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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad sneaks into the hospital corridor. He remembers his conversation with Amanda in which Amanda had told him that David could be behind Trevor’s kidnapping. Tad asks Cici about David’s agenda for the day. Tad meets up with Joe in the corridor. In her hospital room, Marissa tells Krystal about the deal that J.R. had agreed to with David . Krystal advises Marissa that David will never change. At the Chandler mansion, Adam tells J.R. about the good news that Chandler Enterprises has shown a profit. At the hospital, Scott questions Liza about Marian. Kendall and Zach visit the boys when there is a knock on the door. It is Erica. Joe tells David about the volunteer program that is going on in Africa. Joe asks David if he would like to be one of the volunteers. David refuses. Annie eavesdrops on J.R. and Adam’s conversation about Chandler Enterprises. J.R. pulls Annie into the room so Adam would know that she was eavesdropping. Erica visits with Spike and tucks him into bed. Erica tells Spike to drink his orange juice and he blurts out that that is his mommy’s juice. Adam tells Annie to stick to a budget when it comes to their wedding. J.R. visits Marissa in her hospital room and apologizes.

Liza and Zach meet with Adam in order to borrow one million, five hundred thousand dollars from him. Adam listens to what Zach wants the money for. Adam agrees to give Zach the money, much to Annie’s disgust. At ConFusion, Krystal sits alone at a table, looking at a brochure of children in Africa. At a nearby table, Erica meets with her producer. Krystal shows Erica the brochure of the children in Africa. Erica reveals that she may be interested in doing a week long show centering on this . David catches J.R. and Marissa together in the corridor of the hospital. J.R. reveals that he may just be falling in love with Marissa. J.R. and Marissa kiss. Opal goes all to pieces when she finds out that Trevor still hasn’t been found.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the ranch, Emma and Meg sit together at the table, waiting for word about Holden. Faith walks in and tells them that she is all packed and wonders when Lily will be there. Faith notices something wrong and questions Meg as to why she is here. Meg lets her know that the cruise was postponed. Faith questions them as to what is wrong, but they refuse to tell her. Craig tells Roseanne that they are starting to work today on the kitchen at Metro. Teri becomes upset when she hears the news and wants Craig to stop the work right now. They leave immediately to stop the work .Parker sits alone outside, checking his text messages when Liberty comes up and asks him if he is ready. Parker tells her that he cannot go, but then changes his mind and agrees to go with her. Lily and Damian arrive at the ranch to tell Emma, Meg and Faith that Holden was killed. Emma refuses to believe that Holden is gone, but Lily shows Emma Holden’s watch that they had found at the crash site. At the picnic, a young man tries to get close to Liberty, but she brushes him off. In their bedroom, Lily mourns the death of Holden when Damian walks in. Damian tries to comfort Lily, but she pushes him away. Faith comes in and orders Damian away from Lily. Luke goes to the diner to tell Noah about Holden being dead.

At the photo shoot, Parker defends Liberty to Roseanne when she begins to talk about Liberty. Parker tells Roseanne that Liberty had been fired from the internship. Teri gets soaked while trying to fix the sink at Metro. Teri pulls off her blouse much to Craig’s dismay. He quickly wraps a towel around Teri, but not before Roseanne walks in. Roseanne accuses Craig of not ever changing . Noah tells Luke that this is not his fault. Luke still blames himself for Holden being dead. Roseanne warns Craig about Teri. Faith sits alone outside when Parker comes home. Faith tells Parker that Holden is dead. Once inside the house, Faith hugs Parker just as Liberty walks up. Lily lets Damian know that Faith is missing . Roseanne warns Teri about Craig. Teri goes to Craig’s room and hugs him. Liberty meets the boy in his car. She takes a big swallow of his drink and then they kiss. Damian intercepts a call from the Kentucky State Police, who wants Holden’s dental records.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Brooke and Taylor ask Ridge which one he is going home with. He informs them this will not be his decision. He brings James in and tells them that he advised family counseling. They think it is crazy and will never work. The Jackie M gang go back to their office grousing among themselves about the outcome of the fashion show. Whip suggests an interview with the home town boy in San Diego. Owen is against it and doesn’t want to leave town without Jackie. Clarke volunteers to drive him. Nick tries to cheer Bridget up after her loss. Bill and Katie dine and discuss some of their past. He states that he made his selfish choice tonight because he wanted something more…..whether that makes sense or even if he deserves it. He wonders how long her adoration will last. She says he did something fair tonight so he has nothing more to prove. He’s glad as he’d hate to keep throwing million dollar deals away to keep her looking at him.

Whip and Jackie congratulate each other about the showing. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. Taylor says she has patients, but she can reschedule. Brooke gives her okay too which pleases Ridge. Katie tells Bill that he doesn’t have to change himself. There is a lot of good deep down so he just needs to find it. Perhaps she sees something that he doesn’t. The finish line is not the only thing in life. He needs to give himself a chance. He admits that in the end he knows she will hurt him, but he wants her in his life, in his arms. He’s never said that to anyone before. He gets up and bends down and tenderly kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie worries about Melanie’s outburst and what she might do in revenge. Nathan assures her that Melanie overreacted, which isn’t their fault, and promises to talk to Melanie about it later. He convinces Stephanie to spend the evening with him. Philip quits his job at Titan on the grounds that he can no longer live with himself and do Victor’s dirty work at the same time. Victor is furious. Philip tries to call Stephanie to tell her the news, but catches her at the park with Nathan instead. Infuriated, Philip punches Nathan. Stephanie lays into him and storms off. Melanie shows up, and Philip kisses her. Both Melanie and Brady nearly catch Arianna weighing out cocaine. Brady finds a small baggie of it on the floor, and confronts Arianna with it. Daniel solicits Brady for his help in saving Chloe. Brady agrees to do all he can. Daniel fantasizes about Chloe while she lies dying in her hospital bed. Chloe assures Daniel in his fantasy that he is doing everything he can, and that his love is going to help her through this. Miraculously, Chloe begins fighting again and rallies back from the brink of death. Bo and Hope continue the hunt for Ciara, and receive a ransom note asking for five million dollars. Hope figures the kidnappers saw the article in the paper about her donation and think she’s rich. Bo and Hope later argue about how Ciara could have gotten her bear back. We learn that there are three people involved in Ciara’s kidnapping, one of whom is a police officer.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam works to free Jason then tends to his gunshot wounds. Sam tells Jason how Jerry took her and the kids. Sam says Jerry “sold” her to a drug dealer but she was able to escape. Sam continues to talk to Jason to keep him awake. Jason is freezing but running a high fever. Johnny tells Sonny how thoroughly Dante/Dominic “covered” for him and the organization with the PCPD. Sonny blasts Johnny for being unprepared. Olivia and Dante/Dominic argue. Olivia wants Dante/Dominic to leave town and he refuses to give up his investigation. Dante/Dominic worries about Olivia’s safety, given her current boyfriend. Sonny calls a meeting with Dante/Dominic about his arrest. Rebecca notices Nik’s strange behavior. Nik offers Rebecca a check for a million dollars and yells at her to get lost. Rebecca insists on telling Nik her “side” of the story, and says she’s always had to struggle financially. Rebecca admits she came to him with the intention of getting money and skipping town. Rebecca insists she had a change of heart and was planning to tell Nik the truth. Rebecca says she loves Nik but he calls her “a cheap substitute for Emily” and tells her to “get out.” The Q’s worry for Michael and discuss Alexis’ guilt. Rebecca arrives and tells the Q’s the truth about her plan. Edward says he now knows why he took such a shine to Rebecca. Nikolas has a violent outburst at Wyndemere. Liz arrives and finds Nik drinking and upset at the top of Wyndemere. Nik says he’s “finally turning into a Cassadine.” Liz holds Nik’s face in her hands. Rebecca confronts Lucky for telling her secret to Nik. Sonny makes an excuse to see Olivia so she tries to set him straight. Dante/Dominic interrupts Sonny and Olivia’s conversation.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is with Lizzie and is talking about having kids. Vanessa is at Company and Blake is talking to her. Billy runs into Fr. Ray and tells him he is remarrying Vanessa. Fr Ray is happy for them. Billy asks if Fr Ray can do the ceremony. Josh is on the phone while at Company with Olivia. As Josh is talking to Reva, Olivia is preparing Josh's egg bagel to go. Natalia comes home. Billy gathers anyone he can for his and Vanessa's surprise wedding. Josh comes to Reva car rescue. At the church, Fr. Ray is trying to write a sermon when he hears a familiar voice. It is Natalia. He is so happy to see her. Billy, Bill and Lizzie are at Towers waiting for Vanessa. Billy tells them that Vanessa is going to be surprised. Bill then realizes his mother has no idea what his father is up too. Billy leaves to check on Vanessa's whereabouts on the phone. Lizzie meanwhile tells Bill that, "No girl want so be surprised at her wedding." Natalia is outside Company and calls in. Blake answers and is surprised to hear that it is Natalia. Blake asks if she is back in town. Natalia says she is and is right outside Company and wants her to come out and talk. When Blake sees Natalia, she hugs her. Bill visits Vanessa at her office. Bill tells her that he wanted to spend some quality time with her. She reminds him he is married and should be with his wife. Bill gets uneasy when Vanessa questions him more. He mentions a wedding at Towers and leaves. Vanessa turns to the camera and says, "My wedding?" At Towers, Lizzie and Billy are alone talking. Lizzie reminds Billy she knows him better than he knows himself. Bill comes back. Bill tells Billy, that Vanessa isn't coming. That he tried everything. Josh then arrives and sees Billy unhappy. Outside Company, Natalia and Blake talk about letting know Olivia that Natalia is back. Natalia tells her when the time is right. That at least she wanted to tell Blake she was back. Emma is home from camp. Olivia is so glad to see her. Natalia goes to check on her physical therapy job. Her co-worker welcomes her back. Natalia then goes to see Olivia. She knocks on the door and gets no answer. Reva is home with Colin. She places him on the floor and tries for the sink. She turns it on and gets splashed. She gets angry and call for a plumber. She gets an answering machine. She tells it her address and continues by saying not to call her back just come. Then she calls Blake over at Company to ask for a plumber. Blake gives her a number of her plumber and Reva calls it and gets some action. She calls Josh also and tells her that she promised not to bother her again, but the sink is at it. Natalia drives around looking for Olivia. At Towers, Fr. Ray and Lizzie are talking about hope. Bill joins Vanessa at the TV station's storage room. She doesn't realize a smiling Billy coming up behind her with a pillow case. In no time the plumber has fixed her plumbing and they are having small talk about children. After he leaves, Reva goes to the fireplace and picks up Jeffrey's picture and hugs it. At Towers, Vanessa tells Billy she is not remarrying him. She is actually angry at how he tricked her. Billy tries to change her mind. Natalia finds Olivia and Emma at a park. Olivia sees Natalia and walks over to her. They begin to talk. Olivia tells Natalia that Emma just got back from camp. And that she missed Natalia. Natalia says she thought leaving for awhile was best for everyone. She tells Olivia she is pregnant...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elijah reveals to Tea that he knows of her secret and of her history with Todd. And at that point, when she is asked by the judge to deliver her opening statement, she announces she cannot and announces that Matthew is best served if he gives his own testimony. Schuyler admits to Gigi that maybe it's unrealistic for him to accept being "just friends" with her. So, what he needs to do is "back off". Yet she is clearly not ok with that. Rex tells Roxy he wants nothing more to do with him. She has lied to him throughout his life and she's crossed the line with him. Cristian asks Blair what he should do regarding the fact that he knows that Fish is lying to Layla about being gay. Todd comes by and finds the papers that Blair has had drawn up to find out Tea's big secret. Todd is in the process of filing for joint custody of his kids and being able to live with Tea.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Amber visits Deacon and tells him that it is over between her and Daniel, and that Daniel had thrown her out .Deacon refuses to talk to her right now and tells her to wait for him downstairs until his meeting is over. Victoria comes out of the bathroom and needs to apologize to Deacon. J.T. stops abruptly from kissing Colleen and tells her that he cannot do this. Daniel questions Jana as to how she knows that the pic on Deacon’s flash drive is the original Terroni. Kevin can’t believe that Ryder had killed someone. Chance and Chloe go out to dinner at the Athletic Club. Victor tells Abby that the cameras are gone. Chloe sees Amber and insists on her joining her and Chance. Chloe tells Amber that it is officially over between her and Billy. Amber tells Chloe and Chance that her and Daniel had broken up. Jana stops Daniel from confronting Deacon about the Terroni. Jana tells Daniel to talk to Victoria about Deacon Sharpe. Victoria starts to leave Deacon’s room when she gets a call from Daniel. Abby arrives at Colleen’s and sees J.T. just leaving . Abby questions Colleen as to why J.T. was really here. Victoria notices that the painting is the original Terroni. Daniel questions Victoria as to how she knew that. Daniel tells Victoria that Deacon is trying to frame him for murder. Amber and Deacon argue over her true feelings for Deacon and why she is really here when Daniel starts to bang on the hotel room door. A man downstairs alerts Chance that there is a disturbance upstairs. Amber tries to stop the argument between Daniel and Deacon when Chance arrives and arrests Daniel. Deacon asks Amber to marry him in exchange for clearing Daniel of the murder charges against him.

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