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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David brings Marissa home from the hospital. Angie tells J.R. that she has his test results. She wants to admit J.R. to run some more tests and to talk to other doctors. J.R. questions Angie if she thinks that he has cancer. Frankie admits that the baby is a good dancer. Randi tells Frankie that he hasn’t stepped on her foot once. Madison tells the person on the phone that she wants her money now. Jesse walks up and asks if it is bad news. Liza visits Zach and kisses him. Kendall hits her over the head and knocks her unconscious. J.R. refuses to have the tests done. Madison tells Jesse that she had talked to a lawyer and she cannot be charged as an accessory. Madison’s father interrupts. Frankie and Randi name the baby, Matthew. David tells Marissa that he had called Scott to come over. David asks Scott for help with J.R. Zach explains to Liza that the door had fallen off the hinges and hit her in the head. Frankie interrupts Jesse and Natalia. Frankie and Natalia discuss the baby and how that Natalia will never give up looking for the baby’s real parents. Zach calls David for help. David arrives at Zach’s home.

J.R. arrives at Wildwind and encounters Scott. David tells Liza that she needs to go to the hospital for an M.R.I. Liza is against the idea, but goes anyway. Kendall confronts Zach about not telling her that Liza wasn’t really pregnant. David tells Liza that she wasn’t’ hit by a door, but a person.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Liberty comes downstairs with a brown bag in her hand which contains a pregnancy test. Teri stops by to bring a casserole. Teri wants to hang out with Liberty, but Liberty tells Teri that she has plans and leaves in a huff. Teri finds the pregnancy test, but quickly hides it before Liberty catches her. Craig tells Rosanna that he wants to schedule a photo shoot, but Rosanna reminds him that the next day is Holden’s memorial service. Riley and Casey argue. Casey demands to know what is going on between Riley and Alison. Alison finds Bob in Old Town, sitting on a park bench. Bob collapses. Alison quickly calls Casey. Casey and Riley, hurriedly come to Alison’s side. The paramedics arrive and take Bob to the hospital. Kim questions Tom and Margo as to where Bob could be. Casey comes in and tells Tom and Margo that he needs to talk to Tom and Margo. Casey tells Tom and Margo about Bob and that Alison was with him. Tom begins to blame Alison for what had happened to Bob. Alison explains everything about Bob to Tom and Margo. In the park, Liberty calls Tony and then Parker. Parker comes to the park to meet Liberty. Parker wants to know what is going on, but Liberty cannot find the words to tell him. At Metro, Craig goes over the plans for the kitchen with Teri, Craig demands to know what Teri is hiding. Teri tells him that she thinks that Liberty is pregnant. Craig finds Parker in the park with Liberty, but Liberty leaves abruptly. Parker goes in search of Liberty. Kim demands to know from Margo where Bob is. Tom finds out from Dr. Pendergast that Bob has a tumour and in need of surgery. Tom tells Alison that if anything happens to Bob, he will never forgive her . Tom walks in on Margo and Riley arguing over Alison. Liberty tells Tony that she is pregnant, but Tony denies the baby being his.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen is shocked and disappointed even if it was only just a kiss between Whip and Jackie. Jackie begs him to forgive her. She needed someone and Whip was there, but nothing more happened. Owen said she should have had a little more faith in him. She could have waited a few more hours, and perhaps thought that something was wrong, but not jumped to the conclusion that everything he said was a lie. She reminds him that she has no feelings for Whip and Owen is the only man she loves. He has serious thoughts that their love means nothing, just like the kiss which she says was nothing. Stephanie and Pam fill Whip in on more details about the press conference. Stephanie knows Whip doesn’t like Owen, but she doesn’t know why Whip is so concerned about their marriage. Now he’s complicated everything, but he is still her guy and she does not want him to resign.

Nick and Bridget think they have done all the damage control they can. He admits he has often ridiculed Owen, but he doesn’t want the marriage to get blown out of the water this way. He’s not stealing her money. He’s pulling his weight and makes his mother happy. Jackie digs her grave a little more with all the details she gives Owen. He’s incensed when he finds out it was Jackie that went up to Whip’s apartment. She admits it was a terrible mistake that she will regret forever. She hopes this will not destroy his love for her. It kills him to say this, but perhaps all the naysayers were right. They come from two different worlds. They don’t see things the same; perhaps they aren’t compatible. She breaks down when he says he can’t trust her and he must move out. This is goodbye.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chad manages to stop Mia from getting into Kinsey’s car shortly before she wrecks it. Mia thanks Chad for saving her life and the two share a tender moment before Will shows up. Mia admits to Will that she keeps a journal. Chad confides in Kinsey that it isn’t over between him and Mia. Lucas gives unsolicited advice to both Will and Sami, telling the one to be wary of Mia, and the other to be wary of Nicole. Sami admits to Lucas that Rafe may care about her, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Baker calls Sami about Grace, but covers quickly when he learns that the baby has died, telling Sami that he just wanted to let her know that he has moved to the Dominican Republic. Sami is suspicious as to why he really called. Baker then calls Nicole to tell her his price has gone up now that he knows Mia’s baby died. Rafe, who is at the mansion giving Nicole a hard time about befriending Sami, is suspicious of the phone call and steals Nicole’s phone. She notices later and panics. Rafe learns that Baker is in the Dominican Republic. Dean murders both Kyle and Brenda, and pretends that he saved Ciara’s life. The little girl is reunited with Bo and Hope. Kyle wakes up and nearly rats Dean out, but Dean chokes him to death before he can talk. Ciara tells Hope that Dean isn’t the man that rescued her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael is upset when Kristina says she’s going back home. Kristina tells Michael what really happened the night of Claudia’s accident. Kristina blames herself for everything but Michael says they still don’t know who really caused the accident. Michael urges Kristina to go back to Port Charles. Rebecca is confused by Nik’s sudden change in behavior toward her. Nik claims to believe that Rebecca really cares about him. The two end up in bed together. Nik arranges for Rebecca to have her favorite meal. Nik insists he loves Rebecca and says he “won’t give up” until she believes him. While Rebecca sleeps, Nik tells Alfred that Rebecca is “a fool” who will “pay” for her disrespect of Emily. At the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Tracy all his secrets are out in the open. He claims to want a fresh start. When Lulu arrives, Ethan tells her about his plan with Rebecca. Ethan’s confession upsets Lulu so she walks away from her brother and right into Dante/Dominic. Ethan interrupts and he ends up challenging Dante/Dominic to a card game. Lulu exposes Ethan for cheating. Dante/Dominic continues his flirtation with Lulu. Lulu protests to going on a date with Dante/Dominic, and then she kisses him. Spinelli and Maxie have different ideas of the perfect wedding. Maxie refuses to live at the penthouse. Spinelli thinks the two should refrain from sex until their wedding night. Jason and Sam go look for the kids. The two end up listening to a radio show about reconnecting with past loves. Sam pulls over and the two get some rest. Jason wakes Sam up with a kiss. Olivia puts a call into Ronnie just before Johnny arrives with flowers in hand. Olivia tells Johnny she can’t see him anymore because of his age. Olivia changes her tune after the two make love.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia finds a manila envelope. In it is a piece of paper asking her to meet on the roof. At Food Court, Lillian runs into Mallet. He tells her of the split. at the Mallet-Cooper house, Frank walks in to see Marina packing boxes. She tells him Mallet is moving out. That Mallet doesn't feel right being there. She doesn't tell him everything so he tells her he's going to find Mallet and talk to him. Holly returns to Blake's delight. On top of the roof, Olivia sees a nice table set up. She yells, "Hello". Natalia comes out from nowhere and tells her that she is the one that set it up and that they need to spend time together. Natalia asks if Olivia wants OJ or grapefruit juice. Olivia tells her they can't go back. Natalia tells her that is not what she wants. After trying to make Olivia understand what she was trying to do she walks away. In Blake's room, both mother and daughter talk. In the park, Marina has brought little Henry and she talks to him about Mallet's leaving. Lillian walks up seeing Marina so upset. She tries to comfort her. Frank finds Mallet at work. Frank tells him he wants an explanation as to why Marina was packing up boxes. Mallet says he can't tell him. Franks wants to know what is going on and tells him he doesn't want his daughter upset. Mallet finds Shayne and tells him that he wants Henry to have a good life. And also tells him that Henry has a father and it is not him. That he realizes telling Shayne to stay out of it was not a good thing. So he moved out. Mallet continues by telling Shayne to go be with his son. Shayne is confused. Back at the park, Lillian is giving Marina some motherly advice. Marina tells her that Shayne is Henry's biological son. Holly visits Ed at Cedars. Ed is surprised to see happily so. Frank goes to Food Court and sees Blake there. He tells her that Mallet and Marina are breaking up. Blake is surprised. Mallet goes home to find no one there and a box on the table with a note. Mallet sees Daisy at the house and tells him he is leaving Marina. He gives her a hug and kiss before he goes out the back door. Olivia comes back to the Beacon to find Blake with Holly. Olivia greets Holly warmly by a hug and kiss. The ladies talk a bit in the hallway. Shayne finds Marina and Henry in the park and tells her that he has seen Mallet and that Mallet is right about Shayne wanting to be a part of Henry's life. Marina gives Shayne Henry to hold. Blake goes to Ross' grave. Ed comes up behind her. She looks up to see him there. She tells him she felt she need to talk to Ross. Ed jokes that at least he wouldn't interrupt her. Ed offers to walk back to Company with her. She agrees and puts her head on his shoulder as they walk away from Ross' grave.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Gigi and Rex are solid again and agree that Stacy will be in their lives so they must learn to deal with it.  Stacy returns to Rex’s loft and tells Kim that Schuyler did not have sex with her so she is out of options.  She cannot get pregnant so she must tell Rex that she miscarried. John McBain and Oliver Fish listen to a bugged conversation between Officer Keaton and Mayor Lowell in which they discover that the Mayor is behind the drug trafficking ring in Llanview.  They hear Keaton telling the mayor that John knows about tonight’s delivery.  John decides to go ahead with the raid anyway so that the mayor will not become suspicious. Layla tells Cristian that she thinks Fish is gay and that he was involved with Kyle.  After she badgers him, Cris admits that he saw Lyle and Oliver kissing.  Layla calls Fish and tells him that she needs to talk to him at home after he gets off work. Langston goes to the Buchanan home looking for Markko.  Matthew tells her he is in the stable where David and his crew are hiding.  When Langston goes to the stable, only Ford is there Ford is shirtless behind the stable cooling off by pouring water on hid head.  Langston stares at him until he notices her.  He tells her that Markko is not there, as he has gone with David and Priscilla to get footage on Rachel and Greg.  David captures Rachel and Greg on the floor in the Buchanan living room and asks her about two brothers battling for her.  She demands that he destroy the footage and kicks him out. Langston and Ford discuss options for David’s show.  While they are discussing the love story angle, Markko comes in and overhears Ford asking Langston if she would be his love interest in the show.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane tells Lily that her white blood cell count is dropping. Mac visits Lily and tells her that Billy and Chloe are signing the divorce papers today. Billy stalls in signing the divorce papers. Jill and Gloria meet at the beauty shop. Gloria, upon seeing Jill, demands the whole treatment. Jill tells Gloria that she will get what Jill decides to give her. Millie interrupts and asks if anything is wrong. Jack questions Jeff about Mary Jane. Chance tells Paul that he has a warrant for Mary Jane’s arrest. Paul refuses to turn Mary Jane in. Owen Pomerantz arrives. Gloria finds out about Mary Jane and runs out on Jill without paying for the manicure. Jill vows that Gloria will pay. Owen advises Chance to hold off. Chloe senses that Billy is having second thoughts about himself and Chloe. Mary Jane calls Jack. Lily confesses to Cain that she needs him. Chloe tells Mac that Billy refused to sign the divorce papers. Mac confronts Billy as to why he hasn’t signed the divorce papers. Billy tries to make his excuses, but Mac doesn’t buy them. Jeff tells Jack he has a proposition for him, but Jack refuses to take Jeff up on it. Chloe tells Esther that Billy refused to sign the divorce papers. Chloe comes up with a plan to get Billy back. Chloe reveals that she doesn’t really like Chance. Chloe calls Chance and makes plans for later. Paul tells Owen his terms concerning Mary Jane. Jill joins Jeff in his quest to find Mary Jane. Patty finds another cat that she calls Kitty Kitty. Jack arrives at St. Jude’s. Jack calls out for Mary Jane. Lily goes to bed in her own bed. At the bar alone, Billy signs the divorce settlement and downs his drink.

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