Tuesday 8/18/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/18/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica throws an armful of clothes down on the bed and then takes a big breath. Ryan visits. Joe also visits. Erica faints. Natalia arrives at Franklin’s and finds Randi gone. Jesse calls Randi to tell her to call him. Madison barges in to check to see if he had stopped the investigation into Henry’s death. In a motel room, Randi takes care of Trevor and talks to him. Zach comes in to a surprise dinner that Kendall had prepared for him. Liza interrupts their dinner. Liza sees the prepared table and thinks that Zach has company. Zach denies having company. Ryan finds out from Joe that Erica is going to Africa. Angie tells Frankie that she had also tried to reach Randi. Frankie wonders what Jesse and Randi aren’t telling them. Randi starts out with the baby when she bumps into Natalia. Angie demands answers from Jesse or the marriage is over.

Natalia urges Randi to give the baby back. Madison visits Frankie in his apartment and tells him about Randi and Henry having an affair and that Randi had killed him. Jesse cannot believe that Angie would end their marriage over this .Angie demands to know if Randi had killed Henry. Ryan and Erica enjoy sightseeing and dinner in New York City. Natalia takes the baby from Randi. Randi urges Frankie not to take the baby. Kendall sneaks downstairs to listen to Zach and Liza’s conversation. Zach notices that Kendall is watching them and he throws a glass into the wall to distract Liza so that Kendall can get away. Kendall begins to write another story. Ryan and Erica confess how much that they will miss each other, and then they kiss. Frankie barges into Jesse’s office while Angie is still there. Frankie demands to know if Randi had killed Henry.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet arrives at Carly’s home, looking for Teri. Rosanna tells Janet that she is not here, that she is with Craig at the Lakeview. Teri arrives at Craig’s hotel door. She hugs him. Craig asks her what is wrong. Teri tells him that Rosanna had accused her of coming on to Craig. Damian calls Officer Grady and tells him that he had sent him Holden’s dental records and he should have them within the hour. Lily comes in and goes upstairs immediately. Meg tells Jack about Holden’s accident. Damian goes upstairs to check on Lily, but she tells him to go away. Lily lets him know that she only wants her husband. Teri reminds Craig that he owes her lunch. Craig reluctantly agrees and tells her to order anything on the room service menu. Jack visits Lily but encounters Damian. Jack lets Damian know that Faith is with Parker. Jack goes upstairs to check on Lily. They hug. Damian visits Meg and tells her that he had Holden’s dental records sent to Kentucky. Jack comforts Lily. Jack tells Lily that Damian had Holden’s dental records sent to Kentucky to help make a positive identification of the body. Meg asks Damian to take her to Kentucky. Craig and Teri finish dinner. While Teri takes the cart out into the hall, Craig lies down on the sofa and pretends to be asleep. Teri walks up and lies down on Craig’s arm. Janet arrives at the door. Craig jumps up to answer the door. Teri pretends as though she was just going to wake him up. Janet orders Teri up off the sofa. Damian takes Meg to the crash site. Grady tells Damian that they cannot use the dental records. Janet tells Teri about Holden.

Janet warns Teri about Craig. Craig tells Rosanna that Teri had made a move on him. Rosanna tells him that he will have to handle this on his own. Craig asks Rosanna to give him advice on how to handle this. Rosanna finally tells him what to do. Craig tells Teri that from now on their relationship will be strictly professional. Teri acts as though Craig had misunderstood her intentions. Lily imagines talking to Holden. Damian walks up behind her and places his hand on her shoulder. Damian tells Lily that they had made a positive identification of the body.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With both ladies grumbling, James ushers Brooke and Taylor into the Big Bear cabin. He takes their cell phones so there will be no interruptions. Their mission is to end all the animosity they have enjoyed so many years. They get comfy on the floor while James lights some sage to get rid of negative energy. He insists they start with bringing their old wounds to the surface. Brooke never trusted Taylor and thought she married Ridge too quickly. He wants Taylor to do something nice for Brooke. It will start with a massage. Taylor can get into that with kneading on Brooke’s back. Whip stares longingly at his wall with Jackie’s Indulge photos. Jackie is in bed pouting because Owen has to leave on this trip to do an interview. They have their moment of passion before he leaves. She still doesn’t want him to go; he doesn’t need to improve. He says he loves her and will never let her down. She acknowledges that she knows; she trusts him. Jackie tells Owen that she has had a lot of men who peppered her life, with enough power and control but they never tamed her, until him.

Owen tells Clarke that he needs one more minute and he will meet him in the car. Owen goes downstairs and informs Whip that he has noticed the way he looks at his wife. He’s putting him on notice; do not go down to their apartment. If he runs out of milk, go to the store. If he gets lonely, call a dating service. Within minutes Whip goes out on the balcony and notices an unlocked door ajar. He decides to follow the trail and it ends up in a shared staircase with Jackie so he ends up in her living room. She’s in her robe sipping wine. She tells him that she really enjoys his company, but she thinks he needs to tiptoe back to his apartment as she is not going to betray her husband. Alone, Jackie admits it does feel so alone without Owen. Whip goes back to his pictures and lays them out and takes a knife and stabs the heart of Owen. James encourages Brooke to reveal a good memory while Taylor continues the massage. Brooke laughs and finally reveals she is thinking of that moment when the minister pronounced Ridge and Taylor, husband and……. horse. Taylor holds it for a moment, but then can’t resist the urge and she grabs Brooke around the neck in a stranglehold. James separates them and informs them they will become friends even if it kills him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor works on getting the ransom money for Bo and Hope as they try to figure out if the kidnappers took Ciara because of the newspaper article about Hope, or if they are connected with the DiMeras. Hope gets a call from one of the kidnappers, who threatens to kill Ciara if Hope doesn’t get the money together. Stephanie and Nathan continue to bond. Victor finds them in the park together and calls Stephanie a tramp. He then tells her about Philip quitting his job and Ciara being kidnapped. Stephanie tries to reach Philip, but he is unavailable, as he is making love to Melanie in a hotel room. Brady wants to call the police about the cocaine he found, but Arianna talks him out of it, saying that it could hurt business for Caroline. Later she calls her dealer to tell him she needs more drugs.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis wants to call in a private detective to find the kids but Carly disagrees. Carly is confidant that Jason will bring the kids home. Carly blames Alexis for the kids going on the run in the first place. Alexis goes to see Sonny to discuss Kristina and Michael. Sonny says they need to use caution so the kids stay safe. Sonny accuses Alexis of “covering for Kristina.” In Mexico, Kristina helps Michael prepare for his “date.” Kristina writes a letter to her mom, explaining what she did to Claudia. Michael finds a PDA on the beach and says they can send word home. Alexis gets an email from Kristina and Michael saying they are safe. Carly gets the same email. The kids drop clues so their parents know the email is really from them. Still at the church, Sam tries her best to tend to Jason as his fever spikes. Sam continues to tell Jason about one of her cases to keep him from falling asleep. In front of Dante/Dominic, Olivia tells Sonny she wants nothing to do with him on a personal level. After Olivia leaves, Sonny tells Dante/Dominic that she “can’t resist” him. Rebecca is angry at Lucky for telling Nikolas the truth. Elizabeth does her best to council Nikolas and says Emily was far from perfect. Liz says Nik has “created a fantasy out of Emily that no woman could ever live up to.” Liz wants Nik to “move on.” She says Nik “used” Rebecca as his “fake Emily.” Liz advises Nik to move forward rather than backward. Nik says he only recalls one time since Emily’s death when he didn’t feel like he was stuck in the past – then he kisses Liz. Rebecca runs into Dante/Dominic at Jake’s and the two drown their sorrows and flirt. The two leave the bar together and head to Kelly’s. Rebecca cries about Nikolas then she passes out on Dante/Dominic’s bed. Lucky arrives at Wyndemere. Jerry returns to the church.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is looking at her scrapbook. She calls Reva to reminisce. She tells she is going through some old stuff. She inquires about Sarah and Jonathan. Reva tells her she doesn't know anything since the last time Jonathan got in touch. Reva and she hang up. Reva is looking at photo album of her wedding to Jeffrey. At Company, Josh is questioned by Daisy about family matters. He checks his messages and finds another SOS sink call from Reva. Josh tells Daisy to cancel his order. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Jonathan are on the road 2 blocks from his house to see if Edmund will bite. Olivia and Natalia are outside talking about Natalia's baby news. Olivia tells Natalia she is hurt that she wasn't told. That Natalia just left without a word. Reva continues to look at her and Jeffrey's wedding album and talking to herself. A moment later Reva senses someone around. She goes and checks and sees it is Josh. She tells him that she got the sink fixed. That a good plumber came. He leaves. Jeffrey and Jonathan go over plans to flush out Edmund. The put doll in a baby car seat in the back of Jonathan's car. He gets in the front seat and drives off. Jeffrey in a van is behind him. At SPD, Lizzie asks Frank going about finding an investigator. He asks if he can help find one and Lizzie agrees. At the park where Natalia and Olivia are talking, Emma joins them. Emma is happy to see Natalia. Natalia kisses her. Olivia feeling uneasy tells Emma it is time to go. At Company while sharing an ice cream, Olivia and Emma talk about Natalia. At the park on the bridge, Matt sees Natalia. Matt inquires to how she is. They talk about Frank and Matt asks if he knows she is back in town. At Reva's Josh apologizes for not getting her last call. Reva tells him it is ok. Josh just wants her to now go inside and be with Colin. Jeffrey continues to watch as Jonathan sets plan in motion. Jonathan stops the car and gets out. He goes to the back passenger side, where he has the doll in the baby car seat and talks to it as if it is Sarah. The he leaves and goes to a hiding place to watch. Edmund arrives and Jeffrey calls out to not move that he's is under arrest. Then a shoot out ensues. Jonathan comes running to only fall. Natalia is at the park and calls Olivia. Back at the steak-out. Both Jonathan and Jeffrey are ok. Just scratched. Reva goes to Company and gives Daisy a compliment. Daisy agrees to watch Colin for an hour. Reva tells her that Lillian will be picking him up then. Daisy says she is fine with it. Josh, Frank and Matt are playing golf. They talk about women and men and age and online dating. Frank says he isn't looking. Josh and Matt are shocked. They question him. He says in short why find someone only to be hurt. Olivia tells Natalia she is hurt that Nat walk out and then back into her life. They talk about how confusing it is to Emma. Olivia tells Nat she should have called her. Olivia is in tears. Reva arrives home to find Lizzie in her driveway. Lizzie gives her a picture of Sarah. Reva is pleased. While breaking into a cottage, Jeffrey notices Jonathan has a whole in shirt near his ribs. Jonathan say it hurts a little. In this house they listen to a tape that Edmund has made. he knows everything that went on. On the tape he says he'll take, Collin, Sarah, Henry and any other little child of the persons that wronged him. Jeffrey gets angry. He starts to throw chairs. At which point he winces in pain. Jonathan realizes that Jeffrey is hurt. He doesn't say anything. Back at the park. Natalia says she realizes she hurt Olivia. That all she was thinking was of herself. That she thought God was angry. She tells Olivia she wants to raise the baby with her. Natalia wants to live with Olivia and Emma and raise the baby. Olivia wants to know that she isn't going to take off again. She doesn't trust her to stay. Minutes later Frank is on his cell with Natalia. Jonathan wants to go home to Springfield and wants Jeffrey to go back with him. That he's been gone to long. Jeffrey doesn't want to go. He tells Jonathan he shouldn't go either. That if he is seen that could be it. Jonathan tells him he'll be back in less than a week. Olivia goes to Josh's and plants a kiss on him. Reva is home and has made it a shrine to Jeffrey with pictures all over.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Michael reprimands Daniel for confronting Deacon about the Terroni. Lauren tells Daniel that he has to trust Michael. Daniel tells Michael and Lauren that Deacon has a pic of the real Terroni on his flash drive. Michael wonders how Daniel knows this. Amber refuses to marry Deacon and threatens to go to the police. Mac and Billy arrive at the Athletics' Club for their reservation, but runs into Chloe and Chance. When Billy and Mac loses their reservation, Chloe insists on them joining her and Chance. Deacon tells Ryder to sell his sob story to Kevin. Ryder meets with Kevin and sells his sob story about his treatment as a child. Kevin asks Ryder upright if he is working for Deacon. Ryder tells Kevin that he had asked Deacon for a job. Amber arrives at Michael and Lauren’s and finds Daniel there. Daniel is quite put back when he finds out that Amber is living with Michael and Lauren temporarily. Daniel tells Michael and Lauren that he had seen Amber with Deacon. Michael becomes upset that not a one of his clients will do as he says .Kevin asks Ryder if he had shot Balfour and Ryder owns up to it .Lily decides to shave her head with Cane’s help. Kevin urges Ryder to come clean to the police. Kevin tells Michael about Ryder confessing to Ryder’s murder and that he had promised Ryder that Michael would defend him. Amber goes back to Deacon and tells him that she will marry him if he clears Daniel and stays out of Daniel’s life. Lauren warns Daniel that Amber is about to do something that she will regret. Chance refuses to be Chloe’s rebound guy.

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