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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan is busy at work at Fusion. He apologizes to Randi for bringing Emma and Spike into work with him. Jesse visits Zach at home. Zach lets Jesse know that Ryan had taken Spike. Kendall walks in. At the casino, Madison sits at the Roulette table when Frankie walks in. Madison asks him if he remembers what had happened the night before. Emma looks at a pic of Kendall and asks Ryan where Kendall had gone. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Adam gets suited for his tux when Scott and Annie come running in from a swim, scantily clad. Erica tells Ryan that the “New Beginnings” had gotten the lowest ratings because of the show on the African children. Kendall tells Jesse that Emma is the key in getting to Annie to confess what she had done. Zach orders Kendall to leave Emma out of this. Opal and Krystal join Erica on the set of “New Beginnings.” Krystal questions Erica if there is going to a Part Two to the African children. Ron comes up and tells them there will be no Part Two. Zach visits Emma at Ryan’s. Emma shows Zach a pic of a prison. Emma tells Zach that she hopes Kendall will be o.k. Emma gives Zach a pic to give to Annie. Ryan walks in and wants to know what Zach is doing here.

Ron suggests to Erica that she give Krystal and Opal a makeover. Zach hides the pic that Emma had given him before Ryan can see it. Annie and Scott have an intimate conversation. Annie assures Scott that she is not trying to seduce him. Zach walks in and interrupts them. Zach gives Annie the pic that Emma had drawn her. When brought back out onto stage, Krystal voices her opinion about the children in Africa. Erica also voices her opinion much to the dismay of Ron. Ron tries to stop Erica, but Ryan insists that Ron let Erica talk.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet bursts into the clinic and stops her before the doctor has a chance to perform the abortion and tells Liberty she doesn't have to make the decision right away. Janet is angry that Terri took her daughter to the clinic and didn't give her a chance to be a parent to her daughter. Janet tells Terri that she feels like she has lost her sister without really knowing her and she doesn't know if they can mend their relationship. Liberty tells the truth to Parker and admits that she is more confused then ever about what to do about the pregnancy. Rosanna apologizes to Craig for the misunderstanding with Terri and is surprised that Craig was willing to help Liberty even though Parker wasn't the one who got her pregnant. Rosanna agrees to allow Terri to work at Metro since Craig persuades her that Terri was a victim in the situation.

Audrey gives James a shot of lethal medicine that stops his heart and he later dies of a cardiac arrest. Audrey later places the syringe in Henry's pocket and Henry finds it and knows that Audrey is trying to blame him for the murder. Vienna confronts Audrey because Vienna doesn't want her Henry to be blamed for James death. Audrey tells Vienna that if she goes to the police she will tell the police that Henry forced her to kill James because he wanted James fortune. Paul tells James good-bye and feels free for the first time in his life. Paul is determined to woo Emily and persuade her to marry him. Barbara tells Audrey that she has ordered an autopsy for James because she won't let her get away with his murder.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge hugs Brooke and tells her that he doesn’t want her to worry. She says she won’t as she knows he will be back. He tells her that he must go tell Taylor this himself. Whip pretends to be happy that Jackie is back with Owen. She’s not sure he will feel that way when she tells him that he doesn’t work at Jackie M’s anymore. Brooke is lounging in bed in her teddy when Stephanie knocks on the bedroom door. Brooke tells her Ridge just left so he must have left the door unlocked. He’ll be back just as Brooke told Stephanie that he would. Stephanie doesn’t know why she is doing this; taking away the only true happiness Ridge has ever had in his adult life. But Brooke is right, he’s an adult and has made his own choice. Brooke tells her that she got a bottle of tequila at the airport and since she did not take the trip, she still has it. Stephanie asks if she is offering her a drink this time of day. If so, okay. It’s not that she doesn’t like Brooke. She just thinks Taylor is more suited for Ridge….actually for any decent man. They clink their glasses and drink. Ridge meets Taylor at a restaurant. He says he thought he would be meeting her at the house. She says he used to call the house a home; she knows now that he must be going back to Brooke. He says he didn’t even realize it until Brooke told him she was going to Paris to be with her mom and dad. He tells Taylor that he is sorry. She excuses him as he never made any promises. She knew the risks. She tells him that she is not sorry for the time they had together and he shouldn’t be either.

Nick tells Owen that he’s not happy that Whip is losing his job. He’s good at his job and they had no cash until he showed up. Owen says his marriage is more important than them selling a bunch of dresses. Nick tells him to be sure as not only did he marry a woman, but into a company that keeps her in that lifestyle. Whip tells Jackie that he doesn’t deserve this. He tells her that she is a smart business woman. Letting him go is not the right decision so don’t do this. She tells him that he is right; he took his cues from her how to treat her husband. She teased him and took him for granted. She is the one that should be leaving, but she can’t and she knows it isn’t fair, but there it is. Whip will leave today. Brooke says she knows that Stephanie thinks Taylor is a perfect saint, but she’s wound a little too tight. Brooke tells her that Stephanie doesn’t even offend her any more; she’s just annoying. Stephanie vows that she will have to try harder. Brooke says they both love Ridge so she doesn’t know why they can’t be friends. This is better than fighting. Now if Stephanie could just accept her and Ridge and Eric with Donna they could have a whole new beginning. Stephanie says if she accepted Brooke and Ridge and Eric and Donna and accept losing the company and a couple of sons along the way, that is an awful lot of acceptance. She chuckles that she has spent twenty years with that opposition. Ridge wants to come by the house and talk to Steffy and Thomas, but Taylor says she can let him off the hook easier than that as it is not necessary. He feels like he has let Phoebe down. She says Phoebe would just want him to be happy. They have been through a lot this year and needed each other to find their way back. He thanks her; gets up and bends down and kisses her goodbye. She fights back the tears. Whip at least wants to help hire his replacement and not leave it up to Stephanie when he thinks she is still caught in her “aren’t we elegant” mode. Jackie M should have someone who shoots too high rather than too low. Owen walks in and says he too is not sure that Whip should be fired. Owen just wanted a little respect from him. Owen says he loves his wife and trusts her. Whip made them a real contender and he’s okay with him working there as long as he knows Jackie is off-limits. Brooke meets Ridge at the courthouse. He tells her no loop holes this time, no backing out. They show their birth certificates, former marriage licenses, photos of former marriages, everything they can think of to the clerk and just want to be deemed husband and wife and “you may now kiss the bride.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie and Nathan see the video of Melanie and Philip having sex. Stephanie lays into Melanie, and later, Phillip. He tries to convince Stephanie that he made a mistake, and that it will never happen again, but Stephanie is angry that he lied to her, and she storms off. Meanwhile, Brady is able to get the video removed form the web, and he has the hotel manager arrested. He goes to give Melanie the good news, but she tell him that Stephanie knows about the tape, and that she has ruined everything. Nicole manages to flush the letter from Baker to Sami down the toilet, but Rafe suspects her of it. Sami is angry at him for being suspicious of Nicole, and also upset that he came over without calling. She says she is sick of all his lies and demands her keys back. Rafe later admits to Arianna that he is thinking of giving up investigating Nicole, but a call from Sister Teresa changes his mind. Maggie catches Chad in her house, but Mia covers for him. Later, she kicks him out, even though Chad thinks she is still in love with him. Nicole lets herself into Maggie’s house and finds the letter from Baker to Mia. She explains to Mia that she had a restraining order taken out on her, but she regrets it, and wants to rip it up. Mia accepts this and Nicole heads off with Mia’s letter in her possession. Victor orders a background check on Arianna and then demands to speak to her alone.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

The carnival is in full swing. Sam and Jason continue the stakeout at the hotel. Sam is uncomfortable when she learns Edward is involved so she closes the case. She and Jason head to the carnival where they run into Spinelli and Maxie. Later, Jason sees Liz and Jake from a distance. Edward drinks Andrea’s tainted martini. Robin and Patrick confront Andrea about the night of the murder. Edward denies being at the hotel that night, even though Robin has “proof.” Edward cancels plans with his lady friend and heads to the carnival. Michael interrupts Claudia’s plan for a Ferris wheel ride with Kristina. Things get tense with Nikolas and Ethan at the carnival. Nik tells Ethan he plans on “dumping Rebecca very soon.” Ethan tells Liz it’s wrong for Nik to lead Rebecca on. Sonny runs into Olivia at the carnival and the two reminisce. Alexis keeps tabs on Kristina. Lulu travels the carnival with Dante/Dominic. Michael goes to see the fortuneteller. The woman tells Michael he has a “gift” and is able to “see things.” She tells Michael “a very particular Hell awaits” him. Anthony's men get ready to carry out his orders. Anthony gives orders against Sonny from prison. Johnny heads to the warehouse in Dante/Dominic’s place. Lulu gets her fortune told and it disturbs her. Edward feels the affects of the tainted martini as he drives to the carnival. Spinelli arrives at the warehouse, where he runs into Anthony’s gunmen. The men shoot at Spinelli. Edward passes out and his car runs straight into the carnival crowd.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is getting ready for a birthday party for Henry. Josh says he has a surprise for their grandson. Problem is they both get him the same thing, a rocking horse . At Marina's she is also getting ready for Henry's birthday party. Shayne comes by to help her out. She tells him that Henry is taking a nap and she'd rather have a happy baby at the party, than an angry one. Marina is in a drawer finding tape and she finds Mallet's badge. Mallet gets a job, a map and a car with it. At Company, Buzz is setting up for a birthday party also. Frank is a little depressed. Lillian stops by and Buzz, knowing of Phillip's situation, wants to know why she is not with her family. Lillian tell him that she wanted a break from that. Phillip and Alan continue their discussion about the transplant risk. Phillip tells him he doesn't have to do a grand gesture just to prove he is a father. Alan reminds him that being a match was staggering. Phillip walks away into the hospital. Back at Company, Lillian is talking to Daisy about James being angry and she wants her help with him. Daisy agrees to talk with James. Lillian thanks her with a pat on the cheek. Cyrus arrives with a gift for Henry that he wants Buzz to give him. Buzz tells him he is a Cooper now and that he can give Henry the gift. At Reva's they decide what to with the two rocking horses. Josh wants Reva wants to bring back the extra rocking horse. Reva makes a case that it would be pointless. At Marina's Shayne is enjoying his time with Henry and Marina that is until Mallet calls and Shayne answers Marina's phone for her. Mallet asks to speak to Marina and then he wants to have Marina put the phone to Henry's ear to wish him happy birthday. When Mallet is done doing that and Marina puts the phone back to her ear she suddenly has the urge to hang up on Mallet. At Mallet's end the phone goes dead. Mallet tries to figure it out. At Lizzie and Bill's they are talking about going to the birthday party, suddenly Phillip shows up at their screen door. Saying he was going to the birthday party. Josh visits Marina and Shayne's. He is admiring his grandson. Josh tells Shayne about Reva and her crazy gifts. And asks if there is anything he thinks Henry needs. Josh looks at Shayne an sees how Henry has a calming effect on him. Josh asks how he is doing. Josh asks about the job offer. Josh does mention Dinah but in the past tense. Alan is taking a walk and Lillian walks into him at the park. Alan tells her Phillip said no to his being part of the transplant. Lillian tells Alan she knows. But adds, "I am so proud of you." Daisy meets up with Phillip. At first she is hesitant about mentioning his health. Then she tells Phillip she is sorry he's dying. He thanks her kindly for her words. She tells him James is upset. That she knows it without him really saying anything. Phillip mentions to her how she has a nice affect on James and that he is glad she is in his life. Reva and Josh are in their cars and they stop. Reva gets out of her car with a little baseball suit and glove to show Josh. She says the horse and the baseball suit can be from both of them. Josh goes to Reva's car an accidentally lets balloons loose. At Marina's, Frank arrives. He actually gives Shayne a compliment. He tells him he is a good father and good to Marina. That he knows it has been tough. But he is proud of how Shayne is handling it. Shayne thanks him with a handshake. Marina comes from the bedroom all dressed up. Both men give her a compliment. Alan sees the balloons going up into the air when Lizzie bumps into him. She sees he is a little out of it. She asks about him. Though Alan says he is fine. Bill questions it. Alan leaves. Mallet runs into Dinah, who has car trouble. At the cemetery, Phillip is there thinking when Alan shows up. Alan admits Phillip is right about how Alan has been acting. Not knowing that Phillip is on the other side of the monument. Alan continues, "I know you and I haven't had the father-son relationship that either deserve. That he now wants that." That he was paranoid that Phillip would take power away from him. Yet he's crossed over to become the man he always wanted him to be. Now he wants to do the transplant for the same reason. Phillip come from the other side of the monument. They stare at each other. Josh, Reva, Frank and Lillian are together. Lillian is talking to Frank, who knows about Phillip that there is no help. Reva interrupts her. Lillian tells them that Phillip wont do the transplant. Reva is shocked. Back on the road where Dinah and Mallet found each other they talk about how Henry was found. At the Mallets, the party begins with a clown and cute tricks and blowing out the candles on the cake. The clown is Buzz. Each guest gets a small box with which they give a wish to Marina and Henry. Mallet fixes the car as well as he can. Mallet asks her what she is going to do. Dinah says, "Some days I have a plan. Some days I don't." She thanks Mallet for fixing her car and they hug. Cyrus and Frank exchange gifts. Standing next to each other. Reva asks about Josh's wish and then joke about it. Bill and Lizzie wish for more time alone. Back on the road, Mallet asks Dinah to go with him. Lillian tells a clowned face Buzz she is so happy now, they hug. At the cemetery, Phillip asks Alan not to go through with the procedure, because he wants him here for the family. Alan goes through a speech that he wants him to be here to help him. Phillip nods his head in agreement as they stand at the monument together. Phillip has the balloon he found and won't give it to Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sergei and his men go to find Starr and Todd in the house although the mayor is unaware and busy at the debate he's having with Viki. Sergei manages to shoot and knock out both Todd and Shaun then holds Starr and baby Hope captive. John has protected Cole from the Mayor and from Keeton and he goes to arrest the mayor for what he and Fish have uncovered about the mayor's drug trafficking. Nora and Tea are taken to jail and put in the same cell. They argue about what Tea did to Rachel on the witness stand. Greg tells Rachel that he knows they want each other. But she tells him she cannot betray Shaun by cheating on him with his brother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Amber and Deacon make wedding arrangements, but Amber ruins the mood by telling them to play the funeral march. Deacon pulls Amber aside and tells her to ditch the attitude. Kay comes in to join Amber. Kay shows Amber the invitation to the wedding and asks her what was she thinking. Daniel insists that he hadn’t done anything, but the man insists that Daniel had. Jana walks in and tells Michael that he doesn’t want to go outside. Michael tells Jana that he needs to talk to Kevin that he has proof that Ryder is not his brother at all. In the jail visitation room, Ryder can’t believe that Kevin has the keys to Tom’s safe deposit box. Ryder calls Deacon and tells him that Kevin is headed for the safe deposit box. Deacon insists that the painting had better be in that box. Daniel insists to the police officer that all he had was a couple of beers. Victor thanks Ted and tells him that he will get back to him. Victor vows to Jack that he will find the man and his captive. Billy takes Ashley back to his trailer where Traci is. Billy lets them know that Dr. Simons will be there soon. Ashley refuses to see a dr., but Traci persuades her to see a doctor for the baby’s sake. Kevin tells Jana about the safe deposit box and that the Terroni may be inside. Michael shows Kevin the paper that Tom hadn’t been involved in Ryder’s upbringing. Kay tells Amber that she is not going to allow Amber to go through with this sham of a marriage. Adam finds out that Ashley had not been admitted to a hospital. Adam tells Victor that Billy had come there and taken Ashley away. J.T. gets a call from Colleen much to Victoria’s disgust. Paul enters the room just as Victoria leaves. Paul questions J.T. if he had seen Victor and Patty together. Traci calls Jack to let him know that Ashley is there with them at Billy’s trailer. Dean arrives at the Newman mansion and tells Adam that he had been granted an early release from house arrest and that a police would be by later to remove his ankle bracelet. Ryder tells Kevin that Tom had stolen the Terroni, hid it and it had never been found. Victor comes to Ashley’s rescue at Billy’s trailer. Ashley begs him to get her out of there. Once back at the Newman mansion, Adam tells Victor and Ashley that he had been granted an early release from house arrest and he is going back to Kansas. Ashley begs Adam to stay. J.T. and Paul listen to the message on the cell phone and realizes that Patty has Colleen held hostage. Kay pays Deacon a visit to pay him off to call off this wedding, but Amber interrupts. Deacon and Victoria make plans for the night before his wedding .

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