Tuesday 8/11/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Scott kisses Marissa in her hospital bed. David walks by and sees him. Emma asks Annie can she stop lying to Ryan. Annie tells Emma to forget what she saw that night. Adam confronts Emma about what she promised. Adam asks Annie, who she is talking to. Erica sends a note to Kendall by the guard. Erica fires Liza. Zach welcomes Kendall home. The guard takes the note to Kendall. Zach tells Kendall that she will never leave him nor the boys. Marissa is surprised by the kiss. Ryan questions Emma if Mommy had given her the phone. Jesse visits Ryan, but Emma gets up off the sofa and runs upstairs. Adam warns Annie about talking to Emma. Zach explains to Kendall how someone else is serving her time in prison. Jesse finds out from Ryan that Annie is engaged to Adam. Jesse confronts Adam about the phone that Annie had given to Emma. Jesse also tells Adam that Ryan will press the issue that he will send Annie back to prison unless the calls stop. At the Confusion bar, David thanks Scott for visiting Marissa. Liza lets Zach know that she had been at the prison and Kendall had refused to see her or Erica. Erica visits Ryan at home and lets him know that Kendall had refused to see her.

At ConFusion, Scott wants pointers from David on how to be bad. At the Chandler mansion, Annie is thrilled that she is going to pass her evaluation. Ryan refuses to get involved in this situation with Kendall. Ryan lets Erica know that Annie is engaged to Adam. Zach finally gives in and agrees to help Liza in getting Kendall an appeal. David visits Liza at her hotel room and gives her a big kiss. Scott comes home to the Chandler mansion and upon entering the parlor, he pulls off his shirt. As he goes out the patio door, he pulls off his pants and throws them back into the parlor. Annie is shocked to see Scott swimming nude. Kendall vows that she will never leave her boys again.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the Hughes home, Tom and Riley discuss one of Tom’s cases. Audrey lets Henry know that James Steinbeck is his biological father. Henry can’t bear the idea of James being his father. Margo visits Katie to discuss the possibility that James is Henry’s father. Margo advises Katie to be careful when it comes to James Steinbeck. Outside of the psychiatric hospital, Barbara and Emily have a tug-of-war over the door and whether or not Barbara will interfere in what Paul is doing . Paul meets up with his biological father, whom he thought was dead. James wants to talk to Paul, but Paul walks out on James. Outside, Paul tells Emily to take Barbara home. Going back inside Paul takes James and leaves the psychiatric hospital. Paul takes James to the wine cellar of the mansion. Henry cannot stand the idea of James being his father and walks off from Audrey. Tom asks Riley to leave his home. Henry visits Katie to let her know what is going on between him and Audrey.

Riley visits Margo at the police station and says good-bye. Back at the mansion, Margo is surprised to see James alive. Audrey convinces Vienna to help her get through to Henry in going to see James. Through Vienna coaxing, Henry agrees to see James. Paul puts Emily out of his home. Emily refuses to give Paul back his money. Margo confronts Tom about Riley leaving the Hughes home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie introduces Nick and Bridget to old friend, Dorothy Bright. It’s all over the internet about the fashion show challenge and Stephanie has no idea who leaked this……or who even okayed it. Brooke thinks Stephanie purposely did it to blindside them. Both Bill and Whip are satisfied that they set this in motion. Bill tells Whip that he has both of them right where he wants them. Whip says it will be a slam dunk for Jackie M., their dream come true. Eric calls Stephanie and wants an explanation. He invites them over to discuss it. Dottie tells them the buzz is already fantastic so they should go with it. Against his and Ridge’s better judgment, Eric gives in and agrees to the challenge. Eric tells Bridget that he doesn’t want her to hold back on the new designs because he is her old man. She assures him that she’s not that afraid. Bill calls Jarrett to his office and calls in a favor. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t want anything to come between them that will distract from this competition. Katie sees Bill per his request. She gloats that she is going to promote this challenge royally and they are going to win. Bill doesn’t seem to be pleased and she wonders why.

Stephanie is not surprised that Whip might have been the one who pushed this. It all falls on his head and he says he won’t disappoint. Brooke teases Ridge in the office about her being his Queen. She ends it up with a kiss and says they will live happily ever after…..now back to work. He calls her a fruitcake, but seems to be enjoying it. Katie tells Bill that she hopes that he won’t hurt her for old times sake….just treat both companies fairly. He says he has never felt like this before. Jarrett senses an undercurrent between him and Katie and asks if Bill can really play not nice to Katie and Forrester. Bill assures him that yes he can still bring Forrester down; this is business.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Maggie tells Kate that Chloe’s brain activity has increased, which worries Kate, but Lexie tells them that she fears Chloe is going to die soon, and that the brain activity is meaningless. Victor bails Daniel out of jail. Daniel begs Victor to help him prove Kate framed him, but Victor says he can’t do it. Daniel assumes that it is because Kate is Philip’s mother, and accepts that Victor can’t help him prove Kate is guilty. Meanwhile, the district attorney orders Bo and Hope off of Daniel’s case. Later, the D.A. confides in Kate about Daniel making bail and he vows that he will prove Daniel guilty of Chloe’s poisoning. Victor begs Bo and Hope to help Daniel, but they tell him their hands are tied, thanks to the D.A. Justin shows up at the mansion, as Victor has called him in to help with Daniel’s case. Lexie forbids Daniel access to Chloe’s room. He claims that he knows how to help Chloe, and begs Lexie to help him save her life. Arianna divulges that she had a hand in whatever happened to Emily. Rafe tells her that they can never talk about that. Sami confides in Lucas about Rafe. He tells her not to trust him, and to really think about if she wants her kids living with a potential murderer. Later, Sami begs Rafe to just tell her that what happened was an accident, and she’ll believe him--no questions asked. Lucas tells off Maggie for lying to him about Chloe’s affair. He tells he that he never wants to see her again. Later, he learns of Daniel getting out on bail and becomes furious. Kate tells him that if Chloe dies, Daniel could very well be executed.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky arrests Dante/Dominic. Michael and Kristina are told they aren’t allowed to leave the apartment, per Jerry’s orders. Michael says they’re being kept “prisoner.” Michael says they need to find a way out of Jerry’s apartment. Jason goes head to head with Jerry. Jerry taunts Jason about Michael and Kristina. Then, Jerry taunts Jason about Sam. Jason sneaks up on Jerry and demands to know where Sam is. Jerry manages to break free from Jason. Robin and Patrick pressure Maxie to set a wedding date. Later, they wonder if Maxie really wants to get married. Maxie tells Spinelli she’s worried about Kate’s reaction to the proposed marriage. Kate visits Olivia and accuses her of being “all about Sonny.” Kate says it’s time for Olivia to fess up about Dante. Kate says Olivia is “still in love with” Sonny. Later, Kate tells Maxie she wants to make the wedding “a Crimson Event.” Kate barks all her wedding plans to Lulu. Maxie protests and says she’s already picked a wedding date. Johnny calls Diane and asks him to take care of Dante/Dominic’s legal problem. Unfortunately, Dante/Dominic is less than cooperative. Dante/Dominic gives the ADA some info as to his true identity. Dante/Dominic tells Mac he plans to take Sonny’s organization “down.” Later, Johnny tells Olivia that Dante/Dominic got arrested. Robin plans to investigate the accident scene. Michael diverts Jerry’s guard and tells Kristina to “run.” Jerry attacks Jason and during their fight, part of the church comes crashing down on top of them.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie has fun talking with Frank. Lillian catches Phillip at the library reading. He tells her he is reading up on the illness. That Ed and his fellow doctors can't do more for him. She then tells him she'll leave him to his reading. Daisy is walking and finds James. She wants to know what he's doing. He tells her he is thinking about going camping and asks if she'd like to come along. She reminds him he doesn't like camping, yet he presses the issue. She just smiles. They talk more about it. Daisy tells James she'll have to tell her family she is going. James wants to know why she'd tell a family of cops. Olivia finds Rick at Food Court admiring a hot dog he just got. She flirts with him. At Company Cyrus and Buzz are on a computer when Lillian comes up behind them and put her arms around each man. Phillip is talking to Christina about his illness. She is helping him with the research. She is trying to be positive. He thanks her for the talk and leaves her. Phillip goes to see a woman about alternative treatments. She tells him there is some in Mexico but for now here is something. She hands him a vial of sorts. At Company, Buzz tells Frank he is mortgaging the restaurant. Frank reminds him that it is now "Family Owned". That they all now have a say in it. At Cedars, Frank goes to see Lillian to ask if she'd talk to Buzz about Company. She agrees. Frank leaves and Lillian calls Buzz telling him to come over to Cedars that they need to talk. Matt and Rick at the bar talking about Beth. Josh drops by the Beacon and finds Olivia outside her room sitting on the floor. He asks why. She just says she is thinking. He kids about going in and turning on the TV or listening to the radio. She asks him to join her. She gets up and unlocks her door. James and Daisy are by a fire toasting marshmallows and talking. Phillip goes to his grave and tells the above he's going to Mexico and find a cure no matter what it takes. At Cedars, Lillian gets Buzz coffee and tells him that Frank thinks he is out of his mind. At Food Court, Cyrus is getting snacks and Lizzie catches him. She wants to know what he is up too. She warns him not to do anything to Buzz or his family to get them into trouble. Phillip goes to see Rick at Company. He wants it secret, so he goes to a window and knocks on it. Rick goes out on the deck. Phillip tells him he is going to Mexico. That he talked with someone. Just as he leaves, Lillian stops him. She wants to know what he is up too. She doesn't like the look on his face and she is worried. He tells her he is going to Mexico. That he'll be back. Inside Company, Rick is talking to Frank about Buzz. Matt is there and is joining in on the conversation about leaving Buzz alone. Then the subject turns to online dating. Rick is has a laptop and decides to create a profile. At the Beacon, Olivia and Josh kiss. Lillian asks Phillip to hear her about talking hallucinating drugs. That it isn't a good idea.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Tea has convinced the judge to hear Matthew's case, Bo and Nora talk to their lawyer, Elijah Clark about how that could happen. He admits he doesn't have a clue but knows that Matthew shared a "secret" he had about them with Tea and they were going to use it against them. He, however, reveals that he has a "secret" on Tea. And Tea reveals she is worried. Blair right then remembers that Tea almost revealed a deep dark secret to her when they both thought they'd die in the basement of the frat house. And she goes to get Rex to find out what it is for her. When Matthew talks to Greg, at first Greg reveals that even if they win the case, he is "not comfortable" doing the surgery without his parents' consent. But as soon as he finds out that Matthew and Destiny know a secret about Bo and Nora, he seems to change his mind and tells Matthew he will testify in his behalf if subpoenaed. David Vickers appears out of nowhere and reveals to Dorian that he has an idea for a new reality television show about her home life. Yet, she tells him no way. Markko reveals to Langston that in order for him to afford what he needs he has to work overtime which means he has no time for her. But when she sees that David is back in town, she reveals that she has "an idea".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe confronts Billy about what Mac had said about her and Billy being together. Billy confirms that he and Mac are together. Nina tells Chance that she is glad that he could come join her for a celebration to celebrate his new job. Chance lets Nina know that nothing is going on between him and Chloe, but he wishes that there were. Gloria lets Jeff know that Mary Jane is on the patio, and she is fixing her a sandwich. Mac gives Philip two club sodas on the house. Philip asks Cane his plans for the future. Neil advises Lily not to call Cane. Devon asks Roxanne how long her study group will last just as Tyra arrives. Tyra is quite put back by Devon having game night there without consulting her. Gloria brings Mary Jane her sandwich and offers her anything else that she wants. Gloria asks Mary Jane if she and Jeff can join her. Gloria asks Mary Jane to stay with them, but Mary Jane wonders why they are being so nice to her. Mary Jane quickly disappears from the patio. Jeff and Gloria go searching for her. Devon and Tyra argue over Neil’s feelings for Tyra. Devon remarks that he feels that Karen should have raised Ana because she had put Ana first. Mary Jane asks Mac to hide since someone is looking for her Chloe offers Billy full custody of Delia, but Billy refuses. Cane arrives to see Lily. Cane lets lily know that he is not ever going back to Australia. Chloe tells Chance that she is getting a divorce from Billy. Chance asks Chloe out on a date and Chloe accepts. Billy comes to the bar to tell Mac the news, but she brushes him off by telling him that she is busy. Cane arrives for his shift of work. Billy becomes angry at this news and leaves the bar.

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