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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake tries to comfort Amanda and calm her down over her baby. At the hospital, David checks on Marissa, but will not release her. Liza visits Adam to pick up the check for Zach. Adam refuses to give it to Liza and insists on giving it to Zach himself. Annie is very sarcastic toward Liza and Adam giving Zach the money. Zach lies beside Kendall as she sleeps. Jesse is downstairs in Zach’s house when Ryan arrives with Spike. Ryan notices the door had been broken off its hinges. Ryan questions Jesse as to who had broken in. Jesse reveals that he had. Marissa calls J.R. for help. Jesse tells Ryan about the 911 that had come from Zach’s house the night before. Kendall knocks over a lamp upstairs and Ryan hears the noise. Ryan questions Jesse as to what was that. David checks on Marissa and finds her gone. J.R. takes Marissa to the Yacht Club. They kiss. Zach questions Ryan as to what had happened to his door. Adam and Liza arrive and notice that the door had been broken down. Adam gives Zach the check for the one million dollars.

Annie tries to convince Scott to help her get better. They are standing real close together when Adam walks in and wants to know why Scott isn’t at work. David confronts J.R. and Marissa over Marissa leaving the hospital. J.R. leaves David and Marissa so they can talk. David convinces Marissa that he will release her from the hospital if she will come home with him for a few days. The nurse shows Jake and Amanda a baby, but it isn’t Trevor. Adam and Annie prepare to go to her competency hearing. Kendall listens to Ryan and Zach argue over her. Jesse arrives to escort Annie to the competency hearing . Everyone arrives at the courthouse for the hearing. Annie sees Ryan waiting for her in the courtroom. She feels he is there to sabotage her chances of having a fair trial.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucinda goes to see Lily, who has shut down according to Luke, as Lucinda wants him to get out of the house for a time so she will look after Lily. Janet tells Jack about a call from the funeral director regarding Holden’s arrangements, as Jack tries to cope. He goes to speak with Lily, but she does not want to speak with anyone so he talks with Lucinda. Lily continues to not be able to cope at all with Holden’s ‘death.’ Lucinda tries to get through but can’t as Lily refuses to be a part of the arrangements or even attend any funeral. Noah receives amazing news from Mason about his screenplay and Jude Law wanting a meeting with him, but he turns him down to support Luke in his time of need. When Luke arrives to see Noah, he ushers Mason away after he implies that Noah is missing out on something. Emma doesn’t react well to Damian’s visit or apologies for her loss, as Meg is unhappy to see this. Emma won’t apologize, as Meg later asks Damian for support and to go for a walk with her. As they are leaving, they bump into Lucinda, who is there to talk with Emma, but when Damian hears of Lily’s behavior, he forgets he is supporting Meg and offers to go help Lily. At first, Lucinda is against this, but Damian finally persuades her. Luke convinces Noah to tell him what Mason was alluding to, as Noah finally relents and explains about the meeting with Jude Law. Luke is shocked but thrilled for him and urges him to go. Noah wants to stay with him and meet and get to know his family, who are coming into town, but Luke wants Noah to go on this meeting to help his career. He is finally able to convince Noah that he will be able to support him when he comes back. Damian goes to see Lily, who isn’t receptive at first, but finally Damian is able to get through to Lily, which Meg secretly witnesses. Later, Meg pretends to just have arrived when Damian is comforting Lily, as they are headed over to the funeral home. Meg is very pleased at first when Damian tells her that he is happy she came, but it turns to disappointment when Damian asks her to take Ethan while he and Lily go to the funeral home. Meg hides her sadness and heads off, after a backwards glance at the two of them. Jack receives a fax from the police in Kentucky, as Jack is trying to make sense of the accident scene and the strange tire marks. Janet thinks he is trying to see a mystery there because he is a cop but at the end of the day, Holden will still be gone. Jack struggles not to be angry with Holden after they surmise he must have simply fallen asleep at the wheel, as Janet tries to comfort him. Lucinda and Emma talk about Holden and what kind of son and son-in-law he was, as Lucinda wonders if Emma wants to help with arrangements, but she turns her down. They lament that a child should never die before a parent. When Meg comes in with Ethan and she learns of how Damian helped Lily, Emma apologizes and admits that she was wrong about how she treated Damian. Damian holds Lily’s hand at the funeral home, as she faces Holden’s coffin, but she asks him to leave so she can be alone. Lily falls apart as she talks to ‘Holden’ not wanting to accept he is gone because she doesn’t know how she will go on. Later, Damian arrives to see Meg, which makes her happy, as she also relays to him Emma’s admission of being wrong about him. Damian seems very preoccupied with Lily and her feelings though, as he is supposedly there to comfort Meg, which isn’t lost on her. A sleeping man rolls over in a dimly lit room, as we see it is Holden.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The next morning Owen showers Jackie with affection. He thinks she handled this humiliation so well. He wants to set up another live interview with Whip to set the record straight. Whip apologizes to Jackie as he feels like he is partly responsible. Jackie tells him that she wants him to take a leave of absence. She intends to tell Owen the truth about their kiss and doesn’t want him around when she does. Nick catches Owen and literally throws him into his office. Jackie quickly explains the twin brother and has to tell Nick about the kiss with Whip. She asks his advice if he thinks Owen will accept this truth telling. Katie gloats when she tells Donna and Brooke that Bill did not take Donna’s bait. He’s changing and there is another side no one has seen before. Eric tells Katie that she deserves all the credit for them being on the cover of the next Eye of Fashion. Bill tells Eric that his kingly costume fits him well; he earned it. He realizes Eric probably thinks he is all about causing trouble, but he’s really trying to make amends and make a shift in his focus.

Bill tells Eric that he hasn’t been the pillar of impartiality in the past. From now on he’s going to give Eric’s company his fair shake. Donna jumps in and tells Eric just look at Bill and Katie together. That is the reason. Owen makes his statement to Jarrett and shows him the picture of his twin brother. It was Casper that did the interview in San Diego. Owen calls Jackie on camera and professes his love for this remarkable woman. They love and trust each other and nothing she could do would make him want to leave her. Bill explains to Brooke that if he were her, he wouldn’t want his little sister to be involved with someone like Bill either, but he promises he will never hurt Katie. Brooke tells him just treat Katie well as she and Donna will be keeping their eye on him. Owen tells Jackie that it’s only upward and onward for them from now on. She confesses she is blessed to have him in her life. He realizes something is bothering her and wants to know what it is.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo goes on television and makes a plea to the public for information about Ciara’s kidnapping, promising that the ransom money intended for the kidnappers will go to the person who helps them bring Ciara home safely. Hope feels she is forced to participate, and is angry with Bo for not giving the kidnappers what they want. She vows never to forgive him if something happens to Ciara. Meanwhile, Brenda and Kyle panic, telling Dean that they need to give Cara back and leave town. Dean refuses to give up without getting the money, and says he is sure Hope will talk Bo into handing over the ransom. Mia finds Nicole at the hospital and learns of the genetic testing EJ is having done. She worries about EJ finding out Sydney is her baby, not Nicole’s, and wonders why Nicole didn’t ask her to give a sample of her blood for the testing. Nicole tells her she has everything under control and essentially tells Mia to mind her own business. Later, Mia writes in her journal that she is having trouble getting Chad off of her mind. Later, the two run into one another at a party, and Chad plays a romantic song for her that he used to play when they were dating. Meanwhile, Baker, who is back into debt, calls Nicole looking for more money. Nicole goes straight to Stefano, who vows to take care of Baker himself. Rafe is onto Nicole when he learns that the nurse attending Baker the night of Grace’s birth doesn’t remember Nicole giving birth there that night, but remembers seeing both EJ and Sami. Rafe tells his sister that he believes Nicole found out that Grace was EJ and Sami’s, and did something nefarious to Grace at the clinic that night. Arianna doesn’t think Nicole would hurt a baby, but Rafe isn’t so sure. He vows to find out exactly what happened before he leaves town for good.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia wonders why Sonny set up a scholarship to honor the baby. Sonny thinks he and Claudia should try and make their marriage work. Claudia says she wants to have another baby but Sonny is uncertain. Olivia can’t get herself (and Jax) out of Kelly’s fast enough. Back at the hotel, Jax realizes that Dominic is Dante and Olivia doesn’t deny it. Olivia tells Jax about Dante/Dominic’s undercover assignment. Olivia thinks Jax is happy that Dante can possibly rid him of Sonny. Elizabeth and Nikolas share a kiss but she halts things, saying they can’t continue their behavior. Both Liz and Nik admit their mutual attraction. Carly tells Dante/Dominic she thinks he’s a good person and she wonders why he wants to waste his life working for Sonny. Carly notices the bond Morgan has formed with Dante/Dominic. Carly wonders why Jax is suddenly ok with Dante/Dominic spending time with Morgan. Nik goes to see Rebecca, claiming they still have things to discuss. Jason and Sam reminisce about their past. Sam gets nervous and leaves to try and fix the car. Sam and Jason kiss.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lillian and Phillip are talking about telling the family about his illness. Phillip tells Lillian that she is right that it is time to tell them and that he's going to sit the family down and finally tell them. Frank is still looking at an online dating service. Cyrus is bored until he gets a visit from Remy. Cyrus was reading Jenna's journal. He gives it to Remy to read not telling him until after Remy asks what he is reading. At Company, Christina is reading another volume of Jenna's journal. She is shocked with what is in it. Buzz tells her that was Jenna. At the Spaulding Mansion, James is getting lectured by Alan about a "Cooper, Shayne" getting in their way of what they want. Natalia and Olivia continue to talk about their relationship. Christina and Daisy visit Shayne's. He is getting rid of Dinah's clothes she didn't take with her. He tells them they are welcomed to them. At Cedars Marina and Mallet have their little one in the ER after a reaction to a vaccine. The ER doctor asks since the baby is adopted whether or not the biologically parents had a reaction. The ER doctor inquires to the whereabouts of the biological parents. Mallet tells him they know of one of them and that it is time they tell the doctor who it is. Outside the examination room, Mallet tells Marina he's going to get Shayne and bring him back to Cedars. Phillip goes to see Olivia and Emma. Olivia agrees to Phillip having time with Emma. James and Daisy meet up at the park. At Company, Cyrus sees something in one of the volumes of Jenna's journal, tears the page and tells Buzz he is leaving the country. Doesn't know when he'll be back. Remy is at his and Christina's packing. Remy tells him he is going on a business trip but is vague as to where and that he'll call. Olivia visits Alan for a favor. Olivia wants Alan to hire Natalia. Alan is confused ask if Natalia still works with Olivia. Olivia tells her she does, but needs the work. At Company, Phillip arrives to see Natalia at Company doing some work. Alan calls Natalia about a position as an Executive Assistant. She tells Alan she is available. After the call, Olivia thanks Alan. Natalia tells Frank of the call. Frank is surprised. Buzz stops by the SPD. He tells Frank that a page in one of Jenna's Journals was torn out and wants him to check it for fingerprints. Frank says no at first. But relents and tells him ok. Mallet goes to Shayne to ask him for his medical file. Shayne reminds him that they didn't want everyone to know about Little Henry's paternity. Mallet tells him this is different. After some coaxing, Shayne agrees. At Company, Lillian is sitting read the paper when she sees Olivia. Lillian tells her that Natalia is going to need a lot of support. At Spaulding Enterprises, Natalia walks in. To Alan surprise he sees she is pregnant. Natalia questions if her pregnancy will be a problem. Alan reminds her she is practically family. He asks when can she start. Natalia says, "Tomorrow". At the park, Phillip is having fun with Emma when James stops by. James sees the fun Phillip is having with Emma and feels uncomfortable, but Phillip is loving it. At the SPD, Frank tells Buzz that the pages mentioned the treasure. That Cyrus found out and is now on his way to Australia to find it. At Cedars in the hallway, Shayne sees Marina with Henry. He tells her that he signed the papers to treaty Henry. Marina thanks him. At Company, Alan stops by. He is happy to see Daisy. He makes a deal with her, to stay away from James and he'll make all the Cooper problems go away. James walks in just as Daisy is about to answer. James tells Daisy, "No!" James tells Alan to leave Daisy and him alone. Then he asks Daisy if she'd like a break and go with him. He takes her by the arm and leaves. At the park, Rick joins Phillip. Phillip reminds Rick of their friendship. At Cedars, Ed is beside himself and Lillian sees it. Ed tells her that with a major bone-marrow transplant Phillip could make it. But they need time. At the Cooper house, Buzz is packing. Frank is telling him to wait and he'll come with him in a couple of days. At Cedars, Shayne watches the Mallets enjoying their time with Henry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kim persuades Stacy to find a way to seduce Schuyler so that she can get pregnant by him when they know that they don't have any time left. Knowing that he won't sleep with Stacy on his own, Kim knows that Stacy needs to drug him. Right then, Schuyler admits being really frustrated with the fact that he can't be more than friends with Gigi especially when she's having problems with Rex. He informs her that Rex asked him to leave town. At that point, she angrily confronts Rex about doing that behind her back. Dorian is engaging with the Mayor to get him re-elected and so that he can help her get reinstated to the hospital board. Viki and Charlie are not ok with that. But when Charlie finds out that Dorian "suggested" that Viki run against the mayor in the election, he tells Viki that that might not be a bad idea. Blair is determined to find out Tea's secret regarding Ross Rayburn. Elijah threatens to expose her secret to Todd. Todd goes and has a "therapy" session with Marty where he admits to her the problem he has with trusting himself to love somebody and admits to Marty that he's ok with her moving on and being with John because he's moved on with Tea. But when he returns home to Tea, she is crying and ready to pack her bags after Elijah has threatened to reveal her secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the Newman mansion, Jack and Victor argue over Dr. Jamison evaluating Ashley for the court hearing. Abby confronts Jack if that is why he is here to put Ashley away in a psychiatric hospital. Ashley wonders how Adam will keep Dr. Jamison from putting her her in a psychiatric hospital. A man and J.T. search for Mary Jane, but finds her gone. Paul urges patty to put the knife away, but she refuses. Paul offers Patty help but Patty refuses to believe that Paul will help her. J.T. calls Nick and tells Nick for him and Phyllis to meet him at the club. J.T. tells Nick that they had found Mary Jane. At the psychiatric hospital, Phyllis questions Sharon as to why Jack hadn’t been by to see her . Dr. Jamison arrives at Victor’s for the evaluation. Adam gives Ashley pointers on how to deal with the evaluation. Heather tells Nick that Paul and his car are missing. Paul and Patty are on the run. Tires begin to squeal, Paul screams and groans. Patty gasps and asks what had she done. After everyone is accounted for but Phyllis and Sharon. Nick offers to go to the hospital to check on Sharon. In the distance sirens wail and Patty knows that Paul is going to turn her in. J. T. tells Heather that the police had spotted Paul’s car. Dr. Jamison tells Jack and Victor that Ashley needs to feel safe and supported.

Jack visits Phyllis. Phyllis begins to question jack as to why he hadn’t been to see Sharon. From the look on Jack’s face, Phyllis realizes that Jack isn’t the baby’s father and neither is Billy. Phyllis realizes that Nick is the baby’s father. Phyllis begins to panic that things are starting all over again. Jack assures Phyllis that he is the father of Sharon’s baby. Nick visits the psychiatric hospital and talks to Sharon’s doctor about Mary Jane Benson. The doctor assures Nick that she will talk to everyone now. Nick runs into Sharon and he tells her about Mary Jane hiding out at the club under an alias. Paul and Patty seek sanctuary at a church. Adam lies down beside Ashley just until she falls asleep.

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