Friday 8/14/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/14/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica rushes into Ryan’s, complaining about the show when she sees Ryan exercising with his shirt off. David and Jake argue over Amanda and her not being able to have children. Taylor is impatient for Opal to come and get the baby when Tad gets a call from Amanda telling them that Opal is with Joe. Tad and Taylor hurry to check on Trevor and finds him gone. Amanda tells Jake that someone took their son. Taylor and Tad panic when they find Trevor gone. Jake and Amanda tell Opal that someone took Trevor. Jesse orders Madison to stay out of his life and his marriage Madison issues her own threats to Jesse. Jesse tells Madison that she better hope that this can be fixed concerning the new investigation into the death of Henry North. Erica makes it to the meeting with Ryan and the business partner. Amanda and Jake meet with tad and Taylor outside the church. Amanda wants to issue an Amber Alert for Trevor. David demands to know from Opal what is going on between Jake and Amanda. Amanda thinks that David has their son. Erica shows up for the meeting with Gary and Ryan. Erica plays up to Gary and asks him to dance with her. Opal urges David to let her go home. Tad and Jake search David’s home for some signs that he has kidnapped the baby. A poor homeless woman gives Taylor some clues as to who had taken the baby. Frankie join Madison for some lighthearted conversation. Angie demands to know from Jesse if he had killed Henry North.

Angie demands answers from Jesse. Tad takes the blame for Trevor being gone. David questions Amanda as to where is Tad. David is on the phone and tells the person that he will be there soon. Jake and Amanda listen to David’s conversation and is more convinced than ever that he is behind Trevor’s kidnapping. Jake and Amanda get a lead on where David has gone. It is revealed that Randi has Amanda’s baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the Hughes house, Margo stops Tom from interfering in Casey and Riley’s disagreement. Casey and Riley argue over Alison and this situation between Alison and Dr. Hughes. Bob stands vigil in Kim’s room. Alison tells Bob that he was the one responsible for giving Kim the overdose. Emma stops by Lily’s to bring her some cookies for her trip to Kentucky. Meg and Damian kiss. Lily and Luke find out that Holden had been in an automobile crash. Bob asks Alison if she is accusing him of overdosing his own wife. Damian gets a call from Luke telling him about the wreck. Bob denies Alison’s accusations and threatens to have her screened for drugs. Casey and Riley’s argument is interrupted by Tom. Alison calls Casey to tell him what is happening at the hospital. Lily and Luke arrive at the crash site in Kentucky.

Damian arrives at the crash site just in time to keep Lily from going over the cliff to look for Holden. Emma arrives at the ranch to find Meg and Emma home. Emma begins to ask Meg questions about what is going on, but Meg refuses to tell Emma anything. Tom and Margo arrive at the hospital to find out what is going on with Kim. The nurse puts the blame on Alison that she was the one with Kim. As a result of the nurse’s accusation, Tom wants to press charges against Alison. Emma refuses to believe that Holden is dead. Emma and Meg say a silent prayer for Holden’s safety. Riley tells Alison that he will tell what had happened with Bob and the pager. The officer confirms that Holden is dead. Damian consoles Lily and Luke .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie asks Bill if the judges are in his pocket. She needs to know if he fixed the fashion challenge. She’s incensed that this is just another plot for him to take over the company that her family loves. She thought he was deeper than that; more honorable. This is so sad; for someone so smart - this is so stupid. Jackie M’s showing is so hot and steamy with the cougar image that the audience is literally fanning themselves. Bill is uncomfortable as Katie glares at him. Dottie congratulates both Forrester Creations and Jackie M……and now the judge’s decision. Katie is shocked when FC is declared the winner. Eric makes a speech in which he thanks his competitor and his daughter for her brilliant designs. He calls up Katie and she too pays homage to FC. ……and she looks right at Bill when she gives thanks to a handsome prince who stepped up and did the noble and decent right thing and she thanks him from the bottom of her heart. Ridge gives Brooke a hug and says she came through for them. He can’t thank her enough. Katie is about to make a bee-line to Bill, but is waylaid by her sisters instead. They congratulate her and want to go party. She gives a backward glance to Bill. Jarrett tells Bill that he is not going soft. This time decency and romance came out on top. He gets so carried away that he hugs Bill who has to ask him to get off of him. Nick gives his group a pep talk. They fought the good fight and nobody has to apologize for anything. Bill walks up to Ridge and asks where Katie is. And other than congrats, he’d like them to know that he is going to write a glowing review.

Rick questions Bill of why he backed off. Bill replies that he can thank Katie and the royalty line; they changed his mind. Whip also questions Bill of what happened. What turned the tide; he was so sure that the judges were leaning toward Jackie M and they were going to win. Bill says a young lady has a certain way of affecting people’s lives…..better luck next time. The sisters pester Katie and want to know more about this handsome prince. Donna tells Stephanie that tonight was not just a success for FC but for Ridge and Brooke as well. Brooke tells Ridge that she wants to be with him and she knows he wants her too so she’d like him to come home with her. Taylor walks up and also wants him to come home with her. He knows he can’t live with both so after careful thought he realizes there is only one decision he can make. Over champagne, Jarrett reveals to the Forrester’s that he think the dark prince has found his heart this evening all because of fair Katie Logan. Bill slips into a dark room and finds Katie there. She sighs that she can’t believe what happened tonight. Bill says he can’t believe it either. He had Forrester in the palm of his hands and let him go. His father would be disgusted and over the fact that he didn’t do it because of a woman. He always said a woman could be the most destructive force in a man’s life…and tonight that was proven true. His plan was ruined all because of her. He kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna finds the time to complete a drug deal and have a hot date with Brady. Rafe continues to investigate Dr. Baker and Nicole, and is nearly caught breaking into the hospital’s computer by both Melanie and Sami. Sami confides in Maggie and Stephanie about her break-up with Rafe, and how she feels like she is making the biggest mistake of her life. Melanie and Nathan begin their date, but Stephanie interrupts while Melanie is in the bathroom. She overhears Nathan and Stephanie talking about how much fun they had at the concert and flips out, lambasting the two for flirting behind her back and telling Stephanie that she can have Nathan. They try to explain, but Melanie storms out. Nathan and Stephanie end up having dinner together. Philip is appalled when Victor makes it clear that he only viewed Carlo as an employee and nothing more. Melanie runs into him later and attempts to comfort Philip. Hope, Bo, and Abe continue their search for Ciara. Bo’s vision comes true when he finds Ciara’s bear in the woods. He panics. Dr. Baker is threatened and nearly shot by a man looking for Baker to repay his gambling debts, but at Baker’s urging, he gives him two more days to come up with the cash.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky fills Nik in on Rebecca and Ethan’s plan. Nik is upset and insists on learning all the details of how Ethan and Rebecca met. Lucky stresses that Ethan came up with the con and convinced Rebecca to go along with it. Nik feels like a fool for being so gullible. Morgan tries to talk Carly into letting Dante/Dominic take him to the baseball game. Jax comes home early and says he can take Morgan to the baseball game after all. Jax warns Dante/Dominic to keep his distance. Johnny grills Olivia on her “intense conversation” with Dante/Dominic. Olivia claims she merely gave Dante/Dominic some friendly advice. Rebecca tells Liz she’s fallen in love with Nik. Liz is skeptical of Rebecca’s words. Jason wakes up and manages to free himself somewhat from the rubble. He starts hallucinating about Kristina and Michael. Later, Sam appears and Jason isn’t sure if he’s still hallucinating. Sam says the kids got away from Jerry and she’s there to help Jason. Kristina and Michael get jobs at a resort in Cancun. Olivia calls a meeting with Ronnie and begs him to get Dante/Dominic assigned to another case. Later, Ronnie later has a talk with Dante/Dominic about his objectivity. Ronnie says Dante/Dominic will be “reassigned” but then changes his mind. Dante/Dominic confronts Olivia about her meddling in his “career.” The two argue. Olivia agrees to go on a “date” with Johnny. Rebecca calls Ethan and says she’s about to tell Nikolas the whole truth. Rebecca says she’s confident Nik will understand. Meanwhile Nik sits at home and has a drink. Nik asks Alfred to “hold all calls and send away all visitors” as he waits for Rebecca to arrive. Lucky fills Liz in on his visit with Nik. Lucky worries about Nik’s reaction to Rebecca’s betrayal. Liz tells Lucky about her meeting with Rebecca. Liz says she thinks Rebecca was “sincere” but Lucky says it’s too late for Nik’s forgiveness. Rebecca arrives at Wyndemere and notices Nik's acting strange.

GL Recap Written by Beth

It is Morning and Bill doesn't want to remember Max on the one year anniversary. Lizzie tells him it's ok. Cyrus and Buzz are on a mission. Marina sees Josh at Food Mart and asks about Shayne. Josh tells him not to good. She asks if he thinks Shayne would want to be around friends. Josh says, yes. Mallet and Remy talk about Shayne and Dinah and what has transpired. Mallet gets a call. Seems Shayne and some guy are squaring off at a bar. At the bar, Shayne and a guy go at each other. Remy and Christina are talking about the anniversary of Max's death. Christina suggests he go to the cemetery. Back at Bill and Lizzie's, Bill tells her she doesn't understand. She reminds him she does. She feels the loss of Sarah, though not dead, every day. Cyrus and Buzz end up at CBS Studios. The guard there says this is where As the World Turns is filmed. Cyrus tells the guard that someone asked him to come over. The guard checks and tells Cyrus no one heard of him. Back at the bar. Shayne has a towel with ice on his eye when Mallet walks in. At the cemetery, Remy has a bunch of flowers for Max's grave. Christina is with him as he talks about Max. Remy starts to cry and Christina comforts him. Bill also has a bunch of flowers. He is still talking about how he felt about Max and being a father. Bill blames himself for Max's life and death. Lizzie disagrees. She says that Bill gave him life and love. Bill smiles a little. So does Lizzie. At the Cemetery they join Remy and Christina. Back at CBS studios, a janitor is outside with Cyrus and Buzz. They are talking about where Jenna could have kept stuff. The janitor suggests a locker of some sort. Buzz and Cyrus think that the janitor could be right. AT SPD, Mallet brings in Shayne who after the handcuffs are off, slugs Mallet. Mallet recovers enough to get a hold of Shayne and starts talking to him. Shayne wants to know why Dinah did what she did. Mallet tells him he doesn't know. Shayne asks why did Dinah have his mom go to jail. Mallet has no answers. Cyrus and Buzz thinks they are close. Back at SPD, Marina comes in Mallet tells her of his encounter with Shayne. Marina tells him of a time that she thought that Shayne was going to jump. Josh is now visiting Shayne in jail. They are talking. Shayne doesn't want to continue the way he is. Josh agrees that Shayne is hurting himself and he doesn't like it. Christina and Lizzie talk a bout Bill and Remy. Lizzie tells her that maybe a year ago Bill and Remy would killed each other. But not know. That she misses her daughter. Christina is shocked to hear from Lizzie that she "has" a daughter. That over a year ago Alan, crazier than he is now tried to kill them. Christina is shocked. Bill and Remy share a moment at Max's grave. Bill tells Remy he is sorry for the way he acted toward him. That he wanted it all. That he screwed it up. That he should have let go as soon as he found out Max wasn't his. Remy doesn't know what to do or say. Remy then just leaves. Bill is alone at Max's grave and he talks to him. Bill talks about how Lizzie has been there for him. That she knows what he is going through today. At SPD Jail, Marina is now visiting and talking with Shayne. She doesn't like the way Shayne is now. That she doesn't want her "son" to see his biological father the way he is now. Cyrus and Buzz are looking around in a cellar for Jenna's things. Bill thanks Lizzie for being with him at the cemetery. And for kicking his butt. He says he is luck to have her. That he wants a baby with her. That he wants to start a family with her. She is happy and hugs him. Buzz and Cyrus find locker 471 and Jenna's things. Bill gets a call from Josh. The crew isn't going to be back until tomorrow. Then Remy and Christina show up to help. Remy asks if they need help. Bill says, "Glad to have you." Bill and Remy shake hands and make up. Both Christina and Lizzie are happy. Shayne is released but not for long. Charges are being pressed...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea tells Elijah that she won't be motivated by his threats and intends to win the case for Matthew. Meanwhile, Rex is able to find out for Blair that a man by the name of Ross Rayburn disappeared from the island the same time that Tea did. Gigi does not know what to do regarding Rex and the fact that Stacy is pregnant. But Roxy encourages Gigi never to give up on her son nor let Stacy win. Stacy talks to her friend about a way that she can "hang on" to Rex and have everybody believing she is still pregnant. Todd talks to his son Jack and asks him how he feels about his parents having joint custody of him. And Jack encourages his father to pursue his relationship with Tea.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

J.T. tells Paul that he can’t believe that Mary Jane had been here all the time. Victoria arrives. J.T. tells Victoria that they had found Mary Jane. Victoria starts to call Victor, but J.T. stops her. Victoria accuses J.T. of trying to get back at Victor. An argument erupts between the two which results in Victoria walking out. Lauren tells Eden to tell Kevin to be careful with the love beads. Amber arrives. Michael tells someone on the phone that he and his client need more time. Michael tells Amber that the D.A. isn’t going to drop the charges against Daniel. Neil orders Cane to put the suitcase down. Neil refuses to let Lily move back in with Cane. Deacon asks Ryder if he is clear on what he has to do. Ryder assures him he has planted the seeds. Jana walks in on a “Happy Anniversary” dinner planned by Kevin. Colleen join J.T. after Victoria leaves him. Amber tells Lauren that the only reason that she had slept with Deacon was to save Daniel. Amber suggests moving in at the Athletics' Club to get close to Deacon, but Michael and Lauren both advise Amber against this. Ryder interrupts Kevin and Jana’s anniversary dinner. Neil finally gives in and lets Lily move back in with Cane. Tyra visits Neil. Tyra wants to explain, but Neil doesn’t want to hear it .Daniel interrupts Kevin and Ryder. Daniel calls Jana to meet him at Jimmy’s. Tyra tells Neil that she has decided to leave town.

J.T. offers to take Colleen home since she had a flat tire. Victoria meets up with Deacon, who tells her that he has a deal for the Koons painting. Victoria orders a bottle of champagne and they head to Deacon’s room. Jana tells Daniel that she had followed Ryder from Deacon Sharpe’s room. Jana also notices that one of the pics is taken of the original Terroni. J.T. and Colleen reminisce about their past days together. Ryder confides to Kevin that he had killed a man. Amber arrives at Deacon’s door and tells him that she needs him.

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