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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Marissa visits Krystal at Tad’s home to see how things had gone in Africa. Marissa tells Krystal that something had been going on with J.R. lately. J. R. informs Dr. Kahn that he wants to get started on the chemo as soon as possible. Kendall watches as Liza tells Zach and Erica that she is staying on Kendall’s case. Jake and Amanda rush into Jesse’s office at the police station and finds Trevor, as well as, David, Amanda confesses that Trevor is hers and David’s son. Kendall listens as Erica visits with Spike. Zach questions Liza as to what had changed Liza’s mind. Marissa lets Krystal know that she is now living at Wildwind. Jesse lets Amanda, Jake and David know that Trevor stays in custody. Amanda gets to hold her baby. Jake explains everything to Jesse, David, Tad and Taylor. Ryan arrives at Zach’s and tells Zach that Spike is coming home with him. Ryan tells Zach about Annie and the competency hearing and how that Annie had the judge wound around her little finger. Erica walks in, hugs Ryan and tells him that she cannot wait for him to see the footage that she had taken in Africa. Ryan finds out that Erica is moving in with Zach, temporarily. J.R. arrives at Tad’s home. Marissa notices that J.R. almost seems happy. J.R. tells Marissa that he hadn’t been drinking. J.R. and Marissa make plans for the weekend. J.R. hugs Little A and tells him not to ever forget that he loves him. Amanda questions Angie if David knows everything. Angie confirms that he does. Jake is arrested. Natalia takes Trevor. Ryan tells Erica that he is taking Spike home with him. Zach reveals that he had taken out a loan from Adam. Kendall, via the baby monitor begs Ryan not to take Spike. Erica tries to talk Ryan out of taking Spike. Kendall runs downstairs and Zach catches her just as she tries to head out the door. Kendall tells Zach to release her or she will scream.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul asks Emily to marry him she says she will think about it and both Hunter and Barbara don't think its a good idea. Hunter tells Paul to stay away from his mother but Paul promises not to hurt Emily then Hunter tells him he better not hurt her or he will answer to him. Barbara tells Emily that Paul will always love Meg and Eliza and she will take second place to her. Barbara also says Paul is scared about James that is why he is clinging to her now. Emily talks to Paul about what Barbara told her and then she tells him that she will marry him sometime but now isn't the right time.

Parker covers for Liberty and tells Jack and Janet that Liberty was at the lake with him and this leads Jack and Janet to suspect that Parker and Liberty are having sex again. Rosanna finds Craig and Terri in Chicago and doesn't believe them about the restaurant tour . Craig tells Rosanna they can't tell her the real reason they were in Chicago because its not his secret to share. Rosanna sees the abortion brochures and Terri allows Rosanna to assume they are her brochures. Rosanna fires Terri and tells Craig she never wants to see him again. Craig later confronts Rosanna and accuses her of being Jealous of his relationship with Carly because she isn't in a relationship right now. Craig also thinks that Rosanna has other feelings for him besides hatred. Craig keeps Terri from leaving town by telling her that they will help Liberty and find a way for her to get her job back. Terri thinks Craig is the greatest and gives him a hug to show it. Rosanna calls the clinic where Carly is and tells Carly's doctor she needs to see Carly right away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke pleads with Ridge that he knows how much she loves him. It’s time to make a decision and come back to her. She tells him that her mom and dad have gone back to Paris and she will join them soon. Running off to Paris makes no sense to him, but she says she has to go for her mother. He’s not telling her not to go, but just give it more thought. Steffy runs into Owen at his new place on the beach. He tells her that he moved out of Jackie’s for now. He confesses that he can not get that image of Jackie and Whip out of his head. She understands and they commiserate over past loves. Nick berates Jackie for this crazy stunt she pulled that put her life in risk. How dumb to take relationship advice from Pam of all people. She tells him that Owen wants to trust her again, but he’s not sure he can. Nick reminds her that she and Owen are a generation apart; he can’t possibly understand her. She tells him that he is wrong. They were happy and she is going to get him back.

Owen pours his heart out to Steffy how much he hates this situation. Jackie is the only woman for him, but he’s questioning whether he is the only one for her. Jackie comes to see Owen and spies him and Steffy in comfortable close quarters. Brooke wants a sign or symbol, anything for Ridge to prove to her that he wants her back. Her move to Paris is going to happen. She can work for Forrester International. He tells her things around them have changed, but it hasn’t changed the way he feels for her. She says she can not do this, not even for one more night. She’s going to go home and finish packing. She cries as she kisses him goodbye. As soon as she is out the door, Ridge runs after her and says this can not happen. She’s nowhere in sight and he just stands there.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami tells Rafe about the suspicious phone call Dr. Baker made to her. Rafe also claims that Baker called him, and calls Arianna to tell her not to let Sami know anything about Nicole and his suspicions of her. Rafe also calls Baker’s lawyer at Sami’s suggestion, hoping to learn something more about Baker and his connection to Grace and Nicole. Meanwhile, Stefano, attempting damage control, arranges for Baker’s lawyer, Hynes, to come to the mansion. He manages to get the letter Baker meant for the police, and arranges for Hynes to leave town and to not return Rafe’s call. On his way out, Hynes informs Nicole that he mailed two other letters on behalf of Baker--one to Mia, and the other to Sami. Victor catches Brady and Arianna making love. Later, she gets a call from Troy, telling her that he arranged a meeting with the higher-ups. We learn that Troy’s boss is Victor. Daniel slips out of Chloe’s room before Kate or Lucas can catch him in there. Much to Kate’s chagrin, Chloe begins to improve. Nathan calls Lexie and passes the news on to Daniel and Melanie, who are both ecstatic. Lucas stands vigil over Chloe’s bed. She moans Daniel’s name as she seemingly begins to recover consciousness.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam takes Kristina home. Molly admits she knows the truth about the accident. Alexis asks Kristina what happened the night of the accident. Alexis tells Sam and Kristina that she resigned as DA. Sam doesn’t think Kristina’s guilt should be swept under the rug as far as Sonny and Claudia are concerned. Sam doesn’t agree with Alexis taking the fall for Kristina. Sam warns Alexis that Kristina will go from bad to worse. Jason takes Michael to Carly’s. Michael apologizes to the family. Michael thinks he should live with the Q’s but Carly disagrees. Michael agrees to stay. Michael discusses his anger issues with Carly. Claudia wonders if she can spend time with Kristina. Sonny wonders if Claudia resents Kristina for causing the accident. Patrick confides Robin’s suspicions in Liz and Matt. Edward casually mentions to Andrea about seeing her at the Metro Court a couple months back. Edward comments that Andrea didn’t even seem to notice him. He says it was the day Brianna was killed. Andrea is visibly shaken. Spinelli plans on asking Jason to act as his best man. Jason tells Sonny what happened with Jerry. Jason tells Sonny how Jerry “implied that Claudia is innocent” of any connection to Michael’s shooting. Jason is skeptical of Claudia’s innocence. He plays Sonny the recording of Claudia hiring someone to blow up Jerry’s car. Sonny doesn’t believe that Jerry would protect Claudia if she ordered the “hit” on him. Jax tells Olivia he plans on telling “the truth” about Claudia after the baby is born. Johnny gives Claudia the cold shoulder. Claudia is convinced that Jerry didn’t give her up. Sam goes to check on Jason and ends up venting about Kristina. Spinelli and Maxie walk in on Jason kissing Sam. Michael tells Jax about seeing Jerry in Mexico. He fills Jax in on Jason’s shooting. Jax agrees to keep the news from Carly. Michael has a flashback of Jax apologizing while he was in the coma. Kristina goes to see Sonny and she admits her guilt. Claudia overhears Kristina’s apology and Sonny’s sympathy toward her. When Andrea sees Patrick talking with Edward, she assumes the worst as she holds a vile in her hand.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is sitting in her living room with a cup of coffee when Billy comes by. They talk weddings, Lizzy and Bill's, etc. Then Billy asks her to be his and Vanessa's maid of honor. She just stares at him. Lizzie with Bill and Josh and trying to understand Lewis tradition. Lizzie calls her mother to tell her that Billy and Vanessa are getting married in a little over a week. Lizzie tells her mom that she wishes the same for her and Phillip. Beth says that isn't going to happen with her and his dad. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and Alexandra (Alex) are talking about sports. Alex can't believe her ears that Alan is playing with anyone let alone James. Alan tells her in short he is trying to meld with James. At Company, Phillip is talking with Lillian and Ed about his condition. Ed and Lillian both ask if he is feeling weaker. Phillip evades the question by just saying he has to hurry up and mend with his family. Back at Reva's, she tells him she appreciates what he is doing, but this is about him. He continues to make his plea. She finally backs down, telling him he is "crazy." The put their foreheads together. Lillian and Beth are at Company. Beth thinks Lillian is crazy where it concerns Buzz. Lillian tells her she is a "one man woman." At Food Court, James and Alan are together talking about when Alan was young. At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip sees Alex and wants to know where Alan is. Alex tells him that Alan and James went to go play Frisbee. Phillip then says, "Then this is a good time to spend with my favorite Aunt. Vanessa visit Reva to ask her to be part of the wedding party. Reva gets weepy. Then Vanessa makes the moment funny and they both laugh. At Food Court, Alex is there picking up a coffee and Danish when Lizzie and Bill come by. They chat about love, etc. At Towers, Billy runs into Phillip, who is sitting at the bar. Billy announces to Alan that he and Vanessa are getting back together. Alan says, "Poor Vanessa, never saw what she sees in you." Billy laughs it off and invites him to the wedding. Alan tells him he is busy that day, not even knowing the day. At Spaulding Mansion, James and Phillip are at it again. Phillip tries his best to get through to James. Lillian goes to see Alan. She tells him that today, Phillip is going to announce his illness and she wants him there. He tells her that he won't be there. She takes it as that he doesn't care. She tries again to stress her point. That everyone loves Phillip. Alan tells her he does too. She says, "I know you do too." She goes over and put his head to her chest (as he is sitting in a chair), and tells him, " know you do." Bet argues with Phillip about him. She tells him it is not about you. Phillip corrects her without telling her, that it is about him, without telling her the whole reason. Beth looks clueless and confused. At Towers the Lewis clan including Reva are having a party for Billy and Vanessa. Lizzie tells them she is so happy about being part of the family. That she wishes them the best. Then Reva talks. She saying in short she feels this is right for them. That they belong together. Then Bill makes his speech about how happy is that they are getting back together. Phillip and Alan get together. They have an argument about trying to talk to each other. Phillip tells him that, "I have been trying for 3 months to talk to you, Dad." Phillip continues to tell him he's "out". Reva is at home talking to Jeffrey's picture about Lizzie and Bill and Vanessa and Billy. She tells Jeffrey's picture that she knows she has to move on. The her phone rings. It is Josh. She tells him she is "here, home safe and sound." At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip is looking for Alan when James comes down the stairs. James tell him Alan is not there. Phillip then asks James, what he's doing. James says he is playing video games. Phillip wants to join him. James tells him that he doesn't want to even talk to him and leaves. Phillip runs after him collapsing outside.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole accompanies Asher and Serge to find a new "customer" for their next drug sale. It just happens to be Justin. And Bo and Nora have just found that that kid who hurt Matthew and is in some ways responsible for putting him in a wheelchair, just happens to be the Mayor's son. And they have found out that Mayor Lowell is behind the drug trafficking an setting Cole up. John then tells them that maybe by arresting Justin, they can cut a deal with him if he turns in his father. But they are a little concerned when they can see that Lowell is physically and verbally abusive to his son. Blair schemes with Ross to have Tea falsely believing that he has divorced her so that she can marry Todd. But little does she know it's a scam. Fish gets a call from his parents informing him that they are travelling thousands of miles to see him and meet his "new girlfriend" whom he has previously told them is Layla before admitting to her and Cristian that he is gay. Cristian and Layla encourage him not to be ashamed or afraid to tell his parents the truth. But he tells them his parents do not understand and have a very strong opinion against homosexuality.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul barges in on Victor and accuses him of bringing Patty to Genoa City. Victor urges Paul to keep his voice down since Ashley is right upstairs. Adam walks in and wants to know what is going on. Victor reveals that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams, Paul’s sister. Patty accuses Gloria of lying to her and selling her to the highest bidder. Sharon tells Jack that Nick knows about the baby. Nick catches Phyllis and Summer just in time before they leave for Zurich. Mac visits Billy at his trailer. Cane takes Lily’s temp and finds out that it is 100.5. Cane questions Lily as to what the doctor had said. Lily tells him that if she gets an infection that she could die. Phyllis tells Nick that Mary Jane had confessed all the things that she had done to Summer to Jack. Phyllis tells Nick that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams, Paul’s sister. Victor denies Paul’s accusations. Nick tells Phyllis that there are some things that she needs to know. Patty orders Jeff to let her go. Patty sees Gloria with some pills. Patty begs Jeff not to let Gloria poison her. Jeff calls Victor and tries to tell him about Patty, but Victor is otherwise tied up. Jeff tells Jack that he has Patty. Jack reveals to Paul that Patty had been kidnapped. Dean Hunt meets with Adam as his new lawyer. Victor tells Dean to draw up the papers and he will sign them. Adam cannot believe his ears. Victor calls Jeff back and is ready to deal.

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