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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie tells Randi that the baby stays. Tad calls Jake and asks him if there is any word. Tad sees David come into the Confusion bar. Tad calls Liza and tells her to get herself down to the Confusion bar. In Africa, Krystal wakes up to see a scorpion on her stomach. She yells at Erica to wake up and get it off of her. Erica talks to the scorpion so that Krystal could knock it off of herself. Zach feeds Stuart in the living room of the Slater house while talking to Liza. Kendall begins to have chest pains and then collapses. In the bar, Jake recognizes Gail when she comes into the bar. Amanda confronts Gail as to where is her baby. Angie and Madison have a confrontation over what had been going on. Jesse comes up and tells Madison that she has just as much to lose as they do. Angie orders Madison to stay away from her family. Jesse urges Angie to call the Washington, D.C. police and tell them that she had made a mistake in reading the autopsy.

Tad does a stand up comedy act at the bar. Natalia visits Frankie and Randi and cannot believe that they are going to keep the baby. Natalia tells Frankie that she will not stop looking for the baby’s parents. Angie calls the Washington, D.C. police and tells them that she had made a mistake. Zach finds Kendall collapsed. Liza spends quality time with David and enjoys his company. Gail gives her patient a larger dosage of medicine. Zach lies his head over on Kendall’s chest to hear her heart beat.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Tony catches up with Liberty. Tony tries to kiss her, but Liberty pulls away. Tony lets her know that she hadn’t acted that way yesterday. Roxanna gets a call from Spring River that Carly can have visitors. Rosanna prepares to go, but Craig insists that he is the one, who is going. Parker comes downstairs and insists that he is the one, who is going .Barbara urges Henry to try to get along with his brother. Vienna comes out of the room and tells Barbara that she and Henry doesn’t want James’ money. Emily urges Paul to call the police on James and let them know where he is. Paul calls the police and tells them where to find James. Audrey and James spend some quality time together. The police arrive at the hotel and asks the desk clerk where they can find James Steinbeck. Henry overhears their conversation and quickly hurries to James’ room. Henry lets Audrey know that the police are looking for James. Henry and Audrey quickly hide James. The police barge into Vienna’s room and threatens to arrest her for harboring a fugitive, but she tells them where to find James. Barbara has a meeting with Vienna to talk her being on hers and Paul’s side about the money. Barbara also convinces Vienna to call Henry and find out where he had taken James.

Vienna calls Henry and finds out that Henry, Audrey and James are in the boiler room. Paul, Emily and the police arrive. Vienna tells the police where Henry, Audrey and James are. James turns himself in. Craig visits Spring River, but finds out that Carly doesn’t want to see him. Liberty and Tony argue. Parker rides up and watches them. Parker interrupts their conversation and asks what is going on. Liberty accuses Parker of having a girlfriend, but Parker tells her that that was his cousin, Faith. Liberty begins to feel guilty over what had happened between her and Tony. Craig lies to Rosanna about seeing Carly and what had happened between them. Rosanna gets a phone call and finds out that Craig hadn’t seen Carly at all. Rosanna confronts Craig about lying to her about seeing Carly. Henry blames Vienna for betraying him about James. Vienna lets Henry know that she would do it all over again. James blames Paul for turning him in. At the police station, James lets Paul know that he is proud of him for what he had done.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is shocked when Katie admits she is inviting Bill Spencer over tonight for their pool get-together. Donna says they will put him to a test. She will come on to Bill and in two minutes they will see his true colors. Bill arrives and she peels off her shawl leaving on the teeny bikini and heels. She prances around and wants Bill to rub suntan lotion on her. She makes it plain that she’s had a little tiff with honey bear. She tells him that she is in the mood for something sinfully sweet. She puckers up and he pops a donut in her mouth. He says Katie loves them so he brought her some. Katie pokes fun at Donna’s mission unaccomplished, but Donna says she is not done yet. With Katie hiding in the bushes and watching, Donna plays the sex kitten to the hilt. She wants Bill to call her a barracuda again. He admits that he is not a changed man, but he had been inappropriate to her, a married woman, in the past and now he is trying to do better. Katie comes out of hiding and thinks he has passed the test. Jackie is not pleased to see Owen back home. He humiliated her on public TV. He’s in the doghouse until he opens the door and introduces her to his ne'er’ do well twin brother, Casper. It was a prank, and Owen is sorry it happened. He hopes she can forgive him. She runs upstairs to tell Whip. She realizes now it was wrong for them to have kissed and she will explain it to her husband.

Bill and Katie snuggle up on the chaise lounge by the pool. He shows her the next issue of Eye on Fashion. It’s all about Owen and his interview. There’s also a piece about her bringing back Forrester Creations to its success and how great Katie is. She thinks Jarrett wrote it until Bill tells her to check the byline again – it was him. He was inspired. Owen is sweet and Jackie says she does not deserve him. She confesses that in her moment of pain after the interview, she had too much to drink to drown her sorrow. They declare their love for each other, but all guilty Jackie can think of is her kiss with Whip.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie agrees to try to work things out with Philip, and Melanie decides not to tell Stephanie the truth about her and Philip. Philip is relieved, but neither of them realize that the hotel clerk taped the two of them having sex. To Nicole’s horror, EJ decides to do genetic testing on Sydney to make sure she is in perfect health. Stefano promises Nicole that he will take care of it, and that he will make sure no one learns that she isn’t Sydney’s mother. Rafe talks to Sarah, the former nurse at Baker’s clinic. She tells him about the doctor’s suspicious behavior, and they both learn that Nicole’s medical records have been deleted. After Rafe shows her some pictures, Sarah divulges that EJ was at the clinic the night Sami gave birth. The kidnappers panic after Bo threatens them. The woman, Brenda, threatens to leave town, but Dean shows up to reassure they two that they’re going to get the ransom money. After Justin intervenes, Bo and Hope agree to try to stay on the same page from now on, and to work together to help Ciara. Theo reveals to Lexie, Abe and Roman, that he saw Ciara and the angel together. We learn that Kyle has a tattoo of an angel.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Olivia admits her son’s paternity to Jax. Jax promises to keep Olivia’s secret but he thinks Olivia should tell her son “the truth.” Jax warns Olivia that Carly usually manages to “stumble upon the truth.” Dante/Dominic and Johnny exchange blows at Jake’s. Johnny clarifies his comment about Olivia and says it wasn’t what Dante/Dominic thought it was. Johnny advises Dante/Dominic to be cautious concerning Lulu. Dante/Dominic claims to be loyal to Sonny’s organization. Sonny comes home to find Claudia in a rocking chair. Sonny is concerned when Claudia won’t let him return the chair. Claudia is clearly not ready to let go. Sonny tries his best to understand. Claudia talks about her father and asks Sonny “what kind of father” he was. Sonny tells Claudia about his own childhood then he leaves abruptly. Johnny comes to see Sonny but instead he finds Claudia in the rocking chair. Claudia is certain Sonny went to see Olivia. Sonny sets up a university scholarship fund in memory of their son. Jason wakes up and seems a little better so he wants to head out and find the kids. Jason finds he’s too weak to get out of bed. Sam tells Jason he was talking about “the past” when he was delirious. Jason asks if he talked about Hawaii. The two discuss Jason’s health during their time in Hawaii. Jason says he would never have gone through with the surgery if it hadn’t been for Sam. Lucky, Liz, Nikolas, and the kids have a family get together. Nik and Liz are uncomfortable but Lucky doesn’t seem to notice. Lucky wonders if Nik plans on getting revenge on Rebecca. Lucky takes the kids out to get cake and ice cream, leaving Nik and Liz alone. It starts to rain so Nik and Liz move things onto the porch. Carly and Morgan run into Dante/Dominic at Kelly’s. Olivia walks in and gets shaken when she sees the three of them sitting together. Olivia makes conversation with the three of them. Jax arrives and notices the interaction between Olivia and Dante/Dominic.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan and Shayne continue fighting until Reva stops it and introduces them as brothers. Shayne explains that he saw Jonathan in the window and didn't know what to think. Cyrus is a free man thanks to Mel. All Mel has to do is file the papers. Buzz then turns his attention on Frank, who doesn't know what to do with Natalia and the baby. Natalia then walks in at Company. She wants to know if Frank would like to come to her next OB appointment. Natalia sees that Frank is having a problem with the situation. She asks him about it. He tells her, "I don't know if I want you and Olivia raising the baby. Vanessa and Olivia having some girl talk about dating. Mel sees Natalia at Food Court and Mel sees Natalia is pregnant. Blake is surprised to see how fast Ashley works. Blake calls Cyrus about the manuscript that Ashley just finished proofreading and wants to meet with him. Back at Reva's, Shayne wants an explanation as to why after 2 years, Jonathan just shows up. Then another argument between then starts and Reva has to stop it. Reva reminds Shayne that Edmund tried to drown Jonathan as a little boy and that is why he wants Edmund. Reva then again starts with proper introductions, then orders them to hug and make up. Back at Company, Buzz is on the laptop shared by all, he sees on the screen a page for online dating. He knows the last person to use the computer was Frank. Frank just walks up to where Buzz is. Buzz questions him. Frank says it is nothing. At Olivia's, Blake is there. They talk about Natalia. Olivia asks if she knew about Natalia and the baby. Blake confesses she knew from the start. Olivia wants to know why she came to Blake and not to her. Back at Reva's Jonathan explains that he is trying to protect his little girl. Reva adds that Jonathan is the father of a pretty little girl. Shayne is starting to feel better about Jonathan and decides if Reva is ok he'll leave. After Shayne leaves, Reva tells Jonathan that Shayne has been great. That he's been there for her since he got home. Reva is fixing him a sandwich joking with him about being here getting punched in the face rather than being with his daughter. Mel visits Cyrus with a gift of food. He tells her it is his birthday. She wishes him a happy birthday. She then out of the blue gives him a big romantic kiss. She apologizes about it. He doesn't seem fazed. Blake tries to reason with Frank about being a father to Natalia's baby. She goes on to tell Frank ,"You're the best Dad I know." Olivia and Natalia meet again. Olivia gives her a box of cookies and tells her, "Take you cookies and go home". At Towers, Vanessa and Billy have drinks and talk. At Cyrus', he and Mel stop their love making and she offers cookies and milk. She wants to talk about him. Or have him talk about himself. All he wants is her cookies. She then decides she has to go. At Company, Blake questions Buzz about Frank. Frank and Natalia meet at the park. He tells her he'd love to go to the doctor's with her. He asks if Olivia is going to be there. She tells him no, that she doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby. Frank discusses custody arrangements that would make her feel happy and comfortable. She says ok. At Reva's she continues to talk to Jonathan until she hears a car outside. It is Olivia. Reva goes outside so that Olivia doesn't come in and notice Jonathan. Reva tells Olivia she loves her gift. That she would love to invite her in but things are not right inside. Olivia understands. Meanwhile, Jonathan outside somewhere, calls Jeffrey to tell him about his visit so far. After Jonathan is done he is surprised by Shayne. Jonathan makes up a story. They go back inside Reva's. At which point, Shayne says he has to go. That he'll be back later. Reva is ok with that. Outside Vanessa's room, she and Billy are saying their goodbyes for now. Cyrus is making plans to leave. At Company, Buzz hounds Frank about dating. Meanwhile Blake is doing the same. They both don't realize that they are talking to each other online. Olivia and Natalia meet again. Natalia says she is going to make this right for all. That she will keep coming back until Olivia sees the good in this situation.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty is all set up in her office ready to practice psychiatry again. John encourages her not to be intimidated by the mayor. And she is confident. But, unexpectedly and known to both her and Todd, her first client is Todd. They both initially conclude that this is not going to work. But Marty realizes that maybe she needs to talk to Todd in order to resolve her own issues. Viki tells the mayor she is not about to endorse him. But Dorian wants to so that he can reinstate her to the hospital board.. Elijah continue to threaten Tea with her secret even though she tells him she is not going to let him scare her. Rex and Gigi want to get back together. But they keep running into Stacy and asking her about her pregnancy. She knows she must find a way to get pregnant fast before Rex finds out that she is no longer pregnant. Her friend, Kim considers Schuyler. But he is done with her. They mayor announces that he intends to "clean house" in the police department.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman mansion, Michael tells Victor that he had tracked down the judge. Victor’s shhh’s him and tells him that Ashley is just upstairs. Michael tells Victor that the decision of the judge stands. Victor absolutely refuses to let Ashley be put in and insane asylum. Ashley visits Adam and closes the door behind her. Ashley tells Adam that she feels as though she is falling apart. Ashley contemplates telling Victor everything. Adam advises Ashley against telling Victor anything. Victor interrupts them. Victor tells Ashley everything that had been going on with jack and the court order. Ashley goes ballistic. At the hospital, Lily continues to take the chemo. Jack calls Sharon to see how she is doing . Jack wants to come for a visit, but Sharon refuses to see him. Sharon thanks Jack for keeping her secret about the baby. At Newman Enterprises, Nick is harassed by Sonia Wells, from the National Inquisitor, who wants a story on Sharon. Nick reprimands the reporter and threatens to call security. Noah visits Sharon, but isn’t thrilled with what he sees. Ashley calls Jack and tells him to get over there immediately. Nick and Jack meet to discuss Sharon and her being in the psych ward. Phyllis visits Sharon to warn her about the reporters. Jack arrives at Victor’s and Ashley yells for him to come upstairs immediately. Ashley reprimands Jack for what he is doing and begs him not to do this. Jack lets her know that it is in her best interest. Jack and Victor decide together to let the psychiatrist come to the house for the evaluation. Adam vows not to let them take Ashley away. Noah meets with Nick and tells him about his visit with Sharon. Phyllis questions Sharon as to why Jack hasn’t been to see her.

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