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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In their apartment, Angie looks at a pic of Frankie and Randi when Jesse comes out of the bedroom. Jesse knows that Angie is still upset with him over keeping secrets from her again. Randi plays with the baby while Frankie watches her. Frankie tells Randi that the baby has to be taken to social services. Randi is reluctant to try to find the baby’s parents. Ryan watches Skype of Erica in Africa with the children. Krystal walks in to their quarters while they are here in Africa. Krystal knows that Erica will be less than pleased. At the Chandler mansion, Annie blows off steam to Scott about Adam giving Zach a million dollars. At the Confusion bar, Adam signs the papers to let Zach borrow the money. Upstairs in her own little room, Zach reads what Kendall has written on her computer. Kendall wakes up and orders him not to read this. Zach gets up and leaves. Jack arrives to see Annie and tells her the good news about the psychiatrist’s report. At the Confusion bar, Ryan finds out from Adam that Zach had borrowed money from Adam. Angie and Jesse visit Frankie and Randi. Frankie refuses to tell Jesse about the baby. Ryan visits Zach’s home and confronts him about the money that he is borrowing from Adam and also why Zach will not visit Kendall in prison. Jack lets Annie know that he will no longer be her lawyer as he is leaving town.

Randi questions Frankie as to why he hadn’t told Jesse about the baby. Frankie tells Randi that he had decided for them to keep the baby. Scott balks at the idea of Adam paying off a judge to get Annie out of trouble. Kendall confronts Zach that he is keeping her a prisoner here in order to get his revenge for her sleeping with both Ryan and Aidan. Krystal screams for Erica when she wakes up and finds a scorpion on her stomach.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

In a hotel room, Barbara demands to know from James what is going on. Paul questions James as to why he had called Henry his brother. Emily urges someone to explain. At the hospital, Ingrid tells Alison not to get ready as she hands Alison an envelope. Riley walks in and urges Alison to fight for her job. Alison tells him that she had been suspended. Bob sits by Kim’s bed as she opens her eyes. Bob asks her how she is. Bob tells Kim that she had gotten an overdose of an anticoagulant. Angry, Paul and Emily start to leave. Henry orders everyone out of his room. James tells everyone that he is dying. Paul and Emily leave. Kim tells Bob about her discussion with Alison right before her heart attack. Casey interrupts Alison and Riley. Casey wants to reconcile, but Alison thinks that enough has been said. Riley catches up with Bob and tells him about the day when Bob was confused about his pager and how that Alison is taking the blame for Bob. Bob remembers his conversation with Alison concerning the Heparin. Jay comes to Henry’s room and demands his money. James gives Jay his fifty thousand dollars. Audrey is overjoyed and calls James her “hero.” Barbara vows to James that she will not allow James to hurt Paul again.

Barbara arrives at Paul’s to tell him what James is up to. Paul is not interested in the money and tells Barbara to let Henry have the money. Paul lets Barbara know that Emily is his business partner and they are starting a newspaper. Bob questions Alison as to what had really happened with Kim. Alison tells him the truth and then urges Bob to see a neurologist. Bob makes the appointment .Audrey visits Henry and tells him to take his father’s money. Alison tells Riley that she had been reinstated. Tom finds out about Alison’s reinstatement, but is less than thrilled. Henry comes back to visit James.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The host tells the viewers to not dare touch that dial. Owen Knight is going to reveal something shocking about his marriage to Jackie. She makes it sound like he is just going along for the ride with this hot, sexy, rich woman. He confesses Jackie was his cougar fantasy. He tells Jackie through the camera that she got punked. She goes home to suffer in silence, but shows up slightly tipsy at Whip’s door. She cries about how she could have been so wrong about Owen. Ridge checks in with James, who reminds him again to stay away from Big Bear. James tells Brooke and Taylor that it is not helpless, but they are going to take another approach, another technique, they will swat it out. He hands them the paddles. They are to try to work it out with dialogue and only use the paddles as a last resort. However, during the swatting James gets hit and lands on the couch just as Ridge arrives. James grouses that he has used these techniques in the KGB, the CIA, FBI and turned terrorists into pussycats, but he can get nowhere with these two at all. He marches out saying his work is done. Ridge scolds the women in his life and asks was this just too much to ask of them. (yes Ridge, when it is YOUR fault, not theirs, that you can’t make a decision like which one you want) Brooke agrees they should be focusing more on the children and not their personal problems. Taylor agrees. It was difficult for her to give up Jack but she did so when she saw a different side of Brooke. She needed a solution and Brooke was there for her.

Jackie pours her heart out to Whip. She saw no sign of this coming. Whip states that Owen betrayed her. This was not her fault. He will have to pay for this. Owen calls and quickly tells her that this isn’t what it seems; he can explain. She cries that she does not want to hear from him again; just leave her alone. She cries what a fool she has been. Whip to the rescue - he tells her she is too good for Owen. He caresses her face; he kisses her. She is receptive and follows his lead. Owen leaves a message. He is coming home right now. He loves her and he can explain what just happened. Ridge questions Brooke about the times that Taylor has been there for her as well when she had problems with Rick. They become civil and agree both have helped each other. They tell James they have had a realization and have a real breakthrough. James wants to see them embrace each other. Both men are pleasantly shocked. Brooke tells Taylor that it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, but she is sorry for all she has done against her. On their own this time, both women hug again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Philip and Stephanie decide to try to work things out between them once Ciara is returned home safely. Philip tells Melanie as much, and begs her not to tell Stephanie they slept together. Melanie, furious since she thought she and Philip would be together, threatens to tell Stephanie everything. Bo stops Hope from giving the kidnappers the ransom money, telling her about his vision that Ciara would be shot. Hope is furious, and vows to meet the kidnappers if they call back to give them the ransom money. When one of the kidnappers calls back, Bo takes the phone and tells them that they won’t be getting a dime. Dr. Baker promises to leave Nicole alone, but gets himself into more trouble with his gambling. Rafe meets a former nurse from Baker’s clinic to try to learn information about the doctor and Nicole. She tells Rafe that something terrible happened at the clinic. Nicole’s suspicions of Rafe are aroused when Arianna tells her that Rafe and Nicole aren’t friends, and are quite the opposite. EJ and Stefano meet with Victor to assure him they had nothing to do with Ciara’s kidnapping.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly is suspicious when she sees Olivia talking with Ronnie. Carly doesn’t buy Olivia’s story about Ronnie. Rebecca wakes up in Dante/Dominic’s bed with a hangover. Dante/Dominic says nothing happed between them. Nikolas takes Molly to Kelly’s for breakfast and assumes the worst when he sees Rebecca come downstairs with Dante/Dominic. Rebecca tells Alexis the truth in front of Nikolas. Kate tells Jax how Gisele is blackmailing her for using Trevor’s money to fund the magazine. Kate offers to resign from her position. Jax offers his help to try and rectify the situation. Kate later tells Olivia she may “lose everything.” Jax hears Kate say that Olivia had Sonny’s baby. Jax listens as Kate and Olivia discuss Dante. When Kate leaves, Jax admits to Olivia that he overheard the conversation about Dante. Lulu goes to GH because she glues her hand to her hair. She runs into Dante/Dominic who finds her situation amusing. When Dante/Dominic continues to flirt with Lulu, she claims to be dating Matt. Liz calls to tell Nikolas that the kiss was a bad idea. Johnny meets with Ronnie to grill him about Dante/Dominic. Later, Johnny meets with Dante/Dominic to discuss his arrest at the warehouse. Dante/Dominic tries to get info on Lulu but Johnny won’t give him anything. When Johnny makes a comment about Olivia, Dante/Dominic punches him. Monica talks with Lucky about Rebecca. Monica then has a talk with Rebecca. Monica calls Rebecca “family” and she seems to understand Rebecca’s predicament. Rebecca agrees to continue living at the Q mansion. Liz and Nik meet at Wyndemere. Nik apologizes for the kisses. Liz says they need to forget what happened but Nik is skeptical. Liz says she can only offer Nik friendship but they need to keep their distance. Lucky arrives and invites Nik to a family gathering at the house. Matt convinces Lulu he can get the glue out of her hair by admitting he once was in a similar situation.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva wakes the next morning to see what she has done. At the court house, Shayne is there for his annulment. He runs into Beth. They talk about marriage. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan sees James just lounging around. He wants him to go to the office with him. James suggests the park. Alan says, "Lets go." Phillip is at Cedars talking with Ed. Ed wants him to get treatment. That Phillip needs to be monitored. Phillip wants to live his life to the fullest. That he isn't going anywhere and that it is time to tell everyone he is dying. Marina calls Reva to tell her Lillian had to go into work so Colin is with her. Marina suggests Reva join her at the park. Reva says she can't. Marina then tells her that she'll drop Colin off on the way. Reva tells her, "That would be great." At the park, Mallet is enjoying spending time with Marina and their son. Josh stops by Company. Daisy serves him. Josh asks if she has seen her, "Grandma Reva". She tells him she did stop by the other day. But she wasn't around. Daisy tells Josh that he's been around Company a lot lately. At Cedars, Ed and Phillip talk about his mortality. Ed wants to run tests. Phillip now agrees, but first he wants to tell the family, then Ed can do the works. At Company, Beth joins Josh. They joke about Josh putting Beth on retainer since it seems he has been calling her a lot for Shayne and his troubles with the law. Beth says she is worried about Shayne. Josh tells her that hopefully after this mess is over that Shayne can get on with his life. Daisy drops by Reva's. Reva is glad to see her. Daisy tells her that, "I dropped by yesterday and you weren't here." Daisy then tells her what she saw when she walked in the house since the door was opened. Reva asks her to promise not to tell anyone what she saw. Daisy promises Reva she won't tell anyone what she saw concerning the pictures of Jeffrey that were all over. Daisy feels better that Reva says she is ok and leaves. At Cedars, Phillip asks Ed what he should expect in the last weeks. Ed tells him, "Shortness of breath." As Phillip leaves, he runs into Beth. They make small talk. At Alan's office, James is by Alan's side at his desk. Alan is happy to see it. At the Mallets, Shayne drops by to talk to Marina. Shayne tells her he is feeling better about things. Marina is glad to hear it. They go see the baby. Mallet walks in and see Shayne near the baby. Mallet questions it. Marina tells him it is ok. Shayne says the baby belongs her with his mommy. At Company, Phillip drops by. He and Daisy talk. At Reva's, she fills another box and is about to go down cellar with it until she changes her mind. She turns around and is startled to see Jonathan standing there. The both shriek with surprise. They then hug. She wants to know what he is doing here. He looks around to see all the pictures of Jeffrey. He remarks that he is here none too soon. Reva asks about Sarah. He tells her he couldn't bring her. That no one is to know he is even there. At the Mallet's, Mallet is asking Marina about her plans of the day. He tells her if they go to the park he'll see about getting off early. He leaves for the station. Shayne stays to talk. At Alan's office, Ed stops by to tell him that Phillip is about to tell the family about his illness. Alan tells him that the family will handle it like the Spauldings handle everything. Ed warns him to just be there when Phillip tells everyone. Phillip runs into James. Phillip wants James to join him at the firing range. James tells him he has other plans with Alan. Phillip finds Alan at the grocery store. Phillip asks Alan to change his plans with James. Alan tells him no. Phillip say, "I need to spend time with him." Alan reminds him that he should have thought about that before is went to Mexico. Beth run into and talks with Ed at Company about how Beth is doing. James spends time with Daisy to Alan's dismay, he sees this. Mallet decides to stay home and tells Marina, "They can call me if anything crazy happens." Josh runs into Shayne and tells him that he had just talked to Beth and she told him where he was. Shayne talks about his feelings. Josh suggests he find someone to talk to and not Reva. Reva spends time with her sons. She lets Jonathan hold Colin. After Reva leaves, he calls Jonathan to tell him about Reva and Colin. Jeffrey wants to know why he is calling him. Jonathan tells him he'll call later. Jeffrey tells him not to that he has to drop the phone he has. Jeffrey wants him to hurry back. Shortly after Reva returns and Jonathan spends time with her. They talk about going to NY. At the end of the day at the park, James and Alan are throwing the Frisbee. Alan tells him that he is pleased to have had him join him at the office. On a bench, Phillip sits. He is joined by Beth. Marina and Mallet enjoy beers and a chat outside. She suggest pork chops, then changes it to having Mallet throw some hamburgers on the grill and having Marina make a salad. They agree that this is the way a marriage is supposed to be. At Towers, Josh goes to get a drink and runs into Ed. Ed wonders about Reva. At Reva's they have a couple of laughs. After a bit, Reva checks on Colin. Leaving Jonathan alone and looking around the room looking at what Reva did. Shayne walks by Reva's and sees someone in the house. He runs in and starts hitting Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While David is in the Buchanan house publicizing and shooting footage of Bo, Nora, Clint and Matthew and revealing all of their secrets, Clint goes after him with a gun. Bo urges his brother not to shoot his "son" but warns David that he can have him arrested if he doesn't get out of the house. Nora also wants David out. But Matthew reveals that he "invited" David and is going to do the show with him so that David can pay for Matthew's legal fees. Brody, Natalie and Jared all know that there has been somebody following Jessica who knows that secrets that only she and Nash know. Meanwhile, Jessica goes to talk to Madam Delphina who tells her she knows of a presence out there. Rex tells Schuyler he wants him to leave town. But Schuyler tells Rex that he's going to lose Gigi all on his own without any help from anybody. Stacy goes to see if she can sleep with Fish and get pregnant so that Rex will believe it's his baby. But Fish tells her no. And he makes up with Layla. Meanwhile, Kyle tells his new friend that Fish is lying about being heterosexual yet doesn't want Kyle to move on and meet new people.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily talks to Colleen on the phone and thanks her for offering to go to the hospital with her, but tells Colleen that Cane, Neil and Devon are going with her. Neil and Devon arrive to go with Lily and Cane. Kevin visits Ryder in jail. Ryder cant’ believe that he and Kevin could be brothers. In the hotel room, Deacon and Amber sit close together on the sofa and Deacon admires Amber’s ring. Deacon tells Amber his dream that he had about her in which she was wearing nothing but the ring. Deacon gives Amber some money and tells her to buy her a wedding dress since they will be married in a few days. At the Athletic Club, Paul join J.T. at the bar. J.T. asks Paul as to what the desk clerk had said. Paul still insists that he had seen Patty. Mary Jane sneaks into a hotel room and is glad that Paul hadn’t seen her. Victoria shows Colleen a pic of herself and J.T., kissing .Colleen questions as to where Victoria had gotten this. Victoria questions Colleen if she wants J.T.. Colleen confesses that she does want J.T., but J.T. only wants Victoria. At the coffeehouse, J.T. shows Jana a pic of Mary Jane to show around in order to find Mary jane. Neil questions Cane as to why Lily had shaved her head. Deacon visits Ryder in jail and assures him that they are in this together. J.T. calls Colleen and Colleen lets him know that Victoria has pics of them kissing. Mary Jane asks a maid to give a letter to Sharon. The maid tells Mary Jane that Sharon had checked out .Paul listens to their conversation from around the corner.

Kevin insists to Jana that he has to know if Ryder is his brother. Amber visits Jana at the coffeehouse. Jana urges Amber to stall Deacon to give herself more time to get the goods on Deacon. Amber lets Jana know that the wedding is in a few days .Victoria confronts J.T. about the pic. J.T. and Victoria argue . J.T. accuses Victoria of not being the same since the accident. J.T. pays Colleen a visit to discuss what had happened between him and Victoria. Paul barges into Mary Jane’s room. Mary Jane confesses to Paul that she is his sister, but he doesn’t believe her. Mary Jane sings a song that Paul had sung to her when they were little. Paul begins to cry and sinks to the floor.

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