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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David continues to hold Liza at gunpoint until she tells him everything that he wants to know about Amanda’s baby. Amanda relives her nightmare about seeing her baby. Jake begins to believe her story. Tad is home alone when Taylor comes to visit him. J.R. and Little A visit Babe’s grave. Marissa join them. Marissa assures J.R. that he will be around to take care of Little A. Marissa urges J.R. to tell her what is bothering him, but J.R. refuses. Angie takes the baby from Randi. Randi tells them that if they take the baby from her, then she will tell everyone that she had killed Henry North, and that Jesse had covered it up. Natalia can’t believe her ears. Kendall sits alone with the boys when the doorknob begins to turn. Kendall quickly hides behind the door. Erica realizes that the boys are by themselves and she whispers for Zach. J.R. visits Tad and begs him not to let Little A go to the Chandler mansion. Tad refuses to promise J.R., because he's sure he's not going to die. Liza tells David everything that he wants to know about Amanda’s baby. Randi finally gives in and lets them take the baby to the police station. Jake and Amanda find out from her a nurse that Frankie had treated a baby. Jake and Amanda search Frankie and Randi’s apartment and find the outfit that Trevor was wearing when Randi found him at the church. Jake and Amanda arrive home to find out that a baby was turned in to the police station. David hears the news at the hospital. Jake and Amanda hurry to the police station only to find David already there with Angie and Jesse and Trevor. J.R. visits Dr. Kahn and tells her that he wants to get started with the treatments right away.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

James continues to test both Henry and Paul and informs Henry that he has changed his will yet again and made Paul the sole heir of his fortune. James also refuses to give Henry money that he needs to help Audrey pay off Raymond before he kills her. Audrey later puts sleeping pills in a drink and gives it to James lawyer. James is mad when his lawyer doesn't show up to let him sign his new will so he decides to get a new lawyer. Paul turns down James money and when James tells him he is getting the money anyway Paul tells James he is giving the money away. James doesn't believe Paul will do that because he will love the power that the money will give him. Paul wonders if James money is what attracted Emily to him again but Emily tells Paul she is just happy that he finally needs her. Paul then surprises Emily when he asks her to marry him. Audrey thinks that James must die before he signs the new will so Henry can get James money.

Liberty and Terri persuade Janet to let Liberty go on a tour of colleges along with her best friend Mackenzie but Liberty is really going to Chicago with Craig and Terri to get an abortion. The plan backfires when Liberty can't get an appointment until the next day and Craig, Liberty, and Terri must spend the night in Chicago. Janet later sees Mackenzie walking by the diner and knows Liberty lied to her so she leaves a message for Liberty that she and Jack are going to Chicago to get her. Liberty calls Janet and says she is on her way home while Craig and Terri are taking a tour of Chicago restaurants. Terri and Craig figure out what must have happened to make Liberty rush home. Rosanna who was at the diner when Janet was making calls to Liberty decides to go to Chicago and see if Craig is with Terri and she isn't surprised when Craig opens the door to his hotel room and Terri is there with him. Liberty can't figure out what to tell Janet about where she was but Parker tells Jack and Janet Liberty was with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen hugs Jackie; she is so relieved that he still loves her. He explains that he wants to be the center of her world and not an outsider as he often feels when she is with Whip. He sees how Whip looks at her and he’s not ready to go back to the office and face that again. Jackie begs him to come home with her, but he’s not quite at that point yet. Ridge hustles Stephanie out of the way so she won’t agitate Beth even more. Stephen comes in and asks to speak to all of his daughters as he has some news for them. Ridge tells Stephanie that Beth has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Stephen tells his daughters that their mother is suddenly getting worse but she wanted to come here one more time to see all her daughters. It kills him to see her with this disease. She accuses him of treating her like a child and he has to hide the car keys from her so she won’t run off.

In front of the girls, Stephen says he has one regret in his life and that was walking out on this family. As Beth said, life is precious and they should not waste it. He wants to make it right. He wants her to marry him again. The girls, Beth included, are stunned but pleased. This was the last thing Beth expected, and she says she is sorry but she can’t. He assures her that he’s had a ring long before her illness entered the picture so he is not doing this out of pity. He loves her, so don’t she dare turn him down because of her illness. They have each other now and he wants to spend all his time making her happy. So just say yes. They all urge her on until she says yes. Owen tells Jackie that he’s not giving up on their marriage. Brooke tells Ridge that she can’t do this much longer. She needs him to make a decision on their marriage soon. This may be his last chance.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tries to get Kate to meet him, but she refuses to speak to him. Daniel is able to convince Nathan to help him with Chloe, but when he learns from Melanie that Lucas is getting ready to pull the plug on Chloe, he panics and decides he must administer the life-saving drug himself. Nathan contrives a plan to get Daniel into Chloe’s room, and Daniel is finally able to give Chloe the drug. Lucas confides in Kate about Chloe’s wish to be removed from life support, and his reluctance to abide by the terms of her living will. Kate tells Lucas that he should support Chloe and her family’s decision and let her go. She and Lucas later head down to the hospital to arrange for Chloe’s feeding tube and IV to be removed. Kate starts to head into Chloe’s room while Daniel is still inside. Arianna tells Brady that Troy, who is really her dealer, is just a recovering drug addict, and that he wanted to apologize to her for practically assaulting her. Later, she and Brady begin to make love after a late night swim. Rafe discovers Dr. Baker’s seemingly dead body in his hotel room. Two men attack Rafe and place the murder weapon in his hand to make it look like he killed Baker. Sami happens to show up as Rafe is regaining consciousness. Rafe convinces her that he didn’t kill Baker and that two men set him up. The two search for evidence on Baker until the police show up. Rafe and Sami scramble out a window as Baker’s finger twitches. Nicole, in a panic about Baker, is confronted by EJ, who overhears her frantic call to Stefano. Stefano ends up covering for Nicole and claims that they were planning a surprise birthday party for EJ. Later, Nicole expresses her concerns to Stefano, who finally admits that he had Baker killed. Nicole, panic-stricken, tells Stefano about the letter to be sent to the authorities in the event of Baker’s death.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Michael the truth about the accident but Michael says he wants to stay in Mexico. Jason wants Michael to come home but says Michael must make his own decision. Sam and Kristina discuss the accident and Alexis’ confession. Sam thinks Kristina should go home and tell the truth. Sonny vows to be present in Kristina’s life from now on and Alexis agrees. Claudia listens to Alexis and Sonny discuss Kristina’s guilt then she (Claudia) runs to Johnny and tells him the truth. Olivia makes it very clear she wants Dante/Dominic out of Port Charles immediately. Dante/Dominic worries that Olivia will slip up and his cover will be blown. Kiefer grills Molly about Kristina. Alexis has a talk with Kiefer, and he says Michael is a bad influence on Kristina. Alexis calls Kiefer a “positive” influence on Kristina. Sonny talks with Carly and Jax about having Dante/Dominic watch over Michael and Morgan. Jax is opposed to the idea but Carly says the kids should make the final decision. Michael and Kristina interrupt Jason and Sam, as they are about to share a kiss. Sam and Jason head home with the kids. Jason tells the kids that nobody can know about Jerry or the shooting. Olivia vents to Johnny about her son, telling him he’s “a firefighter.” Sonny tells Claudia the truth about Kristina. Sonny says the information should stay between them. Claudia claims to be in agreement with Sonny. Carly wonders why Jax is so set against Dante/Dominic. Jax claims that Dante/Dominic is a “thug” that shouldn’t be near the kids. Carly feels the baby kick.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Vanessa and Bill enjoy a dinner. Lillian surprises Buzz. Olivia finds Matt in the park in a gloomy mood. He tells her Vanessa told him she is marrying her "ex-hubby". Natalia calls Olivia to ask if she has any maternity clothes. Olivia suggests to her to go shopping. Natalia wants Olivia to go with her. Olivia says ok. They pick a time. At Company, James walks in to see Lillian and Buzz together. Billy calls Josh to tell him he wants him to perform the wedding ceremony. At Food Court, Natalia sees Matt eating his sorrows in a carton of ice cream. Josh tells Olivia that he'll always love Reva. Billy and Lizzie visit. They talk outside Reva's. Bill suggests going into Reva's to talk more. Reva tells them not to come in they can talk outside. Reva does tells them she will invite them to dinner sometime. Back inside her house, Reva talks to herself about getting outside. Buzz puts James and Daisy to work sifting flour. James wants to know Buzz's intentions. Billy plans the wedding of his dreams. Lillian meets Olivia at Food Court and talks about her and Buzz. Olivia tries to be interested. Bill and Lizzie talk about Reva. Bill tells Josh of his and Lizzie's recent visit. Josh tells her she is going through a rough time and for them all to be there for her. Reva again tries to venture out. Daisy, James and Lillian are at a table at Company. Daisy is frosting a small cake and talking. At Reva's, Billy and Vanessa drop by. Matt visits Josh at the Lewis Office. The are talking about Billy and Vanessa and the wedding. At Reva's, Billy, Vanessa and Reva are talking inside Reva's. They tell her they are getting married and inviting her to the wedding. Reva shows she is happy and wants to help. But when they leave, she is sad. Olivia calls Matt for their first date. Matt is hesitant at first, but agrees. Matt ends the call and tells Josh he has to go. He tells Josh that was Olivia. Josh tells Matt to have a good evening. Natalia drops by Olivia's asking her to spend time with her. Olivia tells her that she is not changing her plans just to be with her. Then tells her she has to go and brushes by a stunned Natalia. Billy and Vanessa find Bill and Lizzie and tells them they are getting married. Lizzie hugs Vanessa. At Food Court, Reva runs into Josh. He asks about her. She tells Josh she is fine. Josh says he does see that Reva is looks more herself lately. Reva mentions going over to Bill and Lizzie's to get ready for Vanessa and Billy's wedding. At Towers, Olivia and Matt are together. Olivia is asking Matt questions while filling out a questionnaire. They are interrupted by Natalia, who demands that Olivia talk to her. At Company, Buzz and Lillian are alone. Lillian wants to know whet they are going to do later. She is busy at one table not noticing what Buzz has set up for them. She looks to see a romantic table set up. She tells him, "You are the most romantic man in the world". At Bill and Lizzie's they are talking when Reva drops by with Colin in tow. She asks them if she heard right about wedding plans. She is happy. Matt and Josh are talking. Matt tells her that Olivia cancelled their plans because Natalia showed up. At Towers, Olivia is scolding Natalia for making her drop plans with Matt.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Dorian is working on the Mayor's campaign, she finds out that his son is Justin, the kid who wrecked Matthew's prom and may be the reason he's in the wheelchair in the first place. John informs Nora that the Mayor and Officer Keeton are helping Asher to supply drugs and setting Cole up. And they manage to get a warrant from the judge to investigate them. But right then, Bo and Nora learn for the first time that Justin is the Mayor's son. Fish admits to Cristian and to Layla that he is ashamed to be gay and afraid everybody will judge him. But they assure him they do not. He's their friend and they don't think any less of him. They know that Bo and John will not let anything happen to Fish at his job on the police force. But Lowell admits that he is against gay rights. And Fish gets a call from his father asking to meet his son's "new girlfriend" whom he previously told them was Layla.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Mac fixes Lily some eggs but Lily tells her that she is not hungry. Cane urges Lily to eat to keep up her strength. Mac notices the tension between Lily and Cane and questions Lily about it . Mac reveals that there is some tension between herself and Billy, too. Jack and Billy meet. Billy tells Jack that he is glad to see Jack alive. Jack asks Billy had he heard about Mary Jane. Jeff, Gloria and Patty arrive at the Abbott cabin, but cannot find the key to the door. Gloria finally remembers where Jack usually left the key. Nick wakes up with a start. Nick apologizes to Sharon for waking her up. Sharon lets Nick know that he isn’t the only one, who had been up all night. Nick knows that Phyllis had probably been up all night, too. At the Abbott cabin, Jeff takes a pic of Patty. Nick and Sharon discuss Noah transferring to Walnut Grove. Victor talks to Summer about her trip to Zurich. Phyllis blames Patty for Summer being in this shape. Phyllis senses Victor isn’t’ at all surprised to hear that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams. Nick insists on helping Sharon with the baby, but Sharon refuses. Phyllis questions Victor as to how Patty and Mary Jane were the same person. Victor lies and tells Phyllis that J.T. had told him. Phyllis reveals that it was Jack, who had told her about Victor’s involvement with Mary Jane. Noah comes downstairs and questions Phyllis as to what she is doing here. Phyllis lets him know that she had come to say good-bye. Victor promises Phyllis that he will hunt Mary Jane down.

Gloria tells Jeff to call Victor, but Jeff insists on calling Jack. Billy finds out that Mary Jane is really Patty and that Victor is behind this. Billy also lets Jack know that he hadn’t’ signed the divorce papers. Victor finds out from Phyllis that Nick is with Sharon. A woman tells the visitors that the lockdown is over. Nick assures Sharon that he will be back. Billy lets Mac know that he had signed the divorce papers. Mac tells Billy that he needs some alone time to find out what he really wants .Cane notices that Lily is burning up with fever. Jack visits Sharon and finds out that Nick knows the baby is his. Paul visits Victor and demands to know what Victor had done to Patty.

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