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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie is in the kitchen of his and Randi’s apartment when Randi comes out of the bedroom. Neither Frankie nor Randi wants to talk very much. When Frankie mentions Matthew, Randi clams up and doesn’t want to talk about it. At the police station, Liza tries to get Jesse to help Jake, but Jesse refuses. At Tad’s home, Amanda reads the headlines of the newspaper about the baby. Amanda remembers David’s offer to her that he would drop all charges against Jake if Amanda would move into Wildwind. David is busy on the phone when Marissa walks into the living room of Wildwind. Brot visits Frankie and Randi. Frankie and Randi make plans for later. Jake is brought into the squad room. He immediately asks Jesse as to where Trevor is. Jesse assures him that the baby is fine. Liza apologizes to Jake for telling David about their plan. David tells Marissa that he is going to make a deal with Jake and Amanda concerning Trevor. Krystal points out all of David’s faults to Amanda. Amanda tells Tad and Krystal about David’s offer. At the hospital, Frankie tells Brot all about the baby that Randi had found in front of the church. At the hospital, Angie tells Frankie that the baby that Randi had found was Amanda and David’s. Looking at the newspaper, Randi reads the article about the baby. Natalia visits. Natalia tells Randi that the baby that she had found was Amanda and David’s. Liza encourages Jake to take the deal from David if he offers one. Tad and Amanda come into the police station and lets Liza and Jake know that David had already offered a deal to Amanda. At Wildwind, David signs a contract and Marissa co-signs for a deal with Jake and Amanda.

Amanda wakes up from her nap and finds Jake gone. Jake bursts into Wildwind and pulls a gun on David. Amanda bursts into Wildwind to stop Jake from killing David. Amanda tells David that she had decided to take him up on his offer to move into Wildwind. Jesse and Angie comfort Randi.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Damian makes plans with Meg for a picnic, as he goes to change, he runs into Luke, who is anxiously awaiting Noah’s return. Luke becomes saddened when he sees Damian in a shirt that looks like his dad’s. Lily is boxing up some of Holden’s belongings to bring to Emma for her church, but she is having a hard time with it, as Natalie joins her and wants to keep one of Holden’s shirt, like Lily did. Mason and Noah arrive home early happily still talking about their trip to California. Mason wants to spend more time together, but Noah thinks he should go see Luke, but Mason convinces him they can talk more about his script over coffee. Holden has a dream of Lily, which turns into a nightmare, when he realizes he can’t get to her because he is shackled. He awakens and tries to convince Maeve to get a message to Lily because he is willing to make a deal; he will tell her where the money is, if she lets him out of the chains. She won’t do it without Ebb’s knowledge. When Ebb comes into the room, Holden convinces them that he knows where the money is and the only way he will tell is if they unchain him. Lily struggles with her decision to give away some of Holden’s belongings and ends up at the pond where she sees Damian in a shirt that resembles Holden’s and assumes it is Holden coming back. When she sees it is not he, she faints. Damian tends to Lily when Meg arrives. She is annoyed but tries to hide it until after Lily leaves. However, after Lily leaves, Meg calls Damian on his feelings for Lily; she thinks that she might be in the way because she feels his feelings have been rekindled now that Holden is gone. Damian tries to convince her that she is wrong, but he finally tells her that maybe some time apart might help her get her feelings clearer. Luke is not pleased to find Noah and Mason casually hanging out without telling him they took an earlier flight. By themselves, Luke is short and sarcastic with Noah at first, but Noah is able to get through to him and assure him that he has nothing to be jealous about. Luke feels better, but it is short lived when they are embracing and Mason shows up. Luke tries to hide his displeasure and afterwards, Mason watches Luke and Noah leave.

Lily and Emma talk about losing Holden, as Lily can’t seem how to move forward. After feeling better, Lily heads home just before Meg comes home and admits to Emma that she and Damian broke up because of Lily. Emma actually advises her that she is overreacting and she should call Damian, as Meg realizes she might have, but she wants Damian to call her instead. Holden pretends to find the place where the supposed money is buried but he tricks Ebb into leaning over the hole; he knocks Ebb out with a shovel. Holden tries to convince Maeve to let him have the keys to the car so he can get back to his family. Maeve is torn but trains the gun on Holden until Ebb awakens and he takes the gun back after Maeve looks like she was considering helping Holden. Ebb punches and kicks Holden and then orders Maeve to help him back to the cabin. Later, he tells Maeve that Holden will receive no more food until he admits to where the money is; he dies unless he tells them where it is. Damian goes to see Lily under the guise of checking on her, but soon he is sharing with her that Meg and he broke up because she thinks he is still interested in her. Lily urges her to reconcile with Meg, but Damian tells her that he can’t because Meg is right; his feelings are as strong as ever. Upon hearing this, Lily orders Damian to leave her house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke sits on the jet and explains to Katie that going to Paris to be with her mom and dad is the best thing right now. She was waiting for a sign from Ridge, but that didn’t happen. Thorne tells Ridge by phone that he doesn’t think this plan is going to work. Ridge tells him to have the faith. Thorne meets his mom for lunch. Stephanie wants to celebrate now that Brooke is leaving for Paris. Bridget tells Nick that she is worried about his mother because she is not back with Owen yet. Nick fills her in that Jackie is over there now making the final break. Love is not always enough. Owen tells Jackie that he loves her, that will never change, and he wants her back. He wants to come home and start over. She confesses that she didn’t come here to save her marriage, but to end it. He needs an explanation, for her to look him right in the eye and tell him. Instead, she takes off her ring and tells him that she is going to have the marriage annulled. It would be so easy to continue, but so wrong for Owen.

Owen tells Jackie that for the last time, he loves her, he does not want a younger woman who can give him children, he wants her and their marriage. She admits that being with him is electric and she does not want to spend one more night in bed without him. They kiss and make up. Ridge stands and watches overhead as the plane takes off, Brooke leaving him for good. Katie forces Brooke to look out the window and see Point Dume where there is a heart traced in the sand with their names inside. The car heads toward Ridge. Brooke gets out and runs toward Ridge. He runs toward her. They embrace and kiss and he tells her that he left a sign for her and now will never let her go. Is this for real or is this Memorex?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Maggie tells Melanie that she would be thrilled if she and Nathan started dating. Nathan and Melanie spend some quality time together when he helps her study for an upcoming exam. Later, she is dismayed to learn that the video of her and Philip having sex has been leaked on the internet when one of her friends sends her the video. Philip and Stephanie make love. Later, Philip tells Victor that he and Stephanie are engaged again, and that he is happy with her, whether Victor can accept it or not. Craig overhears Lucas telling Chloe that he can never forgive her. Craig, who has to go out of town, angrily reminds Lucas that he is in charge of Chloe’s care, and must do what is best for her, despite what happened between them. Lucas agrees, but later tells Chloe again that he refuses to forgive her. Bo and Hope get into another argument when Hope learns that she and Bo can’t legally give Dean the reward money. Hope vows to find a way to make sure he gets it anyway. Bo goes out for air, and later, Justin comforts Hope after his own argument with Adrienne. Daniel finds the incriminating gloves in Kate’s room. She catches him, but he pretends that he came to see her to apologize for trying to get revenge on her by taking up with Chloe. She seems to accept this and Daniel escapes with the gloves. Victor grows angry with Justin when he overhears him speaking to someone over the phone about Kate. He tells Justin to drop it, but it just makes Justin even more suspicious of Kate.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis forbids Kristina to spend time “alone” with Michael. Sam wonders why Jason asked her to the carnival. Carly gets worked up when she figures out Sam and Jason are ‘back together.” Jason doesn’t admit anything to Carly but she tries to be supportive. Robin says she’s found someone (Edward) who can place Andrea at the hotel at the time of the murder. Thanks to Spinelli, Robins learns that Edward was staying in a room down the hall from Brianna and the mayor. Andrea slips digitalis into Edward’s drink. Edward ends up spilling his drink all over Andrea. Nikolas does his best to make Rebecca look more like Emily. Spinelli makes excuses to get out of going to the carnival, and then admits his clown fear to Maxie. Dante/Dominic asks Lulu to the carnival and so does Matt. Lulu accepts Matt’s invitation. Robin wants to question Edward so she and Patrick head to the hotel to find him. Liz confronts Nik after she sees Rebecca dressed like Emily. Liz doesn’t buy Nik’s explanation and she wonders if he’s seeking “revenge.” Edward meets a lady friend at the Metro Court. Monica interrupts the visit as Andrea comes back to the hotel, digitalis in hand. Lulu tells Carly about Dante/Dominic’s relentless flirting. Olivia comes over and joins the conversation right before Lulu mentions the man’s name is “Dominic.” Dante/Dominic interrupts the conversation and Lulu accuses him of following her. Lulu takes off and Olivia reads Dante/Dominic the riot act as Carly watches, amused. Carly says Dante/Dominic “reminds” her of Sonny. Jax and Alexis discuss “consequences” as they relate to Kristina and Michael. Sam returns to Jason’s and says she has work to do so he’s “off the hook” as far as the carnival. Jason says he wants to take Sam to the carnival. Spinelli comes home to the penthouse dressed as a clown and says he’s “confronting” his fear. Anthony talks about the carnival from jail – he says he has a surprise in store for everyone.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Company, the Coopers are talking with Ashlee. Then a guy from the bank comes in with a foreclosure notice. The atmosphere goes from happy to sad. At Cedars, Alan and Lizzie are talking about Phillip's news. Lizzie wants to know from Alan if he is hiding anything from her. Alan tells her that he just found out when she did. Lillian talks to Phillip about staying in the hospital. Phillip tells her he wants to die at home. Then James comes back into his room after talking to Ed. James wants to know if Phillip was ever going to tell them he is dying and there must be a cure. Both Phillip and Lillian try and convince James there isn't. Although Ed admits there is a chance with a massive bone marrow transplant, but no one not even he would do it. Lillian adds that the donor would have to be brain dead or worse. Phillip adds, "I would never want anyone in my family to do it." Outside Company, Blake, Cyrus and Ashlee try and figure out a way to help Buzz with the foreclosure. Cyrus says there has to be a way and if he can find it, both Ashlee and Blake are in. They then leave. Inside Company, Natalia is tells Frank she wishes she could help. She gives him a pat on the arm and says, "Bye". She then leaves with a sad look on her face. At Blake's, she, Cyrus and Ashlee are still trying to figure out how to help the Coopers with the foreclosure. At Company, Shayne and Henry are talking with Buzz, Frank and Daisy. Frank is looking out the window then suddenly walks outside. He walks up to Olivia and tells her about Marina splitting up, that Shayne is Henry's father and Cyrus is his half-brother. When he walks away Olivia wonders what she can do. At Cedars, Phillip tells Lizzie he didn't want her to worry about him dying." Beth rubs Phillip's shoulder for support as Lizzie patiently listens to him. At Cedars, Alan runs into Natalia and asks why she is there. She tells him that she is picking up her vitamins. thinks that since she is family she should know that Phillip is dying. Shocked she tells Alan to give Phillip her love. Alan asks about Rafe. Natalia tells Alan he's going soon into the Army. Alan asks her to have Rafe stop by before he leaves and she promises, Olivia and Emma meet Phillip in the park. Olivia lets Emma go for a walk to talk to Phillip. Next thing we see is Phillip hugging Emma and Olivia trying not to cry in the background. At Cedars, James is talking to Rick about Phillip. James wants to know the truth about the treatment. Rick tells him pretty much what Ed said. Lillian is talking to Alan about Phillip and what Alan should do in Phillip's last weeks. Alan tells her he's finished. He doesn't have a son anymore. He leaves and Lillian looks shocked. At Food Mart, Natalia runs into Doris. They talk about Olivia. Natalia tells her that Olivia is the love of her life. Doris smiles. At the park, Olivia and Emma are talking about Phillip's news. Emma wants to do something for "Daddy". Emma and Olivia go to visit Natalia. Though the only one that goes into the house is Emma. Olivia walks away as soon as Emma goes through Natalia's front door. James agrees to be a donor. And because he is not of age, Beth has to sign for him. A nurse starts with taking a blood sample. At Natalia's she wonders about Olivia. At Company the Coopers and Shayne are just sitting around. At Blake's, Cyrus is hacking into a computer service. Blake is on the phone talking to someone while it seems Cyrus is hacking in to that person's computer. Soon the downloading is done and Blake quickly gets off the phone. Ed gets a list of donors. The only one a match is James. At the basketball court, James is there and Rick comes up to him to tell him he is a match. Phillip comes by just as Rick tells James the news. Phillip is furious. He doesn't want James to do the transplant. He tells them he won't allow it. That, "I won't let them do this to you!" James walks away and Phillip looks angrily at Rick. At Company, things look depressing until Blake, Ashlee and Cyrus walk in. Blake tells them that Coop was writing a book about Jenna. That there was money as an advance to a corporation. That because of Coop's death, Buzz now owns. That there was money in that Corporation. She tells Buzz enough to help him save Company. At Natalia's, she and Emma are talking about Olivia. In the park, Doris runs into Olivia. She tells Olivia she heard about Phillip and that she is sorry. They talk about Emma. Olivia says she is worried about Emma. Doris gives some advice about reaching out to those that love Olivia. Outside Company, Daisy meets with James and tells him that the family now has enough money to save Company and for her to go to college. Phillip and Rick continue their argument about James being the donor. That all James wants is to be Phillip's son and that Phillip has never accepted it. Phillip asks Rick how he became such a good father. At Cedars Ed tells Alan that he is a potential match. Alan asks, "How can that be?"

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Cole has sold the drugs to Justin and John is worried that Lowell might find out, he takes Cole to jail. He tells him that he is relieved of his undercover work because if they mayor finds out that Cole is an informant, Cole has had it. Presently, Lowell is not aware. But Todd had observed Cole appearing to sell the drugs in the park and has told Starr. She tells her father that Cole is working undercover. Dorian overhears and informs Lowell, having no clue that Lowell is behind the drug deal and assuming that Lowell won't do anything to hurt Cole knowing he's helping enforce the law and she tells him it could clear Justin of charges for buying drugs. Yet, Lowell informs Keaton that he's worried that Cole is on to him and if he is, Keaton needs to kill him. John hustles to make certain everything is ok. But Cole is in jail and vulnerable. Viki is ready to run against Mayor Lowell and Charlie is her campaign manager. After Todd finds out that Cole is going undercover, he is worried that it could endanger Starr and Hope. So he goes to the mayor to ask him to "pull Cole off the case". Fish and John are listening in on Dorian informing the mayor that Cole is an informant and overhear the mayor telling Keaton what he needs to do if Cole knows that the mayor is behind the drug deal. And it looks like it may be too late for Cole. Matthew's trial is underway. Tea subpoena's Greg about his success record with the surgery as well as a witness who had successful surgery after a similar injury to what happened to Matthew. Yet, Nora, Rachel and Elijah work against them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Colleen visits Victor at the Newman mansion and blasts him for his treatment of her over the video. Upstairs, Tracey visits with Ashlee, who tries to explain to her about what had happened during the night of the thunderstorm. Adam listens from outside the door. At the Abbott cabin, Patty remains tied up. Gloria watches out the window for Jeff to come back. Jeff arrives back and he and Gloria go over the plans for Victor or Jack to come get Patty. Jack tells Paul on the phone that he hadn’t heard from anyone about Patty’s whereabouts. Billy comes in to talk business with Jack. Kevin visits Ryder in jail and they discuss the two being brothers. At the coffeehouse, Jana offers to help Amber get out of this wedding with Deacon. Daniel arrives at the coffeehouse. Jana refuses to let Daniel leave until he talks to Amber. Ashlee tells Tracey about the accident on the road until Adam interrupts their conversation. As a result of Adam’s interruption, Ashlee clams up and refuses to talk about the accident anymore. Daniel refuses to listen to Amber’s excuses about Deacon and their getting married. Tracey has a talk with Victor about Ashlee’s well-being .

Daniel tells Amber that he had warned her not to get involved in this . Amber lets Daniel know that Deacon is forcing her to marry him. Patty and Jeff argue. Colleen visits Jack and Billy. Tracey also involves at Jack’s and tells him how that Ashlee is slipping away. Ashlee remembers her conversation with Adam about Sabrina and how that Adam had let her believe that Sabrina was still alive. Ashlee and Adam argue over Sabrina. Billy and Colleen go to the coffeehouse for coffee. Billy encourages Colleen to go to the Abbott cabin. Tracey join them. Jana receives a special delivery letter for Kevin. She reads on the outside that it is DNA results. Jeff and Gloria leave the cabin. Patty urges Gloria to leave kitty-kitty with her. Jeff calls Jack and lets him know where to find Patty. Jana takes the DNA test results to the jail to Kevin. Kevin finds out that they are brothers. Daniel asks Amber to marry him. Billy takes Ashlee from the Newman house while Adam looks on. Colleen finds Patty at the Abbott cabin.

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