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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie watches Scott skinny dipping. Annie refuses to give Scott back his pants. Scott and Annie kiss. Marissa lets J.R. know how controlling her father is. David kisses Liza. Liza slaps David’s face. Kendall and Zach spend quality time with the boys. Liza insists to David that she doesn’t feel anything. Marissa tells J.R. that David doesn’t run her life. J.R. remembers the conversation that he had had with David .J.R. leaves abruptly without giving Marissa an answer. Annie looks up and sees the video camera and knows that Adam had seen her kiss Scott. Kendall tells Zach that she is in love with him, but Zach cannot forgive her for sleeping with Ryan and how she had betrayed him. Annie blackmails both J.R. and Scott with the videotape of them kissing her. David tells Marissa that he had made J.R. an offer that if he stayed away from Little A, then J.R. must stay away from Marissa. J.R. tells Scott about his offer with David to stay away from Marissa. Kendall sneaks out of her hiding place when she hears a noise in the boys room and is caught by a gloved hand.

The intruder, who grabs Kendall’s arm is none other than Jesse. The woman in the casino reveals to Zach that there is $100,000 missing from the casino’s funds. Zach tells her not to be concerned about it and that there will be more funds coming out of the casino. Liza walks in and wonders what they are talking about. Liza urges Zach to tell her the truth, but he walks out without saying another word. Kendall questions Jesse as to why he is doing this for her. Scott urges J.R. to be there for Marissa no matter what David might say. J.R. visits Marissa in the hospital, but she forces him out. J.R. stands outside of her door and listens to Marissa cry. Kendall remembers better times with Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Bob and Alison talk about the incident with Riley, as Alison admits that she doesn’t believe it was her fault. Bob is upset to hear Alison’s recount and tells her that her handling of this situation and not admitting to what she did (even though she did nothing wrong) leads him to tell her that her job is in jeopardy. Casey and Adam disagree on his place in their family since noone is aware of who he is. Janet is nervous on her first day on set of Oakdale Now. Jack asks Terri to cater a lunch for Janet in honor of her first day. Terri is thrilled and Craig is able to convince Jack to have it at Metro. Brad is in charge of getting Janet to the surprise lunch. A rattled Bob tells Kim about his conversation with Alison and how disappointed in her he is. Alison confides in Riley about what happened with Bob and he urges her to tell someone if she is that concerned that Bob could hurt someone regardless of Casey or anyone else. Janet is thrilled with her surprise lunch until she overhears Terri and Kim talking about how she was going to host with Brad before Janet. Janet doesn’t react well and lashes out at everyone. She informs everyone she is quitting until Craig steps up and tells Janet that he ordered Terri not to take the job; that way, Janet doesn’t think she took Terri’s sloppy seconds. Jack seems appreciative and Terri thinks that Craig is wonderful for how he is so quietly caring about Carly and her family when everyone else thinks he is not. Casey sees Riley talking closely with Alison and reacts poorly demanding he stay away from her or else. Alison speaks with Kim about Bob; Kim is furious thinking she is passing the buck. In the middle of their argument, Kim collapses. Alison performs CPR and rushes her to the hospital where she sees Casey and tells him that Kim has had a heart attack.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie pops into Spencer Publications to give Bill his invitation to the fashion challenge. He’s lighting candles at a cozy little table set up for dinner. She hands him the invitation and is about to scoot out since he is busy. He tells her that she is right on time; he was expecting her. He pours the wine and hands it to Katie and says he took the chance that she hadn’t eaten. She replies that they have to win this challenge; nothing is more important to her right now. On the jet, Jarrett looks at Melissa Rivers, Rich Ginger and Serge and wants to be sure they have plenty of caviar and champagne. Rich says it is very generous of Bill. Could there be a little bribe in the offering or is this just a coincidence? Bridget is all nervous and tells Nick that she will be glad when this is over….going head to head against her father and Ridge is not to her liking. Nick assures her they have beat them before and they will again. She only wants to take Bill Spencer down a peg or two. Brooke too is on pins and needles. She declares to Donna that they have to win tomorrow or the royal campaign will be out the door before it even starts. Donna says that surely Bill has nothing to do with this, otherwise they are doomed. Ridge walks in and inquires what they are talking about. Donna says Katie is over with Bill right now appealing to his better angels….that is if he has any. Brooke assures him that the judges can not be biased. They will take one look at Ridge’s designs and think they are terrific. Ridge says it sounds like they can’t lose.

Rich asks Jarrett to level with them. Just why are they all here, and what does he want of them? Looking very uncomfortable, Jarrett replies that they know how advantageous it is to have someone like Bill Spencer on their side. Bill would be very grateful if Jackie M won the challenge at the charity event tomorrow. Katie tells Bill that she trusts him. She knows he will be fair. He says that doesn’t mean that he will support FC. It’s not up to him who wins, but up to the judges. She says good, but just let things happen and not influence it. His secretary brings in papers and reminds him that she needs to go now for her daughter’s soccer game. Katie chastises him later for knowing so little about his employees. He knows more about her in a short amount of time than he does the lady who brings him donuts and coffee. He hates donuts he says. He states that he pays his employees well; he fires them if they don’t do a good job. And he’s better off with them just being a number on a page, with salaries and responsibilities. He doesn’t know about their personal lives nor does he want to. She thinks he is missing so much, and no wonder he is so lonely. He’s mystified that she would think he was lonely. He admits friends are overrated; they try to take advantage. She tells him that he has never let anyone close enough to him to even find out. She accuses him of thinking that nice guys finish last and associates emotion with weakness. She tells him that she may not know him very well, but she knows he will never be totally happy motivated by money. He has a lot more going on in that heart of his, she can tell. And she admits that she would never trade what she has with her family, the love, the loyalty, the trust for all the money in the world. The judges tell Jarrett that is nervy of the old guy bribing them by buying their vote. But when they hear the limits that Bill was prepared to go, Rich says, “here’s to Jackie M. Anchors aweigh.” Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t think this showing is going to be as straight forward as she thinks. Whip is a showman. Show him the stage and he will whip out the whole circus. She tells him when she and her sisters come out tomorrow in their royal gowns, they are going to bring the house down. She’s not worried about Bill Spencer. It is out of his hands and nothing he can do to stop them. They hug. Bill tells Katie that she will never be top dog at Forrester as long as Donna and Brooke are there. She has to carve out her own spot. She asks if his father taught him that – profits before people. He admits he didn’t know his father that well, but he was a heck of a businessman. She tells him that the end of his story has not been told yet and it’s not too late to change it. He thinks it might be. Nick is amorous and wants to declare themselves the winner right now and start celebrating. Katie tells Bill that is great. He doesn’t think people can change and here she thought she was making progress with him. Seriously he says no matter what happens at the challenge, he still wants FC. She tells him that he must think this is funny, but it is no joke. So the people that she cares about don’t matter; she doesn’t matter to him. She thought she could reason with him to do a little unbiased reporting. She wants to go. He asks her to stay. She says if he cared about her at all then he would not want to get FC’s at any cost. He says he does care about her. She moves closer to touch him…..saved by the bell as his phone rings. It’s Jarrett who tells Bill that mission accomplished, Jackie M will be a lock. When he hears that Katie is there, he reminds Bill that this is the one woman who has ever cared for him. She’s worked so hard for this showing and it could make her career. Bill could squash all of that. He knows he has feelings for her. Is this what he wants?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate fantasizes about kissing Daniel. When she learns Justin is in town to defend him, she panics, worrying that Justin will suspect her. Victor tells her that that is her problem. Abe makes a citizen’s arrest when he finds Daniel trying to convince Lexie to give Chloe a small dosage of the drug that poisoned her, in the hopes that it may help her recover. Daniel is nearly put back in jail, but Justin shows up and proves that Daniel didn’t violate his bail. Daniel confides in Justin that Kate did this, and that they must prove it so that he will be able to save Chloe’s life. Rafe tells Sami that he can’t tell her the truth about what happened to Emily, and that he must move out. Sami tries to stop him, to no avail. EJ later learns from Will that Rafe moved out. Dr. Baker calls Nicole looking for more money. She tells him to leave her alone. Rafe overhears her conversation. Bo and Hope suspect that Victor knows Kate poisoned Chloe. They drop Ciara off with a friend’s mother at the park. The man that offered Ciara candy before shows up.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jerry gets out of the building rubble unscathed but Jason is trapped. When asked if he has any “last requests,” Jason asks Jerry if Claudia set up Michael’s shooting. Jerry says Ian shot Michael by mistake and he (Jerry) was nowhere near the warehouse at the time. Jerry doesn’t point the finger at Claudia. After shooting Jason twice, Jerry takes off, leaving Jason trapped under the rubble of the church. Michael and Kristina make their separate escapes from Jerry’s apartment and meet up later. Lucky is upset when Dante/Dominic is released from the PCPD. Johnny tells Olivia about Dante/Dominic’s arrest. Olivia leaves Johnny at her place claiming to go to the store but she instead goes to the PCPD to check on her son. Olivia follows Dante/Dominic to the Laundromat and tells him to cut his losses and leave town. Ronnie says he’s worried that Olivia may compromise Dante/Dominic’s investigation. Johnny later tells Olivia how he now “trusts” Dante/Dominic. Nik and Rebecca go to the Haunted Star. Tracy asks Ethan to spill all he knows about Rebecca. He merely says Rebecca has her eye on Nikolas. Later, Ethan tells Lucky the truth about his plan with Rebecca. Spinelli says he plans on asking Jason to stand up for him and suggested Maxie ask Lulu. Maxie agrees. Back at Wyndemere, Nik leaves Rebecca’s phone out of her reach so Edward can’t interrupt them.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy and James continue their camping trip. Vanessa gets comforted by Billy when she finds out Dinah is gone. She is confuse with what Dinah did to the station. Though she admits she made wonderful changes. Shayne asks Bill if he knows where Dinah went to. Bill doesn't know what to say to him. Billy comes by as Shayne leaves. Reva calls Josh to help her with a household problem concerning the sink. Josh tells her of a temporary fix until he can get there. Olivia tells him to go ahead and go and fix Reva's problem, that she understands. Josh goes over and fixes Reva's sink problem and asks kidding if there is anything else like a light bulb change. After Josh leaves, Reva picks up Jeffrey's picture and starts talking to it. Telling it that she can't depend on Josh for everything. Josh later joins Bill and Shayne at Bill's. Shayne leaves and Josh and Bill talk about Dinah. At food court, Olivia runs into Rafe and asks if he has heard from Natalia. That they can't go on not talking to each other or hurting each other. Rafe disagrees. At the camp site of James and Daisy's. They start getting close and kiss. At his car they have a nice goodbye. Rafe and Marina are at the courthouse on the balcony, talking not knowing that Doris is listening in below the balcony. They are talking bout his mom, her dad and their relationships with them. At Company, Billy is there when Daisy returns from the camping trip with James. He questions it. She realizes she can't fool him. Josh goes to see Vanessa asking if she knows where Dinah is. He wants to help Shayne with annulment papers. The discussion turns to Dinah manipulating everyone. That Shaye is upset. Then suddenly Shayne appears. He stops Josh from saying anything further. He says, "If Dinah came back today, I'd take her back. Josh tries to explain his statement to Vanessa. Shayne again disrupts Josh. Josh gives up and leaves. After Josh leaves, Shayne and Vanessa talk. Shayne wanted to know why she didn't tell him. Vanessa tries to explain what Dinah did. That no one could have helped her. Shayne tells Vanessa he still loves Dinah. At the office, Doris sees Olivia with a carton of ice cream. Olivia explains why. Doris sits down, grabs the carton and says, "We've got to talk. Out on the road, Reva is stopped by Bill. They talk. Reva forgets that Colin is in the car. She doesn't remember that until she starts for the house. Then she runs to her car, and grabs Colin from the back seat and hugs him. At Company, Daisy is talking to Rafe about a party. Marina walks in and starts kidding with Marina about inviting James to the party. At an office, Doris and Olivia are still talking and Doris is filling her face with ice cream as Olivia talks about love and Josh. Doris tells Olivia she has Emma. Doris also admits that they are not the most loving two on the planet. Olivia get up from a chair goes over to Doris and kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Rafe and James talks about Daisy. Vanessa continues to explain to Shayne Dinah's latest actions. Shayne gives Vanessa Dinah's rings. Vanessa doesn't want them. She tells him that he should have them and when the time is right to give them back. He says he can't and leaves. Outside Bill's and Lizzie's, Billy tells Bill and Josh that he wants to remarry Vanessa. Both men are happy. Josh exclaim, "This might be the thing to put this family back together. Reva goes home scared at what she did to Colin. Doris calls Ashley to invite her to dinner or desert. Daisy looks at messages on her phone. One from James catches her eye. He is outside Company looking at her. She sees him and smiles. Billy goes to see Vanessa and asks her to remarry him. Though he hasn't worked out the plan yet. She laughs and he leaves happy. She is also happy. Bill an Shayne are at Bill and Lizzie's talking building. Josh goes to check on Olivia, knocks on her door. She then appears outside joking that she isn't there. They both say they had a nice night. She asks if she can call if she needs a friend. Josh says, "Of course." After Josh leaves she goes in and calls Emma to come home. Reva is looking at Jeffrey's desk and pictures she put out all over the house. She talks as if he is there.....

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki and Dorian discuss Dorianís recent alcohol-related behavior.  Viki tells Dorian she is getting worried about her.  Dorian swears she will never let a man drive her to drink again.  She tells Viki about David Vickers reality TV show.  She says she turned down his offer to costar.  She gloats that without her, there is no show because David couldnít carry the show alone.  At the Buenos Dias, David and his producer discuss Dorianís refusal to participate and the cameraman quitting.  Langston hears them talking and offers Markko as a replacement cameraman.  David realizes that Markko lives in Vikiís house and convinces the producer to use Viki instead of Dorian for the show.  The producer agrees to hire Markko. 

 Cole runs into Starr and Hope in the park while he is cleaning up trash for his community service.  Sergei, Asher and Coleís drug boss watches them.  He bumps into Starr and makes a remark about accidents happening when you arenít paying attention.  When Cole confronts him about it later, admits he is testing him.  Brody comes up to score some drugs from Cole, but Cole refuses.  He explains to Sergei that he turned him down because he suspects he might be reselling it. Sergei decides he trusts Cole, and calls the big boss to recommend Cole for bigger jobs.  

 The Llanview Hospital board reinstates Marty, in spite of Mayor Lowellís objections.  Jessica confides in Marty about seeing Nash.  Marty tells her that she might want to tell Nash something now that her relationship with Brody is progressing.  Someone delivers a DVD to Natalie and Jared with pictures of Nash during and after his deadly fall.  Jessica comes face to face with her stalker and asks what he wants from her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick comes downstairs and Phyllis tells him that there is coffee if he wants some. Phyllis asks if there is an update on Sharon. Nick tells Phyllis that he is done rescuing Sharon. Sharon orders a hearty breakfast, but Jack only orders coffee. Sharon is grateful that jack is standing by her. Heather vows that Sharon will not get away with this theft this time. Paul shows J.T. a pic of Patty and tells him Fr. Todd thinks Patty is in Genoa City. Abby tells Ashley that Xander and Zoe had said that this is the best cover of “Restless Style” ever. Abby also tells Ashley and Victor that Asher thinks that Abby looked “super cute.” Victor receives a call from Mary Jane. Mary Jane demands $1 million from Victor. Victor wants to know where Mary Jane is, but Mary Jane refuses to tell him. Paul notices a riff between Rafe and Heather and wants to know what is going on. Abby notices that Ashley is still upset over Zapato. Abby notices a spy cam when she goes to straighten a pic on the wall. Mary Jane tells Victor that Jack is back in her life. J. T. catches Mary Jane and asks who she is and what she is doing here .Abby wonders who would want to bug the house. Rafe join Sharon and Jack.

Rafe tells Jack and Sharon about the deal on the table. The deal involves that if Sharon will commit herself to a psych ward for 30 days for a psychiatric evaluation that the charges against her will be dropped. Sharon tells Rafe that she will have to think about it. Jack tries to talk Sharon into admitting herself to a psych hospital for her sake, as well as, the babies. Jack looks at the ring and remembers that it is the same ring that Nick had purchased for Phyllis for the renewing of their wedding vows. Nick tells Phyllis the ring Sharon took was the same exact ring that he had purchased for Phyllis for the renewing of their wedding vows. Phyllis begins to panic and wonders when this with Sharon will all be over. Sharon calls Nick and tells him that she needs to talk to him. J. T. finds more cameras and mics in Ashley's bedroom. J.T. also finds cameras and mics in Adams bedroom. Rafe goes to see Adam. Paul lets Heather know that Patty is back in town.

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