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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Pete tries to burp Stuart with help from Colby. Liza walks in and takes Stuart from Pete. She finds some flowers on the desk and upon finding out that they are from David, she throws the flowers in the garbage. Tad and Taylor meet up at the hospital. They discuss the whereabouts of David. Taylor asks about Jake and Amanda. At the Pine Cone Motel, Natalia takes Trevor from Randi. Randi begs Natalia not to take Trevor away. In Jesse’s office, Frankie bursts in and confronts Jesse if it is true that Randi had killed Henry North. Jesse confirms that it is true that Randi had killed Henry. Jesse also confesses that he had covered up the murder. Taylor eavesdrops on David’s call. Frankie demands to know everything about Randi and Henry. Tad follows David to visit Liza. In the hospital, Opal reads Taylor’s palm. After David leaves, Tad questions Liza as to what David had wanted. Tad confesses to Liza that Stuart is not Amanda’s baby.

Tad tells Liza everything that has been going on with Amanda’s baby and then asks for Liza’s help in finding out if David has Amanda’s baby. Natalia agrees to help Randi by finding out if anyone had turned in a missing child report to the police. David gives Opal a final examination before he releases her. Frankie arrives home to find Randi there. Frankie tells Randi that he knows everything about Henry’s death. Frankie hears the baby cry. He questions Randi about the baby. Randi tells Frankie that that is their baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jay looks for Audrey, but Audrey hides out in Henry’s and Vienna’s apartment. Dusty tells Bonnie that he doesn’t know how she had gotten him off. Dusty leaves to get Lucinda Walsh out of his business. Barbara mentions to Paul that James is here for a reason. Paul tells Barbara that he is keeping James downstairs until he dies. Emily walks in and interrupts their conversation. Audrey tells Henry all about Jay Stanhope and her owing him $50,000. Paul demands the money from Emily that he had given her. Emily refuses to give the money back to him. Vienna urges Henry to help Audrey. Dusty and Emily go into business together. Paul visits Emily and demands the money back once again. Emily refuses to give him back the money, but instead proposes that they go into business together. Audrey visits Barbara to ask her some questions about James. Barbara refuses to tell Audrey anything. Audrey and Barbara meet for lunch. Barbara offers Audrey the $50,000 she needs to pay off her debt. Audrey refuses to take the money. Henry finds out that James really is his father. Barbara tells Paul that his half-brother is Henry Coleman. Audrey comes face to face with James. Henry finally meets his father, James Steinbeck. Dusty and Bonnie make love and she starts to leave by telling him that they can only be friends.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen calls Jackie to say he misses her. She tells him she will be watching the interview. Steffy is shocked that her mom and Brooke would be at Big Bear together. Ridge says this is the only way he will ever have happiness is if his two families can co-exist. Brooke and Taylor did not sleep well and they have no appetite for the breakfast that James fixes for them. That’s a good sign, he thinks, at least they are thinking alike. While both want to run take a shower, he tells them not so fast – he had mud flown in. It’s not just any old mud, but from the Dead Sea and it has healing properties. They are to get in the tub together. Jackie tells Whip that she has spent the last few months every night with Owen so she missed him in her bed last night. She invites Nick and Bridget in to watch the interview about the Indulge line. She thinks that is every woman’s greatest sexual fantasy. Nick is worried about Owen, but Jackie says he knows how to be discreet. Taylor tells James that she doesn’t think his magic mud is working. He tells them they have not made the essential eye contact. They will do this for as long as it takes to caress each other’s soul. Taylor accuses Brooke of not being able to do that – too much guilt. Brooke glares at her. James chastises them to look deeply into each other’s eyes and into their souls and let go of the anger and animosity and only have forgiveness. Before you know it both are dredging the other in mud. Even James gets in on the action when they sling it at him.

At Jackie M’s, all gather around to watch Owen’s interview. On the hot seat, Owen admits he is not led around on a leash and his marriage is not exactly what the public sees in the photos. He says the public has every right to question the sincerity of his marriage. Looks can be deceiving. He looks right into the camera and says he will tell them all something that will surprise and shock them. Something that no one knows, not even his wife. Jackie squirms and looks very uncomfortable with Nick, Bridget and Whip around her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie and Philip make love. Afterwards, they decide to take things one step at a time and see where it leads them. Stephanie admits to Nathan that she needs to talk to Philip about what Victor told her the night before. Later, Melanie tells Nathan that his two-timing her with Stephanie was the best thing that ever happened to her. Meanwhile, Stephanie tracks Philip down to tell him about Ciara, and to talk to him about his disowning his family and quitting his job. He asks her if she wants to get back together as Melanie listens in worriedly. Lucas finds Chloe’s living will, but Nathan tells him that the document hasn’t been registered, so Lucas is still in charge of Chloe’s medical decisions. Daniel confronts Kate about what she did to Chloe. She claims that she didn’t do anything, and vows to have a seat in the front row when he is finally executed for Chloe’s murder. Hope and Bo receive information as to where to drop the ransom money. We learn that Dean planned the kidnapping to get back at Hope for being promoted to detective over him. Hope insists on going to make the exchange alone, per the kidnapper’s instructions. Bo tries to fight her on it, to no avail. After she leaves, he has a disturbing vision of the kidnappers shooting Ciara.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz halts kissing Nikolas just before Lucky arrives. The two leave Wyndemere. Alexis admits Kristina’s guilt to Sonny. Jax and Carly call upon Spinelli to find out where the email from the kids came from. Spinelli asks Jax and Carly their opinion about his marriage to Maxie. Sam and Jason manage to get out of sight before Jerry comes into the bedroom at the church. Once Jerry heads off, Sam and Jason come out of hiding. Jason gets confused and thinks he’s with Sam in the past. Sam goes along with Jason’s confusion to keep him awake. The two exchange “I love you’s.” Andrea lurks outside of Patrick and Robin’s house. The two are inside discussing the murder. Andrea asks Robin if they need to discuss anything seeing as the housekeeper informed her of Robin’s proximity to the mayor’s house. When Robin leaves the room to tend to the baby, Patrick makes up an excuse as to why Robin and the baby were near the mayor’s home. Molly finds Nik alone and talking to himself. Molly asks for Nik’s help with the Alexis and Kristina situation. Nik says he will do what he can to help out. Jax and Sonny disagree on how to handle the situation once the kid’s location is pinned down. Sonny gets upset with Spinelli when he can’t locate the kids. Spinelli later tells Diane that he did find the kids but didn’t tell the others because Sonny may put them in further danger. Liz and Lucky discuss Nik’s situation. Robin is prepared to get the goods on Andrea. Meanwhile, Andrea noses around at GH, saying she wants to make an appointment to see Robin. Mac tells Alexis it was definitely her car that came into contact with Claudia’s car, given the results from the lab.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Company, Blake and Marina are talking about Buzz, who then comes in. Marina hugs him. Marina wants to know what he is doing. He puts 2 plastic bags filled with food on the counter and says, "We're going to celebrate!" Frank is told he is the father of Natalie's baby. Josh and Olivia have sex again. Reva is home eating up a storm and celebrating and talking as if Jeffrey is listening. Olivia tells Josh that Natalia is back and pregnant. Josh now feels uneasy about Olivia's mood. He wonders if her coming on to him is her way of dealing with Natalie's news. He tells her, "One crazy woman in his life is enough. That he can't get in the middle." Frank meets up with Natalia. He tells her he wants to take care of the baby. He suggests getting married or whatever she wants is ok with him. She wants to raise the baby with him, but be there for Olivia. He tries to process what she said. She tells him she understands his feelings. She tells him to think on it and call her. At the park, Rafe, Daisy and Ashlee are talking. Rafe gets a call on his cell from Natalia. She tell him she is home. He hangs up and tells Daisy and Ashlee that Natalia is home. They think it is cool. At Company, Buzz is in a celebrating mood. Blake calls Ashlee to tell her. Reva starts freaking out. Leaves the house and takes off in her car. Marina calls Frank on his cell to tell him Buzz is home. Frank tells her he can't come right now. Marina is concerned. Reva stops her car and starts crying. Rafe goes to see Natalia and welcome her home. He tells her she looks different. She tells him he is going to have a baby brother. He is shocked. Daisy and Ashlee concerned for Reva, goes to her place to see that the door was left open and no Reva. Ashlee suggests they go looking for her. Reva winds up at Josh's asking for him. Olivia meets up with Frank. They talk about Natalia and the baby. Olivia asks if he still wants Natalia. At Reva's Ashlee asks Daisy what they should do. Daisy says she will babysit more often. Josh talks to Reva about her feelings. She lets her talk. She tells him he left a hole in her heart. That he understands her. She admits she is loosing herself. That she started talking to herself. She reminds him that today they'd be married a year. That she is crazy. Josh disagrees. He says, "That sounds like you." Reva disagrees with him. He tells her that he is completely in love with her. But that is a problem. That he gets so drawn into her that if one day she needs him, he won't be able to help her. That it scares him. That he is a mess. And that if he tries to help her how they'd both be lost. That she needs to save herself. She silently agrees and walks back to her car and drives off leaving Josh in his driveway. Frank and Natalia meet up again to talk about Rafe and what happened. She is upset. He suggests he go and talk to Rafe. She tells him no. Frank then tells her that he needs to talk to his family. Rafe goes to see Olivia telling her she is done with Natalia. Olivia interrupts him and tells him that Natalia wanted to be with her. That she was the one that said, "No". At Company, Frank and Natalia tell the family and Blake about the baby. Everyone is quiet. Buzz is the one that breaks the silence in congratulating them. Then everyone else does. Blake asks if there will be a wedding. At the park, Ashlee and Rafe meet up. Rafe asks about Reva. Ashlee asks about his mom. Neither have much to say on either subject. Olivia goes for a walk to think. Reva is home outside and she finally goes in. Josh goes to church just stands outside it and thinks. He goes to the door, then begs off and leaves and sits on the top step. Reva is inside her house. She lays on the fireplace's concrete.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Starr tells Langston that she is not returning to school because she has to take responsibility for baby Hope.  Langston convinces her that her family will help her, so Starr concedes and chooses classes.  She confides to Langston that she is worried about Cole. Sergei follows Cole to the rehab center and asks why he is consorting with the authorities.  He tells him the rehab is in competition with their drug business.  Cole suggests that he sell to freshmen at Llanview University.

Elijah cross-examines Matthew in court.  He asks about the choices he made on the night of the accident.  Matthew agrees that he made a mistake, but asserts that everyone makes mistakes, mentioning his parents.  After court, Bo tells Nora that if he is going to bring up their secret in court, he should allow them to tell Clint first because Clint doesn’t deserve to be blindsided. David Vickers takes his reality show to the Buchanan family.  When he won’t leave, Clint points a rifle at him.  As David backs away from Clint, he backs into his father, Bo.

Brody tells Jessica that he confirmed that a person drew a heart on the window.  Jessica wonders if it was one of her alters.  He thinks someone is stalking her.  Natalie and Jared tell Clint about the DVD of Nash’s death.  Clint tells them to warn Jessica.  When Natalie and Jared go to Rodi’s to find Jessica, Brody asks them if strange things have been happening around Llanfair.  They tell him about the DVD and show him the security photograph.  He doesn’t recognize the person in the photo, but asks them if it could be Nash.  Jessica is at Madame Delphina's holding a séance.  When Delphina asks Nash to show himself to her the patio doors fly open.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Billy make plans to go visit Ashley in person. Jack and Billy vow to get through to Ashley. Ashley comes downstairs for breakfast. Victor is pleased that Ashley had slept in his arms last night. Ashley remarks, “Sabrina.” Gloria thanks Michael for calling her. Gloria remembers John Abbott had been dead three years ago today. Michael tells Gloria that Ryder may be Kevin’s long lost brother. Kevin tells Daniel that Ray Elkins is Thomas Balfour’s real name. Amber arrives at Deacon’s. Deacon reminds Amber of her promise to marry him or he will make it very difficult for Daniel .Billy and Jack visit Ashley. Jack asks Ashley to come to the cemetery with them. Ashley accuses Jack of trying to manipulate her. Colleen asks Abby to come with her to the cemetery. Abby tells her that she will be going to the cemetery later with her Mother. J.T. asks Victoria her plans for the day. J.T. tells Victoria that he has a meeting with Paul to try to find his sister, Mary Jane. Paul arrives. J.T. shows Paul the note from Mary Jane. Victor is shown some pics of J.T. with Colleen. Grimes tells Jana that the drops against her and Kevin may be vacated.

Deacon tells Amber that he wants a real marriage to her. Sabrina speaks to Ashley while Jack and Billy are there. Ashley goes totally ballistic and starts to shout at Billy and Jack. Victor shows Victoria the pics of J.T. and Colleen. Ryder calls Deacon and tells him that he had been arrested just as planned. Daniel stops by Deacon’s and tries to get Amber to leave with him, but Amber refuses. Kevin visits Ryder and shows him a pic of their father. Michael visits Victor and tells him that Jack had gotten an order to admit Ashley to a psychiatric hospital. Victoria visits Colleen and confronts her about the pics of Colleen and J.T.

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