants her to take his ashes go down memory lane with the family. He wants her to promise. She says she will. Beth visits Phillip. They joke about the situation. Beth gets teary and Phillip takes her hand and talks to her about their love. And his mistakes that he is sorry for. That if all goes well he'll be there for her. Then the orderlies come for Phillip. James and Bill come back to the waiting room with sandwiches. Rick jokes that he wants one because it is going to be a long day. Beth talks with Lillian about when she knew about Phillip and why she kept it from her. She gets angry. But Lillian's excuse of Phillip not wanting to worry her, calms her down. Jeffrey calls Jonathan. On Jonathan's end he calls Jeffrey by a different name. After he hangs up, Reva asks about Jonathan's "friend". Jonathan says he's good. At Company, Nat and Frank pick out a name for their baby. Then Olivia walks in and Frank asks her if she is there to "help". Josh comes by with Henry. Josh and Reva try and figure out how, Henry, Colin and Sarah are related. Reva looks at them and tells him, "We'll let them figure it out when they are older. At Company, Nat and Olivia are feeling better about Nat's baby. At Cedars, The Spaulding Family waits for the surgeries to end.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Nora and Tea are released from lockup. Matthew apologizes to Nora. Bo books Mayor Lowell for racketeering and drug trafficking. Nora vows to put him away for life. At Dorianís house, John and Fish find Shaun bleeding on the floor and Todd tied up in a closet. McBain tells the Emergency Medical Technicians to take both Todd and Shaun to the hospital. Todd tells McBain he must stay there and wait for the kidnappers to call. An ambulance takes Shaun to the hospital.

Rachel goes to Toddís house looking for Shaun, who is not there. Rachel and Tea talk about what happened in court. Tea apologizes to Rachel. Tea calls Todd to ask if he knows where Shaun is and he tells her he was shot and taken to the hospital. When Tea tells Rachel what happened to Shaun, Rachel rushes to the hospital. Shaun has lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion and surgery for his gunshot wounds. Greg is faced with his brotherís mortality. Rachel calls Matthew and tells him what happened to Shaun. Matthew must relay the message to Shaunís little sister, Destiny. Tea goes to Dorianís to take care of Todd. She tells him he must tell Blair what happened. He tells her he cannot reach Blair. Blair and Ross are on a plane headed back to Llanview with a plan to destroy Tea. Sergei is holding Starr and Hope hostage in a warehouse. Sergei demands one million dollars and a private plane with a pilot in exchange for the girls. Fish successfully triangulates Sergeiís position using the GPS in Starrís phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Deacon wakes Amber up and tells her that it is their big day. Amber tells Deacon that she has to get ready for her wedding. Chloe and Jana arrive to try to talk Amber of getting married, but with no luck. Jana suggests to Amber that she borrow her car keys and leave town. Deacon visits Ryder in jail and tells him that he is getting married. Ryder lets Deacon know that Daniel had gotten himself arrested so he could go after Ryder. Sharon talks to her baby about Nick and that she hadn’t seen Nick since he had found out that he was the father. Daniel finds out that Kevin is going to Detroit. Victoria lets Nick know that they should have listened to Colleen about Savaneur. Nick asks Victoria about Nikki. Jack and Paul search the cabin for any signs of Patty or Colleen, but find nothing. Jack does find that his father’s gun is missing Chance arrives for Deacon’s and Amber’s wedding. Nick visits Sharon and tells her that he hadn’t told Phyllis that he was the father of Sharon’s baby. Jana breaks up a fight between Daniel and Kevin. Jack receives a call from Patty. Jack wants to know where she is, but she refuses to tell him. Colleen wants to go home, but Patty refuses to let her go home. Chance begins to question Deacon about Daniel. The wedding between Deacon and Amber begin. Daniel interrupts the wedding .

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