Thursday 8/13/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/13/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie arrives home to find Randi, crying. Madison wants the dealer to deal her in, but the dealer refuses. Jesse watches Madison’s actions from afar. Angie checks over some charts when she gets a visit from a detective from D.C. David listens to their conversation. Amanda comes to the hospital to see Jake. Opal talks lovingly to Trevor. Taylor wonders if they are doing the right thing about giving Trevor back. Jesse and the manager try to calm Madison down. Madison makes her threats to Jesse. Jesse orders Madison to delete his number from her cell phone. Frankie tries to get through to Randi, but all she will say is that she lost her baby. Frankie urges Randi to see someone. Frankie urges Randi to be truthful to him. Randi denies having a secret. Taylor tells Tad that he doesn’t need to hang around now, now that Trevor is going. Tad tells Taylor that he has been waiting around a long time for her as he kisses her. Amanda tells Jake that both Opal and Kathy know about Trevor. Amanda tells Jake hers, Opal’s and Tad’s plan. Jake has his reservations. David listens to Angie’s and the detective’s conversation about Henry North. The detective tells Angie that this has turned into a murder investigation. Angie confronts David about listening to their conversation. Randi denies that there is a secret between her and Jesse, but becomes upset when she finds out that Frankie and Angie had been talking about her.

Frankie meets up with Madison at the casino and she tries to persuade Frankie into gambling with her. Jesse walks in and notices Frankie’s and Madison’s conversation. Jesse wants to know what is going on between Frankie and Madison. Frankie questions Jesse as to what is going on between him and Randi. Madison lets Jesse know that the investigation had been re-opened into the death of Henry North. Randi catches up with Angie at the hospital and lashes out at her for talking about her behind her back. Opal reads Randi’s palm and gives Randi only a good forecast for her life. Jake and Amanda stage an argument at the hospital for David’s benefit in order to throw David off what they are doing. Tad and Taylor leave little Trevor at the church. They hide to wait for Opal to pick Trevor pick. Opal gets sidetracked by Joe at the hospital. Joe insists on giving Opal an examination. Amanda calls Tad and tells him that Opal is at the hospital and for Tad not to leave Trevor. Taylor and Tad hear footsteps. The camera shows Trevor gone from in front of the church.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Faith stands in front of the kitchen window as Damian and Meg arrive back with Eliza. Damian and Meg kiss. Damian, Meg and Eliza walk into the house. Before Meg can say anything at all to Faith, Faith goes upstairs. Lily looks at a pic of her and Holden when the phone rings and it is Holden. Casey calls Margo and Tom to let them know that Kim had had a heart attack. In the square, Bob cannot understand how his pager works. They both head for the hospital. Alison lets Casey know that she had been with Kim when she had had the heart attack. Bob and Riley arrive at the hospital and find out about Kim. Bob immediately goes into Kim’s room. Bob assures Kim that she is going to be just fine. Casey blasts Alison for telling Kim about Bob giving Riley a wrong dosage of medicine. Riley takes up for Alison. Meg and Damian make plans to go on the cruise and take Eliza with them. An escaped hijacks Holden and makes Holden take him where he wants to go. Lily questions Faith as to what is bothering her. Faith doesn’t want to talk, at first, but then Faith questions Lily as to her feelings for Damian. Tom walks out and finds Margo hugging Riley. Tom and Margo both ask Riley to leave. Kim wakes up, temporarily, with Bob, Tom and Margo by her side. Riley catches up with Alison in front of Al’s diner. Alison tells Riley that Bob had ordered off of Kim’s case. Riley confides to Alison as to what had happened with Bob and the pager. Alison comes to the conclusion that she has to tell Bob the truth about her being with Kim.

Damian visits Lily and tells her that he, Meg and Eliza are going on the cruise. Lily tells Damian that she loves Holden and is commited to him. The prisoner wakes up and catches Holden before he can make a call. Tom and Margo reconcile. Alison tells Bob about her being with Kim when Kim had the heart attack. Kim goes into shock. The truck carrying Holden and the prisoner goes over a cliff, rolls over and bursts into flames upon impact at the bottom. Bob finds out that he was the last one, who had been with Kim.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dottie greets everyone backstage and thanks them for putting on this fashion challenge. Jarrett tells Bill that there is still time to stop this. Jackie M might win on their own and Bill wouldn’t have to sabotage his relationship with Katie. Eric gives his crew the speech that he wants to see all that confidence and pride in the royal designs. Dottie gets the show started by introducing the judges – Serge, Rich Ginger and Melissa Rivers…..let the challenge begin. Brooke introduces the ROYALTY line. Stephanie assures Jackie that Forrester designs are wonderful, but Jackie M’s are better. The Logan girls are resplendent in white gowns, red capes. From the runway, Katie smiles right at Bill. Eric tells Donna that he is so proud of her. Brooke tells Ridge they pulled it off, but then with him she never had any doubt. Jackie takes the mike and congratulates FC. But what she needs is a little more kick. She wants to INDULGE her wildest fantasy, so come if you dare. Katie is very upset when Jarrett tells her that FC had a good showing, but it is all for naught. Bill fixed the results. Katie confronts Bill and asks if this is true. She knew he could be relentless, but he’s not a cheat. If he cares about her, tell her that Jarrett made a mistake. She deserves an answer.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe overhears Nicole talking to Dr. Baker and grows suspicious. He confides in Arianna that he still loves Sami, and wants to protect her, and he fears that Baker and Nicole have some nefarious connection involving Sami. He vows to find out what is going on. Nicole goes straight to Stefano to ask him for the money Baker is demanding. Stefano agrees to pony up the cash, but tells Nicole that this will be the last time. She later grows angry when she fears EJ is out comforting Sami over Rafe leaving. Actually, EJ is at the cemetery, confiding in Lexie that he still has feelings for Sami and can’t seem to get her off of his mind. When Nicole confronts him later, he admits that he still thinks of Sami, but that Nicole is the love of his life. Bo and Hope leave Ciara at the carnival with Tracy, her friend, and Ellen, Tracy’s mother. Hope worries about her, and tries to call Ellen, but she doesn’t answer her phone. Bo, who is also worried, has Abe keep an eye on Ciara at the carnival. Despite their precautions, Ciara is approached by the strange man, who tries to work himself into Ciara’s good graces. He finally tells her that her mother is in the hospital, and gets her to leave with him while the adults hover over Tracy, who has hurt her wrist. Ciara drops her bear as the man hustles her off. Meanwhile, Bo has the same disturbing vision of looking for Ciara and finding her bear in the woods near the park.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky confides the news about Rebecca in Liz. Liz believes Ethan’s story and she worries about Nik. Lucky wonders if they should even tell Nik the truth since he seems “happy” with Rebecca. Liz thinks Ethan could have told Lucky the truth because he’s “jealous” of Rebecca’s relationship with Nik. Nikolas asks Rebecca to accompany him and his son to Greece. He later introduces Rebecca to Spencer. Kiefer corners Morgan to get info on Kristina. Dante/Dominic steps in and gets Kiefer to back off Morgan. Olivia disagrees with Carly’s decision to work at the hotel for the day. The two discuss motherhood. Morgan comes home with Dante/Dominic and tells Carly about the save. Carly tells Olivia about the “hostage” situation with Dante/Dominic in the woods. Carly tells Olivia she thinks Dante/Dominic is a “decent” guy. Johnny goes to visit Anthony. Johnny accuses Anthony of giving orders (to go against Sonny) from prison. Robin does some investigating outside the mayor’s house. She befriends the mayor’s housekeeper who says the mayor and his wife were in the midst of domestic problems because of the affair. Spinelli warns Johnny not to try and “steal” Maxie from him. Johnny asks Spinelli’s help to “take down” Anthony by getting him “transferred out of state.” Olivia later confronts Dante/Dominic about holding Carly and her kids at gunpoint. Johnny sees Olivia and Dante/Dominic together in the Laundromat. Later, Johnny confronts Olivia on what he saw. Lucky tells Nik the truth about Rebecca. Nik assumes his whole relationship with Rebecca is “a lie.” Morgan invites Dante/Dominic to go to a baseball game with him. Rebecca asks Liz if they can be “friends.” Liz asks Rebecca what her intentions are with Nik. Rebecca says she thinks she’s “in love with” Nik.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan meets with Ed. Ed asks if he knows Phillip is dying. Ed asks him, "To help him keep Phillip alive and comfortable as possible." Alan angrily tells him, "You've come to the wrong place." Daisy continues to see James. Ashley and Blake have a meeting . Cyrus and Buzz take a bus trip. Buzz is taking a nap when Cyrus wakes him. They chat about how long it will take him to their destination. Cyrus tells him to go back to sleep and he'll wake him when they get there. Mallet rents a trailer and surprises Marina with it by saying, "I took too weeks off for a well deserved vacation." Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Alan tell Ed, "If you are done, Ed. I am a busy man." Ed is surprised with Alan's statement. Alan continues to tell him that Phillip kept his condition a secret for weeks. He is getting what he deserves. Blake calls Cyrus to ask about the ride. Cyrus asks about the book. Blake, "Incredible". At Company, Frank and Marina are talking about Cyrus and Buzz spending time together. Back at the Mallet's, Mallet explains that the camper has all they need. And asks her to come inside and, "take a look". Buzz dreams of Jenna. Alan goes to Phillip's "grave". He talks to it about how he thought their life would be different. How Phillip ruined it. He says, "That is why I am pushing you out of my heart. That I love you more than anyone else." James catches him at the grave and asks, "Grampa what are you doing here?" Alan is shocked to see that he got caught being there. Jenna sits near and talks to Cyrus, who is a little shocked. At Food Court, Mallet and Marina are there doing grocery shopping for the trip, that Marina is still a little wary about. After Mallet leaves her to go to the checkout, Christina stops to talk to Marina. Marina still has a chip on her shoulder about Mallet accusing her of murder and tells her so. At Bill and Lizzie's, Shayne and Remy are together. Shayne is angry that everyone is bad talking Dinah. Remy, who is not gets the brunt of Shayne's anger. Shayne tell him he doesn't want to talk about Dinah, that he just want to hang out. Shayne leaves. Remy looks confused at just happened. Remy tells Shayne he doesn't want a fight. Shayne apologizes to Remy for blowing up at him. Remy tells him about setting up a toss game this weekend and if Shayne wants to join him. Shayne tell him that he'll let him know later. at Company, Mallet joins Frank. Mallet wants to know the finer point on cooking and. Mallet wants to know where Buzz is. Frank tells him that he is with his "Buddy", Cyrus. At that point Mallet takes off. Ed runs into Blake. Blake asks about Phillip being back. Ed tells her that she'll have to ask him herself. Ed asks about Holly. Back at the cemetery and Phillip's grave. James wants Alan to help him be more like him. Alan tells him that is what he wants. James tell him all he wants is to be a "good man". Alan tell him he already is a "good man, a great man." They leave the cemetery together. Buzz and Cyrus get a room. While surveying the room. They see a scratched message on a window sill about luck. Cyrus sees it as an omen and lets Buzz in on it. Buzz agrees and they take off. At Company, Remy and Christina talk about the Mallets. Christina thinks Mallet is treating Marina badly. Remy tries to explain that Mallet is a cop. AT Food Court, Alan is on the phone making plans for James. Blake is there and overhears part of the conversation. After the phone call ends, Blake tells Alan she can't believe what she heard. That he is turning James into another Alan. She leaves in disgust. Alan then runs into Shayne. And gives Shayne an earful about being married to Dinah. James tell Daisy about his meeting with his grandfather. Daisy is not happy. James thinks it isn't a "big deal". Daisy disagrees. Daisy is with Ashley. Ashley asks about her and James and this evening. Daisy says that James is spending the evening with Alan. Ashley thinks she is joking. Daisy says she isn't. At Company, Frank compliments Blake on her cooking. Blake thinks he is crazy. Remy and Mallet talk. Remy calls Mallet on how he is treating Marina.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex goes to work to attempt to dig up dirt on Tea for Blair. Meanwhile, Elijah Clark is doing the same thing. Knowing nothing about it, Todd considers retaining Elijah as his lawyer to overturn the court order that he must live with Blair. Rachel and Shawn double-date with Greg and his lady friend. Rachel and Greg argue about who is looking out for Matthew's best interests and who just wants to be right and pump up their own ego. And the others conclude that Rachel and Greg might like each other more than they are willing to admit. Fish is ready to tell Layla the truth. But his parents call, he asks her to talk to them, one thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together. Cristian is worried about how it will hurt Layla to live a lie but doesn't know what to do. David Vickers goes to see Viki and has an idea for a reality show. He finds her family fsscinating with both hers' and Jessica's D.I.D. as well as the scandal involving Charlie and Jared. But she tells him absolutely no to having her family's privacy compromised.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon comes to visit Nick and Phyllis. Summer sits on the sofa making words with the letter “S”. Phyllis takes Summer upstairs to let Nick and Sharon talk. Sharon tells Nick that she is checking herself into a psychiatric hospital for 30 days. Adam insists to Rafe that he is not gay. Devon sits by himself when Tyra comes downstairs. Devon tells Tyra that he had been waiting for her to come downstairs. Tyra lets Devon know that she would rather not talk about what had happened. Roxanne stops by and brings Devon his things that he had left at her place and also returned his key. Devon tries to explain to her as to what had happened last night, but Roxanne refuses to listen. Lily looks at the photo album that had been her Mother’s. Neil join her. Cane tells Mac that he doesn’t want to cause any trouble between her and Billy. Mac tells Cane that there is some woman staying in the storeroom. Victor thanks J.T. for finding the cameras and mics. J.T. shows Victor that obviously had been written by Mary Jane. Mac takes Mary Jane some clothes, a blow dryer and some cosmetics. Tyra moves out of Devon’s apartment. Devon insists on telling Neil about what had happened, but Tyra tries to talk him out of it .Devon leaves the apartment. Noah arrives at Nick’s. Sharon tells Noah that she is going to a psychiatric hospital for 30 days. Victor has one of his men follow J.T. Devon tells Neil that he had cheated on Roxy with Tyra. Rafe finds out from Victor that Estella must have had an accomplice in Mary Jane. In meeting with Estella, Rafe begins to believe that Adam is behind all these things that had been happening. At the bar, J.T. mentions Mary Jane. Mac tells J.T. that Mary Jane is the woman, who has been staying in the storeroom. Mac checks and finds all her money and receipts are gone. Lily calls Cane to stop by. Lily also calls Devon and Neil. Upon arriving home, Neil, Devon and Cane find out that Lily has decided to move back home with Cane. Phyllis is relieved that Sharon will be out of their lives for 30 days.

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