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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the courtroom, Kendall is sentenced to life in prison. Mass confusion erupts outside the courtroom with Adam being questioned by the press. Liza issues a statement to the press. Marion and Liza exchange looks as Marion pulls a gun out of her handbag and aims it toward Kendall. Liza sees what is happening and shields Kendall from the bullet. The bullet hits Marissa in her upper chest and just misses her heart. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. kisses Annie, but she pulls away from him and asks him what does he think that he is doing. Annie insists to J.R. that she is in love with Adam. Tad sits in his living room, watching television when Taylor sneaks in with Trevor. Amanda, arrives, panicky, thinking that her baby is gone. Taylor comes out of hiding and assures Amanda that the baby is fine. Krystal hears a noise and yells downstairs to Tad and asks him what is going on. Taylor and Amanda quickly hide the baby to keep Krystal from finding out that Trevor is alive. Krystal, Tad, Amanda and Taylor hear about the shooting at the courthouse and the victim is Marissa. Krystal goes to the hospital to check on Marissa. Taylor starts to leave with the baby when Kathy comes in and sees the baby. At the hospital, David begins to operate on Marissa with Jake assisting. Opal comes in and sees the baby, also. Opal pretends to Kathy that the baby is Taylor’s niece from Texas. Opal confronts Amanda that this is her baby and that Tad had helped in keeping it a secret from David .Annie tries to make friends with Colby, but Colby refuses to make friends with Annie .Adam walks in and Annie is relieved to see him. Colby tells Adam that she doesn’t want him to send her an invitation to the wedding.

David lets Krystal, J.R. and Scott know that he had frozen up in the O.R. Krystal tries her best to comfort David . Jake comes out of the O.R. and tells the family that Marissa’s surgery is over and they can see Marissa. Marion is taken from the police station to the psych ward of the hospital. David vows to Krystal that he will never again let anyone hurt Marissa. Zach fires Rachel and vows that he will care for the children himself. Kendall is taken to prison.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Luke comes into the diner and lets Noah know that he is going with Damian on a cruise instead of going with Holden to Kentucky. Noah advises Luke against going with Damian. At the Holden home, Lily tells Holden how much that she will miss him when he leaves. They kiss. In the new Grimaldi offices, Meg and Damian kiss as they are getting ready for their cruise. Damian surprises Meg with a beautiful silk scarf to wear on the cruise. Excitedly, Meg leaves to go pack for her trip. Emma interrupts Lily and Holden, kissing. Lily asks Emma to keep Ethan for a couple of hours, but Emma refuses. Noah advises Luke not to go with Damian on the cruise, but Luke tells him that he has made his decision. Emily and Paul kiss on the sofa in the living room while enjoying Danish. Emily makes her departure by telling Pau that she has to get to work. Two men in white coats come in to take Paul to a mental hospital. Barbara also comes in and tells Paul not to fight them. Emily comes home and finds Paul gone. Barbara comes in to pack Paul some clothes. Barbara lets Emily know that she doesn’t want Emily conning Paul out of the rest of his money and that is why she has Paul taken somewhere where Emily will never find him. Meg asks Emma to care for Eliza while she is away with Damian. Emma refuses. Emily finds Paul at the hospital and thinks of a way to get Paul out of the hospital without being seen. Luke comes home and tells Lily and Holden that he is going with Damian on a cruise. Holden agrees. Meg tells Damian that Emma refuses to keep Eliza and that Meg is behind Emma’s sudden change of attitude.

Holden walks in on Emma and Meg arguing and wants to know what is going on. Damian lets Luke know that the cruise is off. Noah encourages Luke to go on the trip with Holden. Damian confronts Lily about being jealous of his relationship with Meg. Lily denies the accusation. Damian grabs Lily and kisses her. Lily responds to the kiss. Emily finds a hiding place for Paul within his house. Paul finds a log of James Steinbeck. Barbara confronts Emily as to where Paul is, but Emily refuses to tell her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Brooke, Donna and Katie that calling themselves Forrester royalty is a travesty. She knows Brooke is only using this as an excuse to get closer to Ridge. The Logan girls are trying to re-write history here and the public doesn’t like that. If they continue to use this ad campaign, they will be the laughing stock of the country and Stephanie will be hurt and offended. Brooke tells her that Stephanie is stuck in the past and wants to continue to be the victim. But they are going to do something about that and in the process they will drag her and Jackie M into the ground. Owen tells Jackie that Whip bothers him. He feels like all this cougar publicity is at his expense and Whip doesn’t respect his accomplishments. Whip has one more peace de resistance as he brings in a real cougar for more photo shoots. Ridge watches the photo shoot on his monitor and thinks back on his wedding to Brooke. Taylor drops in and lets Ridge know that she has heard Brooke is back and Brooke will be keeping an eye on him. She hopes he is okay with that. He agrees that FC is in deep trouble and they can use Brooke’s input. Taylor assures him that she won’t tell him no to Brooke working there with him. It needs to be his decision who he wants to be with. Unlike Brooke, she only wants to be with him if he wants to be with her.

Ridge ends the little squabble between his mother and the Logan girls. He reminds them they have plenty of work to do. She tells him she is angry and feels betrayed. Just standing here and watching FC fall apart right in front of her is more than she can handle. Brooke is alone with Ridge and she shamefully flirts with him…..oh his crazy Logan girl. Stephanie walks upon Donna by the elevator and after a few quips with her and Marcus, Stephanie enters the elevator, steps on the tail of Donna’s royalty gown and pushes the button. Donna’s dress is caught and is torn from her body as people walk by and snicker. During the photo shoot, Whip pops a bottle of champagne which spooks the cougar and makes it dash around the room. They are unable to cage it and the door slams in the melee and Jackie is left alone with an attacking cougar.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel learns that his bail has been denied, since the judge viewed him as a flight risk. Bo tells Daniel that he is on his side. Victor comes by to tell Daniel that he also believes he is innocent. Daniel begs Victor for legal help. Lucas tells Chloe that he can never forgive her, and that their relationship is over. Later, Chloe moans Daniel’s name. Sami reads the letter from Meredith and confronts Rafe. They get in a fight, and Rafe storms out. Nicole tries to convince EJ to show Sami some compassion, but he refuses. Chad tries to convince Mia to give him another chance. After listening to Rafe’s advice, Will decides to forget all about Mia’s confession and concentrate on their future together. The two kiss. Kate gets good news over the phone. Lexie and Abe learn that Theo has been accepted into a mainstream school.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jerry fights off Kristina and Michael’s attackers. Jerry then pretends to have misplaced his wallet and goes back and kills the men. Carly tells Jax she wants Michael to come back and live with them. The two of them later tell Sonny of their decision. Lulu warns Maxie that Spinelli is serious about the marriage proposal. Patrick tells Robin to back off proving Andrea’s guilt. Morgan and Molly discuss their older siblings and Kiefer shows up. Sonny arrives and accuses Kiefer of “pumping” Molly for info. Kiefer later gets Molly to admit Morgan received an email from Michael. Kiefer reacts violently when Molly says she doesn’t know where Michael and Kristina are. Dante/Dominic goes to Spinelli to track a phone number. Jerry claims he just happens to be in the same part of Mexico as Michael and Kristina. Jerry tries to get the kids to confide in him so Michael tells Jerry his story. Jerry tries to advise Michael and Kristina on their next move. Jerry promises to help them find jobs and offers them a place to stay. Michael is suspicious of Jerry. Sam finds Michael and Kristina but not before Jerry finds her outside his door. Olivia tells Carly that Dante discovered she’s dating a younger man. Sam gets a lead on Kristina and Michael’s location. Dante/Dominic confronts Olivia about Johnny. Olivia worries for Dante/Dominic’s safety. Dante/Dominic says it’s “too late” for Olivia to protest his career as a “cop.” Maxie confides in Robin and Patrick about Spinelli’s proposal. Mac isn’t too happy when Spinelli shows up at the house and interrupts a Scorpio family dinner. Spinelli asks Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Sonny arrives at Olivia’s while she’s in the middle of an argument with Dante/Dominic.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet is listening to the radio while making breakfast and hears about Dinah fleeing the country while under suspicion for the killing of the "John Doe". Mallet asks Buzz and Marina if they want breakfast. All in the house are in a a foul mood. Shayne is also listening to the same radio show that is until he hears his name, he shuts the radio off. Josh is on the phone trying to get an annulment for Shayne when Remy walks up to him. He asks about Shayne and gets his head bitten off by Josh, who is also in a foul mood. Shayne talks to Cyrus, who seems to be the only one not in a foul mood about Dinah. Reva, who is also listening has also had enough and yells to the radio, "If I knew where she was, I'd bring her back and hang her by the throat." Jonathan and Jeffrey are talking about how they will get Jeffrey home. Jeffrey wants to know why Jonathan wants to have him go home. He tells Jonathan he wants to stay dead. Jonathan looks at him confused. Jonathan questions Jeffrey, who tells him that he want people to still think he is dead so that he can find Edmund. Jonathan asks how he's going to do that and still look as if he is dead. Jeffrey says something to the fact that Jonathan is going to help him. Jonathan is still confused. Shayne wants Cyrus to help him find Dinah. Shayne says something to the fact that Cyrus has contacts that can find people who don't want to be found. Cyrus says something to the fact of how he's going to find someone who doesn't want to be found. Remy is at Company in a gloomy mood. Marina asks about it. Remy tells her it has to do with Dinah and what she did. Remy tells Marina that he should have known something was up. Josh goes to see Mallet about Dinah. Josh wants Mallet to wrap up the case and stop doing damage to his family since he's already done enough. Buzz is home on working on a peg board arranging pictures when Cyrus walks in. Buzz asks for his opinion about the arrangement of the pictures. Cyrus tells him whatever works for him. A witness to who may have seen the crime is at the SPD. He describes a woman who is tall with light brown hair. Which is looks like Dinah. Shayne visits Reva to ask about Dinah. He doesn't know what to do. He loves her and also hates her for what she did to Reva. He is torn. Reva just listens to him as he talks. Reva just tells him to hold on to the good times with Dinah and good thoughts of her. Little Sarah has now joined Jonathan and Jeffrey. After Jonathan tells Sarah to go back into her room, Jeffrey compliments him on how good he is with her. Then Jonathan gets a call from Edmund that he lets Jeffrey listen in on. In the conversation, Edmund wants Sarah. That he is coming to get her and take care of Jonathan once and for all since that is what he did with "Jeffery O'Neill". Jeffrey, who has stayed quiet throughout the conversation, looks up at a standing Jonathan, scared. Jonathan tells Edmund he doesn't know where he is. Edmund says he can find out by telling the family he's talked with him. Jeffrey tells Jonathan after the call they are going to set a trap for Edmund. Josh visits Reva to talk about Shayne and how they are going to handle his annulment and love life. Remy asks Mallet how he knows about Dinah and the situation. Mallet tells him that it is because of Dinah that all of this happened with Reva and Marina. Mallet asks Remy what he would have done? Would he have turned in Dinah? Remy says, "Yeah". Shayne is at the dock where he looks at his and Dinah's wedding rings and decides whether or not to throw them in the water. Marina is in back of him, she is listening. She is has a concerned look on her face. She finally calls to him to be careful. He then realizes she is there. She tells him she just was walking and didn't come looking for him. She swears to that. He believes her. Marina tries to make excuses for Dinah. Like finding him in Germany and bringing him back to his family, finding his son, and giving him his life back. Josh tries to figure out how he and Reva can help Shayne. Like movie night, or a dinner night. Reva is upset that Josh is trying to fix "it" with lame ideas of making him feel good. That it just doesn't work that way. She storms out finding Mallet outside. He tells her he is sorry for all of this. That he has some of Shayne's things. Cyrus makes a plan with Buzz to do some snooping. Cyrus tells Buzz, "Come on I'll show you how it works." The two men walk into a dark room and go for the safe. Buzz is holding a flashlight as Cyrus tries the combination on the safe. Marina reminds of a time that they got in trouble in 3rd grade, (Not true since Josh and the kids didn't come back until Shayne and Marah were in High School.) Edmund is in a park talking about taking "all the children" of those that hurt him. Reva is alone going through Jeffrey's things again talking as if Jeffrey is there......

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John goes and tells Cole that he has to be extremely careful now that his new apartment is bugged. And that might include having no more contact with Starr. Todd overhears his daughter talking to her baby's father and tells her he's "concerned". Tea goes to talk to Matthew and Destiny about his case. While Clint tells Nora he's hired a lawyer who can defeat Tea, Tea is able to persuade Matthew to tell her about the "leverage" that he attempted to use against his parents. He admits to her that he observed his parents making out the night before her wedding to his uncle. At that point, Tea knows she can discredit Bo and Nora in their case, knowing that. Gigi has a real dilemma knowing she loves Rex yet he has gotten Stacy pregnant. Nobody knows about the miscarriage. And Schuyler is, once again, there for Gigi. He kisses her and she admits to Rex that it happened. Cristian "catches" Fish and Kyle together and tells Fish he knows that he's gay and he's lying to Layla.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley yells for Adam to come and help her make some sense of the night before and the dreams that she had been having. Victor gets a visit from Nick and Victoria. Victor tells Nick and Victoria that Nikki had left town and had called off the wedding. Paul apologizes to Fr. Todd about the wedding being called off. Billy visits Chloe and wakes up Mac in the meantime Chance tells Kay, Chloe and Billy that he had gotten the job at the G.C.P.D. as the newest detective. Rafe wonders why Sharon had not called her own attorney. Sharon lets Rafe know that this is all just a misunderstanding .Ashley can’t believe the things that she had said about Sabrina. Mac wants Billy to tell Chloe about them, but Billy begs for a little more time. Jack arrives to help Sharon. Ashley tells Adam her dream about Sabrina Adam goes to check the car and finds that the car is exactly where Ashley had said that she had left it. Billy comes to see Ashley and wants her to leave the Newman house, but Ashley refuses. Jack calls Nick and tells him that Sharon had been arrested again. Victor visits Kay and tells her that Nikki had left town. Victor lets Kay know that he had a lot more things that he wanted to say to Nikki. Nick recognizes the ring that Sharon had stolen as the one that Nick had purchased for Phyllis for their wedding . Chloe is going on and on about the new layout for “Restless Style” featuring Mac and Chance when Mac burst out and tells Chloe that she and Billy are together, have been together for a while and they are in love. Rafe lets Sharon know that she will have to spend the night .Adam lets Ashley know that she had left the house last night and she must have killed Sabrina.

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