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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is relieved that she now knows that she is innocent of Stuart’s murder. Erica talks to Ryan on the phone about Zach’s actions. Marissa takes the papers that she and David had signed over to Tad’s house, but finds Jake and Amanda gone. Jake holds a gun on David at Wildwind. Amanda barges in and gets Jake to put down the gun since she had decided to move in with David. Marissa walks in and finds out that Amanda is moving in to the mansion. Erica tells Zach that she is worried about him. At the Chandler mansion, Scott refuses to be Adam’s best man. J.R. becomes dizzy and has to sit down. Adam blames this sickness on J.R.’s drinking. Ryan visits Zach’s house. Erica tells Ryan that she knows what is bothering Zach. A designer brings Annie her wedding gown. Scott agrees to be Adam’s best man. Kendall listens while Erica tells Ryan that she thinks that Zach is having an affair with Liza. Jake agrees to Amanda’s plan. Zach goes to see Annie.

Zach tells Annie that Ryan had taken Spike. Zach and Annie form a partnership. Tad lets J.R. know that he will stand by Little A as well as J.R. Amanda is reunited with Trevor. Annie tells Scott that she wants her daughter back to make this family complete. Liza join Jake at the Confusion bar. Jake vows to bring David down. Marissa vows not to go back to Wildwind.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Craig arrives at Rosanna’s to see Parker, but Rosanna lets him know that he is not welcome. Parker is reluctant to come downstairs because Craig and Rosanna are arguing. Craig tells Parker that they have a meeting, but Parker refuses to go to the meeting because he is meeting Liberty. Excitedly, Janet comes downstairs to go college hunting with Liberty, but Liberty is less than enthusiastic about college hunting. There is a knock on the door and it is Teri. Teri lets Janet know that she had been fired. Henry arrives at Audrey’s and finds the lawyer. Parker meets up with Liberty. Teri, reluctantly, lets Janet know that Liberty is pregnant. Rosanna, Janet and Teri end up at Craig’s apartment looking for Liberty, but she is already gone to an abortion clinic. At the clinic, the doctor makes sure that Liberty has been alerted to all of the facts. Janet and Teri go looking for Liberty at the clinic.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy pops into Whip’s office when she can’t find her grandmother. She comes right to the point and asks about Jackie and Owen. She tells Whip that she knows how he feels about Jackie, but she hopes he will have the decency to give her room to work on her marriage. Taylor joins Stephanie when Thorne leaves. Stephanie gloats that they have reason to celebrate since Brooke is going to Paris. Taylor tells her that she will hold off on that until Ridge is emotionally free of Brooke. Ridge calls Taylor. He has something to tell her. He tells Brooke that he is finally home and all that matters now is the two of them. Brooke realizes it will not be easy on Taylor when she hears this. Katie and Donna are at the same rooftop restaurant and Stephanie goes over to ask why Katie is not in Paris with Brooke. Katie tells her that Brooke changed her plans and is with Ridge at the moment.

Whip is not so sure that Jackie and Owen’s relationship is all that rock solid. Owen makes a request of Jackie. Whip has to go. He simply can not work with him anymore when he knows how he feels about Jackie. She reminds him that Whip is a huge part of Jackie M’s success. They make love on the couch, and she begs him to come back home with her.

Taylor is silently devastated when Katie tells her that Ridge drew the heart in the sand for Brooke to see as the sign that he still loved and wanted her. Brooke and Ridge seal their love the usual way. He tells her that he adores her – his angel – and he doesn’t ever want to do without her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie, in a panic about the video of her and Philip having sex being on the internet, goes to Brady and Arianna for help. The two go over to the hotel and manage to catch the manager taping the room they’re in. They confront him about it. Meanwhile, Philip heads off for a job interview in Chicago. Nicole attempts to intercept the letters Dr. Baker sent to Sami and Mia. She manages to get Sami out of her apartment and is able to sign for the letter from Dr. Baker. Rafe confronts the lawyer, Hynes, and pulls a gun on him. Hynes divulges the fact that Baker sent a letter to Sami. Rafe heads over to her apartment. Nicole is there alone, and hides the letter for Sami in her purse. Sami bonds with Sydney in the park. Melanie signs for Baker’s letter to Mia. Chad, who is convinced Mia has admitted her feelings for him in her journal, enlists Kinsey’s help to steal her keys. They succeed and Chad heads over to Maggie’s to search for the journal. He finds the letter from Baker on the table. Will and Mia decide to officially start dating. She worries about her journal when Will tells her about Stefano stealing his mom’s journal once and wreaking havoc with the information. Lexie informs EJ that Stefano’s diabetes is out of control.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Andrea corners Edward at the carnival fundraiser in the hotel. Monica intervenes and dumps out the drink Andrea laced before Edward drinks it. Edward’s lady friend tells him she’s booked them a room at the hotel. Nikolas won’t give Liz a straight answer about his intentions regarding Rebecca. Dante/Dominic takes Molly and the boys to the carnival and they later meet up with Sonny and Claudia. Max tells Diane he’d like to spend more time “talking.” Max accuses Diane of using him for sex. Max storms off when Diane says she’s going to the carnival fundraiser alone. Jason offers to help Sam with a case. The woman Sam is investigating happens to be Edward’s lady friend. Sam and Jason head to the Metro Court to investigate. Spinelli the clown makes his way around the carnival. Alexis and Mac chat at the fundraiser until Andrea interrupts. Alexis and Andrea bicker. Patrick works the dunk tank but nobody can sink him, including Max. Finally Molly is able to sink Patrick as well as Johnny, Ethan, and Dante/Dominic. Anthony speaks cryptically about his plans for Port Charles. Andrea manages to lace another drink for Edward and he drinks it. Dante/Dominic runs into Lulu and flirts as usual. Matt has to cancel his plans with Lulu so Dante/Dominic offers to step in. Sonny enjoys some quality time with his kids and Claudia at the carnival. Sonny takes Kristina to get her fortune told. The fortuneteller says “danger” is looming. Alexis runs into Sonny and the kids, minus Kristina who meets up with Kiefer. Claudia catches Kristina kissing Kiefer. Claudia offers to help Kristina by talking to Sonny about Kiefer. She then asks Kristina to take a ride with her on the Ferris wheel. Meanwhile, unidentified men are loading their weapons.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia calls and Olivia tells her she is taking Emma to see Phillip. At Company, Ashlee gives Buzz the first copy of Coop's last book. She tells him having to type what he wrote was hard. That his handwriting was bad. Buzz hugs her and thanks her. Then Doris walks in and sees this. When Ashlee leaves. Buzz tells Doris that Ashlee is a good kid. Doris just stares as Buzz walks away. Ed and Alan continue to talk about the transplant. Ed agrees that we should try. Because if they don't, Phillip will die. Back at Company, Buzz and Doris are talking about Ashlee. Buzz tells her to talk to Ashlee before it is too late. Ashlee and and Blake talk about the book. Blake hands her an envelope. In it is $5,000 for her because of her part in making the book possible. Ashlee is overwhelmed. Blake tells her to, "Spend it wisely." Blake leaves and Ashlee gets a call from Doris to meet her a Company. Ashlee tells her that she'll be right there. Olivia and Phillip have a good time talking and laughing. She gives him a hug. Alan takes the results of the tests and goes for a walk. He walks to a bridge and throws the file with the results into the water. Olivia drops by Company and she and he talk about kids. Blake goes to Food Court to find Natalia munching on a chocolate covered ice cream stick. Rafe meets with Alan and recovers the papers Alan dropped in the water. Alan act dumb about them when Rafe asks if Alan accidentally dropped them into the water. Rafe then tells Alan he's enlisted in the Army. Alan is proud of that news and tells him, "Your father would be proud of you." Ashlee meets with her mother for lunch at a picnic bench. Doris goes down memory lane with her about a conversation she started to have with her when she was 7. Doris blurts out she is a lesbian. Ashlee looks at her shocked to hear her say that. Ashlee asks Doris if she heard her right. Doris explains that it was a different time back then and continues with her explanation. Ashlee wishes she was told earlier and would have understood that she loves her. But she is angry that she wasn't honest with her. At Cedars, Phillip is sitting on a bed in a room when Natalia comes in. Phillip tells her, "I know that Olivia is trying to push you away from here. Don't be a fool. Don't let her." Alan stops outside Company and tells Buzz about the transplant. Buzz thinks that is great. Alan continues to say that there are concerns about it. Then they talk about Viet Nam. Buzz talks as if Alan went. Alan corrects him that he didn't go and his father found someone else that went, who had a family. This person didn't come back and Alan has had guilt ever since. Alan continues to tell Buzz that he always hated him, because he couldn't do with his children. Buzz reminds him that he left his kids. That is is not a man of honor. Alan tells him he doesn't think he can do it. Buzz tells him he can. At Cedars, Natalia meets with Frank. They talk about the baby. Alan goes back to Ed's office. Alan wants Ed to explain the whole procedure. How he is going to be, how he will do. At the park, Phillip meets with Olivia. He sees she has something on her mind and that he thinks she is hiding something from him and that now is not the time. That he doesn't have time to hide things from people and they should hide from him. Olivia tries to change the subject to how he is feeling. Phillip tells Olivia to make it right with Natalia. Back at Cedars, Ed tells Alan that this is the first time he'll be performing the surgery. At Company, Doris returns asking for a drink. She then tells Buzz she screwed up. Buzz tells her, "I am not following you." Doris tells him of her conversation with Ashlee. At the gazebo, Ashlee is sitting there taking in what Doris just told her when Rafe appears. Rafe sees Ashlee is upset and asks her about it. Ashlee tells him of her earlier conversation with Doris. Rafe tells her, "At least she told you and that you didn't find out on your own or someone else didn't tell her." Alan meets with Phillip. Alan tells him that he just had a physical and found out he is a match. "We should do the transplant as soon as possible." Phillip tell him no. He says, "I can't let you do that." Alan looks surprised. At Cedars, Olivia comes by to make up with Natalia. Olivia touches Natalia's face and then they touch foreheads.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Matthew's hearing, Tea is able to get Rachel to admit that she has a "fear of death" because when she was using, she was a prostitute and killed her roommate. Greg goes after Rachel and she admits that he was right that she's afraid of risks and wants to sabotage her brother's hope of walking again because of that. The judge tells both Tea and Nora they are going to jail because of their courtroom outbursts and theatrics. John manages to prevent Keaton from killing Cole after the mayor has informed Keaton that Cole is onto them and has to be silenced. But Serge tells the mayor that he must do something about it. So he goes to the house and threatens Todd and Starr with a gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

There will be no Y&R on Monday, September 7, due to Labor Day.

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