Tuesday 8/25/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. walks into the hospital and asks the nurse on duty where Joe is. The nurse lets him know that Joe had left for the day. J.R. starts toward the elevator when he collapses. Angie comes to his rescue and helps him into an exam room. Jake tells Tad about Gail working in a bar. Amanda stands, staring out the window. Tad lets Jake know that David is hanging around Liza and Stuart. At the courthouse, Adam demands to know what Ryan is doing here. The competency hearing for Annie begins. At Zach’s house, Liza and Zach sit on the sofa when via the monitor, Spike calls out for Kendall. Liza confronts Zach that she didn’t know that he had Kendall stashed upstairs. At the hospital, Marissa calls J.R., unaware that he is in the hospital. Angie examines J.R. and orders blood work on him. Tad suggests to Jake that they talk to Jesse. Amanda, hurriedly leaves the house. Liza visits Tad and finds out that Trevor is still missing. Liza confesses to Tad that she has feelings for Zach. Annie testifies at her own competency hearing, but is interrupted by Ryan. Marissa runs into J.R. at the hospital and tells him that she is moving in with David at Wildwind. J.R. is against the idea. At the hospital, Amanda confronts David about her baby and that she had lost him forever. Jake arrives to comfort Amanda.

Tad advises Liza to take Colby and Stuart and leave town. David begins to question Jake about Amanda’s attitude and how she believes that she had lost her son. The judge rules in favor of Annie standing trial. Marissa goes to live with David at Wildwind. Angie tells J.R. that she is going to admit him to run more tests on him. Kendall confronts Zach about his true feelings for her. Liza comes back to visit Zach and kisses him. Kendall knocks Liza unconscious with her laptop. Adam commends the judge on his performance in the courtroom. The judge warns Adam against Ryan. Annie calls Ryan and warns him that she will get Emma back soon.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen comes home and finds a Hawaiian luau at the apartment. Jackie is sure that he will forgive her for the kiss with Whip. They dance and she coos how much she loves him. Bill brings Katie back to his office and she introduces him to the arcade machine Whack a Mole to take out all of his frustrations. Playing Mr. Sensitive, Bill tells his secretary to take the rest of the night off and tomorrow too to see her soccer daughter. She deserves that. Katie tells him that she likes the new Bill Spencer and his newfound heart. She tells him about her heart by her brother. Nick tells Whip to close the door; they need to have a little talk. Whip, feeling guilty, thinks he knows about the kiss and starts to apologize. He admits that he would be knocking on her door if she were available. Nick shudders at the thought of Jackie being in love with Owen, but now he’s beginning to realize how much that he loves her too.

Jackie tells Owen that when she saw his interview that she was heartbroken. She was with Whip at the time and she was in an inebriated state. Bill wants to help Katie find her purpose in life and honor her brother. She likes that he understands the impact; most people don’t. She has to do something big with Storm’s heart. Bill puts his hand on her/Storm’s heart and says it is beating strong. It’s going to be an exciting ride for them; they kiss. Whip tells Nick that it’s been good for Jackie, but she is going to ruin it now by confessing to Owen and he doesn’t see what that will accomplish. Owen jumps to the conclusion that Whip came swooping in and took advantage. Jackie says it was just a kiss, but she is begging him to forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

With Theo’s help, Bo, Roman and Hope identify one of the kidnapper’s tattoos, and learn that Kyle is a registered sex offender. Meanwhile, the kidnappers panic and agree to get out of town and go their separate ways. Dean goes to Brenda and Kyle’s hotel room, pretending that he is going to pack their things. Instead, he removes all evidence that he knows either of them. Later, Bo, Hope, and Roman search the room and not only find the newspaper article about Hope’s donation, but also find a map of the woods with a few locations circled. The three are sure Ciara is in one of those locations. Dean returns to the hideout and takes out a gun. Despite Brenda and Kyle’s protests, Dean aims and fires at Ciara. EJ offers to take Nicole to the Caribbean for their long-delayed honeymoon. Nicole balks at the idea because Baker is on an island there somewhere. She makes up a lame excuse about worrying about hurricanes, and gets EJ to agree to take her to Paris. Rafe runs into Sami and warns her about being friends with Nicole. Sami tells him to buzz off. Later, she runs into EJ. She accuses him of being happy that she and Rafe broke up, because now she is free. EJ denies it, saying that he loves Nicole. Rafe tells Arianna that he must find a way to prove Nicole did something to Grace the night she was born. He tries to call Sister Teresa for more information, but can’t reach her. He ends up going to the mansion to question Nicole as Dr. Baker’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Baker, whom Nicole is ignoring, calls Sami. Chad jealously watches as Will and Mia dance to his and Mia’s song. He confronts Mia about it, telling her that he loves her. A drunken Kinsey has shown up and seemingly sober, offers Mia a ride home. Chad, who knows Kinsey is intoxicated, tries to stop Mia from leaving with her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca apologizes for hurting Nikolas. Nik says he’s ashamed of how he behaved toward Rebecca. Edward interrupts the two just after Rebecca says she’s in love with Nik. The two agree to meet at Wyndemere later. Ethan comes to see Rebecca and she thanks him for telling all to Lucky then sends him on his way. Rebecca says her and Nik plan to try and work things out. Sonny talks baseball with Dante/Dominic and Morgan. Claudia joins the conversation saying she’s a baseball fan as well so Sonny promises to get Yankees tickets for everyone. Sam hesitates in taking things further with Jason but things continue to move forward and the two make love. Afterward, Sam quickly rushes off to work on the car. The two then head off to find the kids. Morgan tells Jax and Carly about Claudia’s love of baseball. Claudia and Sonny discuss parenthood. Sonny says the reason Claudia never saw Morgan was because of the court order. Claudia says she assumed it was because Sonny didn’t want Morgan near her (Claudia). Dante/Dominic listens in as Sonny assures Claudia he isn’t having an affair with Olivia and he never will. Dante/Dominic runs to Olivia and tells her Sonny is trying to make his marriage work. Dante/Dominic wants Olivia to leave town but she refuses. Kristina cries on Michael’s shoulder about Kiefer. Kristina calls Kiefer but he has a young woman answer the phone for him, claiming he’s “busy.” Michael wonders what Kristina sees in Kiefer. Kristina says she wants to go back to Port Charles. Nik thanks Liz for her support and promises to try and move forward with his life. Later, Nik grills Rebecca about her research before she came to town. Nik claims to know all he needs to about Rebecca, then he kisses her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip visits the cemetery and his gravestone to talk to it. He leave saying his is going to talk to Lizzie and Beth. At Reva's, she is talking with Jonathan. When Reva leaves, Jonathan's cell rings. It's Jeffrey. Jeffrey asks how Reva is doing. Jonathan says she is better and that he'd better hurry up and "kill the guy" because Jeffrey has a son to hold and Jonathan has a daughter to hold. Jeffrey says, "I will." At the Mallet's, Marina explains what happened with Shayne at Cedars. Marina tells Mallet, "We are a family and families make sacrifices". At Reva's, Shayne comes by and Jonathan tells him that Reva is out. Jonathan asks why the visit. Shayne tells him that he is there to not think of his problems and to visit his little brother, Colin. Phillip tries again with James. James tells him in short that he doesn't like Phillip and to get that. At Company, Billy, Vanessa, Bill, and Lizzie are having a great time talking. Phillip joins them. They continue to have a ball talking about when Bill and Lizzie were small. Phillip then asks if he could steal his daughter for a bit to talk. At Reva's both Jonathan and Shayne continue to talk. Reva returns and she is so happy to have, "3 of her 4 sons in the same room for once. When Reva starts nagging them about a drink, Shayne becomes uneasy and tells them he's going for a walk. At the Mallets, Mallet says they have 2 choices, she drops Shayne or he goes. Marina says she doesn't want to choose either. At Reva's, Jonathan asks Reva to take most of the pictures of Jeffrey down. She fights him. They come to a mutual agreement that she take half down. They laugh about some of the things she has up. Then he sees a picture of Lizzie. Reva tells him that Lizzie is happily married to Bill, and that she seems stable. At the park, Phillip and Lizzie small talk. At the batting range, Bill sees Mallet, they talk about Dinah. Bill thanks him for getting her out of town. That they are cool. Marina is at the gazebo with Henry. She is talking to him. She is wondering what to do next. Just as they are about to head home, Shayne walks up. He kneels down to greet Henry. And he then talks to Marina about her being ok. She says she is ok. Shayne says he really isn't. That he would be if he could make Henry's life better. Shayne asks if she comes to the gazebo often. She tells him, "sometimes". He tells her then he'll see her. At the Library, Phillip catches Beth studying but acts dumb and asks her what she is doing. She tells him with a giggle she is studying. Jonathan talks to Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him that Jonathan has gone to do what he had to and now it is time to come back. Jonathan isn't so sure. That he needs a few more days. Jeffrey agrees. Inside Reva's, she is talking to Shayne about Jeffrey and her memories. He tells her that she is connected with Jeffrey through Colin. That he doesn't feel a connection. Then it turns to his feelings about what he did about Henry. Marina is sitting on her kitchen table when Mallet walks in. They continue the same talk about their relationship and where Henry and Shayne are in it. Mallet says he wants to give Henry a mother and a father. He gives her 2 days to decide. He says that Marina is Henry's mother but he doesn't feel like Henry's dad. That he can't continue to share things with Shayne. Marina wants Mallet to stay with her and Henry. After going back and fourth about it, Marina grabs him in an embrace and kisses him. Vanessa tells Billy she is not ready to be married to him. Bill and Lizzie go to the storage house at Lewis Construction. Unknown to them, Jonathan is hiding there. Bill mentions making babies with her. Jonathan is quietly laughing. At Reva's, she and Shayne are having drinks and talking. Reva doesn't understand why Shayne feels so disconnected to her to anyone. Reva asks him about his feelings toward Josh. He tells her he sorta feels it. Reva reminds him life is a roller coaster with it's ups and downs. At the Mallets, Mallet tells her that he loves both her and Henry. Henry begins to cry. He kisses her then takes his belongings and leaves the house. Both Marina and Henry cry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair is determined to go to Tahiti, find Ross Rayburn and get the goods on Tea so that she can't be around Todd or the kids. Todd notices Tea ready to leave. He knows that something is going on regarding trust issues and he tells her he won't let her go. He persuades her to stay with him. Layla is confident that she has a future with Fish and no clue that he's gay. But she ends up talking to Kyle's new boyfriend in the gym who reveals to her that he's seeing Kyle Lewis and Kyle's "ex" was a cop who is now telling everybody he's heterosexual and seeing a woman. At that point, she puts two and two together and she reveals it to Cristian. Rex and Gigi get into a big argument about his going behind her back to get Schuyler to leave town and her going behind his back to pay Gigi off to get an abortion. But they declare that they are meant for each other and are going to make it work. Meanwhile, Stacy drugs Schuyler in an attempt to get him in bed so that she can get pregnant. But he knows he cannot do that because he only wants Gigi and he wants Stacy out of his home. At that point, she knows she has no prospect for getting pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jeff and Gloria visit Victor at the Newman mansion. Jeff wants to know what they are going to do with the photo of Victor and Mary Jane. Victor tells Jeff and Gloria that the photo means nothing. Jeff threatens to go to the tabloids with the photo. Victor questions Jeff if he is threatening him. Victoria questions J.T. if there is any word from Paul. J.T. tells Victoria that Paul and Mary Jane had disappeared. J.T. reminds Victoria that she hadn’t spoken two words to him since last night. J.T. tells Victoria that he isn’t going over to Colleen’s anymore. Victoria reminds him that this isn’t all about Colleen. At St. Jude’s, Patty whimpers, breathes heavily, and then whimpers again. Paul awakens her and tells her that she is at St. Jude’s. Mac asks Billy when is he and Chloe meeting with the mediation. Chance offers Chloe good luck on the mediation. Chance tries his best to lift Chloe’s spirits. Heather calls Chance and tells him they found Paul’s car. Jill meets Kay and Murphy for breakfast. Kay reminds Jill that the taxes are due on the house and Kay needs Jill’s share. Chloe walks in and meets with Kay, Jill and Murphy. J.T. tells Victoria they had found Paul’s car. Victoria suggests to J.T. they wipe the slate clean and start over. Victor starts to call the police on Jeff and Gloria arrested. Patty reveals that she had shot Jack and had lost a baby. Paul calls J.T. and asks for his help with Patty. Mac and Chloe meets and exchange pleasantries. J.T. arrives at St. Jude’s along with Heather and Chance. The mediation between Billy and Chloe begins. J.T. tells Victor they found Mary Jane. J.T. mentions the note he had received from Mary Jane and it had said to ask Victor Newman. Victor reminds J.T. what J.T. had done to Victoria. Victor tells J.T. to get out of his house and he is not welcome there anymore. Jill gives Gloria a manicure. Billy refuses to sign the divorce papers. Chance orders Paul to bring Patty out. Victor orders Jeff to bring Mary Jane (Patty) to him.

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