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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan is shown in to see Annie in the living room of the Chandler mansion. Annie shows Ryan her engagement ring and tells him that she is getting married. Marissa wakes up and finds J.R. sitting by her bedside. David and Krystal find out from Scott that J.R. is with Marissa. David refuses to let J.R. close to Marissa. Annie tells Ryan that she will get custody of Emma back. Scott orders Ryan away from Annie. J.R. finds Adam at the hospital, waiting to talk to Joe. J.R. gives Adam an update on Marissa. Joe join Adam and J.R. Adam confesses to Joe that she has a small problem. Liza visits Zach just as Erica is leaving. Annie thanks Scott for sticking up for her against Ryan. Joe examines Adam and finds him perfectly fine. Joe consults David about Adam’s case. Adam, thinking that he is talking to Joe, tells David that he is getting married again and he needs some kind of help in order to keep up with a younger woman. Adam refuses to take a prescription from David. Liza tells Zach her ideas for an appeal for Kendall. Ryan tries to calm Erica down concerning Zach not wanting to go see Kendall in prison. Liza accuses Zach of using the boys to keep from facing reality. David advises Marissa to take it real easy after she is dismissed. David tells Marissa how he had froze up in the operating room during the surgery. David orders Marissa to stay away from J.R. Ryan goes to see Zach and tells him that he wants his son.

Zach refuses to go see Kendall in prison. At the prison Erica waits to see Kendall when Liza arrives. Erica questions the guard as to why Kendall is in solitary. Kendall refuses to Erica. David warns Marissa not to see J.R. again or she will end up like Babe. Adam walks in on Annie and Scott hugging. David tells J.R. that he will not go after Little A again if he will leave Marissa alone. Ryan apologizes to Emma for not believing her. Emma calls Annie and asks her if she can be truthful to Ryan now that Kendall is gone. Zach goes in to see Kendall and welcomes her home as they hug.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie finally agrees to team up and do some recognizance work to help Henry find out what his mother is up to. Barbara is demanding that Emily tell her where Paul is, but she won’t budge. It isn’t necessary when a noise causes Barbara to figure out where Paul is hiding. They find him three sheets to the wind babbling about wine and his ‘dear ole dad.’ Barbara wants to take him to the hospital, but Emily is adamant that he not go. Paul decides to go with Barbara, but winks at Emily that he has a plan. At the hospital, Paul and Emily trick Barbara and knock her unconscious with a wine bottle. Paul decides he needs to straighten this out once and for all and go talk to the doctors. Emily pleads with him to reconsider, but Paul is adamant. Meg and Holden disagree about Lily getting involved with her and Damian’s relationship. Meg is sure Lily still has feelings for Damian, but Holden is still in the dark about that claiming Lily only wants what is best for her…. like everyone else. Meg is somewhat insecure as well as to if Holden thinks Damian has a hold on Lily and vice versa. Meanwhile, Lily and Damian are kissing passionately; their amorous act is secretly seen by Faith. Lily pulls back and claims that she didn’t want the kiss and it was all Damian. Damian says she isn’t telling the truth and she still loves him. Lily can’t hide her jealousy of Meg and how they are sleeping together, as Damian calls her on her obvious ongoing relationship with Holden so how can she say anything. Damian asks her to leave Holden and be with him, but a guilt ridden and nervous Lily tells him Holden is her soul mate and she won’t leave her family. An angry Damian orders her out of his life then. Luke and Holden head back home to pack for their trip, where Lily is trying to regain her composure. She is desperate to forget what happened so she offers to make Holden and Luke’s trip a family vacation. Everyone is thrilled, but Faith, who lashes out and heads outside, leaving everyone scratching their heads. Katie tries to hit up Audrey for information on Jay Stanhope, but she is not interested in talking about that. Her mood visibly changes when she gets a note from the person saying he knows she is looking for him and says where she can find him; she leaves quickly leaving Katie wondering. Upstairs, Henry finds his brush and a coffee cup in a bag for a DNA test. He later talks with Katie thinking his mother must have had an affair with Jay and killed him so he couldn’t find out she cheated on his dad. Katie thinks it is too out there, but she agrees something is going on. Henry tails his mother. Meg has trouble reaching Damian and shows up at his room nervous and worried that he has changed his mind about them and that his heart is with Lily. Damian lies about how he feels for Lily and claims Meg is the only one in his heart and life. Meg is unsure at first still noticeably insecure, but Damian charms her and soon they are falling into bed, as he tries to forget Lily. Paul is confused when he finds noone in the hospital and most of the doors locked; he tells Emily he needs to look farther. Barbara wakes up, but Emily locks her in the car to give Paul time. Henry confronts Audrey at the same hospital where Paul and Emily are. He thinks she killed Jay, but she admits that Jay isn’t dead; he is an alias of another man, who is actually Henry’s real father. She wonders if he wants to know who his father really is. Meg feels more secure now, as she lies in Damian's arms not knowing his thoughts are of Lily. Lily tries to find out why Faith is so mad, but she only hints at the fact that Lily is not who she says she is. Later, Luke tries to get Faith to be happy about the vacation, but Faith tells him that she hates her mother and that she isn’t the doting mother and wife everyone thinks. Holden has to leave for his meeting before they can get to the bottom of what is eating at Faith, but Luke thinks he should stay and offer support to his mom with Faith, without alluding to what Faith said about Lily. Faith doesn’t want Holden to go, but he has to, promising to see them all in the next couple of days. Paul finally finds an unlocked door and walks up behind a man sitting with his back to him in a wheelchair. Paul utters the word – dad, as he approaches the man.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

An old friend, Dorothy, drops in on Stephanie and admits that she has a favor to ask of Jackie M and Forrester Creations. She suggests a fashion show challenge sponsored by the Human Outreach Council for charity. At Jackie M’s, Jackie is behind a locked door with a cougar and pleading with the others to get her out. Nick rails at Whip for allowing something like this to happen. The trainer says the cougar was probably attracted to Jackie’s scent. Nick quips that everyone wants to mate with her – boy-toys and beasts. Owen says he was afraid he was going to lose her. Dorothy pumps up the idea with Stephanie and Whip, but Stephanie isn’t too keen on the idea. Bill and Katie have a conversation about Brooke and she says some people are just meant for each other and that is the way she thinks of Ridge and Brooke. He loves the royalty pictures of the Logan girls she shows him. She’d like to buy some ad space in his magazines. They need this for their success. She wants to know if he can work with her. Whip drops in on Bill. Smugly, Bill says to himself, “let the games begin.” Whip shows him the FC/Jackie M challenge. Bill realizes this could make or break FC. Whip says as of right now it is not happening. He could use Bill’s help.

Bill tells Whip not to suck up. Tell him exactly what he wants. Whip explains that Stephanie does not want a public face off, but he thinks this could push FC right to the brink. He believes Bill would like that too. Bill mulls it over and indeed would not mind this happening. He smirks - it could sound the death knell for FC. Owen laments to Jackie that he knows they started off as fun and games, but there is no one like her and he doesn’t want to spend a day without her. He’s the luckiest man alive.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie and Abe visit the DiMera mansion with Theo, and have some problems when Theo loses his toy dog and nearly has a meltdown. Nicole comforts Sami about Rafe and the letter she received from Meredith. Nicole advises Sami to give Rafe the benefit of the doubt. When Rafe tells Arianna he is leaving town, she heads over to confront Sami, who shows her the letter. Arianna turns white and rushes off, refusing to answer any of Sami’s questions. Arianna later tries to get Rafe not to leave town, but Rafe says she knows why he has to. Sami decides to call Rafe and give him a chance to explain himself. Nicole admits to Stefano that she was with Sami all day, and that she doesn’t approve of Stefano’s tactics to get Rafe to leave town. Stefano, angry at Nicole’s sudden nobility now that he has to clean up her mess, lays into her for being ungrateful. Nicole says she just doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, but Stefano reminds her she did a terrible thing by taking Sami’s baby. So either Nicole will lose her child and the man she loves, or Sami will--but Nicole must decide. EJ interrupts the two arguing and grows suspicious, despite Nicole’s excuses. Chad tells Will about him being transferred to his and Mia’s school. Mia later apologizes to Will, telling him that she didn’t want to worry him about Chad after what happened to his step mom, and that is why she didn’t tell him before. She assures Will that Chad is in her past, and that she doesn’t care about him at all. Kinsey and Chad discuss their plan to break Will and Mia up. Kinsey doesn’t think Mia is interested in Chad, but he can’t understand why. He thinks something is going on with Mia and vows to find out what it is.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli annoys Mac by asking for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Mac gets upset when he learns Spinelli already proposed to Maxie. When Spinelli again proposes in front of her family, Maxie agrees to marry him. Robin, Patrick, and Lulu all offer their opinion. Liz and Nikolas discuss the past. Jerry threatens to kill Sam. Jerry taunts Sam then forces her to make a call to Jason to lure him to their location. Michael has a memory of hearing Jerry’s voice while he was in the coma. Michael wonders if they can trust Jerry, given his past. The kids decide to ditch Jerry and head out on their own but Jerry’s guard won’t let them leave the apartment. Kiefer scares Molly with his outburst but he quickly tries to make excuses for his behavior. Later Molly wonders about her future if Alexis goes to jail. Alexis tries her best to reassure Molly. Claudia tells Dante/Dominic he doesn’t have a future in the Corinthos organization. Dante/Dominic is offended when Claudia calls Olivia a “slut.” Sonny asks Claudia to “stop insulting Olivia.” Sonny and Claudia agree to try and get along. Johnny and Dante/Dominic confiscate a drug shipment for Sonny. Johnny says they need to destroy the shipment but Dante/Dominic wonders if they can make some money off of it. The two hear sirens and Lucky bursts in and arrests Dante/Dominic while Johnny ducks out of sight. Jerry locks Sam in a bedroom and a man later comes in and says she “better be worth what he paid for her.” Jason arrives and tries to find Sam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip arouses James to get up. Olivia wonders if she should get up. Frank is driving Blake crazy when they share a project of packing picnic boxes. Buzz and Cyrus end up in bed together. Mel wakes her brother up looking for Cyrus. And Phillip wakes Lizzie and Bill up by banging on wood. Bill hollers down to Phillip, "Good Morning. Then joins Phillip outside, while Beth is awakened by a phone call from Lizzie complaining about Phillip waking them up. Olivia goes to Company in a fowl mood. Mel talks to Remy about Cyrus and his rap sheet. She wants some solid info on him. Remy is not sure he can get what she needs. Phillip is outside on his cell talking to James. He tell him to get a move on that everyone is at Lizzie's working on the foundation of the house. Phillip is acting like the boss on the job. Phillip asks about Matt. At Company, Buzz and Cyrus are huddled at a table. Olivia is curious as to what they are doing. Mel wants Remy to arrest Cyrus and Buzz at Company. He doesn't want to do it. Christina talks him into it. Remy scares the two when he comes in and tells them they are under arrest. Phillip talks to Matt about looking in on Beth. James finally arrives at Lizzie's. James feels they don't need him. Phillip disagrees. Beth realizes what Phillip is doing with her and Matt and tells him to lay off. James gets an ear full from Phillip when he wants to go home. Phillip yell at James about being a member of the family, that is working on a family project. James feels there is nothing for him to do and announces it to everyone there before he takes off. Blake and Christina find some information that Blake says she will talk to Buzz about. When she does he blows up about it and takes the stack of papers from her. Mel visits a jailed Cyrus. Mel tells him that his sentence could be commuted or finished entirely if he spill the beans. Olivia tries to make amends with Frank, but he won't listen to her. Beth tries to talk to Phillip about time, not realizing he doesn't have time. He doesn't tell her all of why there is no time. Bill comes in to Lizzie's and his bedroom looking like a tool guy. She finds it romantic and they embrace. Beth and Matt sit and talk.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea is ready to bring up Bo and Nora's "secret". But their lawyer is able to intimidate her when he reveals that he knows a "secret" about her. Meanwhile, Blair recalls that Tea was ready to reveal some deep dark secret to her when they thought they were going to die in the frat house. Yet, she never heard what it is. SO she goes to find Rex to get him to find out for her what it is. Rex tells Gigi he is not "ok" with her seeing Schuyler. But she assures him that Schuyler is her friend. She needs to have somebody in her life besides him and Rex needs to trust her. Greg is trying to convince Shawn that Rachel may not be the right woman for him. Tea manages to win Matthew's case and the judge rules in their favor. But she admits that she is horrified by somebody finding out a secret about her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Paul invites Nina to join him for drinks. Jack asks Billy what makes him think that Ashley is losing it. Billy tells Jack that he had asked Ashley to leave and she had refused. Billy suggests to Jack that Ashley be committed. Adam makes Ashley think that she had hit Sabrina. Ashley suggests telling Victor, but Adam cautions her not to tell anyone. Victor interrupts and asks if everything is alright. Ashley tells Victor that she had had another bad dream. Nina accuses Chance of having a crush on Chloe, but Chance denies it. Chloe confronts Mac about Mac and Billy being together. Jeff and Gloria plot to show Ashley the pic of Victor and Mary Jane. Victor tells Ashley that Nikki had called off the wedding Chance walks in and join Mac and Chloe. Chloe asks Chance to join them. Paul and Nina meet for drinks. Nina promises to be there for Paul no matter what hour of the day or night. Victor, Abby, Eden, Noah and Ashley have a memorial service for Zapato. Mary Jane confesses her sins to Fr. Todd. Victor finds Nikki’s necklace outside of the Newman mansion. Billy and Jack arrive to take Ashley out of the house, but mass confusion erupts with Ashley refusing to leave. Mary Jane reveals a part of her past which results in Fr. Todd asking, “Patty is that you?” Mac tells Billy that she had told Chloe about Mac and Billy being together. Fr. Todd calls Paul and tells him that he thinks that their sister, Patty is in town. Gloria catches Mary Jane and offers her something to eat. Gloria reveals to Mary Jane that she knows who she is. Adam finds proof that Ashley had hit Sabrina.

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