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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Scott tells Adam all about the financial situation at Zach’s casino. At the casino, Zach talks on the phone when his manager comes in and tells him that another 100,000 had been taken out of the casino. Jesse walks in and confronts Zach about Liza getting hit in the head. Zach owns up that it was Kendall, who had hit her. At the hospital, David orders a CAT scan for one of his patients. Zach receives a call from Gail, who tells him that Jake and Amanda had been in Gloucester asking questions about a baby. Frankie and Randi discuss the baby and how that they have to turn it in to social services. Natalia arrives to accompany them to the police station. J.R. talks on the cell phone while he awaits Angie. Angie comes in and tells J.R. that he has a rare form of lymphoma. Angie advises J.R. to see Dr. Kahn. Liza tells Zach that she is removing herself from Kendall’s case. Liza suggests Livia Frye to take Kendall’s case. Zach refuses to let Liza off the case. Natalia fills Randi in on the details of what will happen with the baby. Annie demands to know what Scott isn’t telling Adam about Zach’s casino. Natalia and Frankie come back from taking some things to the car and finds Randi and the baby gone. Randi and the baby arrive on Jesse and Angie’s doorstep.

Randi explains everything to Jesse and Angie. Frankie and Natalia arrive to find Randi at Jesse and Angie’s. J.R. visits Adam at the mansion. Adam begins to lash out at J.R. when he thinks that J.R. had been drinking again. J.R. will not tell Adam, Annie and Scott what he had found out about the cancer. J.R. leaves without telling them. J.R. and Little A go to visit Babe’s grave where they are joined by Marissa. David kidnaps Liza and takes her back to Wildwind. David holds a gun on her and demands to know what she knows about Amanda’s baby. Angie takes the baby from Randi to take to social services. Randi threatens to tell everyone that she had killed Henry North and Jesse had covered it up if Angie takes the baby from her .

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Rosanna and Craig meet to discuss at the Lakeview Hotel dining room. At the ranch, Janet yells for Liberty to come downstairs. When Liberty comes downstairs, Janet notices that something is wrong and wants Liberty to go to the doctor. Teri offers to take her, but Liberty insists that she doesn’t need to see a doctor. Teri confesses to Liberty (after Janet leaves) that she had found her pregnancy test. Liberty tries to make Teri believe that it was someone else’s, but then confesses that it was hers. Teri convinces Liberty to see a doctor that she may not be pregnant at all. Lily tries to talk to Faith, but Faith clams up and refuses to talk to Lily. Faith notices that Lily is dressed up and wonders where she is going Lily tells her that she is going in to work. Faith becomes angry with Lily once again. Holden finds himself chained to the bed. Holden orders Maeve to take the chains off him. Ed comes in and holds a gun on Holden, and orders Holden to tell him where the money is. Holden denies knowing where any money is. Ed continues to hold the gun on Holden. Maeve urges Ed to let her talk to Holden. Lily arrives at Worldwide, but becomes overwhelmed by all the work. She becomes angry and pushes all the papers on the desk out into the floor. Damian comes in and notices what she had done. Damian takes Lily in his arms. Rosanna insists that Craig is keeping something from her and insists to know what it is. Craig calls Teri and Rosanna watches Craig talking to Teri on the phone. At the doctor’s office, Liberty finds out that she is pregnant. Liberty contemplates abortion. Out in the corridor, Teri meets up with Craig. Liberty comes out of the exam room and finds out that Craig knows about her pregnancy. Craig offers to help her any way he can.

Craig questions Liberty as to who the father is. Liberty assures him that it is not Parker. Craig, Teri and Liberty make plans to go to Chicago so that Liberty can have an abortion. Rosanna and Janet discuss Craig and Teri. Janet assures Rosanna that Craig and Teri are not involved. Teri and Liberty tell Janet that they are going to Chicago. Janet refuses to let them go. Craig tells Rosanna that he is going to New York, but Rosanna feels as if something else is going on. Maeve demands to know where the money is in exchange for her telling Lily that Holden is alive. Damian and Meg make love. Faith confronts Lily if she feels guilty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen can’t believe this crazy woman parasailing and declaring her love for him. Brooke reveals to Ridge that her mother is volatile and often doesn’t know what she is going to say. She is more than forgetful and repeats herself. She cries that she doesn’t want to see her mother like this. Ridge comforts her. Beth chastises Stephanie for telling her to butt out of her children’s lives. Stephanie sees she is upset and asks her to calm down. That only fans the flames and Beth goes off on her for things that happened a lifetime ago. Stephanie accuses her of having a stroke or forgetting on purpose. Beth pushes her. Bridget questions Nick for going out to the beach house and talking to Owen. Pam tells them she is saving the day by getting Owen back for Jackie. She is probably higher than a kite as they speak. She is, but so are the seagulls that start attacking.

Marcus hears the fracas and comes in and physically pulls Stephanie and Beth apart. Stephanie tells them that she did not attack Beth. She tells Ridge that she tried to apologize and she did not antagonize. With Brooke and Ridge present, Beth’s attitude escalates and she pushes Stephanie again. Nick tries to call his mother or anyone out on the site. He wants her to be happy, but not in danger. Owen rescues Jackie from the ocean. She is freezing to death. Owen helps her as she takes her wetsuit off and puts a robe around her. But, she can tell that he is not ready to forgive her yet. He tells her that she did not even know him when she married him. She thinks she did, but until that moment knowing what his brother had said, she did not realize how much Owen loved her or that she was capable of hurting him. She pleads; she will do anything to get him back. He professes his love for her and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Craig comes to see Chloe and he and Lucas discuss Chloe’s living will. Craig tells Lucas that he will stand by any decision he makes, but that he doesn’t think Chloe would want to live this way. Meanwhile, Daniel pretends to be drunk and tells Kate that he only moved on with Chloe to try to get over her. Kate thinks he must be wearing a wire, but he isn’t, and he continues to claim that he can’t get over Kate and his true feelings for her. Later, Kate wonders privately if Daniel is playing her. Daniel tells himself that although it makes his skin crawl to touch Kate, he will do anything to bring her down. Mia comforts a crying Sydney when she runs into EJ at the park. She later admits to Brady that she feels guilty for giving her baby up. Brady tries to reassure her that she did what was best for Sydney. Later, Brady confronts Arianna when he sees her talking to her drug dealer, the man that Brady knocked out a few weeks ago. When Rafe learns of Baker’s whereabouts thanks to Nicole’s phone, he talks Arianna into buying him a plane ticket to the Dominican Republic. Sami goes to see Nicole and tells her about Baker’s suspicious call. Nicole tells Sami that she shouldn’t have anything to do with Baker, since he has problems, and that why she and EJ found a new doctor for Sydney. Sami accepts this. Later she learns about Rafe’s trip to the Dominican Republic. She knows he is going down there to see Baker and decides to go herself. Baker continues to threatens Nicole, but when he finds out she told Stefano about his blackmailing her, he panics and starts packing. Lexie tells EJ that she thinks he is angrier at Sami for moving on than he is angry with her for hiding Grace from him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin confides her suspicions about Andrea in Alexis. Patrick catches Andrea listening outside of Alexis’ office door. Andrea denies Robin’s accusations. After Andrea leaves, Patrick gets upset with Robin for confronting her. Patrick worries for Robin’s safely. Jason and Sam arrive just in time to save Michael from his outraged customer. Michael tells Jason he sold the man’s watch so Jason pays the man for his silence and his watch. Sonny isn’t happy with the way Johnny is disrespecting Claudia. Sonny demands that Johnny apologize to Claudia. Sonny and Johnny argue. Johnny and Claudia argue after Sonny leaves the garage. Claudia tries to justify her actions. Johnny assumes that Jerry found the kids in Mexico and told Jason the truth about Michael’s shooting. Johnny says the fact that Claudia called upon Jerry this time around was the last straw for him. Johnny says once Sonny learns the truth from Jason, Claudia is as good as dead. Claudia is certain that Jerry didn’t give her up to Jason. Jax tells Carly, Morgan, and Molly he’s heading to Mexico to get the kids. As Kiefer grills Molly, Jason calls Carly and says he found the kids. Sam calls Alexis with the good news about the kids. Andrea researches “poisons” on the Internet and later lurks around Alexis’ office. Sonny and Alexis plan their strategy for Kristina’s return. Kate comes clean with Maxie and Lulu about her deal with Gisele after the girls learn Gisele was arrested. Kate says she knew the girls were suspicious of her and she never intended to go against Crimson. She says Jax helped her “engineer” Gisele’s downfall. Jason and Sam take the kids to a hotel. The kids talk about their encounter with Jerry. Sam tries to get Kristina to confide in her about running away. Sam tells Kristina that Alexis “confessed” to causing Claudia’s accident. Sam arranges for a doctor to check Jason over. Michael heads back to work then tells Jason he’s staying in Mexico. Kiefer tries to reach Kristina. Morgan tells Molly that Kiefer can’t be trusted. Later, Kiefer shows up at Carly’s house. Claudia overhears Sonny and Alexis discussing Kristina’s guilt.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Lewis Construction, Billy tells Josh he is going to get Vanessa to marry him. At Company, everyone welcomes Buzz home. Remy tries to convince Cyrus to tell Frank they are brothers. Rafe tells Natalia what she doesn't want to hear about his staying in town. He wants to leave and go into the army. She doesn't want him to go, that he is too young. He tells her he is 18 years old. That if he has to respect her decisions, she has to do the same. Josh finds Vanessa at Towers having breakfast. He flatters her with talk. She kids with him. Then she gets serious. She tells him when Billy kidnapped her to marry her she should have gone through with it. Josh says, "Wait a minute, he kidnapped you to marry him?" She confirms it. Then says she should have done it. At Food Court Matt finds out that Vanessa and Bill are getting close. At Company, Buzz tells Christina, Marina, Lillian, Frank Blake etc, there to close their eyes that he has a surprise. They go outside open their eyes and they see Remy and Cyrus. Buzz introduces Cyrus. They say they know Cyrus. Buzz says that Cyrus is Jenna's son and his also. Everyone there is shocked. Blake gets a phone call about a book. After the announcement Cyrus hugs Buzz. Frank is not happy. Things get worse when Frank gets a call from Natalia. She wants to meet with him. He asks where she is. She tells him she is across the street from the post office. He tells her he is on the way. Josh meets with Olivia. Billy goes to see Vanessa to ask her to lunch. First a stroll. Is is interested. Josh tells Olivia about Billy wanting to court Vanessa. But Josh says they need her help. They want her to hide something at the gazebo. Natalia tells Frank that Rafe wants to enlist. She needs his advice. Frank is a little stern with his advice. He tells her that he's 18, that it is about what he wants and not what she wants. At the gazebo, Josh and Olivia set it up for Billy's proposal to Vanessa. They are having an argument as to where to hide the ring. At Food Court, Remy walks into an upset Natalia. Remy thinks it is hormones because she is pregnant. Natalia tells him about Rafe. Remy is surprised. He tells her he's heard many his friends talk about "Joining Up". That she should be proud of him. At Company, Daisy is walking outside to put a chair out and finds Rafe sitting on the bottom step. He tells her he's there thinking. She tells him that Buzz gave them news that Cyrus is related to Buzz. Inside Company, Frank is still upset about the news, Blake goes over to talk to him. Christina in front of everybody asks Remy if he knew. Remy insists he was sworn to secrecy. At the gazebo, Vanessa is sitting down enjoying a glass of champagne and asks Billy how he always knows what she wants. She then finds the ring. Billy giggles. After Josh joins Billy and they talk about what just happened. Josh tells him that Olivia and he just dropped the ring and you and Vanessa did the rest. Vanessa meets with Matt to tell him she is seeing Billy. Matt tells her he's seen how close they've gotten and it is a wonder he hasn't asked her to marry him. She laughs and tells Matt that Billy just did. Matt wishes her to be happy. Vanessa walks away and Matt looks sad. At Company, Marina is telling Cyrus that Mallet moved out and left town. Lillian and Buzz are getting cozy and talking about his health. A bit later Cyrus and Remy talk about what just happened. Cyrus also talks with Daisy asking her if she is ok with this. Frank has news of his own, that Rafe has an announcement. Rafe tells them he's enlisted in the Army and is leaving in two weeks. Natalia and Olivia meet up at the Beacon and she tells her about Rafe joining the Army and wondering if she did the right thing. Olivia asks if she could call a Congressman or Senator. She would do anything as a friend but that is all. That she can't be anything else. Vanessa and Bill start talking about their life together. Buzz tells Rafe he is proud of him. After Rafe leaves Buzz, Lillian joins him and tells him she is worried about Rafe. Natalia is out on the porch and talking to God asking him to protect Rafe.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki and Charlie inform, Natalie, Jared, Jessica and Brody that Viki is running for mayor. They are all very encouraged until they find out that Dorian is Lowell's campaign manager and will work to defeat Viki. Starr notices what Dorian is doing with the mayor and tells her she wants nothing to do with it, especially after finding out the mayor's attitude about her having a baby. Stacy has managed to get Fish to come home with her and have sex after he's "failed" with Layla and is still unwilling to admit that he's gay. And at that point, he returns home to admit to Layla and to Cristian that he knows he is gay. Blair goes to Tahiti to find Ross Rayburn and persuades him to disclose the secret information he has about Tea. Meanwhile, Todd tells Tea he wants to marry her now that Elijah has managed to enable them to live together. But at that point, Ross reveals to Blair that Tea is his wife.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor comforts Ashley as she thinks that Sabrina is after her and the baby. Phyllis tells Summer about their trip to Switzerland for three weeks. At the psychiatric hospital, Nick confronts Sharon as to what he had heard and was it true. Sharon, at first lies to him, but then confesses that the baby she is carrying is Nick’s. Gloria and Jeff help Patty escape from the escape from the church. Patty demands to know who Jeff and Gloria are. Jeff questions Gloria as to why she keeps calling Mary Jane “Patty.” Gloria reveals that Mary Jane is really :Patty Williams”, Paul’s sister. Chance puts out an APB on Patty. Chance arrest Paul. Paul tells Jack about the note that had linked Victor to Mary Jane. Jack visits Phyllis and tells her about Mary Jane kissing Summer after Mary Jane had eaten one of the peanut butter cookies. Phyllis goes totally ballistic at the realization that Summer may never have a normal life because of the kiss. Jack also tells Phyllis that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams, Paul’s sister. Nick vows to Sharon that he cannot walk away from her now. Sirens wail as Jeff, Gloria make their getaway. Jack vows to find Patty. Nick tells Sharon that Phyllis needs to know about the baby before she leaves on her trip. A man tells Nick that the hospital is on lockdown because a man had tried to escape. Victor shows Ashley proof that Sabrina is really dead. Jack offers two million reward to find out where Patty is. Ashley confronts Adam as to why he had let her believe that Sabrina was still alive. Adam tries to explain, but Ashley doesn’t want to hear it. Ashley puts Adam out of her room. Gloria finds some tuna in her purse to feed kitty-kitty. Nick calls Phyllis to let her know what is happening, but he loses signal on his cell phone.

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