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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the hospital, Amanda lies in her bed and calls out for her baby. Jake tells Tad that Amanda had had a complete meltdown and had lashed out at David .At Frankie’s apartment, Natalia advises Randi to call Frankie about the baby. At the casino, Frankie offers sympathy to Madison. J.R. visits Marissa at Wildwind. They kiss. At the hospital, David tells Liza that a door had hit her, but someone had hit her. Kendall tells Zach to prove his love to her . Madison begins to throw up Randi’s actions to Frankie. Frankie orders Madison to leave Randi out of this. Madison blackmails Frankie into getting her the money that she wants. Randi calls Frankie and tells him about the baby. Frankie tells Randi where to meet him at the hospital. David finds out from Liza that she had kissed Zach. Kendall asks Zach if he will ever forgive her, but he leaves her room without answering. Marissa questions J.R. about what is going on with him, but he refuses to tell her that he thinks that he has cancer. Natalia wanders around a floor of the hospital, waiting for Frankie to arrive. The nurse asks Natalia if she is on the wrong floor, but Natalia tells her that she isn’t. Frankie arrives, finally. Natalia questions him as to where he had been. The nurse watches them. David questions Zach as to what he is up to. Zach refuses to give him an answer. Kendall writes on her book with different scenarios as to what will happen next between Zach and Liza at the casino. Zach goes to see Liza in her room and asks her if she believes David as to what had happened. Liza catches up with Jake in the hospital corridor and questions him as to where the mother of her child is. Kendall imagines different scenarios when Zach comes to visit her and what he will say and do. At the hospital, Amanda imagines hearing a baby cry. She goes in search of the baby. She finds Trevor, but cannot get to him because the door is locked. Amanda goes in search of Jake to tell him about finding Trevor, but Jake doesn’t believe her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

The Snyder’s gather for Holden’s funeral and some faces from the past arrive to join the family – Seth and Aaron. Emma struggles with having to bury Holden, and she isn’t sure how she will get through it. Lily continues to not want to accept that Holden is gone and even is sure she hears his voice calling out to her. Lucinda thinks Damian should focus on comforting Meg and leave Lily to her and her family. However, when Lucinda goes to tend to Ethan, Damian goes to see Lily upstairs against Lucinda’s wishes. Lily leans on Damian for support and tells Lucinda that she wants Damian to take them to the service, much to Lucinda’s chagrin. Lucinda asks Lily if she thinks it is appropriate. Lily doesn’t care; it is the hardest day of her and the children’s lives and she needs to get through it however she can. Holden awakens in a run down home with a woman, who introduces herself as Maeve, taking care of him. She explains how she found him beside a burning car in a ravine and has been nursing him back to health. When he wonders why he isn’t in the hospital, she explains the nearest one is 40 miles away and she didn’t think he would make it. Holden worries about contacting his family, as Maeve insists he worry about his health first… plus they don’t have a phone. Meg takes some flack from Seth about her relationship with Damian. She waits for Damian to show up to go with her to the service, but he calls and asks if she doesn’t mind going with her family because he needs to go with Lily, as Meg hides her disappointment. At the service, Faith is angry as she looks at pictures of her parents, but Luke is able to coax her inside. People speak lovingly in remembrance of Holden, but when Emma talks about the true love that Lily and Holden shared, Faith runs out and Lily goes after her. Faith won’t tell her what is wrong, but she is clearly furious with her mom and stomps off. Meg watches Damian comfort Lily during the service. Jack hands Lily Holden’s recovered wedding ring from the accident site. After the service, Meg wonders why she found a ripped picture of Lily and Holden in the bushes. Holden meets Maeve’s husband, Ed, who does not seem too pleased with his new houseguest. At first, Holden doesn’t remember what happened, but then he recalls Skaggs and the harrowing story before he drifts off to sleep again. Ed worries that they need to get rid of him, as he grabs his gun, but Maeve talks him out of it. Ed thinks Holden and Skaggs were coming to get them and to cheat them out of their money. Maeve convinces him that that Holden can lead them to the money. People worry about Faith’s reaction, as Parker goes to talk with her. Faith finally admits to Parker that she saw her mom kissing Damian. She makes him promise not to say anything. He thinks she should say something, but after she refuses to, he tells her if she wants to keep this hidden, she has to stop being so mean to his mother. At the farm, Parker is worried about Liberty and how she is acting. Liberty snaps at Janet, who assumes her mood is nothing much. Liberty later is on the phone with Tony leaving him a message telling him that the baby is his and he needs to call her back. Liberty almost opens up to Parker, but he can’t spend too much time talking with her because his family needs him. Meg worries about why Faith ripped the picture and she tells her to figure it out. Faith tries to be nice to her mom, but she can’t so she wants to head back home and asks Parker to take her. Damian starts to go after Lily, who leaves by herself, but Lucinda stops him. Lily talks to ‘Holden’ down at the pond; she is sure that he is not gone and will be coming back to her, as she cries out for him. A sleeping Holden hears Lily begging him to come back. He sits up straight in bed promising he will be with her soon, but he realizes something is holding him back – a chain that is around his leg tethering him to the bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie tells Nick that she is not all right, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Owen left her. He’s gone and completely out of her life. She thought she could make him understand but she couldn’t. Nick offers to talk to him. Pam offers her advice also. She knows that Owen has changed and she is going to help Jackie get him back. Jackie tells her that it will have to be big, a real epic. Pam thinks she has just what it will take to get Owen’s attention. Jackie will be soaring right back into Owen’s heart. Nick finds Owen at his old beach house and shocks him when he doesn’t want to gloat, but to ask him to take his mother back…..give her another chance. Nick claims he knows what love is and Owen shouldn’t let that slip away. Beth tells Brooke that she wishes she had her bravery. Brooke reminds her where she got that from. Ridge walks in and they look at the royalty pictures. She liked her girls dressed up like queens. Stephanie overhears Beth questioning Ridge of why he’s not back with Brooke and the kids.

Later Stephanie tells Beth that she should leave Ridge alone and stop interfering. (like Stephanie takes her own advice). Beth tells her that the Logans are simply not going to be shoved aside. Owen is surprised about Nick’s visit and his attitude. Nick says he was wrong about Owen and he realizes he does love his mother. He’s in a marriage so step up and act like it. If he needs time, he will respect that. Brooke tells Ridge that her mother’s condition is worse than it was last summer. She has Alzheimer's, stage 5. She’s going to need help from a lot of people real soon. Medication can help slow the disease in some people, but is not working in her mother’s case. Jackie parasails over Owen’s house with a banner floating behind her that says “I Love (heart symbol) Owen”. She’s flailing her arms wide for Owen and the whole world to see. He does and is pleased with this crazy lady.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Ciara is examined at the hospital, and to Bo and Hope’s relief, Lexie says that she was not abused by the kidnappers. Roman works on tying Kyle and Brenda to Bo and Hope, since he and Bo feel the kidnapping may have been personal. He is unsuccessful. Ciara hears Dean clicking his lighter open and closed and dreams about Dean doing the same while she was being held prisoner. Stephanie and Philip decide to try to work things out, but she worries their families may not approve. Philip, for his part, vows to be honest with Stephanie about everything. Daniel convinces Brady that Kate is obsessed with him, and planned Chloe’s poisoning in order to set Daniel up to take the fall. Brady enlists Melanie’s help to get an intern to administer the drugs Daniel is convinced will save Chloe’s life. Melanie goes to Nathan, who is reluctant to help, but then remembers a conversation he had with Kate earlier. Kate told him that no one can help Chloe now. Nathan, suspicious of Kate, agrees to hear Daniel out. Daniel, in the meantime, puts his own plan into motion to trap Kate.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Diane tells Alexis she can perform community service in the form of pro bono legal work in exchange for causing the accident. Nikolas announces he “handled” the accident and he will do the same with the murder charges. Alexis notes that Nik reminds her of a “true Cassadine.” Later, Alexis accepts her community service and resigns as DA. Andrea comes to see Alexis and the two have words. Kristina makes plans to return home, but the kids are a little short on money. Michael pawns the watch of an obnoxious customer to pay for Kristina’s plane ticket. Kristina has misgivings about leaving Michael. The customer returns early and demands his watch, then hits Michael. Robin is anxious to prove Andrea guilty. Robin and Patrick tell Jax and Olivia about their suspicions. Jax offers the “full cooperation” of his staff. Olivia notes that a statue is missing from the room Brianna stayed in. Patrick says the statue could have been used to kill Brianna. Robin tells Alexis about the evidence and her suspicions. Andrea listens outside of Alexis’ door. Maxie isn’t happy with Spinelli’s newfound interest in abstinence. Mac arrives at the penthouse and voices his displeasure with the upcoming marriage. Johnny is unfriendly with Claudia in front of Sonny. When Claudia assures Morgan that Michael will be home soon, Johnny has an attitude. Johnny later tells Claudia her “concern” is meaningless since she’s the reason Michael’s life is such a mess. Johnny confides his frustration with Claudia in Olivia. Later, Johnny lays into Claudia for sending Jerry after Michael. Sonny and Carly take Morgan to the Country Club. Sonny tells Kiefer to steer clear of Kristina. Carly catches Kiefer grilling Molly and Morgan. Carly leaves Kiefer with a warning. Dante/Dominic manages to take some papers from Sonny’s desk before being caught by Max. Dante/Dominic shares his info with Ronnie. Ronnie seems concerned about Dante/Dominic’s relationship with Morgan. Jax calls Spinelli about not “disclosing” the location of the kids. Jax offers to go get the kids so Spinelli discloses their location. Sonny comes into the garage just as Johnny calls Claudia “a selfish, lying, evil bitch.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Christina visits Lizzie who is relaxing outside. Remy and Cyrus discuss the treasure. At Company, Frank, Ashley and Blake are there when Marina comes in. Neither of the girls knows what to say. At the Lewis Construction Office, Shayne is talking to his dad about a job. Josh asks how he's doing. Shayne says he has a list he is checking things off from. Josh is happy to see he is moving on. At Reva's, Jonathan sees Reva acting weird. She is making marsh-mellow fluff sandwiches and offers Jonathan one. Jonathan leaves after eating his sandwich. Shayne calls Reva to apologies. He tells her, he gets it. That she loves him, he loves her and that is all that matters. He tells her that she is part of a list. That he'll call back later. He then calls Marina on her cell. While talking he asks her where she is. She says, Company. He tells her to stay there. Lizzie and Christina enjoying some time together outside. And Jonathan looks at them from a distance. Frank tells Marina about Cyrus looking for a treasure. Marina is clueless. Frank says that Jenna left a treasure and that Cyrus is going after it with Buzz. Frank wonders how much damage Cyrus will cost them. Remy an Cyrus are outside a house. Remy leaves. Cyrus snoops outside a house until he is startled by Buzz asking if he's looking for something. Christina and Lizzie are enjoying the outside, Josh comes by Lizzie and Bill's showing her plans for the house. She tells him she is pregnant. He is excited. He tells her he'll spoil the child as if he were a grandfather. She tells him with a laugh that she hopes so. Shayne meets with Marina and asks that he be part of Henry's life that she is the only mother Henry knows and he wants it that way. She suggests calling a lawyer. Shayne agrees. Blake offers to help Frank. She offers advice for his family. First advice she offers is that Frank eats. He laughs and bites into a sandwich. Blake and Ashley talk new. Buzz gets mad at Cyrus concerning the treasure's whereabouts. That he feels double crossed. Remy walks in on the conversation interrupts and tells Buzz that Cyrus just wanted to make sure they weren't on a goose hunt before telling them if the treasure was real. Jonathan is concerned for Reva. Reva and Blake meet to talk. Reva is glad Blake came. Reva tells her about the pictures of Jeffrey and talking to them as if Jeffrey were there. Blake tells Reva she does the same with Ross' picture. Reva is happy she isn't the only one. That she isn't crazy. She goes home. She enters the house not knowing Jonathan is already there in the kitchen. He then speaks up startling her. He tells her she is crazy. She tells him running away with Sarah was crazy. Jonathan then remarks that Reva "talks" to her dead husband is crazy. Cyrus, Remy and Buzz go searching for the treasure. They find what they are looking for. At Company, Lizzie plays a joke on Ashley, who has several cell phones on the counter. Lizzie dials a number. Blake and Josh run into each other. Blake tells her she just was with Reva. That it is difficult for widows to cope. Back at Reva's she is still trying to make Jonathan understand. She is trying to make a point using Tammy as a subject. Jonathan tells her that is different. He then asks her, "When was the last time she did anything normal?" Later Lizzie runs into Reva at Food Court. She tells her about bottles for Colin. Lizzie then tells her she is pregnant. Reva smiles. At Reva's, Jonathan is packing. Shayne walks in on Jonathan. Jonathan tells Shayne he left Reva a note. At the Cooper/Mallet's, Blake stops by. She talks to Marina about Mallet and his feelings about doing the right thing. Marina says she knows Mallet was trying to do the right thing. She knows it now. Buzz reads a note to himself that was left with a box that was found. At Cedars, Marina and Shayne are with Henry, spending some time together. Cyrus finds out he could be a Cooper. Buzz remarks that Frank will just love that. At Company, Josh sneaks up at Frank, who is still on the computer. Jonathan leaves town...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Viki and Charlie are getting really frustrated and annoyed listening to the mayor's speeches and know that they cannot let him get re-elected, he convinces her to run against him in the mayoral election. Layla confronts Fish about lying to her about being gay. He still protests that he "wants to change". But she is infuriated that he lies and hates himself for whom he really is and that he fails to understand that he cannot change or pretend they have something they do not. Stacy and Kim know that they have all but exhausted all of her options for getting pregnant. Dorian tries to get Mayor Lowell to make her chief of staff at the hospital in exchange for her support on his campaign. He tells her he won't give her the hospital position. But he will make her his chief of staff in his election. She's happy with that but Starr is not when she hears that Mayor Lowell has a terrible attitude about unwed teenage mothers. John reveals to Cole that Mayor Lowell is the one who set him up and who is responsible for the drug trafficking

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick owns up to Phyllis that he had gone to see Sharon. Phyllis tells him that she knows because she was there, too. Dr. Braun tells Sharon that they are concerned about Sharon’s attitude in group therapy. Dr. Braun advises Sharon she can be thrown into jail if she refuses treatment. Jack questions Paul as to how long he had known that Mary Jane was Patty. Paul tells Jack that Patty is in love with Jack. Owen tells them that doesn’t change a thing that Patty is in love with Jack. Chance tries to stop Jack from talking to Patty. Jill tells Jeff that she knows that he is here for a reason. Jill demands to know what is between Victor and Mary Jane. Jack goes into the church and calls out for Patty. Noah tells Eden about the hospital that Sharon is in. Eden offers to go with Noah to the hospital. Abby stops by to talk to Eden. Noah tells Eden that Abby feels that he should enroll in Walnut Grove. Michael and Lauren decide to go to the movies and make out in the very last row. Phyllis receives a call from the clinic in Zurich. They have managed to get Summer into the clinic. Doris visits Sharon. Jack tells Chance and Owen that Patty wants to get married. Gloria offers to help Patty. Despite Chance’s protests, Jack goes back to Patty. Noah visits Nick and Phyllis and tells them that he wants to enroll in Walnut Grove. Sharon tells Doris that Nick is the father of her child. Jack tries to stall Patty, but she sees through his antics. Patty reveals to Jack that she had given Summer a kiss. A loud bang echoes inside the church. Chance orders his men to go. Chance calls out for Jack while Paul calls out for Patty.

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