Wednesday 9/2/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/2/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R and Tad wait in a hospital room for J.R. to have his chemo treatment. Amanda visits Krystal and lets her know that hers and David’s son is alive. Erica tries to talk Ryan out of talking Spike home with him. Zach keeps Kendall from revealing herself to Ryan and Erica by locking Kendall back into her room. Erica receives a call from Kendall, and Kendall urges Erica to keep her boys safe and not let Ryan take Spike. J.R. has sweet dreams of Marissa. Liza visits Krystal and lets Amanda know that she was the one, who had revealed everything to David . Amanda feels as though her life is over if she loses her son. David meets with his lawyer at Wildwind. Marissa walks in. David lets Marissa know that his son by Amanda is alive. Liza, and Amanda come up with a plan for Marissa to move into Wildwind permanently in order to spy on David . Marissa is against the idea of moving into Wildwind, but Amanda persuades Marissa to help her. J.R. visits Wildwind to see Marissa. David lets J.R. know that his son by Amanda is alive. J.R. finds out from Marissa that she is moving into Wildwind. J.R. lets Marissa know that he cannot get her out of his thoughts. He kisses her before he leaves Wildwind. Erica goes to see Ryan to talk to him about her adventures in Africa and to tell him that she had received a call from Kendall. Erica also tells Ryan about the children in Africa. Kendall remembers that she didn’t kill Stuart. Ryan watches the video of Erica’s adventures in Africa. Erica finds a glass with lipstick on it wonders if Liza had been back. Zach lets Erica know that if she doesn’t like it here then she can move out. Erica picks up her things and leaves. Liza receives five messages, but no one says anything. Kendall tells Zach that she remembers that she hadn’t killed Stuart. Kendall and Zach hug . David proposes a solution to Amanda that if she will move into Wildwind with Trevor then he will drop all charges against Jake.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Audrey and Henry wake up in the hotel room. Henry reminds Audrey that they have the lawyer bound and gagged in the boiler room. Audrey tells Henry that they are going to keep the lawyer bound and gagged until James dies. Vienna goes to see Katie about Henry and his obsession with this money and that she had heard him and Audrey talking that they were going to get arrested for kidnapping. At the hospital, Kim tells Tom that Bob hadn’t regained consciousness. Kim reminds Tom that Alison had come to all of them, but they had ignored Alison. Riley asks Alison how she is holding up under the Hughes onslaught .Alison realizes that Tom has some serious issues with Riley. Casey comes into the kitchen just as Margo is preparing to leave. Margo lets him know that she is visiting Bob before she goes to the police station. Margo lets Casey know that the doctors had gotten all of the tumor out. Casey orders Margo to tell Tom the truth about Riley being Adam or Casey will. Tom walks in and demands to know what is going on. Margo whispers to Casey that she will tell Tom everything. Katie and Vienna make plans to get Audrey away from Henry. Vienna and Audrey go shopping while Katie talks to Henry. When Audrey gets the chance, Audrey locks Vienna in the dressing room. Katie confronts Henry as to how this money had changed him. Katie follows Henry to the boiler room to see what he is up to. Henry finds the lawyer gone. Audrey calls Henry to come to his hotel room. When Henry arrives, Henry finds the lawyer in the laundry basket. Margo tells Tom that Riley is really Adam. At the diner, Casey tells Riley that Margo is telling Tom who Riley really is. Kim sits by Bob’s hospital bed. Bob wakes up from his coma. Kim calls Tom to tell him the news. Margo offers to go with Tom to the hospital, but Tom refuses. Tom confronts Riley about really being Riley. Tom threatens to call the authorities.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls Brooke and asks his Logan not to go to Paris; they still need to talk about this. She says if he wants her, he is going to have to prove it. She has already made plans for the kids until she settles in Paris and can bring them over. Brooke tells Donna and Katie her plans. She needs to get on with her life if Ridge is not going to be a part of it. Thorne talks to Ridge and tells him that he is keeping R.J. as Brooke is leaving town. Ridge has to do something about that. R.J. tells his dad that he doesn’t want to move to Paris. Thorne strongly advises Ridge to find Brooke and put their family back together. Whip shows up at Owen’s. He wants to throw him out. Whip tells him to be mad at him for the kiss, but not to take it out on Jackie. Owen blames him for having an eye for Jackie and that Whip saw this opportunity and took it. Steffy drops in on Jackie and explains that she ran into Owen on the beach. They got to talking and he told her a little of their problems. He’s a great guy and Jackie should be fighting for him, not pushing him away. Jackie says Owen has his whole life ahead of him and she is not going to hold him back.

Whip tells Owen that nothing happened between him and Jackie. She was honest with him, so he needs to let it go. She’s miserable without him. Nick stops by Jackie’s office and asks how it went when she went to see Owen. She admits she did not actually speak with him; only saw him with Steffy. Nick tells her that love is not necessarily what will keep people together; it’s not always right. She cries that she just wants what is best for Owen. Perhaps he needs someone closer to his age…..someone who could even give him children. She can end this. Thorne tells Ridge that he has had a front row seat in all of this. It was Stephanie that originally kept them apart and then Rick caused a lot of problems, but it’s Brooke that he still wants and he needs to tell her so. It will be the biggest mistake of his life if he lets her leave. Ridge tells Thorne that he needs some help and tells him what he wants him to do. Brooke tells Katie that she can not change her plans. She gave Ridge that opportunity and he let her walk out. Jackie goes to see Owen, ready to give him up. But he kisses her and blurts out that he loves her and wants her back. Ridge stands on the beach and looks at the sky and tells himself that this has to work.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe slips back into her coma, but not before Lucas hears her calling out for Daniel. Lexie and Craig are hopeful that Chloe may recover, and Lexie overrides the decision to discontinue life support. Kate urges Lucas to pull the plug anyway, saying that Chloe will have no kind of life even if she does survive. Lucas fantasizes about Chloe telling him that she loves Daniel, and he admits that he hates her. Meanwhile, Daniel learns the good news from Nathan. Worried that Kate may try to kill Chloe again, he works on finding evidence in the form of the rubber gloves Kate was wearing the day Daniel caught her messing with the appetizers for the show. He decides to search her room. Meanwhile, Kate returns to the mansion and heads upstairs. Victor has one of his other men pretend to be the boss of his organization so Arianna doesn’t recognize him. She doesn’t buy the validity of the imposter and threatens to take her business elsewhere. Brady confronts Troy about his drug addiction and suggests he go to rehab. Troy plays along. Later, Victor runs into Arianna and Brady in the park and invites Arianna to dinner to get to know her better. Philip asks Stephanie to start wearing her engagement ring again, and she agrees. Melanie and Nathan run into the two, and the four celebrate. Melanie confronts Philip about what happened, upset, but she agrees not to say a word to Stephanie. The hotel clerk who videotaped Philip and Melanie having sex watches the proceedings with amusement. We learn that he plans on using the tape to blackmail Philip.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli is happy to see Sam and Jason together. As Spinelli gushes about the reunion, Sam rushes off. Jason refuses to talk about Sam after Maxie leaves the penthouse. Sam is reluctant to confide in Maxie about Jason. Maxie tells Sam she’s not sure about marrying Spinelli. Spinelli asks Jason to be his best man at the wedding. Patrick gives Edward a clean bill of health as Andrea looks on. Michael says he remembers Jax apologizing to him when he was comatose. Sonny tells Kristina to blame him rather than herself about the accident. Sonny apologizes for being an absentee father. Sonny says it won’t do any good for Kristina to admit her guilt to the authorities. Liz is confused when she watches Nikolas greet Rebecca with a kiss. Liz invites Nikolas to the hospital carnival and he asks Rebecca to join them. Nikolas confides his plans for Rebecca in Alfred. Nik says the plan is to use and expose Rebecca for the person she really is.

Sonny worries that there’s “another leak” in the organization when Max says another shipment has been confiscated. Morgan is thrilled at the idea of having Dante/Dominic as a bodyguard but Michael is opposed. Michael finally comes around after a private chat with Dante/Dominic. Johnny asks Olivia to accompany him to the carnival. He wonders if Olivia is worried about Sonny seeing the two of them “together.” Andrea gets legal advice. She wonders “hypothetically” what to do about a possible “witness” to a murder. The attorney tells Andrea to “prepare her defense” in that case. Liz tells Lucky about the interaction between Rebecca and Nikolas. Dante/Dominic narrowly escapes running into Johnny and Sonny at his mom’s place. Sonny goes to see Michael and the two of them talk about forgiveness. Sonny plans on taking all the kids to the carnival. Kristina apologizes to Claudia when the two see each other on the pier. Monica asks Edward to help her raise funds at the carnival “kick off party.” Andrea reads up on digitalis and learns it can cause cardiac arrest. Then she mutters something about always disliking Edward. Jason asks Sam to go with him to the carnival.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip falls to the ground and calls someone for help before he goes unconscious. Beth sees Daisy at Food Court. Shayne and Marina meet about going to Family Court to talk about joint custody of Henry. Shayne tells her he has it scheduled for today. She is surprised he got it scheduled so fast but agrees to go. Jonathan and Jeffrey meet at their hideout. Jeffrey asks questions about how Reva is and how Colin is and if Edmund has shown his face in Springfield yet. At the Spaulding Mansion, both Alex and Alan are talking about James and Phillip. Lillian comes to Phillip's rescue. It is she he called. She sees he is awake and sitting up. She asks him if he can get up on his feet. He tells her with her help he can. Then he tells her that he has to tell the family today about his illness. She nods as if to agree with him. At Cedars. Phillip is in an examination room talking to Ed about telling the family. Lillian appears next to Ed. She inquires about how he is going to tell the family. She suggest doing it with Beth. Phillip agrees that Beth is the logical choice. But he has to tell her first Back at Jonathan and Jeffrey's hideout, they talk about going back to Springfield. Frank and Rick are on Frank's laptop looking at the online dating service that Frank has involved himself with. They are checking on current prospects. Mallet goes for a job interview as a cop. He tells the interviewer about his qualifications and that he did take some time off at one point. At the park, Shayne and Marina make plans about how to tell their families that Henry's father is Shayne and what they plan on doing with the situation. Shayne is talking about telling his dad about Henry when all of the sudden Josh shows up asking about what they mean about tell him what. Shayne is surprised to hear the see his father standing next to the picnic table that he and Marina are sitting at. Lillian is on the stairs at Company crying. Buzz sees her and tries to comfort her. She tells him about Phillip. Phillip goes to see Beth and tells her. She gets upset and cries. Phillip tells her he wishes he didn't have to tell her about his illness. Josh goes to see Reva with what he knows about Henry. Shayne and Marina and Henry are with him. Josh starts then Shayne interrupts and tells her that he is Henry's biological father. But that Marina is Henry's mother. Reva understands that. At Company, Buzz is outside on the steps alone when Cyrus walks up to him. Buzz tells him that he is glad that Cyrus found them and that he is part of the family. AT Cedars, Rick is in the hall when Ed walks up. Rick wants to know why he was paged. Ed starts out by telling how much he loves him and then tells him they have to talk. Beth walks the halls of Cedars with Phillip and continues to talk. James joins them at Cedars and Beth takes him into an exam room to talk. In the window of the exam room we see all of the Spaulding family have gathered including Lillian. Bill is also there and is one of the first to speak after Phillip has told them. Bill asks if Phillip asked for a second opinion. Phillip says he has gone thru it all. James gets up and leaves. Alex and Alan are in the doorway of the room. Alex is crying while trying to comfort a stoic Alan, who is just standing there. James goes to Ed's office and starts to trash it in anger. He sees file on Ed's desk. He becomes interested. Jeffrey is in a car following Edmund. At Company all the Coopers have come for Marina and Shayne's news about Henry. Also there is Blake. Frank is the first to ask what is going on before they have the chance to explain. After they tell them that Dinah knew and that she was the one that broke the news to Shayne and Marina first. Shayne explains that this doesn't change anything. That Henry will stay with Marina. After the news is out, Frank asks Marina if this is what she wants. Marina in short says yes. At Reva's, she and Josh are toasting to Henry and Shayne. They are now joking that they are grandparents. While Josh is holding him they decide to leave Reva's for Company. Mallet and Frank are on the phone. Mallet tells Frank about getting a job elsewhere. Frank tells him to take care. Jonathan tells Sarah they are going for a long ride and that she'll get to see her mom. At Cedars, the Spaulding Family are still reeling from the news. Phillip tells Lizzie that he can't take that trip they planned. Lizzie tearfully says she understands. In Ed's office, Ed thinks he is alone until he hears a voice. He turns around to find an angry James standing inside the doorway asking about the file and Phillip's illness. Ed is too shocked to see James there that he can't speak.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd gives Tea an engagement ring. Blair and Ross put their plan into action to have Tea sign divorce papers and believe they will be filed so she will be a bigamist when she marries Todd. Ross flirts with Blair.

David follows Greg around with his camera trying to get him to say something about his relationship with Rachel. Greg refuses to say anything about her. Shawn tells Rachel that he can see the chemistry between her and Greg, and tells her if she wants to go there, she should tell him now. He assures her that he is the Evans brother that knows how to treat a lady. She tells him she wants to continue her relationship with him; she is not interested in Greg.

Justin reveals to Dorian that Cole Thornhart sold him the drugs he was caught with. Mayor Lowell tells their lawyer that they will not use that information because it will be admitting that Justin bought drugs. Justin enters a plea of not guilty and is released into his father's custody.  John is forced to arrest Cole. Starr is forced to tell Todd that Cole is working undercover. Dorian overhears.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe is at the coffeehouse when Philip comes in and interrupts her breakfast. Philip tells her that he is there to meet Nina. Chloe inquires of Philip if he had seen Chance on television. J.T. and Colleen meet at the Athletic Club and she tells him of her new job. JT hugs her. Victoria watches them from around the corner. Kay visits Victor at the Newman mansion and inquires of him if he had heard from Nikki. Nina walks into the coffeehouse and sees Chance and Chloe together. Pomerantz reprimands Chance for his actions of the previous day and how Chance had endangered Jack’s life. Chloe listens to their conversation. Nina tells Philip that she wished that Chance was seeing someone else but Chloe. J.t. lets Colleen know that his wife and child come first. After J.T. leaves Victoria steps out in front of Colleen. Colleen urges Victoria not to throw J.T. away. Victor remembers his conversation with Nikki when she had told him that he was the only man that she would ever love. Ashley listens from inside as Victor tells Kay about his conversation with Nikki. Ashley relives the last few days and wonders if she hadn’t’ hit Sabrina then who had she hit.

Nina watches Chloe with Chance. Chloe tries to assure Chance that what had happened with patty was not his fault. Chloe lets Chance know that she and Billy hadn’t’ signed the divorce papers. Colleen visits Lily and brings her a gift. Ashley visits with Colleen’s mother. Philip gets down on one knee and asks Nina to be his best friend. Nina interrupts Chance and Chloe’s conversation to confront Chloe about Chloe’s dating Chance. Philip apologizes to Chance for his past actions. Ashley and Colleen’s Mom hug.

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